12 Amazon Seller Conferences in 2023 That Promise to Be Sellout Events

Amazon is only getting bigger. The most recent Amazon stats show that there are more than 1.9 million active sellers and, even more impressive, 300 million active customers from over 180 countries on the platform, forming a very diverse audience to which your brand can cater. Small and midsize business (SMB) and third-party sellers are enjoying healthy growth too. In Q2 of 2022, third-party sellers generated nearly 60% of the total units sold.

If you’re an Amazon seller, naturally, you would want to improve your store’s performance. Amazon is a trusted platform, but stiff competition among Amazon sellers comes with its popularity. The millions of businesses joining the marketplace each year mean you have to stand out in search results, customer reviews, and ads if you want more sales.

To help you expand your marketing skills and, ultimately, your Amazon business venture, here are 12 exciting Amazon seller conferences that you can join in 2023.

12 Amazon Seller Conferences in 2023 That Promise to Be Sellout Events:

Are Amazon Seller Conferences Worth It?

Due to the pandemic, Amazon seller conferences have previously been limited to online events. But for 2023, most events will return to in-person attendance. In-person sessions can help re-establish a much more effective networking potential. With relevant get-togethers and discussions, Amazon sellers can learn new strategies from each other.

Here are several advantages of joining Amazon seller conferences:


These live conferences enable newbie sellers to interact with fellow businesspeople. It could help one get a closer insight into what type of products are marketed on the platform, what SEO strategy worked for a particular seller, and what possible collaborations sellers could embark on. 

There's so much to learn from different service providers who share their Amazon advertising experience — opportunities that you would never have otherwise had if you stayed in your bubble.

Marketing Insights

Amazon seller conferences are chock-full of knowledge about growing your business on the platform. Tickets are usually quite pricey, but that's because attendees can gather the latest data on algorithm updates, effective audience targeting, product description copy, and more.  

Amazon seller conferences invite the best in the business. Attendees can get a lot of takeaways from each session, especially if you have one particular area of Amazon marketing you want to improve.

Potential Service Providers 

Amazon is fast-evolving, which means what worked in previous years may no longer be the best marketing strategy now or in the next few years. Amazon seller conferences are the best venues for scrutinizing potential service providers to see which one fits your business and budget. 

For instance, you can inquire about different service packages to get on top of your product photos and video content. Or, if you’re ready to accommodate foreign currency, you can hire specialists to help your store make that leap.

Best Amazon Seller Conferences for 2023

Whether you want to attend an in-person event or choose to stick to virtual, or hybrid conferences, there are a multitude of Amazon seller conferences to consider. Here’s a rundown of the best upcoming events in 2023.

1. E-COM in Miami

E-COM in Miami networking hub

When:  January 17-18, 2023

Where: Miami, Florida

E-COM events is launching an in-person conference in Miami, Florida, where Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other eCommerce sellers will learn updates on marketing and sales processes. The event focuses on the latest tactics to advertise different types of businesses, the latest rules of selling on these platforms, and strategic growth plans for SMBs.

The conference is an opportunity for both seasoned and newer sellers to glean immediate solutions from the experts. Keynote presentations on the agenda include: 

  • Amazon advertising using smart automation
  • How to turbocharge your growth 
  • Operational excellence on Amazon 
  • Amazon PPC
  • Amazon conversion rate secrets

There will be parties, meet and greet with speakers, and giveaways. Attendees can make the most of the event by networking and discussing their experiences with each other.

2. ProductCon

ProductCon global product management conference

When: January 31, 2023

Where:  London

Organized by the Product School, ProductCon is the biggest global product management conference. Each year, four conferences are held that attract thousands of in-person attendees and online viewers from across the world that come together to discuss trending topics about product management. 

Keynote speakers for London’s event include leaders from Mastercard, Google, and Booking.com. On the agenda are sessions about:

  • The future of product management
  • Creating data-driven products with a human touch
  • Building AI products
  • Product leadership in an uncertain economy

3. Online Seller Cruise

Online Seller Cruise event

When: February 5-12, 2023 

Where: Departs from Port of Miami

For something completely different, there’s the Online Seller Cruise. The event is described as a carnival celebration where you can learn, connect, and relax. Attendees (or rather cruisers) will find out more about the tools that they need for different stages of growth. 

The host of the cruise is Carlos Alvarez, a private label brand expert. He boasts over 15 years of online selling experience and has also founded the biggest Amazon sellers meetup group in the world. 

Speakers who are on board for 2023’s event include:

  • Jamie Davidson, a veteran Amazon seller
  • Lokesh Parashar, an India import market expert
  • Norman Farrar, a serial entrepreneur
  • Ashlin Hadden, Amazon insurance expert

4. EvoLatam Expo

EvoLatam Expo multi-category trade show

When: February 15-16, 2023 

Where: Monterrey, Mexico

This multi-category trade show has been created to connect global buyers with manufacturers in Latin America. It’s much more than simply a trade show, though. There will also be networking opportunities and two educational tracks that will explore topics about eCommerce, the supply chain (and how it specifically works in Latin America), and types of products to source. 

The lineup of featured speakers include:

  • Adriana Rangel, podcast host and Helium 10’s brand evangelist
  • Chelsea Cohen, co-founder of SoStocked, an Amazon inventory management software
  • Gracey Ryback, an award-winning Amazon Live creator and influencer marketing expert
  • Norman Farrar, a serial entrepreneur
  • Paul Baron, a million-dollar Amazon seller and eCommerce brand owner

5. Prosper Show

Prosper Show is a major networking hub

When: March 13-15, 2023

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Prosper Show is a major networking hub and educational authority designed for Amazon sellers. It’s a yearly event that businesses and service providers flock to for knowledge-building and networking opportunities. The show has a reputation for filtering out distractions and noise in the Amazon marketplace.

The event showcases keynote presentations and panel discussions with former Amazon insiders, marketing experts, and the platform's most experienced sellers who can provide the latest innovations on tactics. There’s also ample opportunity for Amazon sellers and suppliers to exhibit their work during the event.

6. White Label World Expo

White Label World Expo event

When: May 3-4, 2023

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

The White Label World Expo will teach you how to sell online, source products, and become an online entrepreneur. Hundreds of speakers and suppliers will help thousands of attendees to improve their product line so that they can become a leading brand in their niche. 

Included in the show’s lineup is an Amazon Pro Seller Summit that will serve as a platform for experts to share tips on how to grow substantially and optimize product details. Sessions will take a closer look at:

  • Amazon Ads
  • Creating a private skincare label
  • Amazon PPC
  • Amazon fees

7. Seller Sessions Live 

Seller Sessions Live seller sessions podcast

When: May 6, 2023

Where: London, UK

Seller Sessions Live is an event that will condense world-class content from leading Amazon sellers and trendsetters. The conference takes a direct approach to knowledge sharing, bringing a day full of tried-and-tested marketing strategies that can work for selling on and off the Amazon platform.

This event is designed to be an interactive learning experience. With tiered seating and an intimate setup, attendees have a comfortable workspace that optimizes learning while listening to each keynote presentation. The event will have workshops as well, to make the sessions more engaging and let attendees work with each other when processing information.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, speakers at previous years’ events included:

  • Zack Franklin, a consultant for Chinese Amazon sellers
  • Paul Harvey, an experienced Amazon seller and recognized Amazon consultant
  • Dr. Ellis Whitehead, a data scientist and algorithm expert
  • Tomer Rabinovich, founder of Top Dog Global, a hub for advanced Amazon sellers
  • Sophie Down, a senior account manager at a leading Amazon agency

8. 2023 Sellers Summit

2023 Sellers Summit ultimate learning conference

When: May 23-25, 2023

Where: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

The 2023 Sellers Summit promises to be a wonderful learning opportunity for eCommerce brands and Amazon sellers wanting to uncover the latest growth strategies. In fact, instead of using the term “conference”, the organizers prefer to describe it as “an intense three-day eCommerce workshop”. 

During this conference/workshop, experts will teach attendees how to:

  • Import goods from Asia
  • Improve Amazon sales
  • Build a high-converting website
  • Create email funnels 
  • Implement effective marketing campaigns
  • Boost Amazon rankings
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Build a brand that will stand the test of time

What sets this event apart from many others on the calendar is that ticket sales are limited to only about 200. So, if you prefer a more intimate learning experience, this one's for you. What’s more, in addition to teaching you how to leverage Amazon, it will also help you to create your own brand so that you remain competitive.

9. European Seller Conference

European Seller Conference with influential amazon speakers

When: June 8-9, 2023

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

The European Seller Conference is a two-day event organized by Orange Klik, where select Amazon experts share the latest innovations and updates in Amazon marketing. The event expects thousands of attendees, that include consultants, employees, sellers, and service providers, who are interested in first-hand info about Amazon practices. From trends and technologies to best practices, attendees will have a chance to gather insights from insiders and sellers who have successfully grown their businesses. Aside from the keynote presentations, there will be private workshops where small group discussions among Amazon sellers facilitate both sharing of experiences and networking.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, speakers at the previous event included:

  • Danny McMillan, host of Seller Sessions — the biggest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers
  • Franz Jordan, founder and CEO of Sellics
  • Bernhard Rauscher, brand builder

10. Retail Innovation Conference

Retail Innovation Conference

When: June 13-15, 2023c

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Organizing conferences for nearly ten years, the Retail Innovation Conference has become a sought-after event for senior management to share updates and explore future paths in eCommerce. It provides a leadership programming setup where experts can discuss the most pressing issues with attendees. There are panel discussions, case studies on the latest digital investment and implementation, and one-on-one mentoring sessions along with networking parties. There’s also an expo floor that can guide your omnichannel experience.

Topics for 2023’s event include:

  • New trends and technology that shape culture imperatives
  • Store experience innovation
  • Using contextual experiences and media moments to unlock personalization
  • Balancing efficiency, speed, and sustainability
  • Employee loyalty
  • Immersive and shoppable spaces across channels

11. AMA Fest UK 2023

AMA Fest UK 2023 amazon sellers conference

When: October 6, 2023

Where: Brighton, UK

The AMA Fest UK is aimed at anyone who’s thinking about becoming an Amazon seller or already trading on Amazon. It promises to be a great networking event where Amazon sellers and industry experts can mingle. There will also be top speakers who will take a closer look at the leading trends in the industry to help aspiring sellers grow their Amazon businesses. 

Speakers confirmed for 2023’s event include: 

  • Kate Bell, CEO of Zip Us In
  • Mark Wang, data strategist
  • Asha Bhalsod, founder of Etopia Consultancy, a boutique Amazon strategy consultancy

12. Amazon PPC Congress

Amazon PPC Congress - Conference Focused on Amazon

When: Early 2023

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amazon PPC Congress is a unique event that focuses on Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) tools and strategies. Orange Klik is the organizer for the event, the same company hosting the European Seller Conference.

Amazon PPC Congress will showcase expert presentations on which latest ad strategies provide the highest returns. Special presentations are designed specifically for PPC agencies and consultants.

The congress also has exciting networking formats, like a speed dating event between PPC service providers and Amazon sellers, and live expert panel Q&A sessions. The goal is for both Amazon sellers and PPC companies to have meaningful collaboration, build their knowledge base, and create more efficient ad spending plans regardless of the type of store the seller has on Amazon.

Amazon Seller Conferences: Final Thoughts

Conferences are the most accessible avenues to connect with legitimate service providers who are actively seeking clients. Organizers are thankfully pushing in-person conferences now, after the virtual events that have dominated the past few years. While live events require attendees to invest time and money, these Amazon seller conferences are among the best ways to hone in on what can grow your Amazon store. Most networking moments that will be fruitful for your business can only happen in face-to-face interactions. Moreover, there are countless opportunities to discuss your experiences and pose your nagging questions directly to true experts.

Most sellers may no longer see the value in attending conferences, especially if they are doing relatively well on Amazon. But it's valuable for starters and established stores. Remember, Amazon is a fast-evolving marketplace that utilizes new technologies constantly. With millions of new stores registering monthly in the US alone, it's vital to keep learning and evolving your marketing and SEO strategy. You don't want to stagnate and be left out of how new algorithms and rules can impact your business. Indeed, conferences aren't exclusive to seven-figure sellers or to beginners. They’re meant to provide takeaways for every Amazon seller.

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