CapCut Statistics Breakdown & a Glimpse into Video Editing Trends

Just as TikTok stormed the world five years ago, its younger sibling CapCut seems to be doing so nowadays. Rest of World (who writes about technology usage in non-Western countries) even recognized CapCut in their Stat of the Day for 24 March 2023, acknowledging that the video editing app had reached 200 million monthly active users.

That got us thinking. CapCut may still be relatively new, but it’s beginning to clock up some seriously impressive statistics, particularly considering its relatively niche purpose. So, we thought we’d look at as many CapCut stats as we could find. There are surprisingly few public stats about CapCut currently, so we’ve topped this post off by highlighting the large number of options in the app, that make it the perfect short video editor on desktop and mobile.

24 CapCut Stats Worth Knowing in 2024

Key CapCut Statistics

1. ByteDance Bought CapCut Creator for an Alleged $300 Million in 2018

Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology created a short video editing app called the Viamaker. In 2018 ByteDance saw the software’s potential and bought it for a reported $300 million. ByteDance initially used it to replace their internally developed video editing app, Jianying, in China (continuing to use the Jianying name in their home market) but released it as the Viamaker in some overseas markets.

2. CapCut Video Editor Launched in April 2020 Worldwide

In December 2020, ByteDance rebranded the app as CapCut, releasing it globally (excluding some markets like India that don’t permit its use). It has expanded in popularity ever since (Distractify).

3. CapCut #12 in Apple’s App Store

In mid-October 2023, CapCut was the 12th most popular free download in Apple’s App Store, and #19 in Google Play (the Android store). While it is past its initial burst of success, it is still performing well for ByteDance.

CapCut ranked #1 in the US Apple App Store in mid-2021 and had ranked as high as #5 as recently as August 2023. At that stage, CapCut showed a year-over-year increase of 230 percent in downloads compared to 2020.

4. CapCut Third Most Downloaded App in the US 

Statista reports that In March 2023, the online marketplace app Temu was the most downloaded Chinese app in the United States, with 10 million downloads across the iOS App Store and Google Play Store combined. TikTok came in second with 7.4 million downloads, followed closely by CapCut with 6.7 million.

Top Downloaded Apps US

Statista also reports that in June 2023 search engine Google was the most downloaded app for iPhone in the Apple App Store worldwide, however, CapCut was the second-most popular app with approximately 6.16 million downloads from global users in that month.

5. CapCut Has Been Most Popular in the US, Indonesia, and Vietnam

According to SensorTower data, CapCut’s top countries (for Apple downloads at least) are the US, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Presumably, these are the countries where it holds its highest download positions on average.

6. “CapCut” 11th Most Popular Search Term in the App Store by Mobile Users in France

Between January 2022 and the end of June 2023, the keywords "Instagram" and "Snapchat" were the most searched in the Apple App Store among mobile iOS users in France. Most of the top terms were the various social networks, although “Tinder” came 5th, “Clash Royale”, 8th, and “Netflix”, 9th. “CapCut” was the 11th most popular search term.

7. CapCut Most Downloaded Video Player App in German Google Play Store in February 2022

In February 2022, CapCut was the leading mobile video player app in the Google Play Store in Germany. It generated roughly 233 thousand downloads. Another video editing app, YouCut, ranked second with approximately 95 thousand downloads across the country.

8. 200 Million Monthly Active Users

Shanghai-based data tracker, Diandian, reported in March 2023 that CapCut had reached 200 million monthly active users. As we mentioned above, Rest of World considered this newsworthy enough for it to become their Stat of the Day.

9. CapCut is ByteDance’s 4th Most Popular App

As of October 2023, ByteDance's flagship product TikTok had generated nearly $7.4 billion in global app revenue since its release in 2016. The Chinese company owns more than 40 apps and operates in 60 countries globally. The next most popular apps from ByteDance are Toutiao (China's most popular news and information app), Xigua Video (a video-sharing site), CapCut, and Unlike (a beauty camera and photo editor).

10. 4.7 Star Rating in Apple App Store

As of October 2023, Apple users gave CapCut a 4.7-star rating. Android users are less praiseworthy, giving CapCut a 4.4-star rating (from 7.57 million reviews). This is slightly better than the parent app TikTok, which averages 4.3 stars on Google Play.

11. CapCut has 13.6 Million Followers on TikTok

CapCut inevitably has an account on TikTok. As of October 2023, 13.6 million people follow that account (722nd overall). It has 31.2 million likes for its 242 uploads.

12. CapCut has 35.5 Thousand Subscribers on YouTube

Possibly in recognition of CapCut’s emphasis on creating short videos, the app’s social channel on YouTube is far less popular than its TikTok one, however. It only has 35,500 subscribers and 1,089,683 video views on YouTube.

However, views have been much higher on the channel over August-September 2023 than previously. For example, CapCut only had 17,634 views on its YouTube channel in July 2023. This jumped to 30,038 video views in August and 203,223 video views in September.

13. Nearly 5000 Billion Views of #CapCut Videos on TikTok

It’s a common practice for CapCut users to use the hashtag #CapCut when they share a video made with the video app on TikTok. So popular is the hashtag that videos using it have been viewed an incredible 4997.8 billion times on TikTok.

14. CapCut Targets People Aged 13 and Over

Although CapCut is extremely user-friendly and undoubtedly many Gen Alpha members use it, ByteDance emphasizes that they don’t target the app at pre-teens. According to CapCut’s Privacy Statement, “CapCut is not directed at children under the age of 13. The minimum age to use the Services may differ depending on the country or region you are in.”

15. 28 Editing Options (With New Options Regularly Being Added)

When you set up a new project in CapCut you begin by importing at least one video clip. At this point, you can start to use the magic of CapCut to transform the video to look how you want it.

new project CapCut

If you click on the Edit icon at the bottom of the screen, CapCut offers you a plethora of editing options to try out.

CapCut editing options

The above screenshot merely shows you the start of a long list of options. Currently, you have 28 ways you can edit your video (and that ignores changes to Audio, Text, Overlay, Effects, Templates, Ratio, Filters, Adjust, Stickers, and Canvas, all of which have top-level menu buttons).

The 28 editing options are: Split, Speed, Animation, Style, Delete, Camera tracking, Volume, Edit (the icon suggests this involves cropping), Auto Reframe, Cutout, Overlay, Basic, Filters, Adjust, Retouch, Photo Editing, Mask, Copy, Replace, Extract Audio, Motion Blur, Stabilize, Opacity, Reverse, Freeze, Voice Effects, Reduce Noise, and Beats.

CapCut's Rich Editing Toolbox

16. 5 Audio Options

If you click on the Audio button beneath a video clip, CapCut gives you five options: Sounds, Copyright, Effects, Extracted, and Record.

17. 7 Text Options

Clicking on the Text button at the bottom of a video clip gives you seven options. The first choice, AI Writer, is new and still currently in beta. Other text options include Add text, Stickers, Auto Captions, Text Template, Auto Lyrics, and Draw.

18. 3 Effects Options Categories

If you click on Effects you can choose between Video Effects, Body Effects, and Photo Effects. In turn, you can look for effects of various types. 

In each category, you can isolate Favorite and Trending effects. Some of the listed effects appear to be seasonal, and CapCut may change them at different times of the year.

In addition, you can discover and apply Video Effects in the following categories: Opening & Closing, Lens, Nightclub, Retro, Light Effect, Halloween, TV, Glitch, Scanning, Star, Distortion, Spark, Vlog, Love, Nature, Butterflies, Celebrate, D3D, Cartoon, Split, Texture, and Christmas.

You can discover and apply Body Effects in Clone, Hallucination, Stroke, Halloween, Role, Glowing Line, Superpowers, Funny Faces, Selfie, Mask, Background, Mood, Image, and Christmas.

Photo Effects (a new category) come in AI Painting, Particle, Expressions, Motion, Split, Portrait, Face Swap, and Scene Swap.

19. Thousands of Templates

We have no idea of the exact number of templates currently in CapCut, and there are undoubtedly new ones being added every day. However, there appear to be thousands of templates currently. You can access templates from the video editing menu, which splits templates into the following categories: Favorite, For You, For TikTok, Intro, Transition, Outro, Vlog, Friends, Fitness, Memes, Lyrics, and Celebrate.

20. 9 Ratios (in Addition to “Fit”)

As well as being able to set your video to “Fit” (presumably to your viewing device’s screen), you can set your video creations to be one of the following fixed screen ratios: 9:16 (the TikTok standard), 1:1 (traditional Instagram size), 16:9 (current wide-screen TV/YouTube ratio), 4:3 (old-style TV ratio), 3:4, 5.8”, 2:1, 2.35:1, and 1.85:1.

21. 11 Filters Categories

Clicking on the Filters sub-menu shows you multiple filters in the following 11 categories: Favorite, Featured, Portrait, Life, Mono, Movies, Retro, Night Scene, Scenery, Food, and Style.

In addition, there is a sub-menu you reach from the Filters section, where you can Remove Filters, and Reduce Image Noise.

22. 16 Changes You Can Make Under Adjust Sub-Menu

While the “Adjust” sub-menu has a somewhat unintuitive name, it allows you to adjust the look of your picture. In most cases, you make your changes on a slider from a level of -50 to +50 on a scale. Some of the options are more in-depth, however – surprisingly so for a mobile app you can use on your phone. In the case of color grading, however, you need to use CapCut Desktop to make your adjustments. 

Areas you can adjust include Auto adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, Sharpen, HSL, Graphs, Color Wheel (i.e., grading), Highlight, Shadow, Temp, Hue, Fade, Vignette, and Grain.

23. 31 Different Types of Stickers You Can Add to Your Videos

It wouldn’t be “social videos” if you couldn’t add stickers to your video creations. CapCut makes this easy, and currently includes multiple stickers across 31 categories. As CapCut depicts these with icons, rather than giving them names, we haven’t listed the categories here.

stickers types CapCut

24. 3 Ways to Modify Your Canvas

The final editing option you currently have in CapCut is to modify the Canvas of your video. You can modify this in three ways: Color, Background, and Blur.

Wrapping Things Up

CapCut may not be as robust as top-level video editing suites like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. But those platforms are overkill for making and editing short social videos for TikTok or Instagram Reels. And you can’t beat the price either – free. If you’re really serious about making these types of movies, you can upgrade to CapCut Pro which offers advanced features to maximize your creativity.

As we’ve seen in our list of CapCut stats, CapCut has become extremely popular in a relatively short time. Indeed, CapCut ranked #1 in the US Apple App Store for a while in 2021. That meant more people were downloading CapCut to their phones than were downloading TikTok itself for a few months. 

And when you count the number of editing options, alongside audio options, text options, effects options, and the other ways you can adjust your video creation, you can see that CapCut brings video to the masses. It’s not that long ago that video creation was restricted to companies with deep pockets and camcorder-owning enthusiasts (if you’re Gen Z or Alpha you may need to Google that term, things have changed so quickly over the last 20 years). Now anybody with a smartphone and internet access (i.e., most teenagers and older) can produce interesting, attractive, and captivating short videos that they can edit in CapCut and then share on their social channels. And each new user is one more CapCut stat.

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