21 Facebook Post Ideas Your Audience Will Love

If you’re trying to create a diverse Facebook content strategy, you might be wondering what types of content you should be posting. What performs well on the platform varies by industry, but there are some posts that can be adapted for nearly any business. 

Throughout this post, we’re going to cover 21 Facebook post ideas and examples to help you figure out what you should be sharing on the platform. 

21 Facebook Post Ideas Your Audience Will Love:

1. Talk About Trending Topics

On February 22, 2022, everyone was excited for “Twosday:” 2/22/22. Many brands capitalized on that by creating fun content surrounding that day.

Ritual Vitamins was no different with their Twosday post:

By creatively taking it back to the fact that Ritual customers have to take two vitamins, they made a post like this make perfect sense for their brand.

Keep an eye on trending topics on all social media platforms to see if there are any fun social media holidays or popular talking points for your business to join in the conversation.

One major caveat, though: make sure you know exactly what the trending topic is about. You don’t want to mistake a social justice campaign for something you can use for marketing.

2. Share Blog Content

It takes a lot of resources to create a blog post. We should know—we’ve gone through the entire process to create the one you’re reading right now. 

But that means you want to make sure your blog content actually reaches your target audience, and the best way to do that is to share it on social media.

Take a look at this example from Talon.One:

Sharing recent blog posts is an easy content idea that you can always fall back on. Share posts when they’re brand new, and share them even when they’re a few months (or years—as long as it’s evergreen or up-to-date) old to get more traffic to your website.

3. Ask Questions

If you want to generate engagement from your audience, sometimes you need to ask for it! Creating social media content that’s as simple as asking a question can incite viewers to respond, which helps your standing with the algorithm and helps you get more out of your content.

Here’s a simple example from Misfit Markets:

They’ve created a basic text post using the graphic options that Facebook offers to ask a question about new year’s resolutions. As Misfit Markets is a healthy food brand, a question like this makes sense for their content strategy.

Think about questions you might ask that will stand out on your feed, get people interested in responding, and still relate back to your core mission.

4. Create Branded Graphics

Branded graphics can be anything from inspirational quotes to educational content. The only rule is that you create a visually appealing graphic that matches your brand fonts and colors. 

Here’s a great example from financial education company Dow Janes:

With simple graphics that are easy on the eyes, you can convery helpful information that your audience will love.

5. Share Tips and Tricks

Share content that offers tips and tricks relevant to your product or service offerings. Post videos and informational content that showcase something helpful that your target audience would enjoy.

This video from obé fitness shows a quick, no-equipment pilates workout that followers can do:

Source: facebook.com

As a brand that offers fitness classes, this exact type of post is going to cater to the audience that will be most interested in their business, but is still helpful and engaging content.

6. Teach About Your Business or Industry

Another type of content to share is highly educational content, especially if your business is in a more complex industry.

Take a look at this post from Everlywell, an at-home health testing company:

Because that is a multi-faceted topic, sharing branded graphics with educational tidbits is a great way to help their audience be more informed about the business and industry. This then helps them feel more confident in their choice to work with said business.

7. Promote Products/Services

This is a no-brainer: but product photos and service promos should be a major part of your marketing strategy. Keep a good balance between promotional and informational content, but make sure you’re still promoting your business offerings.

This post from Gardyn is the perfect example of what this might look like:

8. Share Video Content

This is a broad Facebook post idea, but essential. Video is the most-consumed content type on Facebook, so you need to put together a video marketing strategy so you’re consistently creating and sharing new video content.

Whether you choose Facebook live, fun and humorous videos, or more meaningful videos like this one from Done., having a diverse video strategy will be impactful for your Facebook page.

Source: facebook.com

9. Showcase Use Cases for Your Product/Service

Let your customer base know how they can get the most out of your product or service by showing off different use cases in your social media posts.

This example from MUD/WTR provides a perfect way of letting potential customers know how to use their product by providing a recipe with MUD/WTR as one of the ingredients:

Consider how you can use this post idea for your business. What ways should your customers be taking advantage of your products and services? Show that in action.

10. Create Infographics

There are so many different types of infographics, from informational ones who put words into a visual design to data visualizations filled with charts and graphs. And all of the above makes for a quintessential social media post.

They can also come in nearly any shape and size. Many social media infographics are squares or horizontals, but on Facebook you can also get away with a slight vertical image.

Here’s an example of what this might look like from Lomi:

This is called a comparison infographic and is a great way to show off how your brand compares to the competition.

Look at the different types of infographics and how they might fit in well with your content creation strategy.

11. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content that your customers have posted, tagging your brand in, that you get permission to re-share on your own social media pages.

This photo shows a beautiful example of UGC from a bridesmaid dress company:

You can get UGC by encouraging your customers to share photos of their products and by offering a hashtag they can use to help you aggregate their shared content.

Another idea is to work with influencers by sending out free product and creating influencer campaigns that provide you with high-quality product photos to post on social media.

12. Show Off Your Brand Personality

Have fun with your Facebook content. If your company has a bold brand personality, you want to let that shine on your social networks. Brand personality is a big part of your overall branding, and it really plays into your social media voice.

We see kencko below adding in their brand personality into some cute Valentine’s Day graphics they created for the holiday:

Whether you inject your personality into your captions or a funny photo, make sure it resonates with your overall brand mission and your target audience.

13. Hold Contests and Giveaways

Holding a contest or giveaway is a great way to ramp up engagement and get more people interested in your brand. It’s also a good strategy for increasing the number of likes you have on your Facebook page.

Take a look at this giveaway run by monday.com to get an idea of what this might look like:

Keep in mind that you’ll want your prize to be something relevant to your product that only your audience will be interested in. A cash prize or something universal like an iPad will appeal to a much broader audience, while you should be looking to target your specific market.

In addition, you’ll need to add in some fine print and terms and conditions for your giveaway to stay compliant with Facebook’s giveaway policies.

14. Promote Discounts and Sales

We’ve already talked about how important it is to share promotional content, and posting about different discounts and sales that your company is running. This can help your brand increase the sales you see from social media content.

Here’s an example from Buffy on how you could do this:

15. Post Motivational Quotes

Another great social media post idea is sharing motivational quotes with your audience—again, often in the form of a branded graphic.

These can be profound quotes from famous influential people, or it could be something light-hearted that’s relevant to your brand like we see here from Book of the Month:

16. Conduct Interviews

Holding interviews with thought leaders in your industry is another popular form of educational content, especially in the B2B industry. You could conduct these interviews right on Facebook live (which we’ll talk a bit more about shortly), or record them separately and promote the interview video in a Facebook post.

We see Superhuman doing the latter in this example:

If you have a video of your interview, we implore you to consider offering a transcription alongside it for your viewers to read alongside or instead of watching the video.

17. Share Reviews and Testimonials

Sharing positive reviews and customer feedback is a solid form of social proof. Showcasing happy customer testimonials helps potential buyers feel more confident in taking the plunge and making that purchase.

Take a look at how Mila Air shared a customer review alongside a product photo:

Share testimonial videos, branded graphics with reviews, or links to review pages. You can also promote your online review pages like Yelp or Tripadvisor to increase your influx of reviews for other potential customers to find.

18. Honor Your Team

What is any company without its team? This is why honoring your employees, management, and leadership should be a major part of your social media marketing strategy.

We see this in action in the post below from P.volve, honoring an accomplishment of their co-founder:

Share your employee milestones, like work anniversaries, conferences they’re attending, promotions they’ve earned, and more.

19. Share Memes

Sharing memes is another way to show off your brand personality. But you want to make sure they’re still relevant to your business as a whole.

We see an immensely funny meme from Productboard below that uses a Cyanide and Happiness comic to relate back to their business:

There are meme generators that can help you recreate popular memes that are in the public domain. You want to be sure that you aren’t stealing someone else’s work. Don’t take a comic or illustration you found online and change it without getting permission from (and likely paying) the original creator.

But with most memes, you tend to be playing it safe. Just check out a popular meme generator tool to see what options they have to offer and what you can work with.

20. Go Live

Here we are, back to Facebook live. While broadcasting live can be incredibly daunting, it’s still such an effective way to reach your audience.

However, you want to make sure they’re actually around to watch your livestream. Take a page out of Cookunity’s book and announce your upcoming live event before it actually starts:

With this trick, your audience can plan around your livestream, know what you’ll be talking about, and actively decide to tune in.

21. Promote Events

Our last big Facebook post idea is promoting upcoming events, both in-person and online. Webinars, conferences, networking events, presentations, livestreams (as we just mentioned), and more can all be shared on social media to spread the word.

Here’s an example from Visme promoting an upcoming webinar:

Create a landing page or registration page for your event that you can share online in hopes to increase the number of attendees or registrants.

Use These Facebook Post Ideas For Your Content

A good Facebook marketing strategy is made up of a variety of different content types. Take note of each of these Facebook post ideas and add the ones that will generate the most audience engagement and reach to your content calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Facebook posts get the most likes?

Although uncommon, status posts tend to get the most engagement, followed by photo posts, video posts, then link posts. Make sure to have a good mixture of all types to diversify your content strategy.

How do you make my Facebook posts interesting?

Create Facebook posts with eye-catching images, captions that spark action and engagement, answers to customer questions, and more. Make sure you’re posting content your customers want to see, rather than what you think you should post to promote your business.

How can you get 1,000 likes on Facebook?

To get your first 1,000 likes on your Facebook business page, you’ll want to post consistently. Creating consistent content helps you stand out better to the algorithm.
Create high-quality content as well, so that viewers want to engage with your content and like your page. And you’ll also want to start investing in boosted posts and Facebook ads to reach even more users.

What are the different types of Facebook posts?

There are a few different types of posts you can create on Facebook. There are text posts, photo posts, link posts, video posts, live videos, and Facebook stories. Each one should be included as a part of your overall content strategy.

How do you plan Facebook content?

Planning out your content calendar can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Create a document, use a project management tool, or plan it out on a calendar.
Put different types of content on each business day, then start gathering your creative assets and writing captions.

Next, consider using a social media management tool to schedule your content and track its performance.

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