Top 10 Tiktok Brands to Inspire You

Looking to get started with TikTok marketing but not sure where to start? With TikTok being a fairly new platform in the marketing landscape, many brands may be struggling to include it in their marketing mix. At the same time, there are tons of brands already finding success on the platform and that’s where you can find the best inspiration. Here are 10 of the top brands on TikTok that you can learn from to build a winning strategy on the platform.

Top 10 Brands on TikTok to Inspire You:

1. Duolingo

@duolingo literally making a course on chapal throwing because you didn’t do your lesson ? #aapi #languagelearning #duolingo #imtightwithyourmomsodonttestme ♬ main agar kahoon - ????????????? ?

It’s impossible not to start this list without the internet’s favorite angry owl and the brand it represents. Duolingo is killing it on TikTok with Gen Z humor delivered through a mascot with a distinctive personality. The brand continues to ride on the wave of the unsettling reminder messages sent to language learners that they once got famous for. This is also the basis of the personality of the borderline-aggressive Duolingo owl that has a cocky attitude and sometimes resorts to threats.

On TikTok, Duolingo regularly shares videos featuring the mascot and using Gen Z’s brand of dark, cynical, often absurd humor. And people are loving it, which explains the brand’s 6.7 million TikTok followers and 144 million likes.


Don’t be afraid to leverage humor on TikTok if it aligns with your brand identity. Know what type of humor appeals to your target audience and make the most of it when creating content for the platform. Additionally, having a distinct personality that can be strongly associated with your brand is the best way to stand out on TikTok.

2. e.l.f Cosmetics

@elfyeah ?BREAKING NEWS ? @Chris Olsen and @Ian Paget are ~literally~ making up over makeup! Head to the link in our bio to watch the full video ? #makeupovermakeup #elfcosmetics ♬ original sound - e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f Cosmetics may be known everywhere else for their affordable vegan and cruelty-free makeup products. But on TikTok, they’re known for their “ amazing content.” The brand regularly shares a variety of content types including engaging product demos, how-to tips, and relatable humor that their audience would find valuable. Many of their TikTok videos also help to announce new product launches and promote the latest discounts and offers.

The makeup brand is also known for featuring famous faces in their TikTok videos. You can find collaborations with names such as Jennifer Coolidge and TikTok creators such as Adan Bravo. e.l.f even brought in Chris Olsen and Ian Paget, who gained a massive following on TikTok through their relationship videos, for a video session to discuss their breakup over makeup. The video gained an overwhelming response from the audience who asked for more of it.


Diversify your content to keep things fresh and engage different types of people. Expand your reach through TikTok influencer marketing by collaborating with famous personalities that have an influence on your target audience. This is a great way to create content that engages and resonates with the audience, which will boost viewership and engagement.

3. Netflix

@netflix Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-Hun, Wi Ha-jun, and Gong Yoo will all be returning for Squid Game Season 2! And #TUDUM ♬ original sound - Netflix

Wondering how Netflix has managed to attract a whopping 34.5 million followers and gain 775.9 million likes? The trailers, teasers, and snippets are what keep these followers hooked. People want to stay informed about their favorite TV shows and get updates on the latest releases, which is why Netflix’s TikTok content strategy works. 

The brand regularly posts updates on upcoming projects and TV show continuations as well as teasers for impending releases. They also share some of the most compelling clips from movies and shows that are already available to watch on the platform, which may entice people to watch. 


Use TikTok’s short-form video format to share teasers and behind-the-scenes shots of your upcoming projects. This can build anticipation and get your audience hooked as they’ll be on the lookout for more updates from your brand. The same kind of strategy can be applied across different industries as you can tease them with product close-ups, feature focuses, and so on.

4. Zendesk

@zendesk Customer experience before ? and after ? AI. Head over to our bio for what’s trending in customer experience this year. ? #ai #business #customerservice #customerexperience #artificialintelligence #trends #zendesk #machinelearning #strategy #chatgpt #cxtrends #learnontiktok #nicktalksmoney ♬ original sound - Zendesk

If you thought TikTok isn’t the right place for B2B marketing, think again. Brands like Zendesk are getting tons of views and engagements on the platform. The brand currently boasts over 52,000 followers and 241,000 likes, which is a lot more than what they’re seeing on Instagram. And it’s all thanks to the high-quality content that Zendesk pushes out on the regular.

Followers of Zendesk on TikTok can gain access to bite-sized informative content related to the customer service industry. This includes interviews, thought leadership pieces, tips and tricks, and much more. One of the most standout types of videos that Zendesk creates on TikTok involves relatable content for those in the customer support industry. They create reenactments of situations that are highly familiar in the industry and that individuals such as customer support representatives will be able to find relatable.


To create content that resonates, make sure you prioritize content that your target audience will be able to relate to. Find a way to portray scenarios and situations that are extremely common in your industry and provide viable solutions or workarounds depending on the case. The more people can relate to your content, the more likely they are to engage and continue supporting your business.

5. Guess

@guess introducing our new ladies of may ❤️‍? #newarrivals #handbags #spring ♬ original sound - Justin wyss

As the brand behind one of the first viral branded TikTok challenges (read: the #InMyDenim campaign), you can only expect Guess to keep serving. The brand knows how to keep up with the latest trends and create content that would appeal to their target audience. So it’s no surprise that they have amassed almost 280,000 followers on TikTok and 1.2 million likes for their videos. 

The brand regularly shares videos introducing their new collections and what’s going on behind the scenes at the Guess headquarters. Interestingly enough, the videos highlighting new arrivals seem to get the most views as the brand knows how to entice the audience with appealing shots and trending sounds. They know the format that works on TikTok and make the most of it to highlight their most eye-catching products.


Don’t hold back on your product highlight videos but find a way to leverage formats that work well on TikTok. Instead of those overly professional and polished videos that you’d typically use in commercials, opt for more casual mobile video shots. Find inspiration from trending TikTok sounds and songs and use them in your own videos to get more eyeballs on your content.

6. Chipotle

@chipotle Replying to @cinthiakmarie burrito-certified ? #day2 #chipotle #training #socialmediamanager ♬ Instrumental Trap Violão - Teaga

Chipotle’s social media marketing game has always been exceptional, and this continues onto TikTok, where the brand currently boasts 2.2 million followers and 52.1 million likes. The brand creates content showcasing their casual and fun personality with a brand of humor that their audience appreciates. You can find hilarious and relatable POV videos as well as bite-sized tips on how to get the most out of your Chipotle experience.

The brand makes the effort to engage their audience by creating TikTok Stitches and replying to videos where Chipotle is mentioned. For example, they’d respond to people trying Chipotle for the first time and provide them with a free delivery code. More recently, Chipotle started creating vlog-style TikTok videos in which their new social media manager provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how food is prepared. This helps to humanize the brand and build trust with the audience as people get more transparency about how the business runs.


Keep it human and relatable so people can feel more inclined to engage with your brand. Win their trust by improving transparency through behind-the-scenes videos of your business. You could show them how things are made, how your employees are working, and what the conditions are like in your establishment. Consider having a dedicated social media manager to take over these tours so people can feel like they’re interacting with another person instead of with a brand.

7. Square

@square @woolypig making Dave’s Fried Chicken ? Curry spiced fried chicken, green cabbage apple slaw, tomatoes, and fresh cilantro lime dressing served on a garlic butter brioche bun. #friedchicken #sanfrancisco #sffoodie #sffood #fyp ♬ original sound - Square

Square is another B2B brand with an exceptional TikTok strategy. With the brand targeting small business owners, they regularly share informative and practical tips that would be useful for them. As a result, Square has garnered close to 20,000 followers on TikTok and more than 53,800 likes for their videos.

What stands out the most is how the brand tells its customer stories through intriguing TikTok videos. Most of their videos put a spotlight on what their customers do–whether it’s restoring a vintage chair, making a steaming bowl of laksa, or putting together a juicy burger. Through these videos, Square puts their customers at the forefront so other small business owners can relate to them. This also shows others the types of businesses that Square is empowering. 


Make your customers the face of your brand so your target audience can relate to them. Tell their stories and showcase their experiences, especially when it comes to your brand. That way, your audience can put themselves in your customers’ shoes and get a better sense of the experience they can enjoy with your brand. Moreover, putting your customers in the spotlight is a great way to show your appreciation for them and win their loyalty.

8. Gymshark

@gymshark Buckle my shoe goes hard ??? #meme #fyp #Gymshark ♬ BUCKLE MY SHOE - CALMUL

As a leading fitness brand, it’s no surprise that Gymshark has managed to grow their presence even on TikTok. The brand currently commands a following of 4.6 million on TikTok and has amassed 74 million likes for their videos. So what’s the secret behind the brand’s TikTok success? The brand mostly owes its massive growth to entertaining and relatable content that appeals to an audience of fitness enthusiasts.

Gymshark mostly focuses on motivational videos that showcase people’s inspirational fitness journeys. They use various formats to showcase these before and after transformations, but humor tends to play a key role. Besides these types of videos, Gymshark also regularly shares relatable fitness humor and workout challenges that engage their audience.


Tell impactful customer stories by showcasing before and after transformations and user-generated content. These can help others to visualize and understand how your brand can change people’s lives. Keeping in tune with the TikTok platform, you can even leverage humor and include comedic elements to help tell these customer stories. This is an effective way to entertain your audience and create content that they find relatable.

9. Le Creuset

@lecreuset Add the final touch to your kitchen with #LeCreuset – no matter what your design style is. ✨ #kitchenenvy #lecreusettiktok #kitchenstyle #kitchendesign #kitchenaesthetic ♬ Hey It's Me - Official Sound Studio

Le Creuset may easily be one of the most coveted and wishlisted brands of cookware products. The brand’s popularity even extends to TikTok, where they have close to 200,000 followers and 2 million likes. Most of their content focuses on their product capabilities as they share videos of mouthwatering recipes that can be made using their cookware. This helps to exhibit the potential of Le Creuset products and helps people to visualize how they can make the most of them.

As Le Creuset cookware is known for its range of eye-catching colors, the brand also makes use of this by sharing videos that showcase the aesthetic appeal of different shades. For example, they might put together mood boards and share shelf inspiration to entice people to get their favorite Le Creuset shades.


Find different ways to entice and inspire people to try your products. With TikTok also being a visual platform, you could go beyond the practical aspects and even focus on the aesthetic appeal of your products. This would allow people to visualize how the product might look on them or in certain settings, which could inspire them to make a purchase.

10. Fenty Beauty

@fentybeauty Replying to @_nickzz08 One thing about #fentybeauty is we always gonna serve up a slay #lipcombo ?‍?? Y’all been asking so here it is ?? Line the lips with #ICONVELVET in Bread Winn’r and then top it off with #GLOSSBOMBCREAM in Mauve Wive$ to flex this stunning rosy pink lip ? What #fentylipcombo ♬ original sound - Fenty Beauty

With 2.3 million followers and 44.2 million likes, Fenty Beauty is another brand leading the TikTok marketing landscape. While the brand may have its inclusive and cruelty-free range of beauty products to thank for this massive following, that’s not the only reason people follow them on TikTok. Instead, it’s the consistent flow of helpful tutorials and how-to videos that keeps those followers coming.

Fenty Beauty regularly shares videos providing tips and tricks on how to use certain products and which products to use. They provide practical steps to achieve certain looks that are currently trending on social media. So it’s no wonder that makeup enthusiasts want to follow the brand on TikTok.


One of the best ways to provide value to your audience is by teaching them and showing them how to do something. With TikTok’s short-form video format, you could turn your longer educational videos into bite-sized tips and brief tutorials. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged while establishing your value.

Get Your Brand on TikTok 

There are a lot that you can learn from these 10 brands, but most importantly, they show you that TikTok is for all types of brands. It doesn’t matter if you’re a makeup brand or a B2B company, as long as you know how to leverage TikTok’s content format and appeal to your target audience. So make the most of the takeaways we shared above to market your brand on TikTok. 

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