Top 15 Snapchat Models to Follow in 2024

While Snapchat was initially popular among teenagers, a lot has changed since it was developed in 2011. Since then, there have been many improvements and new features have been introduced, such as the ability to upload videos and store favorite Stories as Memories. 

As of January 2023, approximately 20.5 percent of Snapchat's active user base worldwide consisted of males aged 18 to 24. In general, 18.3 percent of global Snapchat users were females within the same age bracket.

Statistic: Distribution of Snapchat users worldwide as of January 2023, by age group and gender | Statista

Though, finding female celebrities who use the platform can be tricky. Compared to other social networks, it can be difficult to find celebs to subscribe to unless you have their Snapchat username. To make it easier for you, here is a list of models to follow on Snapchat. While most of these models still have bigger followings on Instagram, if your target market is millennials, Snapchat is a good place to share those snapshots. 

Top 15 Snapchat Models to Follow in 2024:

1. Josephine Skriver-Karlsen (@jojoskriver)

Josephine is a Danish model and LGBTI activist. She is well-known for her work for Victoria’s Secret. In 2020, she was also one of the models for the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  

On Snapchat, she loves to play around with filters. Selfies that she shares will for sure get the heads turning and buttons clicking. While she is one of the top models to follow on Snapchat, her real following is on Instagram where she has more than 8.7 million followers. 

2. Gigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid)

Gigi Hadid (aka Jelena Noura Hadid) is one of the top Snapchat influencers to follow. Modeling clearly runs in the family. Her mother is a former Dutch model and both her younger siblings are also models. 

Her earlier work included modeling for Guess (both as a child and an adult). Since then, she has been featured on a number of magazine covers, including Elle and Vogue, and also appeared in editorials for the likes of Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair. In 2016, she received the International Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards. 

3. Bella Hadid (@babybels777)

Bella Hadid (aka Isabella Khair Hadid) is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid and one of the top models and influencers to follow on the platform. This American fashion model comes from a diverse background and mainly shares selfies and photos of her friends on her account. 

She has been modeling for almost a decade. In 2014, she made her first appearance in New York Fashion Week. Then, similar to her sister, in 2016, another breakthrough came her way when she was voted as the “Model of the Year” by 

4. Joan Smalls (@joan_smalls)

While Joan’s following is smaller than many of the other models in this list, she is a good model to follow if you would like a quick look into the life of a model. Hailing from Puerto Rico, she was the first Latina model to represent Estee Lauder when she signed a worldwide campaign with them in 2011. That following year, she also won Model of the Year at the Style Awards. Other designers and fashion houses that she has worked with include Prada, Gucci, Alexander Wang, and Yves Saint Laurent to mention only a few. Her name and beauty have also landed her a role in John Wick: Chapter 2 and in a number of music videos.

5. Niykee Heaton (@niykeeheaton)

Niykee Heaton (aka Nicolet Aleta Logan) has close to million subscribers on Snapchat. Though, it is not by means of modeling that she has made her name. She is better known as an American singer and songwriter who went viral on YouTube after uploading videos of acoustic lullabies. She also started her own brand, NATURYL BY NBK, in 2018. From leggings to dresses, her range of ultra-flattering, curve-conscious wear is designed to support and emphasize your best assets. 

On her website, she shares that it was impossible for her to find clothes that made her feel confident – the reason why she decided to start her own clothing line. Looking at the photos on her Instagram profile that has millions of followers, it is clear that she no longer has this problem. Dressed in skimpy outfits, she oozes confidence. 

6. Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)

Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit) Snapchat influencer


Emily Skye is one of the top female fitness influencers and has been featured in Women’s Health, Forbes, and Access Hollywood to mention only a few. This Australian fitness model is also the co-founder of James Cosmetics and a successful blogger. 

As a mother of two, a lot of her content targets women who are trying to get back into shape after pregnancy. In addition to writing about post-pregnancy, she also covers nutrition, pregnancy, and overall well-being. On Snapchat, she treats her close to 437,000 subscribers to loads of selfies, workout photos, and pics of her kids. 

7. Emily Sears (@emilysearsaus)

Not to be confused with Emily Skye, Emily Sears is another Australian model and fitness lover who has built a substantial following on Snapchat. She is currently based in Los Angeles. She has modeled for Good American, the denim clothing line of Khloe Kardashian, and is well-known for bikini modeling. 

8. Imaan Hammam (@imaanhammam)

Imaan Hammam is a fashion model. The Dutch beauty is regarded as one of the industry’s icons having appeared on the covers of the American, Italian, French, and British editions of Vogue numerous times. In addition to her regular appearance on covers, she has also walked the runways for almost all the top brands and has appeared in advertising campaigns for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Moschino, and Chanel. 

9. Sara Sampaio (@sarasampaio)

With more than 648,000 subscribers, Sara Sampaio is one of the models with the biggest followings on Snapchat. The Portuguese beauty was the first Portuguese model to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and is also known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and beauty ambassador for Giorgio Armani. Her hard work was recognized by her country and she won the Portuguese Golden Globes for the Best Female Model on numerous occasions. 

Though, everything is not all glitz and glam for her. In 2018, she shared on Instagram that she battled with trichotillomania, a condition that is characterized by the urge to pluck hair from your eyebrows or scalp. 

Her popularity has not only gained her a massive following on social media, but also roles in the well-known TV show, Billions, and music videos of leading stars like Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Kanye West, and David Guetta.

10. Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill)

Taylor Hill is another Victoria’s Secret Angel that has quite the following on Snapchat. American model was first discovered a decade ago at a ranch in Colorado. 

Four years after her discovery, things really started to happen for her. In 2015, Couturesque’s readers voted her as the most promising model. That same year, she was also crowned as the Model of the Year in social media at the Fashion Media Awards. It is estimated that between 2015 and 2016, she generated about $4 million in earnings, making her one of the world’s top-earning models according to Forbes. 

11. Romee Strijd (@romees)

Romee Strijd is another Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret Angel with a substantial list of subscribers on Snapchat. In addition to Snapchat, she is also quite active on YouTube. On her YouTube channel with close to 1.87 million subscribers, she likes to share videos and vlogs about her life as a model. Her most popular video, What I Eat In A Day As A Model, boasts 13 million views. 

However, in an interview with People in 2020, she revealed that she battled with PCOS which she suspected was brought on by the constant pressure that her body was subjected to as a model. As a result, she started being kinder to her body by cutting back on high-intensity training and following a less restrictive diet. 

12. Jasmine Tookes (@jastookes)

Before Jasmine Tookes became one of Victoria’s Secret Angels, the American model was a gymnast. Though, it is not in the sporting arena where her talents were discovered. Her mother is a celebrity fashion stylist and she was discovered when she accompanied her mother to one of her showroom appointments. 

She has been featured in editorials for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and has walked the runways for Moschino, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Prada to mention only a few. She has also appeared in a number of advertising campaigns for brands such as Gap, Calvin Klein, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. 

Boasting 425,000 subscribers on Snapchat, the American fashion model loves to share photos of her dog and day-to-day life. For more modeling photos, you can also follow her on Instagram where she tends to share fewer personal photos and more supermodel shots. 

13. Ale Ambrosio (@leleambrosio11)

Ale Ambrosio (aka Alessandra Corine Ambrosio) is a Brazilian model. In addition to strutting the catwalk, she is also the ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, businesswoman, fashion designer, and actress. Her film appearances include Casino Royale, Daddy’s Home and, the sequel, Daddy’s Home 2. 

One of her most recent achievements is starting a beachwear brand, GAL Floripa. She started this brand with her soul sister to celebrate their motherland roots and create swimwear that enhances the feminine figure. 

14. Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss)

On her Snapchat account with 419, 000 subscribers, Karlie describes herself as a six-foot giraffe. The American fashion model has been described as one of the top 30 models of the 2000s by Vogue, having appeared on 40 international Vogue covers by 2019.  

What might come as a surprise is that in addition to modeling she is also an amateur computer programmer. In fact, in 2015, she started an annual scholarship, Kode with Klossy, aimed at young girls who are interested in a career in software engineering and computer science. In an interview with ABC News, she shared that feminism is important to her and emphasized the importance of strong female role models, especially in politics.  

15. Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham)

Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model, both in size and social media following. She is one of the top Snapchat influencers. 

She has appeared on the covers of Elle, Glamour, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. In fact, she was the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2016. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I follow models on Snapchat?

Following models on Snapchat can provide you with behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives, access to exclusive content, and insights into the fashion and beauty industry. It also allows you to stay updated on their latest projects and collaborations.

How do I find a specific model's Snapchat username?

You can often find a model’s Snapchat username on their other social media profiles, such as Instagram or Twitter. Some models also share their Snapchat usernames in their bio or through posts. For your convenience, this list includes the Snapchat usernames of the top models to follow in 2024.

Who are some of the top models to follow on Snapchat in 2024?

Some of the top models to follow on Snapchat in 2024 include:

  • Josephine Skriver-Karlsen (@jojoskriver)
  • Gigi Hadid (@itsgigihadid)
  • Bella Hadid (@babybels777)
  • Joan Smalls (@joan_smalls)
  • Niykee Heaton (@niykeeheaton)

What type of content do models typically share on Snapchat?

Models typically share a mix of content on Snapchat, including selfies, behind-the-scenes footage from photo shoots, fashion shows, personal moments, workouts, and day-to-day activities. Some also share tips on fashion, beauty, and fitness.

Are there any fitness models on Snapchat that I can follow?

Yes, there are fitness models on Snapchat such as Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit) and Emily Sears (@emilysearsaus) who share workout routines, fitness tips, and motivational content.

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