Ukrainian Marketing Tools You Can Use to Offer Support

In the past 30 years, Ukraine has been a country with a rapidly developing tech industry. Multifunctional online banks, rapid delivery services, taxi apps that outperform Uber, Diia (online government services), and plenty of other breakthrough technological initiatives propel Ukraine to the forefront of innovation.

Today though, the whole nation has to face the horror of war in Ukraine as Russia invaded the country on the morning of February 24th. Ukrainian people are putting all of their strength into protecting their independence and saving lives. Some have to take weapons, while others use technologies. Many Ukrainian companies are donating to the armed forces, volunteering, joining the "IT army" or just don't stop working to support the economy. 

In this context, we've compiled a list of eight Ukrainian-based marketing tools that you can use to grow your business while also supporting Ukraine.

Marketing Tools You Can Use to Support Ukraine:

YouScan – social media intelligence platform

Social networks are the treasure trove of real-time consumer insights that can be reached using social media intelligence software such as YouScan. Powered by image recognition and AI, this tool allows companies to track brand mentions, analyze consumer opinions, uncover actionable insights, conduct rapid market research, find influencers and manage brand reputation. 

YouScan's in-house built image recognition technology enables brands to monitor not only text mentions, but also images containing their logo. When tracking visual mentions, companies can receive a complete view of their product or service consumption situations, find brand ambassadors and influencers, identify new use cases, and gain inspiration for new product and marketing campaigns.

YouScan is a collaborative tool that can provide value for different specialists within an organization. Marketers, public relations professionals, customer support managers, researchers, and other stakeholders can use social media data and insights to build and enhance a brand's strategy as well as address urgent issues.

Born in Kyiv back in 2009, YouScan has developed from a small startup to the social media intelligence market leader in Eastern Europe. In 2018, YouScan launched its cutting-edge computer vision technology that helped enter the global market and gain industry recognition. It took only one year for Gartner to recognize YouScan as 'Cool AI Vendor for Marketing' and SaaS Advisor to name the company a Visual Analysis Category Winner in Martech-Challenges.

As the war began, the company chose to halt all new sales and services to Russian consumers and focus on the international markets. The team also provides the Ukrainian army with financial, humanitarian, and technological support.

VistaCreate (formerly Crello) – online graphic design platform

Creating appealing visuals for your business has never been so easy. VistaCreate features an extensive collection of templates for both commercial and personal use, such as social media images and videos, restaurant menus, logos, posters, and so on. The service's core concept is that everyone can be a designer, and no special skills are required to create graphic materials for any business. 

In terms of commercial use, VistaCreate is especially handy for small and medium businesses as well as freelancers and bloggers, who often do not have teams of designers but still need to produce marketing materials.

The service includes stock photos, vectors, videos, and music allowing users to create eye-catching visuals with little effort.

Launched in 2016 by the Depositphotos team (a royalty-free content marketplace) Crello has been fully developed in Kyiv. The group of companies also included Lightfield Productions (the largest photo studio in Europe), Bird In Flight (visual online magazine), and WAS (historical project). All the projects were acquired by VistaPrint in 2021 so Crello changed its name to VistaCreate. 

In response to Russian aggression, VistaCreate has released 300+ social media templates that people worldwide can use to support Ukraine and Ukrainians. Apart from that, Depositphotos, the brand's sister company, has launched a free-to-use image collection showing the brutal truth of what's going on in Ukraine right now. – PR platform

Have you ever struggled to spread your company news through media outlets? makes it simple to create and distribute sponsored material on the conditions of its clients. The platform assists brands in tracking their online presence and identifying the optimal moments to share news, advertorials, and other sponsored content. Apart from selecting relevant media, PR managers can also estimate the unique views of each publication and maximize content performance.  

The service is available in 192 countries, supports 76 languages, and features 52 categories. allows handling all the processes from creating a piece of content to distributing it and measuring results. 

The platform was founded in 2015 in Mykolaiv, a city that has been heavily shelled since the beginning of a Russian invasion. As the war began, the company decided to cut ties with Russian media outlets and stop all operations with the aggressor country's clients and partners.

Influ2 – persona-based marketing platform for B2B companies

Our modern world is overloaded with advertising; it's literally everywhere - on the streets, in our smartphones, on the internet. People don't have the time and desire to consume all these ads, especially if they are not a target audience. This topic is especially how when it comes to B2B marketing, as the budgets here are higher than for B2C, and it's quite challenging since you must tailor your messages as precisely as possible. Influ2, on the other hand, helps to solve this problem as this service allows personalizing ads and showing them to specific people within your targeted group. 

When launching a campaign, users can pick decision-makers within the targeted companies to optimize spending and achieve the best results.

Marketers can also connect their CRMs with Influ2 to sync targeting and funnels and analyze ad impact on each targeted person.

Influ2 was founded in 2017 and has primarily worked with Ukrainian startups. To accelerate growth, the company shifted its focus to enterprise businesses from the US, as this market has always been highly competitive and required the solution provided by the platform. It now collaborates with clients such as Cisco and Cato Networks.

As a company with Ukrainian roots, Influ2 has joined the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) Charitable Foundation's humanitarian aid initiative, which aims to raise USD$10 million for those in need.

Adwisely (formerly Retarget App) – online advertising tool

Handling ads creation and management for e-commerce might be complex. In such a case, Adwisely is a great tool that helps online stores easily manage online advertising on social media and Google. 

The tool covers three main ad tactics: retargeting, prospecting, and cross-sell/upsell. All in all, users have access to essential features, including ad budget recommendations, seasonal promos, one dashboard for Facebook and Google ads, ad text ideas, and even a personal ad manager, providing improvements suggestions and performance reports. 


Adwisely partners with such platforms as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, so users can retarget those who left abandoned carts, upsell more expensive products, re-engage prior customers or visitors and push products to new audiences.

Back in 2015, RetargetApp was created as a simple solution for retargeting ads on Facebook. As the years passed, the company grew and developed all of the features mentioned above, allowing it to bring $1 billion+ in orders to its users in 2020 alone. In November 2021, RetargetApp changed the name to Adwisely.

The startup makes everything possible to continue smooth work and asks its partners and clients to help save the lives of our Ukrainian people. 

Serpstat – all in one SEO platform

SEO is a long-run but effective tool. Serpstat helps businesses to manage all the possible SEO-related tasks in one place. This powerful platform includes such tools as keyword research and clustering, batch analysis of keywords and domains, rank tracking, competitor, backlinks and contextual advertising analysis, site and page audit, custom reports, search volume crawling service, and team management features. 


Serpstat is a good fit for digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO teams, SMB, and enterprises. 

Founded in Odesa in 2013 as an internal tool of the Netpeak agency, the product became an independent system in 2016. Serpstat continues its work to keep the economy running and encourages others to join by subscribing to their services or donating to support Ukrainian armed forces and civilians.

PromoRepublic – local marketing platform

Smart localization is a key to success if you are an international brand. PromoRepublic helps franchises and global brands maintain brand consistency in each location while considering local peculiarities.

The all-in-one local marketing platform allows brands to instantly handle such tasks as social media marketing, brand management, reputation management, local SEO, and distributed marketing.

PromoRepublic also provides marketers with local insights to help them increase revenue and maintain brand consistency across all of their locations.

The platform was launched in 2014 as a social media platform for small businesses. Four years later, the company changed its focus to agencies. As for now, its main clients are mature enterprise product, sales, and marketing teams. 

Apart from helping Ukraine, PromoRepublic encourages its partners to spread the word about the Russian aggression and shares an extensive list of initiatives helping Ukraine win. – revenue operations and intelligence (ROI) platform

Managing ABM and lead generation can become easier and more efficient when all the data is in one place. Oriented mainly on the sales department, also provides insights to marketers, allowing them to focus on the most relevant buying group and increase engagement and revenue.

Users can easily track touchpoints and measure engagement throughout the customer's journey by consolidating all information from various sources into one platform. The tool also provides a complete picture of the buying audience, including accurate job data such as title, department, and seniority.

The platform also delivers accurate and detailed data on the deal's health and customer engagement, letting managers keep the conversion rate under control. was founded in 2016 by Ukrainian entrepreneur Oleg Rogynskyy, who now serves as the company's spokesperson. He has actively supported Ukraine and shared his thoughts on social media since the first day of the invasion to raise awareness about this horrific war. Aside from that, he and his team help Ukraine through communications connectivity, unblocking various NGOs allowing tens of millions of dollars in aid, providing generators, protective equipment, and so on.

Stripo, an email design platform

Creating emails is essential for email marketing. A beautifully crafted email pleases the recipient's eye and sets a vibe for the entire campaign, and helps create a unique brand image to stand out from the competition. However, developing an email would take a lot of time and effort. Stripo can help you facilitate this process.

Stripo, an email design platform


Stripo is an advanced email design platform developed to simplify and speed up email production. The whole creation flow revolves around an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with many customizable blocks that provide the necessary flexibility and limitless design possibilities. In addition, if you need even more control over the design process, Stripo has a full-fledged code editor that allows you to look under the hood of the template and tweak the future template down with the knowledge of HTML and CSS to the pixel.

It has an extensive library of over 1000+ templates that you can customize as you see and export to over 70 different ESPs in a few clicks. It offers AMP for emails, which takes interactivity and user engagement to a whole new level.

Today, email marketing is more important than ever due to the current situation. As a Ukrainian-based company, Stripo actively asks the email community to help Ukraine fight against Russia's unprovoked aggression, be it with words, money, or help to migrants. To make it easier for companies to reach out to their audience ASAP and highlight events in Ukraine, Stripo created a number of thematic templates to help businesses. Also, along with Terrell Kaucher, the Director of, Stripo organized a fundraiser to collect some money and donate it to humanitarian aid as many Ukrainians now lost their homes and do not even have food, clothes, and money for medicines.

Bottom line

Ukrainians are a talented nation that is keen on developing breakthrough tech products and startups that are worth comparing to Silicon Valley's most known giants in terms of innovation. Lots of Ukrainian-based companies are conquering different industries throughout the globe and setting the standard for technology. The country is a motherland of both successful commercial projects and governmental ones, which are accessible to each Ukrainian.

As you can see, the martech industry is not an exception, providing marketers with a comprehensive collection of tools to meet every business demand. No matter how big or small your company is, you can find a suitable tool to handle social media, SEO, performance marketing, advertising, PR, design, social intelligence, and other activities.

We hope you consider the mentioned companies when planning your future marketing budgets. 


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