Top 30 Crypto Communities to Join Right Now

The spontaneous growth of cryptocurrency this last decade has been fostered by knowledge sharing and expanding acceptance. Investors of cryptocurrencies have created different communities to help them keep up to date with the crypto world. 

Every digital currency you can think of has a community associated with it, each with competing interests and eager to sell you unique plans for the future of crypto. As a beginner, deciding where to focus your efforts may prove difficult.  In this article, you’ll be able to understand crypto communities better and see are our top ten communities on each popular crypto community platform. 

Top 30 Crypto Communities to Join:

What is a Crypto Community?

Crypto communities are essentially groups of individuals with a shared interest in cryptocurrency investing. These communities provide an avenue where investors can share news, exchange ideas or opinions, or ask questions.  They’re usually formed and maintained via popular online messaging platforms. 

Cryptocurrencies are complex, and members of crypto communities make it their responsibility to educate others, since the branch of technology is just gaining traction, and knowledge about it is limited. 

The concept of cryptocurrencies and the first known coin (Bitcoin) were initially only understood by a small group of people who recognized crypto’s potential to be an alternative to the traditional financial system. 

Bitcoin prices have grown by thousands over time, and the crypto community continues to educate and encourage collaboration, which has resulted in consistent adoption of crypto as a form of trade by people all over the world.

At its core, cryptocurrencies place the power back in the hands of people. It is about redesigning tools and processes that are universal, regardless of the contest, by first considering the needs of people. The two-way conversations that crypto communities facilitate have played a significant role  in the success of the technology.

Benefits of Crypto Communities 

Some of the benefits of joining a crypto community includes: 

☺ Sense of Belonging

As a member of a crypto community, you will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of like-minded individuals—newcomers, traders and platform owners. 

?️Effective Communication

The world of cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming for a beginner. People of similar interests from all parts of the world can share ideas and stay updated through communities. For example, having an online community allows crypto market places to be accessible. There is always someone to help with potential questions about available services.

?Increased Moneymaking Opportunities

There is a greater chance to learn something new when people join a community. They could be interested in a particular cryptocurrency, product, or service. As more people join online crypto communities, more opportunities emerge from networking.

? Customer Service and Engagement

The availability and accessibility to immediate feedback and opinions is an example of the customer support that communities can provide.

Top 10 Crypto Communities on Reddit

Reddit is the heart of the crypto world, containing communities for almost every digital currency you can think of and a wealth of information divided into forums. There is an abundant ecosystem of communities on the platform that cover massive areas of cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the Reddit communities you can find.

1. R/Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform with over 25 million users, making it a must-have for most cryptocurrency traders. R/Binance is a great community to join under Reddit if you want to learn about Binance. R/Binance has informative articles and questions about how the services can be used, so it's an excellent place to start as a newbie. 

Binance is a cryptocurrency trading platform


2. R/Ripple

The crypto space is filled with many projects that have become successful. Ripple is one of them. Ripple has been on the crypto market for just two years and sits among one of the most valued coins. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that its growing popularity has attracted a community of people who are enticed by its success. 

The subreddit has 350,000 members and is dedicated entirely to Ripple related topics. The design is not flashy, but it evokes professionalism and seriousness. Its members are knowledgeable and dedicated to maintaining positivity.

Ripple is crypto space


3. R/Cryptomarket 

R/Cryptomarket boasts of 801,000 members, but surprisingly it is easy to navigate, which is unusual for most Reddit communities that are focused on cryptocurrency. 

It is an excellent resource for guidance because users share information about upgrades, launches, and analyses on how various coins are doing. 

R/Cryptomarket is an excellent resource for guidance


4. R/Altcoin

R/Altcoin is a community of 213,000 members that shares updates on Altcoin which you will not find on other sites. The site is designed with attractive themes, and posts are not segmented. You can save, pin or hide a post based on how you find the content. 

R/Altcoin is a community about Altcoin


5. R/Defi

Defi is short for decentralized finance. It is a community that likes to analyse, build and discuss the promise that cryptocurrency will be an open financial system. It frequently takes a more serious look at the crypto-world compared to other Reddit communities.

Defi is decentralized finance


6. R/Cryptocurrencies

If you're interested in the politics of cryptocurrency or want to have an open conversation, this is a useful Reddit community to add to your list.

 It has 4,800,000 members and Questions from group members frequently spark discussions about the topic at hand, which could be the introduction of new coins or news about messy crypto CEOs.

R/Cryptocurrencies about politics of cryptocurrency


7. R/BitcoinBeginners

If you are a Bitcoin novice, this 981,000-member community is a great start for you, and it is an excellent place to join if you are still getting familiar with Bitcoin. If you are unsure of what moves to make when trading or have questions, r/Bitcoin Beginners can help you.

The site has a simple design with thousands of subscribers. You can ask questions without the fear of being judged. Unlike some communities, there is no news, affiliate links or memes; only questions related to Bitcoins are available. 

R/BitcoinBeginners about Bitcoin


8. R/Ethereum

Members - 1,300,000 

This community centers on Ethereum operations. Users are usually drawn to the page's controversial side because it contains debates and reviews between one cryptocurrency and Ethereum. 

Information is up to date because they are released hourly. The site allows the use of images and video, though the quality may be low. So if you want to invest in Ethereum, this is a community you should join.

R/Ethereum about Ethereum operations


9. R/Litecoin

This is a community for Litecoin users who want to receive updates and network with other Litecoin holders while finding solutions to their Litecoin-related problems. 

Comments from experienced members are easy to identify because their details show how long they have been in the community. Their comments appear to carry more significance. Part of the resource you can access as a user in this community are links to wallets that support Litecoin.

R/Litecoin about Litecoin


10. R/Bitcoin 

This is a Reddit community with 4,200,000 members that is dedicated to bitcoin, which is the world's first cryptocurrency.  The community explains details about Bitcoin and other aspects of the cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin being a widely circulated and global digital asset. 

R/Bitcoin about  first cryptocurrency


Top 10 Crypto Communities on Discord

Discord was initially a chat app designed for gamers to communicate, but it has evolved into hosting various interactive communities that provide information while members can have conversations. Some communities focus on discussing trends in the crypto world. Here are a few crypto communities you can join on Discord

1. Axion Community

Axion is a Discord community that considers its members as family. Members can discuss trades and investment opportunities as well as access expert advice. The community is well-known for providing trade signals and suggesting trade entry and exit points.

Axion is a Discord community


2. Cryptohub

Cryptohub is one of the best crypto Discord communities for beginners. It specializes in leading beginners of crypto to the right path. It also suggests trusted exchanges

Cryptohub is communities for beginners


3. R/Cryptocurrency

Discord also has its own r/cryptocurrency community and is now one of the faster-growing communities associated with cryptocurrency. It is a place where members can discuss anything crypto-related. Other topics talked about in the group include NFT and the Metaverse. You can feel at home if you are researching mining, trading and many other topics

R/Cryptocurrency is Discord's own community


4. Cracking crypto

If you want to learn how cryptocurrencies work, join the cracking crypto community. It has a good reputation of providing accurate information about crypto.

Cracking crypto is crypto community


5. The Elite Crypto Signal

Elite crypto signals, created in 2018, is one of the popular trading communities available today. It provides trade signals with reference to technical analysis, which has a primary goal of assisting users in making money. Also, it analyzes the market to identify safe points of entry and exits.

The Elite Crypto Signal is trading community


6. Larva Labs

Formerly called CryptoPunks, Larva Labs was the first discord community to focus solely on NFTs ( Non-fungible tokens). Since then, it has become the place where people can go to stay updated on both NFTs and cryptocurrency. 

Larva Labs about NFTs and cryptocurrency


7. Spacestation

Spacestation first began as a community for Ethereum, where miners could discuss their problems and get solutions, but it now covers almost all aspects of cryptocurrency.

Spacestation about cryptocurrency


8. Cryptex Commonwealth

This community is dedicated to investors looking for projects that are long-term. Cryptex, unlike trading groups, hosts a variety of informative discussions with a focus on long-term investments.

Cryptex Commonwealth is dedicated to investors


9. Mega Signal

With over 87,000 members, it is one of the largest crypto communities on Discord. It gained popularity for its daily pump signal, which was created to help traders find crypto that were performing well.

Mega Signal is crypto communities on Discord


10. R/Wallstreetbets

In 2021, GameStop and its investors were responsible for going head-to-head with Wall Street investors. Most investors were members of Wallstreetbets which made the group popular. WallStreetbets is one the biggest crypto-related community on Discord, with over 600,000 members.

R/Wallstreetbets is crypto-related community on Discord


Top 10 Crypto Communities on Telegram

Telegram is a chat application where anyone can send messages, voice notes, videos and images. Crypto communities now use Telegram to keep up to date with market information. 

You can get a little of everything crypto on Telegram. Here are a few of the crypto communities you can find on Telegram.

1. DeFi Million Community

This is a popular telegram community for crypto users where you can get trade signals, and free information about tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

The community raises the price of certain tokens by purchasing them in bulk, which benefits the community. The community is also known for influencing new coins in the market while generating massive profits.

The people behind the community were among the first to take part in the 'pump and dump' game, which is a method of inflating cryptocurrency assets by having a large number of people buy it all at once.

2. Minter Network

This is another famous cryptocurrency community on Telegram, associated with the Reddit community WallStreetBet. Their network of subscribers causes the price of specific currencies to rise by buying them all at once. 

They carry out daily pumps and are consistent with the results produced. As the largest group on Telegram, they are the most influential in the cryptocurrency community, which aids in pushing currencies to absurdly high levels.

3. BTC champ

If you want to exchange your Bitcoin, Ethereum or USDT without any extra fee, this is a Telegram community you should join, but you can only trade a maximum of 100 USDT. You can also get relevant updates about crypto on this channel.

4. ICO Speaks

This is a discussion group on Telegram for investors and crypto beginners. Members of this community can take part in 'ask me anything’ sessions. The group also has admins that regulate the discussions to avoid spam messages. 

5. Margin Whales

Launched in 2018, Margin Whales provides recommendations that users can leverage in the Bitcoin and Ethereum market. It publishes market analysis on bitcoin and forecasts future trends. It also provides a good number of accurate predictions useful to its members.

6. Wall Street Gems

In terms of profit margins, it is the most profitable trading community in the world. The channel does not have a VIP account or a personal contact system. Users are given free newsletters and other facts about cryptocurrency trading targets.

7. DeCenter

This educational community is solely focused on digital currency and economics, among many other things. The community is committed to teaching members regardless of their level of competence, and it makes available newsletters that cover the crypto-world. 

In addition, it allows members to express their thoughts on topics related to cryptocurrency in several sub communities dedicated to specific topics like mining, trading, decentralized finance etc.

8. Bitcoin Bullets

This is a well-established telegram community associated with Bitcoin and trading. It provides bitcoin bullets and trading data to its members and information that guides users in deciding where and when to invest. Bitcoin bullet also shares the latest news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from around the world.

9. Altchica

Altchica is a growing community with profit-seeking investors and traders. Members incorporate signals published on the channel into their trading activities. The community has a VIP sub channel where people with little or no trading experience can get the information they need to complete a transaction.

10. Initial Coin Offerings

This community is open to all members who want to contribute relevant crypto updates. If the proposal is deemed interesting, the other members will express their thoughts. 

Final Thoughts

The Crypto world is very volatile and only a few coins are considered stable. Regardless, it is important to associate with communities seek to help people better understand and stay updated about cryptocurrency. If you are a crypto enthusiast, joining a cryptocurrency community can help you learn more about how things work and find great trading opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are crypto community members important?

The community is the heart of any blockchain project. It provides a strong foundation for the project to be successful. The people who make up crypto communities help raise funds and educate others on using the technology's features. 

The members organize meetings and question and answer sessions on Telegram or Reddit or create crypto content on Twitter. The strength of a community is not determined by its number but by the bond that exists between its members. Because of the decentralized nature of blockchain, no single entity has control over a project. Instead, a diverse group of people come together to move the project forward.

How many cryptocurrencies are available?

There is an estimate of over 18,465 cryptocurrencies, though a majority of them are worthless or considered dead, but the currencies that take the lead are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Binance coin and Cardano.

Are there other social media platforms can I find crypto Communities?

You can find other crypto communities on various social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or even podcasts.

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