Strydal is a live and on-demand video platform. It’s designed to help fitness content creators share and get paid for classes their produce.

What is it, Exactly?

Fitness content creator? Looking for a way to cash-in on your passion? Don’t know where to start? It’s a pretty common position to be in today. The good news is that the tide is turning for fitness content creators. Tech has caught up and an industry of live and on-demand creator content apps and platforms is growing. Strydal is one of them. It’s designed for fitness content creators and it’s packed with features that make creating, hosting, and sell your best content easier. 

Strydal can be used via your iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer. The platform stores library content, manages payments, offers a 1-on-1 communication tool for client feedback and customer service queries, and includes analytics on how your content is performing. 

Source: Strydal

Strydal is a live and on-demand video platform. It’s designed to help fitness content creators share and get paid for classes their produce.
Pros and Cons
Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
Member-only libraries allow control over who can view your content
Video collections allow creators to produce theme-based workout session
Payments are handled through Stripe
Can create live video and charge for single live sessions
Only Apple device app available, not available for Android smartphone and tablet users
Best for:
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What’s the Cost?

Strydal is free to sign-up for and use. The platform makes money when you make money. Creators are charged a 10% fee of all earnings and a standard 3% transaction processing fee. Both amounts are billed at the end of a month when creators are paid. 

Is It Easy to Setup and Use?

Strydal’s been praised for the simplicity of its interface, and we agree. It’s clean, intuitive, and as a fitness content creator, you’ll feel like the platform was designed especially for you. Member-only libraries and video collections are easy to create, and when your videos are uploaded (HD recommended), Strydal automatically encodes them to appear as professional as possible and therefore each video has a 10GB limit.

Something worth noting is that while there isn’t an Android app available (we’re hoping that changes soon), you can still manage your fitness content creator business through your laptop. Users get a complete dashboard that’s easy to navigate.

Strydal also comes with a few smart privacy features. While the platform is all about promoting good health, you never know who’s logging on in your community. To create a safe place, Strydal provides a client privacy shield. While you can see who is in your community, none of your members can see each other. 

Music is a big part of working out. While Strydal doesn't offer in-app music, the platform has a music integration on its roadmap, one that will save creators from sharing playlists before live workout sessions. Payment is typically a tough nut to crack for video creators. There are tons of platforms out there, and most charge hefty fees, involve confusion integrations, code, and jargon. Strydal’s approach is simple. Students can pay using a collection of solutions. These include Apple Pay, Mastercard, EPS, and more. Payment options are managed through Stripe. So, all you need do is set up a Stripe account for your Strydal account. 

Source: Strydal

How to Make Money With Strydal

Something we love about Strydal is the simple, yet powerful income opportunity. They’ve built-in an unlimited membership model that allows you to attract a large audience of students from anywhere in the world. You can create any number of memberships that can be set to auto-renew, creating more reliable and hassle-free income streams for creators, and membership fees are entirely up to you. 

Strydal’s also thought about the odd-ball opportunity. Say you have a student who doesn’t want to pay a membership fee but wants to be part of one of your live video sessions, what do you do? Strydal calls these types of customers “drop-ins” and they can pay a one-off fee for access to your live session. And if you’d like to give prospects a look at what’s on offer, you can entice them with free trials and discount codes. 

The platform also provides complete control over video access for users. As you can create various types of memberships, you can also choose which videos and content members can access. 

The Bottom Line

Strydal offers one of the cleanest, feature-rich platforms we’ve seen in the fitness content creator platform space. Its intuitive interface makes it a quick study, and possible for you to get on with content creation. While were think there’s a huge opportunity to be explored in the Android user market, the desktop option still offers inclusivity. Altogether, Strydal is a powerful platform and worth testing if you’re looking for an easy way to launch your fitness side hustle fast.

Strydal is a live and on-demand video platform. It’s designed to help fitness content creators share and get paid for classes their produce.