Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature on the social media platform Facebook that uses the camera on a computer or mobile device to broadcast real-time video. Created by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbag and released to the world on April 6th, 2016, Facebook Live was designed to be more unique than other common social media platform features like sharing and commenting. Live is designed for brands to showcase their raw authenticity. Live allows users to take a sneak peak into a unique perspective of a company. 

Communication and understanding is one of the best ways to establish relationships with clients. Facebook Live allows for two-way conversations between brands and their target market. Anytime a brand does a Live video, viewers can interact with the brand directly thanks to leaving comments, asking questions, or simply commenting cute emojis. 

Facebook Live Features

Live is a free feature of Facebook available to all profiles and pages on the platform. With broadcasts, Facebook users share unique content with friends and followers on Facebook. 

Features of Facebook Live include:

  1. Notifications. As a distinct content type on Facebook, Live has its own notification system. Live video notifications are set to “on” by default on follower accounts. So your followers will be notified of you going Live. 
  2. Filters and masks. Filters and masks are an ideal way to add a bit of personality to your Facebook Live video. You can also add fun colors and animations. 
  3. Invite friends. If a viewer is watching a certain broadcast, they can invite their friends to join in on the fun as well! Facebook Live makes it really easy for viewers to send their friends invites to join in on the stream. 
  4. Live Reactions. Live reactions help brands encourage genuine customer reactions. Reactions like this help brands determine what they are saying is resonating with their viewers. 

Why Facebook Live is So Important

There is no deniable doubt to the importance of Facebook Live. Live streaming has been growing in exponential popularity since the launch of Facebook Live back in April 2016. 

But what makes it so important for companies and growing brands to utilize Live to its full advantage? 

Facebook Live is important because: 

  1. It provides new, unique, fresh content to viewers. When you take advantage of the benefits Facebook Live offers, you are providing instant, real-time sources of engaging content your viewers won’t find anywhere else. 
  2. It’s a cost-effective video strategy. No need to spend hours designing the perfect video for your viewers. Facebook Live relieves a bit of that stress. You don’t need a fancy camera, insane editing skills, or a set design. You just need you, yourself, and your other self. 
  3. It creates more excitement around your product and/or service offerings. Live videos are raw opportunities to show your viewers the magic and beauty behind your brand. If you effectively and properly generate more buzz around your Live videos, you are guaranteed to have your customers come back to see more updates or get more news. They will come back for more. They will get excited. 
  4. It provides you with a better chance to build a relationship with your audience directly. One of the best ways to do this is to use Facebook Live to host a Q&A session. Viewers can directly leave comments and questions during the Live session, thus allowing you to answer their questions and concerns directly. People don’t like to wait, but utilizing Facebook Live to your advantage like this will satisfy their needs. 
  5. It drives more traffic to your Facebook pages. Live videos drive more engagement. If you know how to promote your content well, your viewers will come back over and over again for more. In fact, Facebook Live videos can drive 10x more comments than standard video content because of the real-time connection brands have with users. 
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