Top 21 Yoga Influencers on YouTube to Inspire Your At-Home Practice

Yoga is a huge trend these days, so much so that online yoga classes on YouTube have become very popular. People are loving self-paced yoga classes for the freedom, convenience, and affordability that they offer.

If you’re a yogi with zen, think about becoming a yoga influencer on YouTube. If you gain decent viewership and engagement, brands may approach you for collaborations. You can earn anything from a few hundred dollars to free products and brand event passes.  You can kickstart a lucrative career, just like the top 21 YouTube yoga influencers on our list. 

Yoga influencers not only build their brands but can also lend their names to build fitness and wellness brands. Collaborating with the right influencers can earn your brand new followers, sales, industry authority, and customer trust. If you need a lineup of the best yoga influencers on YouTube, this post is for you.

Top 21 Yoga Influencers on YouTube:

Who Are the 21 Best Yoga Influencers on YouTube?

With a year-on-year (YOY) growth rate of 4.9%, the YouTube user base is expected to reach 1.86 billion by 2021. That’s a huge opportunity to build your fitness brand or personal brand: a fact that top yoga influencers understand.  

1. Adriene Mishler – Yoga With Adriene

If you look up “yoga” on YouTube, Adriene Mishler will most likely be on the top of the search results. And we can see why. Her large community of followers and her content speaks for itself. 

Adriene’s channel offers yoga videos for novices and experts. She also has modules for weight loss and mental peace. One look at her excellent playlist and you’ll know why she has 7 million+ followers.


2. Liv Townsend - LivinLeggings

Liv is thorough in her teaching and as a result attracts real yoga fans. Her weekly YouTube "lives" are a hit with the intermediate yoga community and her daily in depth Instagram posts have seen her pick up a following of yoga fans and teachers alike. Although her main following resides on Instagram, her YouTube channel is the place where her insta followers can experience all of the short form content they’ve seen in lesson form.


3. Juliana Semenova & Mark Spicoluk – Boho Beautiful

This husband-wife duo is a yoga sensation on YouTube. If you want to take a cue on how to create a successful YouTube channel, they can be your inspiration.

“A Yoga Wanderlust Channel” is their tagline and rightfully so. These travel-crazy YouTubers conduct yoga sessions in picturesque locations. Their zest for life is infectious!

Apart from guided meditation and regular yoga, their channel shares vegan meal recipes and pilates tips. Holistic living is what they practice and preach.


4. Corrina Rachel – PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth is one of the oldest YouTube channels on our list. Corrina Rachel has made her channel a one-stop destination for wellness, psychology, and fitness. From barre workouts to pre-natal yoga, PsycheTruth has a diverse feed.

The channel is a forum for medical practitioners and yoga gurus to share informational videos and motivational tips. 

Budding influencers can learn a thing or two about how to promote their YouTube channel effectively from this influencer.


5. Kino MacGregor – KinoYoga

Kino MacGregor’s 20 years of experience shines through in her content. She has an uncanny ability to break down complicated yoga poses into easy-to-do steps. Her tutorials can be a learning experience, even if you’re a seasoned yogi.

Her targeted sessions let you tackle headstands and backbends with finesse. Apart from the regular fare, KinoYoga has a yoga talk show that is wildly popular.  


6. Sarah Beth – SarahBethYoga

If you’re hard-pressed for time, Sarah Beth’s 5-minute sessions can be a boon for you. For those who have more bandwidth, Sarah offers full-length videos of 90 minutes. 

Her guided sessions range from rigorous workouts to meditation exercises. She even has an app with 400+ videos to guide subscribers through her 30-day course. It also has a yoga calendar, member-only content, and community support.


7. Esther Ekhart – Ekhart Yoga

Esther Ekhart and her team of instructors have created a channel that you would be proud to partner with or follow. Creating 3,500 guided classes with 40+ instructors is a feat that not all YouTubers can hope to achieve.

Esther’s team is adept at all leading forms of yoga, such as Hatha and Ashtanga. Her videos cater to all levels and styles of yoga.  


8. Tim Senesi – Yoga With Tim

For an influencer who joined YouTube in 2018, Tim Senesi has garnered an impressive follower count and viewership. His weekly videos on total body workout and 30-day challenges are a big hit among young YouTubers.

Tim is unique in the sense that he uses professional models to demonstrate complex yoga poses and moves, instead of doing them himself. He is also one of the few male yoga influencers on YouTube.


9. Brett Larkin – BrettLarkinYoga

Brett Larkin’s channel focusses on yoga and philosophy. Every Monday, Brett posts videos on yoga, and every Friday, on philosophy. Her yoga playlist is dominated by Vinyasa flow yoga which is trending these days.

Whether you are looking for a 15-minute quickie or a yoga marathon, Brett Larkin’s channel is the place to be. She also conducts online teaching sessions for yogis at her website.


10. Tara Stiles – TaraStilesYoga

Tara Stiles’ videos target both mental and physical well being. Couch yoga, deep breathing, and yoga to “chill out” all help you restore mental peace and rejuvenate yourself.  

Tara, who was named “Yoga Rebel” by The New York Times, stands out for her unconventional approach to fitness. Tara has many other accolades under her belt. Vanity Fair crowned her the “Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever,” and Vogue and Elle have featured her in their magazines.


11.  Jessamyn Stanley – theunderbellyyoga

Breaking the stereotype of fitness influencers, Jessamyn Stanley is curvy and proud of it. Her videos are an inspiration for plus-sized yoga lovers. She has even authored a book called Every Body Yoga.

Don’t let Jessamyn’s modest follower count fool you. She is a cult favourite and can be a great brand ambassador for brands targeting larger-sized people. Her channel is replete with videos about makeup, feel-good tips, and healthy recipes.


12. Briohny Smith – Yoga With Briohny

Briohny’s story is inspiring, to say the least. She struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem in her younger days. Yoga helped her heal and gave her life a positive direction. She started her YouTube channel which is super-successful among yoga aficionados.

So, if you’re looking for an influencer who is also a great role model, Briohny should be your pick.


13. Faith Hunter – Get Spiritually Fly

Faith Hunter is a New York-based yoga guru. On her channel, you will find a mix of yoga tutorials, inspirational talks, and generic lifestyle tips. She also likes to share her beauty and makeup secrets with her followers.

With a dash of Louisiana charm, this southern belle can boost your brand’s visibility in ethnic circles.


14. Ali Kamenova – Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga

Another A-list yoga influencer is LA-based Ali Kamenova. She posts studio-style yoga videos that combine power and freestyle yoga. Her signature style is interval yoga that aims to build your core strength.

If you’re looking for a dynamic influencer with the right blend of modern and traditional approaches to yoga, Ali is ideal for you.


15. Candace – YogaByCandace

Candace is an internationally-acclaimed yoga instructor and author of Namaslay®, a book on spiritual yoga. She even writes a lifestyle blog called YOGABYCANDACE. Her videos range from 15 to 60 minutes and are simple to follow.

Candace also organizes yoga workshops and retreats. This is one influencer who can get you broad exposure and increased sales. 


16. Lesley Fightmaster – Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster’s channel has an expansive library of yoga sequences, from simple to complex. You will see videos demonstrating poses that bring relief to specific problem areas like hip joint, cervical spine, and lower back. 

At the same time, you can also do a complete body workout using Leslie’s Fix 90, a custom program to get you into the groove.


17. Sadie Nardini – Sadie Nardini

Sadie wears many hats. She is the lead singer of the heavy metal band, Sadie & The Tribe. She is also the creator of The Yoga Shred™, which is a blend of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and regular yoga.

Sadie’s videos are short, crisp, and engaging. You will also get to hear some of her great music and motivational tips.


18. Sean Vigue – SeanVigueFitness

Another male yoga influencer, Sean Vigue, serves a delectable fare of boot camps, power yoga, and pilates on his channel. The Huffington Post featured him among the "Top Online Workout Instructors" of 2019.

Sean also has a mobile app so that you can keep fit on the move.


19. Patrick Beach and Carling – Kinetic Vigilantes

The next influencer duo on our lineup is Kinetic Vigilantes. Patrick and his girlfriend Carling also create beautiful vlogs covering their family vacations. The couple makes 10-minute videos for people looking for a quick fix, as well as long-form videos for leisurely sessions.

If you want a wholesome influencer who balances love, life, fitness, and food, Kinetic Vigilantes can do the job for you.


20. Jamie – Cosmic Kids Yoga

As the name suggests, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a channel for kids who want to build their concentration and attentivity. The huge view and subscriber counts show that there are many takers for this genre of yoga.

Their videos teach children mindful relaxation in a fun way. From Frozen to Star Wars, you’ll find yoga videos on many popular themes. If your target audience is kids in the three years+ age bracket, Cosmic Kids Yoga is the right influencer for you.


21. Lesley Fightmaster – Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster’s motto is "It's not about the pose.” She believes that you don’t have to be perfect to feel perfect. Her videos are great for beginners who want mental and physical well being through yoga. 

Her channel also boasts 30-day challenges to build flexibility and fight back pain and obesity. The sheer variety of videos in Leslie’s playlist is enough to convince you that she is the master of her craft. 




The fitness and wellness industries are booming. Yoga influencers can help you stride ahead of competitors. But only the influencers with the right relevance, engagement, and reach can get you the required exposure. Start by researching the influencers in this article. It will save you time and effort.

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