9 Best Crypto YouTube Channels Worth Following

Based on YouTube data, more and more viewers are consuming crypto-centric videos. Ethereum, the smart contract blockchain, has captured the most views on YouTube from 2020 to 2021. Audiences have watched videos about Ethereum over 231 million times. Bitcoin came second, garnering 199.9 million views in that period.

At present, there are over 10,000 videos on cryptocurrency, making YouTube a pivotal platform for people learning about crypto ownership and investment. Since not everyone would be able to join conferences about crypto (like the top ones in our list here), we’ve rounded up some of the best crypto YouTube channels worth your attention. 

9 Best Crypto YouTube Channels Worth Following:

YouTube for Crypto Education

Is YouTube really useful for learning about crypto? 

We could take a look at how academic use of YouTube benefits students. Experts point out that it offers opportunities for students to learn from content experts themselves, regardless of racial, ethnic, and linguistic background.

YouTube presents user-friendly, free content. Each video has subtitles and can be played, paused, and rewound countless times. All of these create a supportive learning platform that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, making YouTube an excellent resource when it comes to a subject that’s as thought-provoking as cryptocurrency. It can potentially help turn rookie crypto curious individuals to savvy pros.   

Top Crypto YouTube Channels in 2022

Here are the top YouTube crypto channels you might want to subscribe to. Hopefully, these crypto influencers and content creators can help make your crypto market journey much less intimidating. 

1. BitBoy Crypto

Source: youtube.com

BitBoy Crypto is one of the largest crypto influencers on YouTube, with over 1.7 million subscribers. Ben Armstrong, an American alt-finance expert and investor, has made a name for himself as a go-to source of news and tips about cryptocurrency. BitBoy Crypto’s channel offers about 3 to 4 videos per day. These videos discuss crypto news, latest crypto projects, and tips. 

One of the reasons for Armstrong’s massive following is because they are able to package their deep crypto experience and analysis into digestible and fun content. In addition, the range of guests who are featured on their channel make for a diverse set of insights about the crypto industry. So, the content isn’t limited to what Armstrong knows or believes—you’ll also hear from other experts without having to visit their respective channels.

Among the notable videos to watch on the channel include the “Morning Crypto Live Show”, where he addresses viewer questions or gives his take on their opinions. The live discussion is where he can talk about financial implications brought about by crypto developments. Another one is “Around the Blockchain” where four guests join and give their takes on what current crypto updates are happening.

BitBoy Crypto is a must-follow channel for both crypto novices and those who want to follow all relevant news about the trends, dumping, regulation, and buying stable coins and alt coins. He is one of the top crypto influencers on social media platforms. 

2. Coin Bureau

Source: youtube.com

Coin Bureau, a.k.a. Guy, is another popular crypto influencer on YouTube worth checking out. The account has over 2 million subscribers and 600+ videos. Unlike BitBoy Crypto, there are no ‘90s music and fun car rides on Coin Bureau’s channel. Guy presents info and discussions in a more straightforward way, without the flair but with meticulous details about the crypto market, DeFi, and blockchain. 

Coin Bureau bills itself as the go-to informational portal on the platform for anyone who wants to know about the virtual currency universe. Because the content is highly informational, it’s useful for those who want to dive deep into the facts surrounding crypto without the hype other channels usually focus on.

Coin Bureau’s popularity surged due to their educational and fact-based crypto updates. By the end of 2019, the channel was the fastest-growing crypto-focused account on YouTube. Even though not everyone on Reddit agrees with what Guy says about crypto, the intriguing stances that Guy has is what makes his channel popular. For instance, the recent videos about the native asset of the Harmony blockchain went against what many believe in. 

Coin Bureau deserves a follow if you’re after a YouTube channel that can provide top news and well-researched content about the crypto market and blockchain technology.

3. Benjamin Cowen

Source: youtube.com

Benjamin Cowen joined YouTube in 2019 as a crypto content creator and now has over 744,000 subscribers, plus over 71 million views in total for his videos.

What makes Cowen’s YouTube account worth a follow is his mathematical stance on crypto. He does not rely on catchy slogans and memes and instead focuses on metrics that can impact price and price predictions. In a sense, he approaches crypto from a pragmatic, scientific perspective—but in a digestible package.

Cowen takes the HTF (high timeframe) view of the market instead of discussing the temporary noise that has proliferated crypto content buzz. But the content isn’t made to be dull. He provides a realistic picture of crypto markets as evidenced by the numbers, in a lively way. 

His YouTube videos vary between current trends and price watch, as well as video introductions to different cryptocurrencies. And for premium members of the channel, Cowen provides “Into The Cryptoverse” reports every week, which contain risk analysis data, logarithmic regression analysis, weekly crypto updates, and more.

Follow Benjamin Cowen for daily videos on long-term crypto investment, advanced analysis, and updates beyond the short-term volatility in the industry. And, if you need a crypto asset management for further advice, check out our list of the best ones here

4. CryptosRUs

Source: youtube.com

CryptosRUs is another YouTube channel popular among crypto enthusiasts. The creator, George Tung, posts daily videos for his 641,000 subscribers and counting. The channel started in 2017 and has since gained a massive following, with over 84 million views in total. 

CryptosRUs is a great source for industry updates, latest news, and analytics. But what separates his content from other YouTube crypto influencers is that Tung condenses a lot of analysis into 30- to 40-minute videos. He has extensive experience in IT, which enables him to understand and also impart information on crypto mechanics to his audience. He also gives time for Q&As in each video.

Tung provides a diverse array of content, from fundamentals about different altcoins, updates on regulation to geopolitical conditions (e.g., Ukraine-Russia crisis) and how these could impact crypto.

CryptosRUs is worth following for in-depth crypto industry discussions and legitimate tips on how to maximize crypto investing and why you should hold on to your crypto even with downturns.

5. Brian Jung

Source: youtube.com

Brian Jung has over 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube, and he has been hailed as a sage voice for millennials looking to invest in crypto. At just 24 years old, he is among the legitimate crypto influencers on YouTube, focusing on valuable advice that’s backed by research.

Jung rose to prominence as a financial influencer in 2015. He created content centering on business, credit, and personal wealth management. As a successful entrepreneur himself who built The Credit Society, Jung has a practical eye for building assets.

His videos discuss latest market analysis, forecasts, and deep dives on altcoins, regulations, crypto recession, and more. Jung takes a conscientious approach to his content. He has specified that his humble immigrant background keeps him grounded on his crypto opinions and advice. Jung’s background is on advocating for financial stability, which is why he focuses more on weighing risks involved in crypto investing than going all out. 

6. Data Dash

Source: youtube.com

Data Dash is one of the best YouTube crypto channels for beginners or the crypto curious who want to start investing in crypto. Nicholas Merten runs the channel, which has over 516,000 subscribers. He is also the creator of Project Genesis, an open source platform that serves as a starting point for new blockchain-based projects.

Data Dash is worth following because it’s full of in-depth and informative content that’s tailor-made for beginners. Videos about market trends, discussion of breakout companies, and holistic evaluation of news and projects make trading easy. You can avoid the hype and noise and instead focus on valuable crypto trading tips that actually matter. Aside from crypto, the channel also has content on other financial instruments.

Data Dash’s most popular content is on “How to Build a Crypto Portfolio” and with good reason. The presentation is well-curated, professional, and is not too technical to make the novice lost in the sea of analytics and speculations. 

Merten and his team are not professional traders. That is a caveat worth mentioning. Of course, with his expertise on blockchain and crypto strategies, you will still get insightful information that can help steer your trading decisions.  

7. Ivan on Tech

Source: youtube.com

Ivan on Tech  is also a go-to YouTube channel dedicated to crypto and blockchain technology. The channel is run by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish influencer, blockchain expert, data scientist, and international speaker. Ivan on Tech also has a crypto academy offering educational resources about the cryptocurrency industry.

The YouTube channel is popular with over half a million subscribers, as it has both technical analyses and interviews with crypto movers and shakers. A popular series on his channel is “Good Morning Crypto'' where he livestreams the latest crypto developments for the week and discusses their wider implications with the audience.

Ivan on Tech’s recent interviews are with Moonbeam, Secret Network, Polygon, to name a few. Talking with the heads of these platforms gives viewers an opportunity to consume a broader range of discussions and insights from crypto experts. 

8. Meet Kevin

Source: youtube.com

Meet Kevin is a highly popular YouTube channel that offers research-backed investment advice on crypto. Kevin Paffrath manages the channel, a multi-millionaire investor who has made a name in real estate, stocks, and cryptocurrency. He has incomparable energy for crypto content, being able to post 4 to 5 videos a day. His active engagement on the platform gained him over 1.82 million subscribers and counting.

What’s useful about Meet Kevin’s content is the honest and upfront commentary about investing in crypto. Because he has a wide range of experience in the financial industry as a whole, he can incorporate his business acuity into analyzing crypto moves. He has actually made a few wise crypto calls and predictions (e.g., selloff at tax time). 

For Paffrath, it’s no longer a risk to put a stake in the top coins. Since DeFi apps enable people to access and transact using the stable coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, they will have a utility. But outside of the top 20 coins, he cautions against major investments for them.

Meet Kevin gives easy-to-understand investment inputs and macro market analysis. He can also extend your financial language beyond crypto with his daily posts.

9. Crypto Lark

Source: youtube.com

Lark Davis is a YouTuber from New Zealand who has started investing in crypto during the mid 2010s. Since then, he has developed crypto content and courses that can train you on making important investment moves within the crypto industry. 

With 488,000 subscribers, Crypto Lark publishes content about topics like coin reviews, crypto news, informational videos, and interviews with crypto personalities. His approach is novice-friendly, as he has tutorials on how to research companies, use Binance exchange, read analytics, and in general, navigate your way through the crypto market.

Final Thoughts

These are our top crypto YouTube channels for 2022. While each has a different approach to presenting crypto content, all offer timely crypto news, deep analyses, and informational material to get you started on crypto investment. We have additional resources - like our Crypto Profit Calculator - to complement your learnings from these crypto YouTube pros. 

With more people showing interest in crypto investing, these channels will be even more relevant in hashing out the rapid developments in this type of virtual asset. Most of these crypto YouTube  influencers have stood their ground even amidst down markets, as they predict that an upswing will prevail in the crypto landscape. They also work closely with crypto influencer agencies to showcase only the most relevant and worthwhile crypto projects. 

While you may not necessarily agree with each influencer’s crypto philosophy or prediction, their free content makes research more convenient for you. They’ve done the leg work, and it’ll be up to you to follow what feels most aligned with your crypto investment decisions.

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