NFT Events You Should Check Out for 2021

The last year has seen more online events than ever before. Some are as simple as a two-hour webinar. Others are multi day virtual conferences. But the one consistent factor of 2020 and 2021 has been a lack of in-person events. When we look at the remaining NFT events planned for 2021, this pattern remains evident. There is currently only one in-person event planned for the later part of 2021, albeit an important one - NFT.NYC in Times Square, with more than 380 speakers lined up so far.

If you're unsure of what Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are, we have written a guide explaining that and how NFTs work. 

Several of the events scheduled for this year are educational, designed to teach you about the subject and where you are likely to encounter NFTs. In short, NFT stands for non-fungible token, a type of unique digital asset whose ownership is managed on a blockchain. Examples of NFTs include digital artworks, in-game items in videogames, unique collectibles, and even some domain names.

NFTs are part of the new digital world, with terminology such as Bitcoins, blockchains, and digital wallets. Many of the upcoming events look at specific features and uses of NFTs. As NFTs become more popular, expect to see more meetings, seminars, congresses, workshops, programs, courses, and exhibitions on this fascinating topic.

Upcoming NFT Events Planned for 2021:

Events Planned for the Second Half of 2021

1. Is NFT Just a Buzz, or is NFT Here to Stay?

Location: Online Discussion (Zoom and Clubhouse)

Date: Jul 14, 6-7:30 pm PT

Is NFT Just a Buzz or is NFT Here to Stay? is a discussion about NFT on Zoom and Clubhouse. Their big topic of discussion is, although non-fungible tokens are unique crypto assets with their respective identifying information, is NFT just a buzz?

The discussion moderator will be Michelle Tsing, Cofounder, Eight Meta, and NFT Artist @BITGODDESSES. 

2. NFT Art Exhibit - Showcasing Local Artists (Canadian Digital Art Collective)

Location: Online (Gatherly)

Date: Jul 22, 7 pm MDT

In association with Kinect Marketing, the Canadian Digital Arts collective is holding an introduction to the world of NFTs. You will have the opportunity to meet local artists (virtually) and have your chance to buy one-of-a-kind NFT artwork. The exhibit will showcase multiple types of artworks, from physical paintings to digital art, all associated with NFT.

During this, you will learn about the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs and how they are transforming the way we appreciate, authenticate and transact artwork. 

The social platform Gatherly allows everybody to come together at the start of the event for an introduction to NFT and blockchain. You will then be free to move around the exhibit at your own pace to appreciate the artwork on display, form separate and/or private discussion circles with other guests or artists and purchase any artwork that you find.

3. Creative AI: Introduction to Blockchain for Artists and Creators

Location: Online 

Date: Jul 29

This event will be presented in partnership with Goethe-Institut Toronto as part of the Algorithmic Culture series. It is a workshop that is non-technical and appropriate for everyone with a creative practice or looking to develop one.

This workshop will explore:

  • what blockchains are and why they matter
  • how they are spurring innovations in artmaking and sharing
  • some of the criticisms of these innovations and how blockchains have become a topic of artist creation
  • what's next in blockchain technology and how artists might participate (or not)

This conversational workshop will provide a basic understanding of what blockchains are and how they are being leveraged in the cultural sector.

The speaker will be Yuri Cataldo, an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and emerging tech strategist who combines the mindsets of an artist and a technologist. He is currently part of Autodesk Research and leads industry relationships within construction, robotics, AI, Blockchain, and manufacturing.

4. NFT: Beyond Digital Art

Location: Online 

Date: Jul 29, 2:00 pm EST

Join this webinar to learn from experts about the various real-world use cases for NFTs that bridge art with other sectors. NFT: Beyond Digital Art aims to inform and explain just what real-world use cases there are for NFTs and how they can bridge art with other sectors, including bespoke ticketing.

Guest speakers include entrepreneur, business strategist, and mentor Elena Obukhova and Developer Evangelist at Ava Labs, Gabriel Cardona. 

The speakers will break down brand new use cases for Non-Fungible Tokens and how they'll be used not only in art but other sectors in the future. These will include:

  • NFT-collateralized merch
  • Legal docs (driver's license, contracts, etc.)
  • Club Membership proof (identity)
  • Censorship-resistant blogging
  • Real estate

5. Defi and NFT Startups & Innovative Fund-Raising Models -Crypto Investor eMeet

Location: Online 

Date: Jul 29 5-7:30pm GMT+1 London

This eMeet targets beginners less than many of the events profiled here. Indeed, they specify their targeted attendees as global – startups, investors, advisors, incubators, accelerators, and tech platforms.

The Defi and NFT Startups & Innovative Fund-Raising Models -Crypto Investor eMeet will explore the accelerated investment activities in Defi, NFT, and Digital Assets space in 2021. It is one of the Starterbites Ventures and Ctech Events planning series of Startup Webinars focused on various domains including Edtech, Agtech, Healthtech, CoLiving, CoWorking, Fintech, Urban Mobility, OTT, Cloud / Ghost Kitchen, Delivery, Sports, Gaming and Entertainment and more. 

Some of the topics that this eMeet will cover include:

  • Emerging Defi and NFT Models & Innovative Fundraising Ideas
  • Growing Landscape of Defi Protocols and NFT backed Assets & Marketplaces
  • Emerging Token Issuance & Fundraising Strategies
  • Token Financing: How Tokenization will Change the Economy
  • Defi & NFT Startups - TGEs, IDOs, and Equity Funding Challenges

6. The Global NFT Summit

Location: Online

Dates: Jul 29-30

The Global NFT Summit comes in two stages. You can buy a free ticket to watch Stage One and Event NFT, but a paid ticket gives the ability to view Stage Two, access to the networking rooms, the ability to ask questions in Q&A, and more. In addition, all participants gain a free NFT, ranging from the Base NFT (for the 3,000 final free tickets) to the Mythic NFT (for the first 50 super early paid tickets). 

Stage One is NFTs: Today & Tomorrow. It looks at how NFTs are paving the way to a new era of innovation. This stage is dedicated to the future of NFTs and the evolving landscape surrounding them to give longevity to NFTs and underpinning technology.

Stage Two is NFTs: Application & Industry. This will deep-dive into the use-cases of NFTs in existing and emerging industries. This track will feature industry leaders and innovators, showcasing and debating the impact of NFTs and Blockchain within business.

7. Filecoin Club: Intro to NFTs

Location: Online

Date: Aug 17 5:30pm GMT+1

This event will introduce students and hackers to NFTs. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network designed to "store humanity's most important information" through an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and cryptocurrency. The Filecoin Educate series teaches students about blockchain through the lens of Filecoin. Filecoin Club is a three-part program consisting of a Filecoin education series, a Filecoin-dedicated hackathon, and an accelerator for the best projects.

8. NFT Crypto Con – Brooklyn Tech Week

Location: Online 

Date: Sep 23

The NFT Crypto Con will occur on Day 1 of the three-day Brooklyn Tech Week. It explores the emergence of NFT technology: the impact of NFTs in Music, Arts & Collectibles - Fractionalization - Funds - Pricing oracles - NFT marketplace protocols - Drop/distribution protocols - Borrowing/lending - NFT-native dexes. 



Location: Times Square, New York City, USA

Dates: Nov 1-3

NFT.NYC claims to be the leading annual Non-Fungible Token event. However, it is a rarity in 2021 – an in-person event. This is the third iteration of the event, making it one of the longest running in this new industry.

So far, more than 500 people have applied to speak at the event. Approximately 380 have been currently approved, with ten more yet to be added. The organizers select speakers for their thought leadership and passion for NFTs.

Each Wednesday at 4 pm ET in the lead-up to the November in-person event, NFT.NYC is hosting sessions on Clubhouse, focused on topics suggested by the community. Each session will include featured speakers from the upcoming NFT.NYC event in New York.

While they have yet to announce agenda specifics, last year, there were hours of back-to-back NFT insights and use cases from startups, growing brands, and world-class enterprises. Speakers presented real learnings and insights from projects and products being used by real customers. In addition, all attendees and speakers received an NFT Swag Bag featuring gifts and prizes from top brands and projects.

10. NFTcomicon

Location: Online 

Date: Nov 6

NFTcomicon aims to be the largest (virtual) gathering of NFT's dealers, sellers, artists ever assembled. Learn what opportunities are available with NFTs, while networking and partying like your favorite NFT crypto character. Meet celebrity artists, NFT startup founders, art collectors, and more.

You will learn about NFT marketplaces, art, minting, smart contracts, music, sports, eSports, crypto-fund, NFT-native Dexes, curation DAOs, NFT bonding curves, and Defi protocols.