Top 11 NFT Events to Check Out in 2022

If you’ve been immersed into the whole cryptocurrency universe, you've surely come across NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In recent months, this latest digital asset-building mechanism has swooped in and reimagined how celebrities, brands, and artists across industries have shared and monetized their wares.

For those who aren't too familiar, we have a complete guide about NFTs here. On the whole, NFTs are based on blockchain technology. Transactions are conducted in the blockchain, which is also the foundation of cryptocurrency. But blockchain is probably where the similarity ends. Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs function more like stocks than currency. The unique value per NFT emphasizes the exclusivity and rarity of an asset. There's no one-to-one value trade, hence the term "non-fungible." 

Who could ignore the record-breaking sale of the crypto artist, Beeple, of his EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS Collection? Not only was it the first digital art sold by Christie's auction house, but it also took the form of an NFT, complete with unique and verifiable ownership secured in the blockchain, and it sold for $69.3 million. This sale is just among the many noteworthy events that keep the buzz on NFTs.

 Top 11 NFT Events to Check Out in 2022:

How NFTs are Used in Events

NFTs is a prime arena for investors, but apart from that, they can also be used to enrich events. There’s demand for more than just the run-of-the-mill activities, and we’re seeing more and more events becoming tech-based. 

In fact, events that are designed to stand out often leverage tech, and NFTs can create and sustain engagement before and after experiences. Here are some of the ways NFTs are used in events: 

NFTs as Tickets

Want to safeguard your event's ticketing system? NFT's blockchain coding could be useful against the usual scalping and fraudulent ticketing schemes for in-demand events.

Unlike a physical ticket that's much easier to copy, NFTs are more secure—essentially impossible to counterfeit. In addition, it can integrate different specifications (e.g., food and drink, resale) into the ticket information. Lastly, NFTs could make updates very easy to disseminate.

NFTs as Merch

NFTs can be given as event giveaways. You can offer participants digital artwork to unique content to strengthen event merchandising efforts.

When determining which asset to provide as merch, it's vital to balance status and resale value, since NFTs could be retained as a valuable keepsake even after the event.

NFTs as Game Prizes

NFTs can be incorporated into event activities. When holding competitive games, you can set an exclusive NFT asset as the main prize and potentially boost engagement. It's worth noting, however, that members should view that particular prize as an asset worth competing for. 

NFTs as Unique Experiences

NFTs can elevate a participant's interaction within an event. After all, this blockchain asset tool highlights the rarity and exclusivity of a piece of content and makes an experience particularly special. 

Event organizers can use NFTs to facilitate exclusive experiences. For instance, you can hold an intimate lunch with a keynote speaker, or some form of limited access to a company's most dedicated members. This creates a sort of experience worth bragging about.

NFTs as Educational Credits

Aside from art and other content that are ideal for collection, NFTs can also be an avenue for associations to award educational credits. The security that blockchain helps in verifying them, eliminating the likelihood of making such credentials dubious. 

With NFTs, institutions can implement blockchain-verified badges for specific credentials and, at the same time, give attendees the option to display these digital badges. These can even serve as prerequisite badges for an event. NFTs benefit both the institution and member; the client can use the badge for networking, while the institution can secure authentication of these credentials.

Best NFTs in Events in 2022

Our team has rounded up some of the best NFT-related events to attend this year. 


Date: 20-23 June 2022

Location: New York City, USA

For the fourth year running, NFT.NYC will host a global NFT community of blockchain and NFT enthusiasts who paved the way in their own respective industries. Various participants, from business owners, artists, gamers, and startup heads, can get perspectives about NFTs in different applications. 

This event is regarded as one of the first major NFT conferences to have yearly success in spreading the latest knowledge about the technology. The event will run simultaneously across seven separate venues in NYC, including the revered Radio City Music Hall.

With keynote speakers across different disciplines, NFT.NYC is a community effort to engage and promote the ecosystem's top projects. Among the main sponsors of this year's event are Polygon, a more sustainable blockchain network, and MoonPay, an online crypto exchange platform. Spots are open to up to 5,500 attendees and 135 sponsors.


Date: 17-18 September 2022

Location: Valencia, Spain

NFT Show Europe is a blockchain-themed event that will be focusing this year on NFT and digital assets. It will be held at Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, a scenic backdrop to the tech-focused conference. The institution aims to establish itself as the "lighthouse NFT event across Europe" that will elucidate and inspire people to embrace blockchain and NFT technology.

There will be digital exhibitions, never-before-seen installation art, roundtable discussions, and exciting side events for networking and immersion into the realm of NFTs. The best part is how all the tech talk will be set in Europe’s design capital, Valencia.

3. Permissionless

Date: 17-19 May 2022

Location: Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Permissionless is an event hosted by Blockworks, one of the leading financial media giants for digital assets. The event has 5,000 participants and counting, which will make it the largest Metaverse and DeFi event so far. 

Hear from the designers, makers, enterprise executives, and financial experts in this space, with questions from expert media personalities. The event will also showcase a massive onsite NFT gallery, complete with some of the most sought-after artworks in the digital space. 

It provides an opportunity for you to learn more about these technologies and decentralize assets while enjoying the summer life in Palm Beach. While the NFT component is mainly a metaverse experience of art, Permissionless is an event that will enlighten participants on how these blockchain technologies can adapt to already established institutions.  

4. Consensus 2022

Date: 9-12 June 2022

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

NFT conference Austin, Texas, USA


Consensus 2022 is a festival-style conference, with four days of showcasing and celebrating blockchain, how to invest in crypto for passive income, and more. The event will focus on topics such as NFTs as a separate asset class, how artists can monetize their content by creating and selling NFTs, and the future of asset exchanges in this unique-value system.

Sponsored by CoinDesk, the event is a gathering that will discuss how NFTs and blockchain tech can remake investing, entertainment, governance, and other sectors. It’s primed as the only festival-type event to get a deep dive into all sides of the blockchain, crypto, NFT, and Web 3 ecosystems.

There will be a wide range of presentations and VIP networking opportunities, but the daily dialogues would be interspersed with fun, authentic experiences, such as a walking tour of Austin, musical performances, and dinner parties. 

5. BlockDown Conference

Date: 11-13 May 2022

Location: Sibenik, Croatia

This year's BlockDown Conference is moving away from online and into a grand, full-fledged festival—the world's first NFT-enabled Web3 event. BlockDown Conference promises to give participants a three-day hype fest celebrating Web3 culture.

The conference lineup consists of thought leaders in crypto, such as Wes Levitt of Theta Labs, Bruno Skvorc, the founder of RMRK, and more. Keynote presentations and discussions will center on how blockchain can enhance society in healthcare, entertainment, and government settings.

The three-day event is also among the most immersive in design for 2022, because NFTs will be integral to the event's gamification process. All of these exciting activities will be mounted against a stunning Balkan resort backdrop.

6. NFT Expoverse

Date: 29 – 31 July 2022

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

NFT Expoverse is another exciting event that delves into how the inevitable impact of blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3.0 will determine the business, art, and tech industries. The event will be held in L.A.—a perfect venue for meshing of such diverse and creative minds. 

The event features keynote speakers from the industry’s giants, namely, Tejas Chopra of Netflix, Giovanna Graziosi of Decentraland, and John Kraski of NFT Genius. More than 100 speakers and educators will be sharing the latest in how these latest fields are shaping advancements in tech and culture. Bringing more depth to the three-day event will be various creative exhibitions, such as real-time AR and VR performances. Also, there will be exclusive NFT drops by auction houses, digital artists, and sports teams. Attendees can get access to the latest and most sought-after collectibles.  

NFT Expoverse attracts attendees, regardless of what field or level of expertise they have in blockchain and Web 3.0. Business owners, artists, NFT collectors, gamers, and digital experts could take the opportunity to absorb invaluable content and network with like-minded enthusiasts.

7. Get Down the Rabbit Hole

Date: 27 – 28 May 2022

Location: Munich, Germany

NFT Event Germany Europe


Another exciting in-person NFT event is to be held in Munich, Germany the end of this month. It’s designed to be a “portal” into the NFT space, which welcomes attendees from all disciplines. Aside from the keynote presentations, there are satellite events, an after-party, and an NFT exhibition to celebrate the latest digital art innovators in the NFT metaverse. 

Day one of the program is an introduction to NFTs as a global phenomenon, and how those who are interested can take full advantage of the mass-scale NFT application across cultures and fields. The second day of the event will be a deep dive into the “rabbit hole” where some of the most influential profiles in the NFT scene will share their strategies and predictions for the technology. 

Organizers maximize NFTs in several ways, including in ticketing, art show, and token gifting for event attendees.

8. Half Moon Bay Blockchain & NFT Summit

Date: 10 August 2022 

Location: Half Moon Bay, California, USA

Grit Daily News, in partnership with media outlets, namely BlockTelegraph, True Hollywood Talk, and more, is organizing this one-day event to focus on NFTs for investment and influencer opportunities. The summit is envisioned to be a platform for designers, enterprise execs, financial experts, and creators to meet and exchange ideas regarding NFTs as a burgeoning market.

While it’s a one-day event, Half Moon Bay Blockchain & NFT Summit guarantees high-quality discussions. Guest speakers include, Bill Gladstone, a literary agent for celebrities, Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia & Vee’s NFT and an “Early” angel investor to Facebook, Coinbase, etc. 

The main agenda is to get a deep look into what exactly NFT is, how the market is evolving, and how the top players in the NFT tech have spurred profitability. It’s a worthwhile event for blockchain enthusiasts, creators, and influencers looking to move into the NFT space.

9. TOKEN2049

Date: 28-29 September 2022 (Singapore);  9-10 November 2022 (London)

Location: Singapore / London

NFT Exhibition London Singapore

Source: TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 is a premier crypto event organized annually in the two major cities, Singapore and London. At this annual crypto event, leading innovators in the sector highlight the latest in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology. This year, there will be in-depth features on NFTs, crypto regulation, DeFi (decentralized finance), NFT Marketplaces and more.

Among the notable speakers include Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of FTX and Alameda Research, and Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard. Attendees will have a chance to participate in thought-provoking workshops, hackathons, and exclusive art exhibitions. 

The gathering brings together the global crypto industry, with leading entrepreneurs, financial leaders, digital collectors, and investors looking forward to an opportunity to connect and network about what’s next in Web 3.0 landscape. 

10. Blockchain Futurist Conference

Date: 9-10 August 2022

Location: Toronto, Canada

Untraceable organizes the biggest and most high-profile blockchain conference in Canada for the fourth time. Bringing together the biggest innovators in the blockchain realm, Blockchain Futurist Conference is an event that celebrates how global pioneers can integrate the technology. There’s also a blockchain bootcamp focusing on crypto, NFTs and digital collectibles, and their real-world uses. 

Attendees can keep pace with the rapidly evolving blockchain and crypto space, with in-depth presentations, workshops, and hackathons that put the spotlight on the latest technologies. The main draw for this event is how it will feature hands-on technology opportunities that can foster deeper engagement for participants. 

11. NFT Street Fair

Date: 28 May 2022

Location: Costa Mesa, California, USA

NFT Street Fair is an in-person and live webinar event centering on NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse. A smaller gathering compared to massive conferences, this is an event that will have around 250 attendees. Twenty-five speakers from various sectors will present the latest developments in the blockchain space. 

In addition to the keynote and panel discussions, NFT Street Fair has an investor pitch competition segment, where networking and link-building can foster. There are also giveaways, tech exhibits, NFT gallery exhibitions, and live musical performances.

Final Thoughts

NFTs can alter the way we manage assets and our creative digital identities. And so it has a powerful potential to further disrupt entertainment, education, financial, and institutional sectors.

These events can help us understand how NFTs can also change your business landscape and translate to a larger scale method for profit and innovation.

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