Top 15 YouTube Unboxing Channels – Youtube Unboxing Influencers

You might wonder what’s so special about a YouTube unboxing video. Why would anyone be interested in somebody taking something out of a box? However, unboxing videos are seriously popular. One unboxing video that shows the toys inside Disney-themed Kinder Eggs has attracted more than 35 million views.

Quite a few channels feature unboxing videos. Some of these are specialist YouTube unboxing channels. However, many more mix unboxing videos with review videos.

Unboxing videos have become a surprisingly lucrative genre on YouTube. They also cover a wide range of products. The two most popular types of YouTube unboxing videos, however, are those featuring toys, and those focusing on new electronic gadgets.

Compared to more creative video types, unboxing videos are easy to make. Often the contents of the boxes will be more sophisticated than the filmmaker’s equipment.

It is not surprising that unboxing videos for expensive gadgets are well loved. We all have a natural aversion to wasting our money. We would rather see somebody else use a new device first, possibly pointing out any flaws, before we risk the money ourselves.

You will find unboxing videos for many different types of electronic goods – not just the latest phones from Apple or Samsung. You will even find unboxing videos online for items as diverse as coffee machines and blenders.

Some unboxing videos are educational. You can find videos on YouTube opening up makeup kits and showing you how to use the contents.

Unboxing videos of toys are particularly popular. It can be hard as a kid, deciding which toy you want, particularly if your parents demand you choose just one. Unboxing videos give kids a chance to decide which toy they want as their first priority.

Just like with other genres, the best unboxing YouTube channels rely on the personality of the presenters. These YouTubers aim to make entertaining videos so that their followers return to watch future unboxing videos. It does mean, though that each site tends to specialize in a particular type of product. Those looking for an iPhone unboxing video are unlikely to be interested in the Disney-themed Kinder Eggs video review, no matter how popular it is.

Top 15 YouTube Unboxing Channels - Youtube Unboxing Influencers:

1. Ryan Toys Review

Ryan's world


Ryan Toys Review is a favorite YouTube channel. Its videos show a young boy (presumably Ryan) unpacking and playing with a new toy. They are unscripted videos and rely on Ryan’s genuine reaction to the toy he has just unboxed. One (or both) of his parents usually join him, as more recently have his younger sisters.

The videos can be quite entertaining, as Ryan gives an honest opinion, as only kids tend to do.

You might want to be careful about letting your kids watch the channel, however. Ryan has now amassed far more toys than the average kid has, and he could set up unrealistic expectations from your young one, wanting as big a collection.

Ryan’s videos make highly effective ads for the makers of the toys he unboxes – as long as he likes their toy, of course.

2. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy


Unbox Therapy is hosted by Canadian, Lewis Hilsenteger. It is extremely popular, with over 18.2 million subscribers, and 4.3 billion views. Lewis’ videos aim to showcase the coolest products on the planet.

As well as typical unboxing videos, this channel includes videos featuring interesting lists, incredible deals, fun tests, and “Does It Suck?”

Lewis unboxes/reviews a wide range of products, from cars to backpacks, from incredibly expensive products to cheap everyday gadgets that can make your life easier.

3. Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review

Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review


Playtime Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review for toddlers, babies, infants, and pre-school children reviews toys and dolls from Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Play-Doh, Claymation and more.

The channel’s host keeps her identity hidden except her hands and voice.

Quite a few of her videos focus on the “unboxing” of multiple items in a range. For example, two recent videos uploaded are “25 Surprise Eggs! Vampirina Kinder Surprise MLP Pixar Angry Birds Disney Princess” and “20 LOL Complete Collection of L.O.L. Surprises Dolls.”

The site is extremely popular, with over 11.1 million subscribers. The most popular video is “Play-Doh Sparkle Princess Ariel Elsa Anna Disney Frozen MagiClip Glitter Glider Dolls,” which people have viewed an incredible 589 million times.

4. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee


American YouTuber, Marques Brownlee is also known as MKBHD on the platform. That nickname is a mix of his initials (MKB) and High Definition (HD). He loves reviewing technology, and was once described by one of Google’s Senior Vice Presidents (Vic Gundotra) as being, "the best technology reviewer on the planet right now.”

Although Brownlee joined YouTube in March 2008, it wasn’t until the following year that he began reviewing technology products.

Some, but not all, of his reviews are unboxing videos.

He mixes reviews of products asked for by his audience, with reports on products sent to him by the technology companies. He does say that he only reviews products that resonate with his audience of technology enthusiasts, however.

People know him for making timely reviews of anticipated new products, often within a day of their release.

5. Dope or Nope

Dope or Nope


Dope or Nope is a comedy unboxing review channel, where the reviewer declares whether a particular item is good (dope) or bad (nope). The YouTuber (and reviewer) is Matthias Fredrick.

Matthias comes from a filmmaking family, which has led to him developing a passion for the art of filmmaking. He has scored at least eleven short films, two commercials, and a feature film. He has changed the genre of his YouTube videos regularly over the years, but his focus is currently on comedy unboxing videos.

He uploads videos into playlists such as, “Strange Things on Amazon” and “Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!” He also makes videos on obscure topics such as “10 iPhone Accessories with Unexpected Features!” and “Unboxing 10 MYSTERY Products from an ABANDONED Storage Unit!”

6. iJustine



The face of iJustine is Justine Ezarik, an American YouTube personality, host, actress, and model. Although unboxing videos are an important part of her channel, they are only part of her “show.” She considers herself a lifecaster. This means that as well as tech review / unboxing videos, Justine also makes videos on cooking, vlogs and fun videos with Rosanna Pansino.

She places her unboxing videos in a playlist called, “Tech Tuesday” – which despite its name is “rarely uploaded on a Tuesday.” Indeed at the moment, this appears to be the most active part of her site, and she currently uploads tech/unboxing videos multiple times each week.

7. Austin Evans

Austin Evans


Austin Evans uploads videos featuring gaming PC builds, Top 5s, mobile phones, and the latest video games to his YouTube channel. Some of these are unboxing videos as he shows his fans what you receive for your money with certain tech products.

Austin’s channel is the place to go if you want to see if a new gadget is worth it.

8. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison


Jonathan Morrison is a tech guru. He regularly uploads videos featuring different types of tech reviews, unboxings, and giveaways. He launched his YouTube channel with the name “tldtoday” in March of 2010, although it is better known by his Jonathon Morrison name today. He describes his channel as featuring “High-quality videos blending tech + aesthetic, showcasing the latest products & gadgets.”

9. Kid’s Toys

Kid’s Toys


Kid’s Toys makes videos showing the collecting and unboxing of many current kids toys, such as Play-Doh, Kinder surprise eggs, Barbie doll, Robocar Poli, cash register toys, Minecraft, Disney Frozen, Cars 2, Monsters University, Monster High doll, Baby Alive doll, Lalaloopsy, LEGO, and many more.

Two sisters enjoy showing the world their favorite toys and take a first look at any new toys they receive.

10. Geekyranjit



Geekyranjit was the First English Tech Channel in India to have over one Million Subscribers! It is now up to 3.31 million subscribers. In real life, Geekyranjit is Ranjit Kumar, a gizmos and gadgets freak who reviews almost everything technological, from smartphones to LEDs.

Ranjit initially began reviewing tech on his site, tech2buzz. However, as people moved from PCs to cell phones, he created his YouTube channel, where he bought gadgets and products, used them, and reviewed them. His in-depth reviews cover everything about the latest gadgets, from the unboxing of product to details of their pros and cons in everyday use.

11. UrAvgConsumer



UrAvgConsumer is the review and unboxing channel of Judner Aura. He has become popular for his tech reviews. He has covered many types of tech, from video games to computers. Some of his more popular videos have earned more than 1 million views each.

12. Lamarr Wilson

Lamarr Wilson


Lamarr Wilson is known for his channel, called initially wilsontech1, which has reached over 1.94 million subscribers. Lamarr has worked as a technology retailer and spent nine years as an elementary school teacher. He started his own technology consulting business in Chicago and now shares his views of the latest tech products with his fans.

Although most of his reviews and unboxing videos feature tech, a few cover different topics. For example, he recently uploaded a video where he taste-tested Oreo fun size chocolate candy bars and has also done a taste test on Mickey Mouse Oreos. Lamarr clearly has a sweet tooth!

13. Jacques Slade

Jacques Slade


The focus of Jacques Slade’s YouTube channel is different from everybody else on this list. While the rest may be unboxing gadgets or toys, Jacques is unboxing sneakers.

The channel is broader than just that, however; it offers daily updates and reviews on sneakers, as well as some videos on sports, music, entertainment, technology. However, sneakers are the primary focus and sneak into most of the videos in some way. Jacques has found, though, that his viewers resist his attempts to move his channel too far from his sneaker focus. “If you’re doing reviews on music and no one’s watching those videos, you kind of have to stay in your lane. As a business, you have to listen to the customer to an extent.”

His most successful video was when he filmed a trip to Michael Jordan’s house.

14. ToyBoxCollectibles



As its name indicates, ToyBoxCollectibles is very much in the toy side of the unboxing genre and is family friendly. A husband and wife work together to review a variety of children’s toys. They even have a section called “Let’s Get Weird” for some of the more unusual toys you may come across.

15. Dom Esposito

Dom Esposito


Dom Esposito’s focus is on making epic tech videos. He looks at the best tech from smartphones reviews to Mac/PCs and more. Dom prepares unboxing and review videos on the best tech to help his followers decide which products to buy and which to leave on the shelf.

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