25 Most Popular Podcasts by Influencers You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts have increased in popularity over the years. There are currently more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes, according to Podcast Insights. In 2019, 51% of the United States population said they listened to a podcast, an increase of 20 million over 2018 (Infinite Dial). With the popularity of podcasts consistently climbing, it's no surprise that influencers are starting to get in on the podcasting game. And influencers have tons of entertaining and educational content to share! In this article, we're going to share 25 of the most popular podcasts by influencers.

A quick note: these are the most popular podcasts hosted by influencers—not the most popular podcasts about influencer marketing. On this list, you'll find a broad range of topics, only a few of which have anything to do with marketing at all. If you're looking for podcasts that will help you with your marketing efforts, check out this list of marketing podcasts for influencers or these social media podcasts to get you started.

25 Most Popular Podcasts by Influencers You Should Be Listening To:

25 Most Popular Podcasts by Influencers

Influencers across industries are trying their hand at podcasting. And it makes sense. Nearly 75% of people who listen to podcasts do so to learn new things (Statista). Since influencers are seen as experts in their niche, podcasting seems the next logical step to sharing their knowledge with their followers. Podcasting is a great way for influencers to extend their reach and keep their followers engaged while cementing their place as an authority in their industry and giving them even more opportunities to leverage affiliate marketing and brand collaborations.

From business to beauty to fashion to fitness, it's a good bet that there's an influencer podcasting about it. Let's take a look at some of the most popular podcasts by influencers. If you're an influencer, you can use this list as inspiration to start a podcast of your own. Or, you can just tune in and listen to your favorite influencers share their know-how.

1. Impaulsive With Logan Paul

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 22.7M

Logan Paul is one of the highest-paid YouTube stars and now has his own podcast. This podcast is a great chance for Paul's fans to see a different side of him, more thoughtful, though he's still his ridiculous self. Paul has said that the podcast gives him a chance to talk about topics a bit more in-depth, a bit more intelligently, though listeners should still expect the antics that make Logan Paul, Logan Paul.

2. The Girls Bathroom With Sophia and Cinzia

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 343K

In this podcast from YouTube influencers Sophia and Cinzia, you'll find a range of topics like work, money, significant others, and more. The two have great chemistry and it's clear that they’re close friends. As the name suggests, the podcast has a feel of girl chat and gossip. Sophia and Cinzia regularly invite guests onto the program, usually fellow YouTubers like The Persian Babe.

3. Pretty Basic With Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Alisha Marie - 8.2M; Remi Cruz - 2.54M

Pretty Basic is brought to you by YouTube personalities and best friends Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. The podcast includes talk about relationships, mental health, behind the scenes into the lives of Alisha and Remi, and more.

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience With Gary Vaynerchuk

Influencer Platform of Choice: Varies

If you've never experienced business influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, you're in for a treat. This podcast focuses on business, entrepreneurship, and money management. Vaynerchuk shares the extensive expertise he's built over the years through real-life experiences and trial and error as an investor, CEO, entrepreneur, public speaker, vlogger, and influencer.

5. The Waiting Room With Dr. Alex

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 1.5M

Dr. Alex George is an Instagram influencer in the health niche who shares stories from his time as a frontline health care worker. In this podcast, you'll find inspiring, lighthearted, and informative stories from listeners and stories from Dr. George and his guests.

6. Getting Lippy With... With Imogen Horton

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 399K

Imogen Horton hasn't posted a new episode in 2020, but there are still 23 episodes of this podcast available and they're definitely worth a listen. Horton talks about her own daily struggles in a relaxed and relatable way, hoping to help listeners who are struggling with the same things.

7. Berning in Hell With Hannah Berner

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 456K

Hannah Berner is an Instagram influencer known for her sass. In this podcast, Berner invites people to join her and gets them to open up about their own personal hell. Her guests have included reality stars, entrepreneurs, and comedians. The takeaway? We all have stuff we're going through, no matter how perfect our lives look on paper.

8. The Good Life With Stevie and Sazan Hendrix

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: Sazan - 1.1M; Stevie - 133K

If you're looking for a feel-good podcast that will probably make you cry, you just found it. Stevie and Sazan Hendrix interview everyone from regular people to major celebrities. Their goal is to "warm hearts, inspire minds, and captivate listeners" by sharing intimate stories and powerful conversations.

9. VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Dobrik - 18.7M; Nash - 3.21M

VIEWS is hosted by YouTube stars David Dobrik and Jason Nash. Through the podcast, the duo shares behind the scenes access to their lives as vloggers in LA. They talk about their friendship, current events, and the pros and cons of being YouTube celebrities.

10. Peachy Podcast With Niki and Sammy

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 180K

Niki and Sammy cover everything trending in their podcast—from the most up-to-date music news, internet trends, and behind the scenes gossip, you'll find it here. They regularly welcome guests onto the show. While they haven't posted for a couple of years, there are about 50 episodes that are worth listening to.

11. Between the Reps With Brooke Ence and Jeanna Cianciarulo

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: Ence - 1.5M; Cianciarulo - 15.8K

Fitness influencers and CrossFit athletes Brooke Ence and Jeanna Cianciarulo host this podcast that covers everything from fitness to fashion to relationships to life in general. Oh, and of course they talk about fitness. Most of the fitness talk revolves around tips, busting fads, and sharing their own experiences as professional athletes and competitors.

12. What I Know Now With Amelia Liana

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 495K

Amelia Liana is a successful YouTuber and lifestyle blogger. In this podcast, she shares insights into heartache survival that she's gained from personal experience with relationships, love, and breakups. She hopes to share practical advice to her listeners on how they can get through dark days and build their lives back after heartbreak.

13. Wild ’Til 9 With Lauren Riihimaki and Jeremy Lewis

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube (Riihimaki); Instagram (Lewis)
Followers/Subscribers: Riihimaki - 8.81M; Lewis - 163K

This podcast is brought to you by DIY influencer Lauren Riihimaki and her tech mogul partner Jeremy Lewis. They talk about what can go wrong in relationships, how to spot red flags, and advice on avoiding common relationship issues—particularly for younger people in newer relationships.

14. Girlboss Radio With Sophia Amoruso

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 623K

Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Girlboss, shares the experiences she's learned from her business ventures, including the 2016 bankruptcy of her eCommerce business Nasty Gal, so others can learn from her successes and failures. She regularly brings on women who are nailing it in their industry so she can dive deep into what it takes to build a successful career or grow a business.

15. The Estée Lalonde Show

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 1.13M

YouTuber Estée Lalonde interviews guests that she believes will resonate with her audience. No topic is off-limits but the podcast largely focuses on entrepreneurship, beauty and skincare, health and wellness, and mindfulness.

16. Private Parts With Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram (Laing); Twitter (Boulle)
Followers/Subscribers: Laing - 923K; Boulle - 450.8K

In this fun and chaotic podcast, influencers Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle share from their personal diaries, giving their listeners insight into what it's like to be both influencers and entrepreneurs. Each week, Laing and Boulle bring in a special celebrity guest to share the details of their lives, too.

17. Other People's Lives With Joe Santagato and Greg Dybec

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 2.47M

YouTube star Joe Santagato and writer Greg Dybec scour the internet for interesting people to invite onto their show. Guests range from professional ghost hunters to swingers and it's all anonymous. Think Beautiful/Anonymous but a little edgier.

18. Here We Go Again with Stacey Solomon

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 3.9M

Parenting influencer Stacey Solomon shares personal insights into her parenting experiences after just welcoming her third child nearly a decade after having her last one. She talks about what's changed in parenting a newborn since she did it last, what's acceptable (and what isn't), and what tools there are that can make the process a bit less scary.

19. Humanity Feels With Yasmin Elzomor

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 34.5K

Yasmin Elzomor is a content creator and life coach based in New York City. In this podcast about love, life, and everything else, Elzomor seeks to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

20. Mile Higher Podcast With Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: 2.13M

YouTube influencer Kendall Rae teams up with her husband, Josh Thomas, to bring you a podcast about true crime, conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations, and obscure news stories not covered by the mainstream media. They regularly welcome guests onto the show, both experts in the topics they're discussing and other people who just share their love for a good mystery.

21. Don't Blame Me! With Meghan Rienks

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram, YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Instagram - 1M; YouTube - 2.19M

Instagram influencer and YouTube star Meghan Rienks opens up the phone lines for this weekly call-in advice audio and video podcast. She shares blunt, truthful, and downright funny wisdom on topics from sex to mental health to relationships. As the show's title indicates, don't blame her if you take her advice.

22. TK's Juicy Pod With Taylor King

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram, YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Instagram - 107K; YouTube - 99.5K

Taylor King is an Instagram influencer famous for her polls on Instagram Stories. The podcast covers everything as long as it's interesting. Each week King brings on a guest to come up with tons of new polls and discuss the results.

23. The Gurls Talk Podcast With Adwoa Aboah

Influencer Platform of Choice: Instagram
Followers/Subscribers: 983K

Model and influencer Adwoa Aboah brings guests onto this podcast to talk about current events in urban cultures, toxic masculinity, mental health, rehab, addiction recovery, and a whole lot more. The vibe of this podcast is empowering and uplifting to the women-identifying folks among us.

24. Gals on the Go With Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Carolan - 533K; Miccio - 237K

Influencers and students Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio talk about everything from life at college to best friend stories to advice about living your best life to productivity hacks. The podcast is for those twenty-somethings who aren't quite sure what's going on and need advice from folks who are getting through it.

25. Unsolicited Advice With Ashley Nichole and Taryne Renee

Influencer Platform of Choice: YouTube
Followers/Subscribers: Ashley - 1.17M; Taryne - 54K

YouTube vloggers Ashley Nichole and Taryne Renee bring you this podcast that will help you laugh through whatever tears life brings you. They answer listener questions, offering up advice on a range of topics: dating, work, seriously embarrassing things. Of course, they aren't experts in any way. They're just a funny pair giving you advice based on, well, nothing really.

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