37 Free High-Quality Social Media Icons for Your Website

The right visuals can brighten up your website and social accounts and make them stand out in a crowd. Icons are a significant component of the overall visual appearance of a website or visiting card. Custom icons can convey your individuality and uniqueness.

Not many netizens know that they can replace standard social icons with custom ones. Even fewer people know that they can get high-quality, custom social media icon sets for free. But finding the right icon set can eat up your productive time. 

Websites can be less than transparent regarding T&C and pricing plans. You could end up paying heavily for something that you had understood to be free for a lifetime. To save you from unpleasant surprises, we’ve reviewed 37 popular social media icon sets. We’ve listed their key features and included a sample of their galleries. Check them out.

37 Free High-Quality Social Media Icons for Your Website:

1. B&W Icon Set by Iconmonstr

Iconmonstr is the brainchild of Alexander Kahlkopf, a German graphic designer with 15 years of professional experience. The platform has tonnes of open-source social media icons that you can download free of cost. 

The Icon Generator lets you tailor icons of different sizes, colours, and background shapes. The compressed icons are available as one-line snippets you can add to your HTML.

2. Long-Shadow Vector Icon Set by Vecteezy

The Social Media Long Shadow Vector set is one of the many icon sets available at Vecteezy. Vecteezy is one of the largest graphics communities in the world, where millions of artists and illustrators contribute and collaborate. 

You can download icons sets from the platform and use them freely in your personal or professional projects. Being vectors, you can resize all images as needed.

Source: vecteezy.com

3. 3D Flat Icon Set by GraphicsFuel

This set of 20 icons is available in PSD and PNG file formats and resolution of 114px by 114px. Though mainly made for iPhone5, the 3D Flat Social Media Icon Set can be used on other mobile devices or the web. The set contains high-resolution, vibrant graphics that can bring your website and social handles to life.

4. Free Social Icon Set by Nucleo

Nucleo has a rich repository of 28,000+ icons that you can export for commercial use. You can get this royalty-free social media icon set at Dribbble. For more icon sets, you’ll have to download the Nucleo app and subscribe for a one-time fee of $99 per user. The icons are SVG type and can enhance your website with their slick appearance. 

Source: dribbble.com

5. Flat, Retina-Ready Circular Icon Set from Land-of-Web

This set of 24 coloured PNG icons can add colour to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Dribbble, and Behance profiles. The icons come in four different sizes — 256px x 256px, 128px x 128px, 64px x 64px, and 32px x 32px. You can download these professional-looking icons for free from Land-of-web.com’s Freebie’s section.

6. Social Media Icon Stickers Set by Vecteezy

Curled and colourful, social media icon stickers can really make your website pop. The icons are vector images that you can edit and resize as required. 

Source: vecteezy.com

7. Free Vector Polygon Icon Set by LunarPixel

You can grab these trendy polygon and square social media icons for your social accounts and websites. The set of 160 stickers are available in PSD and PNG formats and come with three blank templates.

8. Gradient-Shaded Icon Set by Zee Que

If you’re looking for unique social media icons or stickers, you can opt for shaded ones like the ones designed by Zee Que. You can use these 40 shaded stickers websites with contrasting backgrounds. Size options include 48, 56, 72, 96, 128, and 256 px. Note that these icons are free only for personal use. 

9. Triangle Vector Icon Set by Vector4Free

You can get 20 distinctive social media icons without paying a penny. These trendy icons look distinctive owing to their triangular shape. Their design is clean, and the resolution perfect for social media use.

10. Free Flat Icon Set by Allan McAvoy

If you’re looking for conventional social media icons in a fresh look, you can opt for Allan McAvoy’s flat icon set. You can download them for free via an EPS link on Dribbble.

Source: dribbble.com

11. Simple Line Icon Set by Ahmad Firoz

Minimalistic line design will never go out of fashion. You can download these 20 stickers, designed by Ahmad Firoz, on Dribbble. You can get an extended set of simple but stylish icons by clicking on the link provided by the designer.

Source: dribbble.com

12. Free Circular Icon Set by Michal Kulesza

Black and white is a classic combination that almost never goes wrong. If you’re looking for black and white social media icons, you can download Michal Kulesza’s free circular icons. The set contains 65 coloured and B/W icons, with and without circular borders. 

Source: dribbble.com

13. Animated Flat Icon Set by Dani Perez

You can add free animated flat icons on your website or emails. The 16 icons are available in GIF formats and various sizes, such as 64, 128, and 256px. You can download and save them for later use, or make them publish-ready by using their vector forms.

Source: behance.net

14. Flat-Shadow, 3D Icon Set by Uiconstock

These 40 professional-looking social media icons will raise your website’s style quotient. Their three-dimensional appearance is distinctive. You can download the icons as Ai vectors or PNG files from uiconstock’s website.

15. iOS Style Icon Set by Roberts Ozolins

Monochromatic icons are timeless and classy. You can download 24 iOS social media icons via Dribbble. You’ll get EPS or Vector AI files that can be embedded easily in your HTML code.

Source: dribbble.com

16. Pastel-Shaded Flat Icon Set by PrintKEG

Striking icons on pastel-shaded backgrounds can add a touch of class to your websites and blogs. You can change the background colour and shape as you want. The gallery includes icons of most of the top social destinations.

17. Ultra-Thin Line Icon Set by MediaLoot

Go lean with ultra-slim social media icons that are inspired by iOS 7. This set of 24 icons is available in Ai, EPS, and SVG formats. You can use them freely in your personal and commercial projects, with proper attribution.

18. Stamp Icon Set by FreeVectors

This icon set contains 20 original hand-sketched stickers. The social media icons are usable under free license terms of FreeVectors.

19. Outline Social Icon Set by Graphics Bay Team

Outline Social Icons is a set of 27 icons on a striking blue background. You can download the icons as PDF and Adobe Illustrator files.

Source: dribbble.com

20. Grunge-Style Flat Icon Set by PrintKEG

Grungy-look icons can look cool and different. You can download the complete set of PSD grunge flat social media icons from PrintKEG. You can adjust the icon’s colours and transparency as required.

21. Flat Circular Icon Set by Publicons

If a clean look is what you prefer, we recommend social media icons from Publicons. These graphics are open-source and reusable. All icons can be downloaded in SVG or PNG formats.

22. Geometric Icon Set by Blogtacular

Geometric social media icons offer social buttons in bright, neon, and pastel colours. Pick a colour that suits the theme of your website or contact card. You can mix different hues and create a custom colour too. The icons are available in different sizes, 32, 64, and 128 px.

23. Free Stylised Icon Set by Tonicons

You’ll get seven stylised sets of icons for all major social destinations. All images are vectors and layered so that you can resize and edit them with a few clicks.

Source: tonicons.com

24. Socialico Icon Set by FontFabric

With Socialico’s subscription, you can get 74 free social media buttons for your website and social accounts. You can assign one-click keyboard shortcuts to your favourite icons.

25. 3D Icon Set by Simeon Kachikwu

This set of icons covers social destinations like Medium and Vine that are hard to find in other icon sets. The 12 icons are available as PSD files that you can embed easily in your website’s code.

Source: dribbble.com

26. PSD Flat Shadow Icon Set by Pixeden

PSD Flat Shadow Icon Set contains 16 common social icons that you can download and use free of cost. The creator has used the long shadow effect to give an elevated appearance to the icons.

Source: pixeden.com

27. Vector Social Icon Set by Dreamstale

With 90 social icons in nine styles, Dreamstale’s icons are one of the best in the marketplace. The icon set includes icons of the lesser-known social channels too. 

You can pick from rounded, waterdrop, leaf, rectangular, or flower style sets. The 810 icons are designed in Adobe Illustrator and available in varied file formats.  

28. Flat Social Icon Set by Designmodo

Flat icons align with all layouts. If you want a safe bet for your website, you can use the 35 flat social media icons by Designmodo. The icons are available in PSD and PNG formats.

29. Adobe Muse Icon Set

Adobe Muse icons are a set of 60 social media buttons in a black-and-white colour scheme. You can download them by signing up at Behance for free.

Source: behance.net

30. Flat Icon Set by Christophe Kerebel

This nifty icon set is designed by Christophe Kerebel and is available at Dribbble. You can download the icons and use them to embellish your website or print materials.

Source: dribbble.com

31. Hand-Drawn Icon Set by Freepik

If you dare to be different, these hand-drawn social media icons will appeal to you. The icon set contains 120 social buttons drawn as pencil drawings.

Source: fribly.com

32. Vintage Stamp Icon Set by John Negoita

If you’re old-school, you’ll appreciate the vintage vibe of this icon set by John Negoita. The 15 icons are available in PSD and PNG formats and 256 X 256px size. The license is free to use under Freebie Files Usage Terms.

Source: webfx.com

33. Somicro Free Icon Set by Tina Mailhot-Roberge

Small but power-packed, Somicro Free Icon Set comes in a size of 32 X 32 px. The 45 compact icons can fit neatly into limited spaces on your web pages and visiting cards.

34. Flat Circular Icon Set by Dawid Dapszus

These 20 social media icons are designed by Dawid Dapszus and available at Dribbble. The icons have a clean look based on minimal design. You can download the icon set as a ZIP file for free, and use it to enhance your website and emails.

Source: dribbble.com

35. Ribbon-Style Icon Set by Zee Que

These 18 social media icons will grab attention and compel viewers to click them. You can get them in a range of sizes from 48 to 256 px.

36. Geekly Flat Icon Set by Abdulrahim Bajaber

This icon set consists of 40 fully-customizable flat social media icons. The modern design goes well with minimalistic websites in trend these days.

Source: behance.net

37. Flat Social Icon Set by Specyboy

The 24 icons in this icon set have a flat design and come in four shapes (square, circular, and dark and light-rounded corners). They are available in five sizes and different file formats (PNG and EPS).

Wrapping Up

As promised, all the icon sets we’ve reviewed are available for free. You can download these icons with a few clicks and easily use them to enhance your website and print media. Select the one that suits your brand’s unique style and personality. The right icon sets can glam up your website and visiting cards.

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