Top 20 Influencer Marketing Events of 2020 to Keep You Informed

Influencer marketing is now a mainstream form of marketing. It is one of the most popular ways for businesses to distribute content on social media to a far wider audience than their own. As long as brands select suitable influencers, they receive very positive rates of return on their influencer marketing expenditure.

However, like all industries, influencer marketing is evolving. The world of influencer marketing is very different now from what it was four years ago. Even if you have successfully tried influencer marketing in the past, it makes sense to upskill and learn what is happening in the world of influencer marketing in 2020.

There are now many influencer marketing events planned around the globe. Many of these cater to a broader audience, for example, social media marketing, but they include influencer marketing in the topics they cover. 

Here are 20 events that should help you in 2020 to learn more about the latest trends in influencer marketing and how the industry is changing to meet the demands of marketers and brands.

Top 20 Influencer Marketing Events of 2020 to Keep You Informed:

  1. #BlogHer20 Health

Los Angeles, CA USA – 1 February 2020


#BlogHer Health celebrates the female storytellers who use their voices to raise awareness for our collective health. The last #BlogHer Health event saw nearly 1,000 LA-based content creators gathered to be inspired and informed about the latest in health and wellness, straight from the experts who have turned their passion into a profitable business and the top brands looking for partners. The 2020 event should be just as active.

Speakers include Erin Cutler (Founder and CEO, Neon Rise Agency), Hunter McGrady (model and activist), Jenna Finley (board-certified genetic counselor, Invitae, and many more).

#BlogHer has been inspiring, empowering, and celebrating women content creators since 2005. They have held major events in many different blogging niches for nearly 15 years now. #BlogHer Health is now in its third year.

  1. Bloggers UTD

Mechelen, Belgium – 1 February 2020


Bloggers UTD – the Travel Gathering is the biggest meet-up between Belgian travel and lifestyle bloggers and the tourism industry. It is an afternoon of networking and knowledge-sharing. The event allows travel partners and bloggers to find the perfect match for their next collaboration.

In the afternoon, partners can attend four keynote presentations about influencer marketing. The hosting city will also organize some cool workshops for visiting bloggers during the day.

There is plenty of time for networking after the keynote sessions. All partners will have their stand at the event. Bloggers are welcome to chat with the attending partners, introduce their channels, and to propose possible collabs.

  1. Digital Marketer’s Australian Conference

Melbourne, Australia – 12-14 February 2020


Australia's largest digital marketing conference happens over three days in February. During that time, there will be three social events, 30 outstanding speakers, 35 noteworthy sessions, and 30 emerging traffic sources.

The conference will focus specifically on digital marketing to help grow your business. You can expect sessions on multiple online marketing topics, including influencer marketing.

Each day is going to be full of different topics that expert speakers will cover. You can network with the industry’s brightest minds, absorb mastermind-level content on stage, and be exposed to vetted, high quality sponsors overflowing with opportunities to push your business forward and propelling growth.

  1. Podcast Movement: Evolutions

Los Angeles, CA USA – 12-15 February 2020


The goal of Podcast Movement is to bring together and educate active and aspiring podcasters and to grow the podcast community and industry as a whole. They do this through educational and informative breakout sessions and panels spread across seven tracks, enlightening and encouraging keynote presentations, and fun networking events and parties.

They have taken special care to format the conference in a way that includes sessions and activities that directly benefit anyone currently involved with, or looking to get into, podcasting, and the podcast industry. With over 100 speakers and panelists participating in sessions across the three tracks, they have tried to make sure there will be something for everyone at Evolutions.

One entire track is geared towards “behind the scenes teams” and industry professionals. The most successful networks, ad sellers and buyers, statistic providers, and everything in between will be sharing what has been working (and what hasn’t) in the past year, and what they are doing for the future.

  1. VidCon

London, UK – 20-23 February 2020
Mexico City, Mexico – 30 April – 3 May 2020
Anaheim, CA USA – 17-20 June 2020


VidCon begins its second decade in 2020. It describes itself as being for people who love and make online videos. It covers all social channels that feature video, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitch, and TikTok.

It offers three tracks, depending on your area of interest:

  • The Community Track – for fans who want to celebrate online video with their friends, meet their favorite creators and have the time of their life.
  • The Creator Track – for video-makers wanting to create better content, grow their channel, break into the industry, and meet fellow creators.
  • The Industry Track – for companies, brands, and technology companies who wish to learn secrets from the experts, and build the strategies, insights, and alliances that will bring lasting success.

The industry track will be particularly beneficial for marketers, business owners, creators, or Influencers wanting to be involved in video Influencer marketing. The Industry Track has its own lounge and its own seminars, keynotes, panels, and fireside chats.

  1. Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo IMCX 2020

Los Angeles, CA USA – 25-26 February 2020


Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo (IMCX) is a series of networking & educational events attended by senior-level marketing decision-makers from brands, influencer marketing agencies, influencer marketing platforms, social media influencers, and other stakeholders involved in the multi-billion dollar influencer marketing economy. 

Some of the topics that the conference will cover include:

  • State of the Influencer Economy
  • Growth-Hacking with Influencers - a spotlight on the trend of Influencer Owned Brands
  • Targeting Millennials & Gen-Z via Influencer Marketing (Best Practices)
  • Building Communities with micro & nano social media Influencers
  • Cross Border Influencer Marketing
  • Agency Versus In-house influencer marketing
  • Influencer Marketing Versus Influencer Relations
  • Music, Film/TV & E-sports
  • FTC Disclosures (Legal Updates)
  • Emerging Social Media Platforms
  • Optimizing Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube
  • The Science of Influencing
  • Influencer Development Workshop
  • Influencer Fraud
  • Funding Your Influencer marketing campaign
  • Metrics & Measurement
  • The Future of Influencer Marketing
  • B2B Influencer Marketing- Best Practices
  • Innovative Influencer Marketing Platforms
  • Beat The Algorithm. Social Media Growth Hack Strategies

  1. DAD 2.0

Washington DC USA – 27-29 February 2020


The Dad 2.0 Summit is an open conversation about the commercial power of dads online, and an opportunity to learn the tools and tactics used by influential bloggers to create high-quality content, build personal brands, and develop business ideas.

It is an annual conference where marketers, social media leaders, and blogging parents connect to discuss the changing voice and perception of modern fatherhood. 

The community and annual summit bring together ​an elaborate spectrum of people who see fatherhood as a vital social good, including

  • online dad influencers (bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, Twitter & Insta stars)
  • Dad entrepreneurs & business owners
  • Men's media (e.g., Esquire)
  • Commercial creators (authors, filmmakers, producers & publishers)
  • Brand marketers who target dads & families
  • Fatherhood researchers & advocates

  1. Social Media Marketing World 2020

San Diego, CA USA – 1-3 March 2020


Social Media Marketing World is designed for the marketing professional. It aims to showcase important trends and how to implement the latest techniques successfully.

Most attendees either own or work for businesses with fewer than 100 employees - social media marketers, consultants, solopreneurs, agency owners, network marketers, and corporate marketers.

Social Media World splits its session into the following tracks:

Instagram Marketing, Facebook Ads, Facebook Organic, YouTube for Business, Video Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Social Strategy, Content Marketing, Video Creation, Live Video, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Local Business Marketing, Analytics, Messenger Bots, and Customer Advocacy

While it doesn't have a separate influencer marketing strand, many of the session tracks will still be highly relevant to firms wishing to engage in influencer marketing. One session that stands out is “Influencer Marketing Strategy: How to Maximize Your ROI” by Neal Schaffer.

  1. BrightonSEO 2020 Online PR Show 

Brighton, UK – 16 April 2020


The BrightonSEO 2020 Online PR Show is dedicated to successful digital public relations, outreach, and influencer marketing. It takes place the day before the BrightonSEO conference.

It will feature a selection of industry professionals as speakers. Topics include:

  • Creating a kick-ass seeding list to land links on more than just the nationals
  • What is digital PR strategy?
  • How to win friends and influencers in international markets
  • Questions your PR team should be asking your paid team
  • Tweak It, Fake It, and Research Until You Make It
  • How to Agree Tangible, Measurable KPIs with your Colleagues and Clients
  • Frameworks for Getting Links & Coverage for Campaign Launches
  • Making Headlines: Pitching Tips and Debunking Digital PR Myths

  1. ContentTECH Summit

San Diego, CA USA – 20-22 April 2020


The Content Tech Summit has a clear mission – “to show how the effective use of technology and better processes can help your strategic efforts to create, manage, deliver, and scale your enterprise content and provide your customers with better digital experiences.”

The summit will try to answer how your business should be using or preparing for the right content and marketing technology innovations. How do you use content and technology to help in the ever-changing market landscape?

Attendees of ContentTECH will learn from practitioners and experts in content technology and marketing strategy. Both speakers and attendees are trailblazing pioneers who have set the bar for epic content marketing through technology.

  1. Savage Marketing 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 21-22 April 2020


Savage Marketing 2020 will feature 50 speakers holding 40 sessions for 500 marketers on topics affecting B2C marketing. Is will be a place to learn, share, and network. It is one of Europe’s premier marketing conferences.

Although it covers all spheres of marketing, there will be much of value for those interested in digital marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

Topics in 2020 include:

  • Synchronizing online and offline experiences to brand proposition
  • Creating powerful experiences that engage GenZ
  • Creating a single customer view is the key to data-driven engagement
  • The importance of geofencing in virtual engagement

  1. Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit

Chicago, IL USA – 29-30 April 2020 (Pre-Summit Workshop 28 April)


The Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit aims to help marketers launch, scale, and measure their influencer programs. It runs parallel with the Social Media Strategies Summit.

The Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit teaches you the nuts and bolts of building an influencer marketing strategy that drives business results. The Social Media Strategies Summit features case studies, panels, and how-to sessions to help your team create a strong-performing, engaging social media presence for your brand.

The influencer keynotes are:

  • The State of Influencer Marketing, Social Algorithm Changes and Top Trends of 2020
  • The Role of Trust and Relationship Building in Influencer Marketing
  • The Rise of Influencer Entrepreneurs and Their Impact on Brands
  • How Brands and Creators Can Be Tapping into Emerging Channels for Their Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Brand, Agency and Creator Perspectives — Best Practices in Campaign Management and Creative Strategy

The pre-summit Workshop offers two influencer workshop topics:

  • How to Generate Creative, Compelling Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas that Align with Your Brand
  • Building a Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Strategy

Also, there are numerous other influencer-related sessions and panels.

  1. Youth Marketing Strategy London

London, UK – 29-30 April 2020


Marketing to the younger generations can be a daunting experience if that is not your own demographic. For a start, Generation Z can’t stand banner ads, and most install some form of ad blocking software. They trust their influencers far more than they do brands or even traditional celebrities.

Youth Marketing Strategy, London, is a two-day youth marketing festival on the latest trends, youth perspectives, and brand case studies.

The agenda includes an influencer marketing track. Tailify offers two hours of content around the buzz word phenomenon of the 21st century. Their discussion touches upon three primary pillars that will help you to truly connect with your audience and speak to their needs on a more relevant and authentic level.

  1. MOM 2.0

Los Angeles, CA USA – 6-9 May 2020

Mom 2.0 is a gathering of influencers and leaders who create content online and on-air in parenting, entertainment, food, politics, business, marketing, technology, social change, travel, and design.

Many prominent women are booked as speakers for this event, although their topics have not yet been announced.

  1. The Social Shake-Up Show

Atlanta, GE USA – 12-14 May 2020


The Social Shake-Up is another recurring conference that grows in popularity each year. The Social Shake-Up allows you to hear from the movers and shakers in social. They will give you ideas to move you and your brand forward.

Many of the speakers are C-suite execs who understand the place of social in business. You will participate in provocative discussions about what’s next and how you need to prepare.

The conference includes interactive sessions, case studies, panel discussions, fireside chats, clinics and more focused on Social Strategy, Integrated Comms, Customer Experience, Video, Monitoring, Data, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Content Marketing, Mobile, Crisis Management, Podcasting, Blogging, Social Good, Visual Storytelling, Paid Social, Organic Social, SEO, Online Communities, Customer Mapping, Talent Retention, Measurement, and Social Commerce.

The Social Shake-Up provides numerous networking opportunities, which could be a useful time for brands to build relationships with influencers.

The Shake-Up continues its tradition of closing out the show with a roundtable of top influencers shaking up social. They have gathered a diverse set of sought-after influencers who will share their secret sauce for engagement, innovation, and online commerce. Brands will get a final unvarnished look at what makes a successful partnership from an influencer's point of view.

  1. Digital Growth Unleashed

Las Vegas, NV USA – 1-3 June 2020


Digital Growth Unleashed is an updated version of what was previously known as Conversion Conference, which was held more than two dozen times at various locations around the world since 2010.

The event will leave you knowing how to attract the right audience, align business models with the user experience, optimize the lifetime value of client relationships and introduce you to the right technology to make it all happen.

It is a live-only event with no video recordings. Attendees will gain actionable content from industry-leading speakers and insightful perspectives from top keynotes. You will be able to make connections and talk in-depth with your favorite speakers.

Your team will have plenty of choices, as there are four content streams, and four concurrent sessions throughout the conference.

Digital Growth Unleashed is co-located with the Marketing Analytics Summit and the Email Innovations Summit.

  1. Online B2B Conference

Munich, Germany – 23-24 June 2020


Munich’s Online B2B Conference aims to provide strategies for successful online B2B marketing. They recognize that community building, content marketing, and influencer relations are now rapidly becoming relevant for B2B marketing. At the Online B2B Conference, you will learn from lectures and practical examples of how you can implement these trends.

Networking, making contacts, and intensive exchange in a relaxed atmosphere: the conference offers a lot of time and space for the exchange of participants with each other and with the speakers.

The conference features more than 25 industry experts speaking over two days. This includes technical contributions, case studies, and the exchange of experiences.

  1. FinCon 2020

Long Beach, CA USA – 30 September - 3 October 2020


FinCon is the conference where money and media meet. It aims to help financial influencers and brands create better content, reach their audience, and make more money. 

You can collaborate with other influencers who share your passion for making personal finance personal. The conference features more than 200 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors.

More than 2500 personal finance content creators and influencers came together to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other in 2019, and there should be similar numbers in 2020.

  1. Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Cleveland, OH USA – 13-16 October 2020

The Content Marketing World Conference and Expo will return in 2020. It provides an opportunity for you to learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry. Leading brand marketers and experts from around the world will present over 125 sessions and workshops. These will cover strategy, storytelling, ROI, demand generation, AI, and other new ideas.

They expect more than 4,000 attendees from more than 550 companies in 60 countries, listening to 225 speakers.

Although the 2020 agenda is not yet available, the 2019 conference included many sessions relevant to those engaging in influencer marketing.

  1. DC Podfest

Washington DC USA – 6-8 November 2020


DC Podfest brings podcasters and digital influencers together for three days of sessions, networking, workshops, and fun.

It focuses on the business, creativity, and influence of podcasting. The sessions and workshops are designed for everyone, from those who are still thinking about podcasting, to those who have been around the block a few times.

There's plenty to do for socializing, networking, and a good time. They host everything from open bar events to pancake breakfasts.

The speakers and workshop hosts are chosen for their passion and expertise in areas from starting a podcast to building a devoted audience and monetizing.

DC Podfest offers new and veteran podcasters two days of speakers, workshops, networking, branding sessions, a VIP Party, recording sessions, ending with a live podcast closing party.

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