10 Customer Experience Agencies to Transform Your Business

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Across any industry, there's stiff competition among brands. It takes an extra special customer experience for an individual or business to choose your specific brand. Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions a person has with your brand - and if designed to be effective, it can foster brand loyalty. Alternately, poor CX could result in over half of your customers switching to your competition! That's how vital it is to keep branding, product design, and customer service as seamless as possible.

10 Customer Experience Agencies to Transform Your Business:

What Aspects of Customer Experience (CX) are Most Important? 

Multinational firm PwC researched CX and found that U.S. customers prioritize speed, convenience, hospitality, and knowledgeable assistance as the top features that set a brand apart from others. Outside the U.S., speed is also the main priority for customers in terms of retention and loyalty. Nearly half of the respondents would choose same-day service or delivery even if it incurs higher fees. 

Right now, customer experience overtakes price and product as key brand differentiators. It's an evolving, results-based mechanism that allows you to organize, automate, and gather data about how you can better cater to your target niche. Businesses can benefit from customer experience agencies to automate customer service, introduce customized software, and fill in the gaps when serving customers.

Markets grow and continue to evolve daily. It's on brands to fight and do everything they can to stay relevant in their respective industry. To succeed in such a competitive digitalized landscape, your business needs to outsource customer experience planning and insights. A specialist agency will have the tools to recalibrate your customer experience targets and make them the differentiating factors for your brand.

Customer Experience Agencies to Transform Your Business

Here are 10 of the best customer experience agencies to elevate your brand:

1. SuperSuper


SuperSuper is a full-service agency dedicated to research, consulting, and design solutions for eCommerce brands, telecom, retail, and SaaS startups. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, and London, UK, SuperSuper has worked for multinational companies across major cities in the U.S. and Europe.

The agency enables businesses to develop a system where you have complete control over time and resources spent on customer research, customer support, journey mapping, UX/UI design, and other key customer experience areas. 

SuperSuper can introduce these solutions:

  • Minimize churn rate
  • Determine and address CX issues
  • Lessen customer support calls
  • Conduct surveys
  • Analyze user metrics
  • Enhance cross and up sales
  • Product design
  • UX/UI design

SuperSuper determines the best ways to gain engagement, quality conversion, and retention. They work with startups to research competition and ask about the company’s needs. After determining the metrics, they can then iterate wireframes and high-quality documents. 

2. Smith+Co


Smith+Co is an outcome-based service that enables companies to define customer experience aligned to the brand’s purpose according to how it can differentiate your offer to prospective customers. The agency started in 2002 and has some of the biggest clients, including PayPal, Best Western, Waterstones, Burberry, Convergys, and Salesforce. 

Smith+Co understands that customer engagement and loyalty are created through actionable steps for the brand. They provide the following services:

  • Strategy & planning
  • Journey mapping
  • Brand loyalty and advocacy measures
  • Branding definition and purpose
  • CX design
  • CX testing and analysis 

From insight and planning and fleshing out brand purpose to customer experience strategy and measurement, they have customized services that can fill your business gaps. Their clients have noted how Smith+Co’s direction created positive sales culture changes and other vital points that can drive success at all levels.

3. Profound


Profound is a customer experience agency that aims to guide digital teams in designing great experiences, making intelligent technology choices amidst many options, and delivering successful digital transformations. Their team boasts a passionate group of experts in charge of technical development, UX/UI design, customer research, and technical delivery.

Profound puts customer experience at the center of every decision—from the customer journey and behavioral insights to digital transformation. They are the team to consult with when your business needs to optimize innovations that foster customer loyalty.

The London-based agency provides these services:

  • experience design
  • experience implementation
  • digital optimization
  • digital strategy, data, and research

Clients across industries trust Profound because of their differentiated approach to B2B, B2C, and D2C settings. The notable clients include Unilever, Accenture, Saint-Gobain, Planet Organic, and Autoglass. The agency manages strategic aims and digital application of the target goals.

Their core solutions span the customer journey at all touch points.

4. Clearworks


Clearworks is an insight, innovation, and customer-experience company that helps navigate customer perceptions, challenges, and aspirations. The full-service agency is based in California and has the expertise to provide product, marketing, and analytics strategy advice for startups and eCommerce brands.

Clearworks provides a three-pronged approach:

  • Research and Insights – the team delivers time-tested methodologies and innovative approaches to gain insight into customers’ perceptions, challenges, and aspirations. 
  • Innovation – digitalized mechanisms change the brand’s culture and overall direction
  • Customer Experience – built-in solutions that strengthen connection and customer knowledge at every touchpoint

Clearworks enables your business to delve into customer journey mapping, the process of mapping every customer’s interactions across your product touch points. The key here is that their team can give an actionable measure for key areas of action. From customer research to creative design and delivery, your business benefits from a more strategic standpoint in customer experience.

5. Fifth Quadrant

Fifth Quadrant

Fifth Quadrant is a consulting agency that provides next-level customer experience management, industry analysis, design, and operational improvement programs. The agency aims to change the way organizations approach customer experience strategy and ensure it is a significant factor in the company’s work. 

What makes Fifth Quadrant a significant resource to add to your business is its integrative approach to these four strategies: finance, marketing, IT/operations, and human resources. They can guide C-level Executive and Boardroom decision-makers in keeping these strategies agile, digitalized, and more successful.

The agency provides these solutions:

  • CX management consulting
  • industry analysis
  • customer experience design
  • customer research
  • data modeling
  • operational improvement programs
  • executive training programs
  • smartphone app design
  • media, correspondence, and video service channels

Fifth Quadrant is a reliable agency for multi-channel and enterprise-level strategies and execution. They are in charge of customer experience research, internal performance assessment, and continuous training.

6. Stone Mantel

Stone Mantel

Stone Mantel is a Colorado-based customer experience agency launched in 2005. They are a consultancy firm focusing on experience strategy and designing innovative CX articulations across various touch points. Stone Mantel helps companies create real, valuable customer experiences that will maintain brand growth and loyalty.

The agency specializes in:

  • Customer Experience (CX) Design
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Experience Strategy Development
  • Developing omnichannel strategy

Their experts stay at the forefront of experience analysis and research, finding ways to transform traditional customer experience strategies. This entails long-term study and monitoring of digitalized customer experiences. The agency prides itself on “Always thinking forward, since 2005” and assisting SaaS, startups, and eCommerce brands in building better business models, creating a customer-centric process, bridging digital and place-based experiences, and using AI for engagement.

Stone Mantel offers a comprehensive customer experience that can help your brand find the right experiences that matter. They are “strategists focused on experiences” moving towards a more substantial business execution.

7. TLF Research

TLF Research

TLF Research is a customer experience firm that maximizes deep market understanding to provide brands with cross-channel solutions. The agency provides a variety of services that delve into industry analysis, customer research, and app design.

  • Customer Experience (CX) Design
  • CX Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Planning and Facilitation Workshops

TLF Research has been designing bespoke customer experience programs for the last 20 years and has a pristine track record in terms of loyalty, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Among the notable clients include The Institute of Customer Service, Saint-Gobain, Co-op, Biffa, Direct Line Group, and more.

From online, IVR, text, postal, and F2F modes of data collection, TLF Research creates proper reporting and benchmarking. The agency provides clients with actionable customer insights based on researched data, and depending on various touch points in customer experience, they can drive change and re-energize the ROI from customer programs.

8. Material


Material is a global strategy agency that delivers customer-led solutions in a digitalized, customer-centric marketplace. The agency leverages proprietary tools that harness AI tech to understand customer behavior, preferences, and struggles across different touch points. They inform and create design and business models that can elevate how the brand-customer relationship evolves.

The agency has office locations across major U.S. cities and in Europe. With over 40 years of experience within the team, they have sought to develop technologies that allow learning and execution to be in unison. They take a science-based approach to what customers need and provide experiences they can’t live without. Material helps brands deploy experiences that will make their products and services the preferred option above the competition.

Material thrives on business evolution designed to cater to customer-centric needs. They can navigate some of the most pressing challenges a company has in strategy, product and service design, brand tracking, brand loyalty, and CRM. Among their notable clients include 7-Eleven with their loyalty card program, Sephora, Allstate, and Mercedes Benz, to name a few.



TCXA, or The Customer Experience Agency, is a company based in Amsterdam. They specialize in putting people’s needs at the forefront of digital solutions. TCXA assists brands in four areas:

  • Customer experience vision and strategy – encompasses defining the right customer experience strategy aligned with brand positioning. The solid business case focuses on key metrics agreed upon by the executive team and stakeholders. 
  • Brand strategy – from campaigns to conversations and CX performance, the agency helps drive meaningful conversations.
  • Service and experience design – customer insights are used to boost retention and brand loyalty and achieve authentic customer satisfaction.s
  • Partner experience strategy – journey mapping helps identify relevant interactions based on service design, product design, and content.

TCXA is all about digital growth and disruption of traditional customer experience approaches that offer nothing new. TCXA adopts a “Nowness” framework to create clear and actionable brand and customer experience guidance. Their experts use the latest tools to gather real insights and identify what can be done internally and externally for a successful design and execution.

10. Bain & Company

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a Boston-based consulting firm that offers customer experience solutions across sectors like agribusiness, transportation, chemical, infrastructure, retail, and financial industries. They cater to both for-profit and non-profit brands.

The agency has established its offices in 37 countries globally. With their multidisciplinary experience and proprietary tools, the agency can develop an efficient customer experience to address various touch points in your business.

Bain & Company offers these services:

  • Customer Experience (CX) Design
  • Customer Service Design
  • Performance Marketing Acquisition
  • Partner Experience Ecosystem

Global leaders seek their expertise when dealing with industry-defining challenges in marketing, digital transformation, analytics, sustainability, corporate finance, IT, and mergers and acquisitions. Bain & Company helps craft a unique approach to change management and orchestrate these into sustained programs.

Final Thoughts

Customer experience goals may be singular across industries and brands: ensure customer satisfaction at all points of interaction. Even though it is a general goal, there is a myriad of ways that each business can achieve that goal. Having a dedicated team of experts from a customer experience agency can make your CX challenges and targets more defined and actionable. 

A customer experience agency works with your in-house team to shape faster customer service, more in-touch marketing, usable analytics, and go deep into customer voice for more enduring results. These agencies work closely with companies to deliver curated and digitalized solutions. They have access to AI tech for an omni-channel approach, and their experts have worked with different brands with different needs. 

Throughout the process, your in-house staff gains new insights. Whether at the executive level, technical and IT, design, and marketing units, your business accumulates a fresh perspective to approaching customer experience.