The 12 Best Gaming Talent Management Agencies To Work With

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Video games received an all-new level of appreciation as livestreaming and gaming became the top forms of entertainment since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, wave after wave of content creators surge the video game and esports industry, but only a few make a breakthrough. Several factors come into play in gaining success through gaming, among which is the significance of a gaming talent management agency.

Gaming talent management agencies help jumpstart a content creator’s career in the saturated scene of gaming. Be it PC, mobile, or console gaming, gaming talent management agencies optimize the content of creators and strengthen their online presence. They also expand connections among content creators and brands. With all the rave around gaming and livestreaming today, discover what a gaming talent management agency is and how it works.

Top Talent Management Agencies:

What is a Gaming Talent Management Agency?

A gaming talent management agency is a specialist in digital marketing strategies fit for gamers and content creators of the esports industry. It functions similarly to most marketing agencies: establishing branding, initiating collaborations, and optimizing content according to the target demographic. 

However, a gaming talent management agency boasts of industry expertise unlike any other. With data-driven insights on the state of gaming and media consumption, gaming talent management agencies are capable of maximizing results from streaming platforms and social media, all the way to successful partnership deals and a growing community.

Why Work with a Gaming Talent Management Agency?

The gaming industry is only growing competitive. By the time you are fully decided on turning your passion for video games into a lucrative career, you will be competing with other fresh blood. Exposure is essential to break through such a saturated community, and guess who can provide you with that? 

You got that right, no one else but a gaming talent management agency. Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or an indie game developer, management agencies have the best networks and proven services to launch your career in the right direction. 

A gaming talent management agency can provide insightful feedback on your content.

The type of content you’ll share with your audience will shape your presence in one way or another. If you have been thinking about becoming a content creator for quite some time, perhaps you have some concrete ideas about the content you wish to showcase. Otherwise, you’re still looking through options and hearing out people’s suggestions.

With a gaming talent management agency by your side, you can consult a digital marketer and walk through the options you’re considering. A gaming talent management agency works with a team of experts in digital marketing and content creation, so you can rest assured that your future as a content creator is in good hands.

A gaming talent management agency connects you with the right people, brands, and organizations.

Networking is among the most challenging for a beginner content creator. In the gaming industry, while everyone shares a love for gaming, not everybody agrees on playing the same types of games. It is important to find like-minded people to help you navigate your way through the competitive landscape. 

A gaming talent management agency’s perks include a vast network of fellow talents, brand partners, and organizations fitting to befriend and begin your career. Networking alone can be difficult, but with a team of experts introducing you to a circle of esteemed celebrities, your journey can be more comfortable and easier.

A gaming talent management agency presents opportunities for exclusive partnership deals.

Closing a partnership is perhaps the pinnacle of success for a content creator. In the gaming industry, partnership deals are hard to come by without gaining some leverage from within. A gaming talent management agency, with years of accumulated experience working in the scene, can gain the trust of many brands and land a deal for their talents.

Best Gaming Talent Management Agencies

gaming talent management agencies

1. Viral Nation

Viral Nation

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Influencer management, talent representation, influencer marketing, community management, Web 3.0

Notable partners/talents: Disney, Hasbro, Oculus, Tencent

Multinational digital marketing agency Viral Nation takes the lead in matchmaking influencers with the campaigns and brand endorsements most suitable for them. Viral Nation manages talent representation and influencer marketing for content creators in different niches, like blockchain and emerging technologies and Web 3.0 development.

Viral Nation secures some of the biggest endorsement packages from content creators on social media. Due to the success of various social media campaigns, Viral Nation has been named among the Top Marketing Agencies of 2019 by Chief Marketer.

eSports and gaming are no foreign territory for Viral Nation. The talent agency has teamed up with brands like Tencent, Oculus, and Angry Birds, showcasing their expertise in the niche. 

Aside from managing activity on social media, Viral Nation also offers excellent community management. eSports teams and content creators aspiring to elevate their engagement with their community can find professional services from Viral Nation. Viral Nation caters to talents on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, and TikTok.

2. NeoReach


Location: Orlando, Florida

Services: Influencer marketing, influencer management, marketing campaign management, Web 3.0 marketing and development

Notable partners/talents: Airbnb, Amazon, Walmart, Netflix

The SaaS-based influencer marketing platform of NeoReach Agency proves to be a renowned figure in influencer marketing and management. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and other established brands, NeoReach Agency offers a range of influencer marketing solutions for every industry, from gaming and gaming talent management all the way to Web 3.0 marketing and development.

NeoReach boasts an influencer marketplace of over 5 million content creators specializing in delivering profitable and relevant content in their respective niches. Brands and content creators can set up metrics and other key insights to meet and match with rockstar influencers from all over the world.

Through NeoReach, eSports teams and live streamers can boost audience engagement and push content to their audience with comprehensive campaign management and community growth. The company specializes in marketing content on multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

3. Click Management

Click Management

Location: Sydney, Australia

Services: Social media consultation, original content production, Facebook Gaming Creator Service Provider

Notable partners/talents: JoshDub, Eystreem, Mully, UnlistedLeaf

Click Management is thriving as a performance-driven gaming talent management agency in the Land Down Under. Years of experience and knowledge in navigating the ever-evolving gaming industry empowers the team of Click in turning gaming from a hobby to a profitable career. 

Click takes care of content management across social media platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Twitch is also among its specialties, where partners can elevate their presence on the competitive platform with relevant brand partnerships. 

Click Management takes great pride in being the biggest Facebook Gaming Creator Service Provider (CSP) in Australia and New Zealand. They take new and emerging content creators on an educational program to introduce them to the fundamentals of the Facebook Gaming Suite.

4. GameInfluencer


Location: Munich, Germany

Services: Influencer marketing, e-Sports campaigns, sponsorships

Notable partners/talents: Huawei, Tencent, Samsung, SEGA

Germany-based GameInfluencer mastered the art of gaming as a driver for successful marketing campaigns. Through penetrating the gaming industry with the right blend of influencer marketing, relevant and organic content, and social media marketing campaigns, GameInfluencer elevates the digital presence of content creators.

GameInfluencer boasts of a strong network with various figures knowledgeable in topics of interest such as health and beauty, tech, business, and lifestyle. This rich pool of influencers, along with a strong passion for video games and content creation, enables GameInfluencer to market for known brands in the gaming industry like SEGA, King, and Tencent.

Solutions are tailor-made for every client. GameInfluencer is capable of expanding a client’s audience reach on just about any platform available: Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They also optimize campaigns according to the supported consoles (PC, mobile, or Xbox). 

5. Aftershock Media Group

Aftershock Media Group

Location: Washington, United States

Services: Marketing strategy, influencer marketing, event production, community growth, and development

Notable partners/talents: Amazon, Activision, Garena, Epic Games

Look no further, for the masters of mobile gaming talent management is here. Aftershock Media Group (AMG) is a stellar talent management agency for gaming with a rich client base and strong global following. AMG excels in delivering unique yet profitable marketing strategies exclusively for the gaming industry.

After realizing the need for talent management in the booming field of gaming, streaming, and user-generated content, AMG co-founders Lance Frisbee and Tim Evans worked together to establish mutual relations between content creators, influencers, and video game developers. The agency handles several reputable talents whose communities are only growing as they establish their presence online. 

AMG has only been in the industry for two years, but they have boosted their way through dominating the mobile gaming space. Today, AMG works closely with gaming giants Niantics, Epic Games, Activision, and more.

6. Night Media

Night Media

Location: Texas, United States

Services: Influencer marketing, digital marketing, and management

Notable partners/talents: Safiya Nygaard, MrBeast, ZHC

There’s no gaming talent management agency quite like Night—not only do they nurture your hobby into a fruitful career, but they also ensure your digital presence results in profitable endeavors catering to the needs of the flourishing creator economy and other niche spaces.

Night ensures all talents receive the spotlight they deserve. Thus, aside from providing digital marketing services, it also provides educational programs and resources to empower their talents to venture into related business opportunities. Since its launch, Night and its talents have reached an accumulated 158.8 billion YouTube views.



Location: Chicago, United States

Services: Sponsorship strategy, streamed events, marketing, live events

Notable partners/talents: –

Who says game marketing is limited to smart devices only? REV/XP is here to prove that gaming talent management agencies can carry out their duties in live events and creative marketing. An internal agency of rEvolution, a sports marketing agency, REV/XP is pulling out all stops to transform the gaming and esports community. 

REV/XP leverages its expertise in conventional digital marketing for the gaming industry. They engage brands and talents in exciting collaborations, livestreams, and insightful interviews. 

8. Rumble Gaming

Rumble Gaming

Location: California, United States

Services: Talent representation, content creation and distribution, live events, sponsorships, digital marketing

Notable partners/talents: OG Esports, BOOM Esports, Rogue, Tribe Gaming

There’s no going wrong with Rumble Gaming, a management agency representing some of the world’s best Esports teams and collaborating with big brands like Red Bull, TikTok, and Twitch. Performance-driven with an eye for talent, Rumble Gaming encourages talents to grab every opportunity for a breakthrough in the industry.

The esports community thrives on competition and sponsorship campaigns. Brands are catching up on the profit they can make in entering the scene, and Rumble Gaming is the perfect agency to match their competent talents with the best brand sponsorship. With the right digital marketing campaign, every talent is set to succeed.

9. BavaMedia


Location: California, United States

Services: Facebook Gaming Partner Program, brand partnerships, talent management 

Notable partners/talents: Muyskern, Neace, Kross

Seal that deal in no time with BavaMedia. This gaming talent management agency has mastered the art of closing partnerships and expanding its talents’ audience reach with strategic digital marketing techniques. BavaMedia focuses on building a community on the Facebook Gaming Partner Program, with which they have been collaborating since 2018.

The Partner Program encourages content creators to build their identity and make a profit out of their content. Additionally, BavaMedia works with the support of key players in the gaming community, such as EA, Meta, and YouTube Gaming. Developer studios also reach out to BavaMedia talents to collaborate with them on content production for distribution across the roster of talents.

10. Ampverse


Location: Singapore

Services: Partner management, sponsorship campaigns,

Notable partners/talents: MITH, SBTC, Huawei, Ubisoft, Acer, Disney

Based in Singapore, Ampverse is taking the lead in revolutionizing the Esports and gaming industry. It is dominating Asia, operating with some of the biggest esports organizations and brands on the continent, connecting their visions between gaming and their respective target audiences. 

Ampverse takes pride in nurturing a community of motivated gamers. Rather than problematize brand exposure and awareness, Ampverse charges forward with sponsorship proposals, sitting on the table with big tech and entertainment brands like Ubisoft, Disney, and Acer.

11. Ader


Location: California, United States

Services: Strategy and Planning, Original content production, Brand collaboration

Notable partners/talents: Kripparrian, Aceu, Emiru, Zynga, Twitch, Razer

Ader treats the creator economy as the new-gen Hollywood, where the audience steers the direction of a content creator’s career. Thus, the gaming talent management agency takes utmost care in nurturing a talent’s community. Ader boasts of harnessing gaming and the esports industry as the future of digital marketing, elevating both the brand partner and content creator in their collaborative stints.

Founded by gamers, Ader aims to refine the gaming and content creation experience of the next generation. Paving the way for emerging streamers and gamers are premium Ader partnership deals with brands we all know and love: Reese’s, Uniqlo, Logitech, and the Star Wars Franchise.

12. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful

Location: New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Beijing

Services: Influencer marketing, career guidance, talent management, community management, video production

Notable partners/talents: Toyota, Hyundai, Malibu

If you’re searching for big agency support and personalized services, you can check out Socially Powerful. In 2021, Socially Powerful, a leading social media marketing agency, decided to launch their talent management agency and Socially Powerful Talent was born.

From social to sporting stars to musos to artists, they work with all types of talent. Their community and social media management team help their stars to improve their social media channels (including “lesser known” channels like WeChat and Weibo and live streaming musts like Twitch). They can also help you to boost follower growth.

As they work with talent on an exclusive management basis only, they’re ready to devote a lot of resources. Not only do they focus on long-term relationships when working with talent, but also when it comes to brand partnerships. They’ve secured long-term partnerships with a wide range of brands that includes names like Toyota, Uber Eats, and PokerStars to benefit their roster of talent.

Amplify Your Brand with the Ideal Gaming Talent Management Agency

Gaming talent management agencies all offer different services at varying fees. As a beginner, you will want to start with solid support and expert advice in navigating your way through the gaming community as a content creator.

The ideal talent management agency will provide you with the best offers to expand your audience reach and build brand awareness. Setting up a presence on usual platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube is a great starting point. Additionally, they will also introduce you to their roster of established talents. Learning about your labelmates is crucial in assessing your growth and performance with the agency in the long run.

A good gaming talent management agency also offers regular consultation on the marketing strategy and other opportunities to optimize your marketing campaign. As with any industry, gaming and esports watch trends go out and about. Making data-driven decisions with your agency is crucial to staying on top of your marketing game.

Finally, the ideal gaming talent management agency indulges talents with incentives to keep them motivated. Be it a free seat to an exclusive program or a small amount of cash, a talent management agency that values its talent’s inspiration is a cut above the rest.

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