10 of the Best AI Content Curation Tools to Keep You Relevant in 2024

While all the content that you create should be completely unique (or to put it more bluntly not plagiarized), it doesn’t mean that your brand necessarily only needs to share content that it created. Creating content, whether it’s blog articles, videos, or even social media content for that matter, takes time.

To help establish your brand as a leading voice and give your marketing team a break, it’s a good idea to make content curation a part of your strategy. However, instead of adding this new task to your marketing department’s list of responsibilities, entrust it to AI.

Here are 10 great tools that can automate much of the process and give your marketing team that breather. After all, that’s one of the main reasons why you want to share content from third-party sources, right?

10 of the Best AI Content Curation Tools to Keep You Relevant in 2024:

10 of the Best AI Content Curation Tools

1. Quuu

 AI Content Curation Tool Quuu

Founded in 2015, Quuu has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. What makes their rise to fame even more noteworthy is that the company has mainly grown itself by using its own powerful tool.

They’ve affectionately dubbed their AI curation tool Robin. It’s Robin’s job to find video clips, blog posts, and podcast episodes that you’ll find relevant. What’s more, it integrates with a number of leading social media marketing tools. This means that not only will it make light work of finding relevant content to share, but also with the actual sharing process.

All the content that you share can lead back to your own content with custom calls to action. Then, to work out just how effective this strategy has been, you can track conversions and clicks conveniently in one place. You can also use A/B testing to build upon these results.

Key features include:

  • Link management
  • Analytics
  • Link shortening
  • Customized calls to action
  • Integrations with Buffer, HubSpot, Hootsuite, and SocialBee

Plans and pricing: Quuu offers a free plan that shares up to six daily suggestions. For the ability to connect more profiles and receive more than six suggestions per day, pricing starts at $29 per month (or $5 per month when paid annually).

2. Scoop.it

Scoop.it - Content Curation Tool

Scoop.it offers content curation solutions aimed at individuals as well as businesses. Founded more than a decade ago, the team is driven by the belief that software and technology can make content publishing more efficient. To date, they’ve helped millions of users to publish countless content pieces helping them to attract even more readers.

They’ve used their years of experience to create a unique methodology — lean content marketing. This methodology is more than just best practices, but also serves as a framework for their product roadmap.

They’ve also created a content intelligence solution. With the help of AI, their platform analyzes millions of content sources to help them understand the underlying topics better.

Whether you want to use it for your business website, personal blog, or social media accounts, Scoop.it can help. For example, if you’ll be using it for social media purposes, it makes it easy to schedule content to be shared across all your social platforms.

All in all, it’s also a great solution if you regularly send email newsletters to your list. To help with email newsletter marketing, Scoop.it includes an intuitive, drag-and-drop feature, integration with Mailchimp, and templates to help you create newsletters.

Key features include:

  • Branding with custom templates
  • Content calendar and scheduling
  • Newsletter creation
  • Analytics

Plans and pricing: Scoop.it offers a free plan and two paid options. After a free seven-day trial, pricing starts at $18 per month (or $15 per month when paid yearly).

3. Anders Pink

Anders Pink AI-powered tool

Anders Pink is driven by their belief that there should be a smarter way to get people smarter (aka learn continuously). Curating content manually isn’t feasible, though. Their alternative is to use powerful algorithms and teams together to ensure a steady stream of integrated, fresh content.

They offer a suite of curation solutions that include complete curation and web curation. It’s also pretty simple to use. First, they’ll figure out how automated curation will serve your needs best. After this analysis, they’ll plug their curation tool into your platform and then they’ll work with you to launch it successfully.

It tracks nearly 40,000 topics and serves more than 1 million users, including leading global organizations such as Hitachi, Scania, and Spotify. For example, Scania has partnered with Anders Pink to help with their digital transformation and offer support for reskilling and continuous learning.

Key features include:

  • Ready-to-use plugins for popular platforms
  • Custom integration methods
  • Web curation

Plans and pricing: You’ll need to contact Anders Pink directly for pricing details.

4. Curata

Content Curation - Curata

Founded in 2010, Curata believes that machine learning and natural language processing can help with making sense of the vast amount of content available online. It has helped thousands of customers across various industries, that include names like Cisco, to shape their content marketing. Not only have they attracted a substantial client base, but also a number of awards. For example, G2 has repeatedly recognized them as a leader in the content marketing software category.

Curata uses criteria like keywords and writers to search the web for relevant results. Plus, their proprietary learning engine will become smarter which means that you can look forward to better results too the more you use it.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly workflow
  • Customizable publishing rules and schedules
  • Marketing automation integrations
  • Email newsletters

Plans and pricing: For more information about Curata’s pricing, you need to reach out to the company directly.

5. Listly

Listly - Free Web Data

If you’re specifically searching for a tool to help you collect data like stats, you can check out Listly. It’s a no-code web scraping tool that can be used to collect reviews, monitor the news, and gather sports stats. Used by a number of leading brands that include names like Amazon, Philips, and the Alibaba Group, it can help marketers, retailers and many other non-tech professionals to save time.

Key services include:

  • API integration
  • Scheduler
  • Group extraction
  • Auto scroll

Plans and pricing: Listly offers a free plan, two paid options, and a few optional add-ons. After a free 14-day trial, pricing starts at $90 per month.

6. UpContent

UpContent AI-powered software

UpContent’s platform can help organizations with discovery, curation, and distribution of articles. Their tech will analyze millions of articles on a monthly basis. They do this by using various automated and manual sources, like their own discovery engine, a proprietary crawler, and machine learning algorithms.

A standout feature is the AI-powered Smart Sort Work. It was created to help users identify which articles will be the best for their brand to share by removing bias. Basically, the Smart Sort filter will rank the curated articles in your UpContent account using audience engagement as a key metric. It will look at how your target audience has responded in the past and filter the newly curated content accordingly. In other words, the articles that UpContent predicts will generate the most clicks will be listed first.

If you’re working as part of a bigger team, rest assured, they make collaboration easy. And, if you’re a one-person operation, UpContent integrates with numerous tools, such as Hootsuite, Mailchimp, and Buffer, to help you distribute and share your newly found content quickly with your followers.

A standout trait is that they make customer support a priority. Not only to help their users, but they also use these conversations to assess which areas cause issues and introduce new features to address these sources of friction regularly.

Key features include:

  • Approval workflows
  • Automated rules
  • Custom calls to action
  • Custom article image and summary

Plans and pricing: UpContent offers a free plan and a number of paid options. After a free 14-day trial, pricing starts at $15 per month when billed monthly.

7. rasa.io

 rasa.io AI Content Curation Tool

If you specifically need help with email newsletters and searching for an alternative to Scoop.it, you can try out rasa.io. It combines AI automation tools with hand curation to help you save human resources. Armed with this tech, you can aggregate content from various sources, including your website and social media channels. The next step is to select how often your newsletter should get sent out. The result — personalized email newsletters delivered to your subscribers at the right time.

And, by personalized, we mean extremely personalized. Their software lets you send a custom curated selection of articles to every single individual subscriber. Or, as they like to put it, it’s basically like segmenting your emails to a group of one.

The caveat, though, is that it takes some time. For this to work, your subscribers first need to start interacting with your newsletter. Once this happens, the AI system will use the articles that they click on as a type of baseline to determine which topics they find more interesting. So, the level of personalization will get better over time.

That being said, you’re still in total control. For example, if there’s a specific blog post - perhaps one from your own blog - that you would like to include, you can use the featured content functionality to do just that.

Key features include:

  • Source recommendations
  • Source filtering
  • Source weighting
  • Newsletter templates
  • Several integrations

Plans and pricing: After a free 14-day trial, pricing starts at $29 per month.

8. Feedly

Feedly AI curation tool

According to Feedly’s LinkedIn page, their goal is to connect their users to the knowledge they need to improve what they do without overwhelming them. To reduce the clutter, it organizes all your most trusted sources in one place.

You can then train Feedly AI to reduce the noise further. You can do this by, for example, asking the AI to prioritize your feeds according to the trends, topics, and events that are the most important to you. You can also use it to summarize articles or remove repetitive news.

After you’ve curated and prioritized the info that matters to you, you can also use Feedly to share it with other members of your team. Plus, to help you stay up to speed with what others in your industry are doing, you can check out the Business Event AI Models. From changes in leadership to partnership announcements to product launches, it makes it easy to monitor all the most important activities happening in your industry.

Key features include:

  • Mute filters
  • Summarization
  • Notes and highlights

Plans and pricing: Feedly offers two paid options and enterprise pricing. Pricing starts at only $6 per month when billed annually.

9. Paper.li

Paper.li personal marketing assistant

Paper.li describes themselves as your personal marketing assistant. They’ll help you to gather your daily content that you can use for your own reading pleasure and to include in your content marketing strategy. With the help of AI and the latest tech, they can deliver straight to your inbox the content that you want to read and need to share.

In addition to helping with content curation, Paper.li can also help you with your social media marketing efforts. You can connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and create a custom social publishing schedule. If you set it up to be fully automated, Paper.li will then share all the top articles on the accounts that you’ve connected.

Key features include:

Daily content suggestions
A social publishing scheduler to help with social posts
A newsletter creator
Personalized calls to action and banners

Plans and pricing: After a free five-day trial (no credit card required), pricing is about $13 per month.

10. Flipboard

Flipboard magazine-style aggregation tool

Flipboard is a magazine-style aggregation tool or, simply put, your social magazine (with emphasis on your). It’s a place where you can find all the stories that matter to you and a cure for doomscrolling.

It uses AI to categorize the videos and articles that it combines for you in its primary “For You” feed and the other subfeeds dedicated to specific topics. That being said, you still have a lot of control over your feeds and you can easily delete topics (just go to the settings icon to view the list of all the topics you’re following). From tech trends to travel inspo, they’ve partnerships with the biggest publishers around the globe to help create a curated experience for all its millions of users.

Plans and pricing: Flipboard is free to use.

The Benefits of AI Content Curation

In addition to the hours that you can save, content curation can also help you with networking. Who knows, an influencer or brand might just take notice of you which can turn into a mutually beneficial partnership.

If these two benefits don’t interest you, here’s something that might speak to your heart. It creates a valuable inbound link for someone else. Sure, they’re under no obligation to return the favor. However, know that you’ve just helped another business with their link building efforts. Kudos to you.

The Future of AI in Content Curation

Whether you need help with your content strategy or content optimization, AI can help you with various content-related tasks. Just like content creators have played a huge role in growing the creator economy, so too will AI.
That being said, there will always be a need for a human element. What AI does is that it makes it easier for content creators, brands, and marketing teams to find and create better content. In short, it’s more of finding the right content curation software solutions to help you with your work, instead of finding AI-powered content creation tools to replace your content marketing team.

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