Top 20 Social Media Podcasts for 2024 to Skyrocket Your Social Media Impact

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Did you know that there are near 5 billion social media users worldwide? If you're not using social media for your business, you're missing out on a large group of potential customers. If you're not sure how to get started with social media, we've got just the thing for you: social media podcasts. Specifically, the best social media podcasts for 2024 that you can use to start or skyrocket your social media marketing impact.

Social media changes all the time. That makes it important for marketers and social media influencers to stay up to date with the latest trends, algorithm updates, features, and statistics. Social media podcasts are one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors. They give you access to the best and brightest in social media marketing who provide invaluable information you can use to improve your own social media marketing no matter your niche or industry.

But with more than 3 million active podcasts and 169 million podcast episodes published, it can be a daunting task to find the best and most valuable social media podcasts that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to boost your social media ROI. The podcasts we've included here are focused on social media marketing rather than the broader topic of digital marketing so you are sure to get the targeted social media marketing information you need.

Social Media Podcasts for 2024:

Podcasts exist to educate and entertain. They're an accessible way for social media influencers and marketers to get valuable information and insights about trends and best practices for social media. The podcasts we've included here are focused on social media marketing and are presented by expert social media agencies.

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1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Hosted by: Gary Vaynerchuk
Frequency: Daily
Duration: 15–60+ minutes
Recommended Episode:  Marketing for the Now – TikTok Edition!

Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge name in social media marketing. He has an enormous following on just about every major social media platform and uses his online presence to share native content on each platform that really reaches his target audience. The podcast is a variety format and includes keynotes, snippets from the DAILYVEE video series, #AskGaryVee episodes, as well as other podcast content.

2. Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros Podcast

Hosted by: Jay Baer and Adam Brown
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–60+ minutes
Recommended Episode: How to Weather Social Platform Shifts with Incredible Content

Social Pros is one of the longest-running social media podcasts. It’s hosted by two high-level marketers, Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and Adam Brown of Salesforce. Each episode of the Social Pros podcast includes insights from leading social media strategists as well as current trends and ideas about how to leverage them in the social media world. Baer and Brown cover topics like Facebook engagement, how to use Instagram to build follower engagement, and why social media customer service is a solid marketing strategy. The podcast provides actionable insights that social media marketers can put to use right away.

3. Savvy Social Podcast

Savvy Social Podcast

Hosted by: Andréa Jones
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended Episode: How to Build a Community of True Fans on Social Media

In the Savvy Social Podcast, host Andréa Jones shares the hows and whys of social media marketing. Jones chants with industry professionals who offer intriguing and beneficial insights on the social media strategies that worked for their businesses. Each week, Jones covers a different social media marketing tactic, offering real-world examples and actionable insights listeners can put to use.

4. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee

Hosted by: John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 20 minutes
Recommended Episode: Using Behavioral Science in Marketing

Marketing over coffee is a weekly discussion of classic and new marketing. They cover topics like staying up to date with social networks, search engine optimization and search marketing, email marketing, multivariate testing, and copywriting, and “old school” offline marketing campaigns.

5. Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Hosted by: The Social Media Examiner Team
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–60 minutes
Recommended Episode: New YouTube Revenue Opportunities for Channels

Social Media Marketing Talk Show focuses on trending social media news stories. The podcast offers expert commentary on social media marketing news across platforms with a different panel of social media marketers each week. The diverse insights offered in this podcast can help guide your social media marketing efforts.

6. Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic

Hosted by: Sara Tasker
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–60 minutes
Recommended Episode: Why It’s Never Too Late to Grow Your Instagram

Sara Tasker is an Instagram expert with nearly 220,000 Instagram followers. In this weekly podcast, Tasker shares actionable tips based on the lessons and strategies she learned while building her own business. While she does veer into topics like community, motherhood, creativity, and authenticity, her skill with Instagram and the tips and tools she shares are worth the listen.

7. Social Zoom Factor

Social Zoom Factor

Hosted by: Pam Moore
Frequency: Every weekday
Duration: 15–30 minutes
Recommended Episode: LinkedIn Marketing Engagement Strategies to Increase Leads, Sales and Brand Awareness

Social Zoom Factor is a great podcast if you want to learn how to integrate social media, content marketing, experiential branding, digital marketing, and the latest technology. Every episode provides actionable tactics and strategies you can implement right away to improve your social media marketing ROI.

8. The Marketing Book Podcast

The Marketing Book Podcast

Hosted by: Douglas Burdett
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 60+ minutes
Recommended Episode: Mastering Marketing Agility by Andrea Fryrear

Every week, host Douglas Burdett interviews authors of new marketing and sales books. If you have a list of social media marketing books you’d love to read but haven’t found time for, this is the podcast for you.

9. Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer

Maximize Your Social Influence with Neal Schaffer

Hosted by: Neal Schaffer
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended Episode: Your Community is Always a Subset (of Your Potential)

This social media podcast from Neal Schaffer is all about teaching marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners how to leverage and monetize their social media influence. Schaffer regularly discusses influencer marketing and social media on the podcast through guest interviews and sharing his personal experience. This podcast provides the tools you need to increase ROI on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

10. Good Social Media Podcast

Good Social Media Podcast

Hosted by: Todd Austin
Frequency: Multiple times per week (nothing new since June 2020)
Duration: 15–60+ minutes
Recommended Episode: Collaborative Marketing and Social Media with Jess Ruhfus

On the Good Social Media Podcast, you’ll find stories about how social media is helping people to live fuller, richer, more connected lives. Host Todd Austin goes in-depth on social media statistics as well as sharing marketing tips and growth hacks.

11. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Hosted by: Michael Stelzner
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended Episode: Three Steps to Develop a Personal Brand

This social media podcast is hosted by Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner and provides success stories and expert interviews from leading social media marketing professionals. You’ll find out how the top businesses use social media, get actionable tips, and learn new strategies and tactics to help improve your social media marketing

12. The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media

Hosted by: The Buffer Team
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 10–20 minutes
Recommended Episode: The Twitter Upheaval and What it Means for Marketers

The Science of Social Media podcast is brought to you by the team behind Buffer. Buffer is one of the most popular social media scheduling tools available. This social media podcast delivers actionable strategies and advice you can use to grow your social media presence. You’ll get deep dives into the big social media news and trends as well as impactful insights into algorithm changes and feature updates.

13. Social Media Lab from AgoraPulse

Social Media Lab from AgoraPulse

Hosted by: Scott Ayres
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 15–20 minutes
Recommended Episode: Resurrecting Dead Instagram Accounts!

This is probably one of the most fascinating social media podcasts we’ve found. In this podcast powered by AgoraPulse, host Scott Ayres tests out ideas about what will work on social media. For this podcast, Ayres looks at some of the most popular social media marketing theories and tries to find out if the theory actually works. They’ve dubbed themselves the “Mythbusters of the social media marketing ecosystem.”

14. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Hosted by: Jenna Snavely
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 15–45 minutes
Recommended Episode: Cracking the Code to Online Success with Allie Bloyd

In this weekly show produced by DigitalMarketer, you’ll get a guided tour of the world of digital marketing with deep dives into topics you can use to grow your marketing skills and business. Host Jenna Snavely interviews marketers at the top of their game who share digital marketing hacks and the information you need to get new ideas and apply the marketing knowledge you already have.

15. Social Media Pubcast with Jon Loomer

Social Media Pubcast with Jon Loomer

Hosted by: Jon Loomer
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–60 minutes
Recommended Episode: Stop Chasing Easy

Social Media Pubcast is geared toward Facebook marketers who either are advanced or who want to be. The episodes combine audio blog posts and “pubcasts” in which guests answer questions about advertising growth tips and Facebook marketing. They’re called “pubcasts” because those episodes are supposed to have an informal, “meeting a friend for a beer to talk social media marketing” feel.

16. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by: Amy Porterfield
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–60 minutes
Recommended Episode: Is Your Fear of Success Sabotaging Your Business?

Amy Porterfield is a leading online marketing strategist who offers beautifully detailed podcast episodes. Porterfield is all about practical application and provides tips and ideas that you’ll be able to put into practice right away to start, scale, and automate your online business.

17. Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar

Twitter Smarter Podcast with Madalyn Sklar

Hosted by: Madalyn Sklar
Frequency: Biweekly (nothing new since February 2020)
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended Episode: How to Find Inspiration for Creating Twitter Content, with Janet Machuka

Madalyn Sklar is a Twitter marketing expert who shares insights and Twitter best practices on this social media podcast. She interviews social media and marketing experts who share Twitter tips, resources, and tools that you can use to crush your Twitter marketing goals.

18. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale

Hosted by: Reid Hoffman
Frequency: Every couple of days
Duration: 30–45 minutes
Recommended Episode: How to find hidden value that others miss, w/The Black List’s Franklin Leonard

While Masters of Scale isn’t directly about social media, you’ll glean some great marketing advice from the podcast that can be applied to your social media marketing strategy. Every episode, Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, proves an unconventional theory about how businesses scale. He and his guests talk about leadership strategy, management, entrepreneurship, and fundraising.

19. Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs

Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs

Hosted by: The MarketingProfs Team
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended Episode: The End of Third-Party Cookies Is a New Beginning for Digital Advertisers

Marketing Smarts is a great weekly podcast from MarketingProfs and uses in-depth interviews with expert marketers to provide actionable insights to help marketers market smarter. You’ll learn valuable marketing skills and gain knowledge that you can apply to your social media marketing strategies.

20. Goal Digger

Goal Digger

Hosted by: Jenna Kutcher
Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 30–45 minutes
Recommended Episode: Is it Possible to Build Your Brand Without Giving Up Your Personal Life?

The host of Goal Digger, Jenna Kutcher, is a wildly successful social media influencer who shares social media strategies, productivity tips, business hacks, and more so you can build your dream career. She focuses on actionable tips and hacks that she herself used to become a millionaire in Instagram sponsorships, online courses, photography, and social media influencer.

Wrapping Up

With these 20 social media podcasts perfect for 2024 you’ll get access to tons of up-to-date tips, tools, hacks, and trends you can use to get more from your social media marketing. No matter what social media platform you use, the podcasts we've shared here will provide hours of keen insight, advice, and actionable tactics you can put to use today.

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