Top 20 Video Testimonial Examples to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing

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As we wrote in our Ultimate Guide to Video Testimonials, consumers trust other consumers. Therefore, it's the opinions of other customers that truly matter. Video testimonials offer an impactful way for customers to vouch for your brands through an audio-visual format. This post highlights some of the better video testimonial examples we have seen across the internet.

In our guide, we highlighted three common elements that you can find in high-performing video testimonials:

  1. They exude authenticity
  2. They tell a compelling story
  3. They highlight clear results/benefits. 

We have considered looking for these factors when selecting the video testimonial examples we present here.

Top 20 Video Testimonial Examples:

video testimonial examples

1. Slack

Slack uses professional quality videos to highlight why its clients like the team communication app. They use real customers to explain how Slack has benefited them, particularly in the Covid-era.

You will notice in the T-Mobile video testimonial example that T-Mobiles’ Senior Technical Product Manager uses clear examples of how a known company can use Slack to improve its internal communication. 

Slack emphasizes the authenticity of its videos with the heading, “Inspiring stories, real Slack customers.” You can even filter stories based on your industry sector and business size. Clearly, Slack has collected a large number of customer video testimonials over the last few years.


The accounting software company MYOB makes a point of highlighting some of its happy customers. They highlight different clients depending on your location.

For example, one of the customers highlighted in New Zealand is Lee Timutimu, founder of the guided walking app, Arataki. If you choose to learn how MYOB helped him, you can either watch his video testimonial or read a text version of his story.

He briefly explains his business and how MYOB benefits it. He then makes a point about the importance of passion to his business.

The video is quite understated and doesn’t come across as a sales video for MYOB. However, it clearly explains Arataki’s success and how MYOB helped give Timutimu total control over his cash flow.

3. shares a selection of videos from happy customers. In this example, various team members from Nissan explain how makes their work more efficient. It is a high-quality video focusing on how affects all the different stages of Nissan’s car assembly in Smyrna, Tennessee. Clips of the speakers intersperse with car assembly action and demonstrations of in use.  

Using multiple people within one Nissan plant works well for a product like, which aims to help organize teams and improve communication.
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4.4 out of 5 stars is a work operating system (Work OS) that powers team to run projects and workflows. This simple yet intuitive tool helps adjust to your business' shifting needs while enabling employees to collaborate.

4. Zoom

Although Zoom has been a popular communication tool for some time, it has come into its own since Covid changed the world we know. It is probably unsurprising, therefore, that it includes multiple video testimonial examples from high-profile clients. 

In this example, various senior executives from 20th Century Fox discuss how Zoom is now vital to the studio’s successful everyday activity. For instance, Kevin Graziadei, Director, Business Relationship Management, 20th Century Fox, talks about the clear benefits he sees from using Zoom within the organization – “tools that are easy to work with are great. Tools that are fun to work with are a lot more rare.” Jeff Dow, CIO, explains how he uses Zoom every day and couldn’t do his job without it. It provides a solution that allows people to effectively and seamlessly collaborate.

5. Codecademy

Codecademy frames its video testimonials as Learner Stories, which is an excellent description of the content. Each of them takes somebody who has a problem they were able to solve by learning to code, and the bulk of their video is about their story. Indeed, in Christine M’s example, it is more than two minutes into the video before she even mentions Codecademy. 

Yet, although support for Codecademy is very understated in these testimonials, it is clear that the thoughts are genuine. Learning to code changed Christine and the other testimonial makers’ lives, and they recognize Codecademy’s role in that change.

6. Yokel Local

Again, the testimonial videos for Yokel Local focus on how the company helps its clients meet their goals. In the above video, Mike explains how Yokel Local has helped him market his business, New Look Collision Center, ultimately leading to him being able to expand it. 

Mike aimed to open more locations in the Las Vegas Valley, employ more staff, and build a larger business. Yokel Local’s solution focused on restructuring New Look Collision Center’s website, ensuring the company showed accurately in the local search ecosystem. This resulted in growth in organic traffic. They then focused their attention on lead generation and conversion from the new incoming traffic. The result was a happy customer who told everybody about Yokel Local’s performance.

As with many of these testimonial video examples, Mike’s video was shot onsite at his business. Seeing New Look Collision Center in operation makes it clear that Mike isn’t just an actor regurgitating a scripted story. It is easy to see him doing what he does daily at work.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox shares a collection of videos exploring how its customers have managed to make practical use of the cloud storage platform. These are high-quality videos where users explain how Dropbox has benefited their business. 

Everybody knows Lonely Planet and being travel-focused gives many opportunities to increase the visual appeal of this testimonial video. They may not have any more critical use for Dropbox than anyone else, but they can certainly make it look more appealing purely because of the locations used in the video.

8. Google Ads

Google Ads has a section it calls Success Stories. One of the stories it features focuses on a startup, Princess Polly. 

Google has given each customer a page containing a mix of text and a video. The campaign’s goals, approach, and results are highlighted near the top of the page, and a quote from a company representative emphasizes the benefits of buying Google Ads.

Princess Polly’s video stresses the benefits the startup gained from purchasing paid ads. It isn’t just puff, however. Pretty Polly’s Head of Performance explains how she uses Google Ads to ensure the company’s ads are visible and improve their conversion opportunities. In addition, she explains Princess Polly’s strategy when using Google Ads.

9. Full Focus Personal Training (Lori Cucinotta)

Australian health and fitness consultant and mobile personal trainer Lori Cucinotta understands that even relatively small organizations can benefit from using video testimonials. As these videos are from people who train with Lori, she has probably filmed them herself during a training session. As a result, they lack some of the pizazz and high technical quality of some of the more professionally shot video testimonial examples in this post but look like genuine testimonials from the heart from Lori’s satisfied clients.

10. Direct Agents

Inga, the Director of Global Marketing at Belkin International, features in a testimonial video where she talks about working with Direct Agents. Direct Agents’ in-house creative studio, DCL, created the video. 

You can notice the professional production of this video by the variety of shots it uses in the 60-seconds video, including on-screen quotes at the appropriate place.

11. McDonald Real Estate Group

This video involves a young couple who worked with  Seattle Real Estate Agent and Broker Zach McDonald and his McDonald Real Estate Group to buy their home in Seattle. This is number 18 in a series of Seattle Real Estate Agent client testimonials, so these clearly work for the real estate company.

It is simple, with the couple at home discussing why they liked working with Zach (who is obviously present judging by the dialogue). The video (which is professionally produced by Freestyle Production) switches between two camera angles to keep viewers’ interest. 

12. Celtra

Celtra helps brands and agencies transform digital advertising workflow and collaboration, supercharge production teams, and deliver performance branding at scale, making it very much a B2B company. It is Unilever’s global partner for Creative Automation. 

This video testimonial shows how Celtra’s Creative Management Platform helps Unilever manage the complexities of digital ad production and master great creative. 

It features several managers within Unilever’s marketing team, including Sherlyn Loh, Global Brand Manager, Pond’s, and explains how Celtra helped the multinational improve its marketing effectiveness.

13. Yum Yum Videos

Specialist video companies have created many of the testimonial videos highlighted in this post. However, in this case, a video production company shares a testimonial from one of its happy clients, Spigit.

Unsurprisingly, Yum Yum Videos created this customer testimonial, but that doesn’t make it any less genuine. In the video, Duncan Cheung (Spigit Director) discusses working with Yum Yum Videos, suggesting the benefits of including smart video content in your marketing campaigns.

14. ViTrox Corporation

At over five minutes long, this is a specialist and more in-depth testimonial video than most. However, it targets B2B companies after specialist smart manufacturing software-based solutions. If you aren’t in the industry, you probably aren’t interested in ViTrox Corporation’s V-ONE, but it may be perfect for those firms that need machine-to-machine processing.

15. Dove

Dove employed GENUINE: The Real People Company to make a video for its shower foam. This is technically an advertising video for Dove, but it also doubles up as a testimonial video. GENUINE makes a point of finding real people, non-actors, to be in ad campaigns for big brands. In this case, Molly Burke is a sight-impaired artist who tried out and liked Dove’s shower foam as a body wash. 

16. Motorola Solutions

While we have mainly looked at customer testimonial videos in this post, many brands also share employee testimonial videos. For example, Motorola did this to show what makes Motorola Solutions a great workplace.

This video features employees and the company’s CEO highlighting what sets Motorola Solutions apart as a place with a happy and satisfied workforce. 

17. AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation sees the benefit of sharing customer testimonial videos, as they have quite a selection on YouTube. This one highlights a single mother, Christine, who worked with AmeriSave to refinance the mortgage on her New Orleans home. She claims that by doing so, she saved hundreds of dollars a month which allowed her to pay off debt.

18. Amazon Web Services

Millions of customers use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their cloud computing needs to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. So, Autodesk built a data-centric security platform that collects, centralizes, processes, and responds to configuration changes in nearly real-time by leveraging AWS services.

This is a B2B testimonial video where Anmol Misra, Senior Director of Infrastructure Security at Autodesk, discusses the ease with which the company could work with AWS to build its security platform. 

19. Limeade

This video combines testimonials from a selection of customers, focusing on what Limeade has done for them. Limeade is an employee experience software company that helps build great places to work. The Limeade platform unifies employee well-being, engagement, and inclusion solutions with high-quality communications capabilities.

Limeade has edited this to be longer than most customer videos but uses a selection of Limeade clients to add variety and to demonstrate a range of use cases for the Limeade platform.

20. EcomGraduates

This is an example of how you don’t need to be a large company using professionally made videos from name customers to benefit from sharing testimonial videos. EcomGraduates designs and develops high-performance eCommerce websites for businesses, many of whom are relatively small. The developers include a collection of self-shot testimonial videos on their site from happy customers. 

In this case, George, the founder of Strips, gives a shout out to EcomGraduates. The video doesn’t tell us much about George (or Strips), but he comes across as enthusiastic and grateful for the work EcomGraduates did on his online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you say in a video testimonial?

In a video testimonial, focus on the “why.” Visitors can look up the statistics on your website. Instead, a video testimonial should focus on pain points, problems, and how your product or service helped solve these problems. You need to connect with people and how your product can solve real issues.

What are examples of testimonials?

These are some of the best and most popular client testimonial examples:

  • Quote testimonial
  • Social media testimonial
  • Video Testimonials
  • Audio Testimonials
  • Image Testimonials
  • Case Studies Testimonials
  • Interviews Testimonials
  • Peer Reviews

How do you make a video testimony?

To make a high-quality video testimonial that will convert, you need to follow these tips: 

  • Pick one of your most successful customers
  • Make your customer comfortable
  • Create a scene or show them in action
  • Use multiple viewpoints
  • Show the product in use

How do you write a testimonial example?

To write a testimonial, you need to first determine what story you want to tell. Make sure to ask and address specific questions. Keep it short and conversational. Use names and pictures if possible.

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