Top Influencer Marketing Events and Webinars for 2022

Influencer marketing is now a mainstream form of marketing. It’s one of the most popular ways for businesses to distribute content on social media to a far wider audience than their own. As long as brands select suitable influencers, they receive very positive rates of return on their influencer marketing expenditure.

However, like all industries, influencer marketing is evolving. The world of influencer marketing is very different now from what it was a couple of years ago. Even if you have successfully tried influencer marketing in the past, it makes sense to upskill and learn what’s happening in the world of influencer marketing right now.

There are now many influencer marketing events planned around the globe for 2022. Many of these cater to a broader audience, for example, social media marketing, but they include influencer marketing in the topics they cover. 

You’ll also notice that there are a number of podcast events included. Over the years, podcasts have really increased in popularity and, as a result, several influencers, like Logan Paul and YouTube star Joe Santagato, have started to explore this medium and are also now the voices behind some of the most popular podcasts showing that the power of influencers is far-reaching.  

From podcasting to events aimed at food bloggers, here are the leading events that should help you in 2022 to learn more about the latest trends in influencer marketing and how the industry is changing to meet the demands of marketers and brands. A number of these events will be held exclusively online, while others will be in-person events. Though, if the Omicron variant has taught us anything so far it’s that things can literally change overnight. While we hope that 2022 will be the year that in-person events return in all its glory, just keep in mind that dates and venues might change. 

Top Influencer Marketing Events and Webinars for 2022:

Influencer Marketing Conference

June 23 – June 24, 2022

Business Design Centre, London and online

This conference is aimed at savvy and creative marketers who want to improve their influencer marketing campaigns. One day is dedicated to content that will look at various themes. 

Attendees will also get the chance to listen to a line-up of more than 25 influencer marketing experts who will be able to answer questions and share practical how-to advice. 

Previous speakers have included:

  • Flora Noble, Digital Influencer Manager at Oxfam
  • Jasira Zondervan, Influencer Marketing and Social Media Manager at Universal Music
  • Flora Coluccia, Head of Communication, Advocacy & Influencer Marketing at Lancôme
  • Claudia Tezcan, Senior Communications Manager at Dove Global



According to their website, DigiMarCon is the biggest digital marketing, media and advertising conference and exhibition series in the world. It gives attendees the chance to enjoy an intimate gathering with leaders and professionals in marketing during which they can gain insight into emerging strategies, best practices, and innovative technologies. 

More than 40 conferences are held annually across nearly 20 countries. What’s more, in 2022-2023, there will also be an international cruise if you want to explore uncharted waters with your marketing campaigns, so to speak.

Cities that will play host to DigiMarCon conferences in 2022 include:

  • Sydney
  • New York City
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Dublin
  • Cape Town
  • Singapore

In addition to influencer marketing, in 2022, they also plan to tackle topics like:

  • Growth hacking
  • Podcast marketing
  • Social commerce
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • PR and cause marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Visual and voice search
  • User-generated content

To give you an idea of what you can expect, previous speakers have included:

  • Ashley Faus from Atlassian
  • Megan Toth from NBC Universal
  • David Fallarme from HubSpot
  • Mike Hines from Amazon
  • Loni Stark from Adobe
  • Fernando Angulo from SEMrush

#DMWF Global 2022

June 23 – June 24, 2022

Business Design Centre, London and online

For more than 12 years, DMWF has been bringing together the global digital marketing community to address the issues that the digital future offers. During the two-day event, the latest trends and strategies within the industry will be covered by means of live demos, practical how-to sessions, product launches, and online networking.  

In addition to influencer marketing, other topics that will be explored include:

  • Digital marketing technologies
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • eCommerce
  • Content marketing
  • Data and analytics

Mobile World Conference

February 28 – March 3, 2022

Barcelona, Spain

As connectivity plays a key part in digital marketing, influencers, creators, innovators, and leaders get together at this popular mobile event to help shape the future of tech. Described on their website as the most influential event for the connectivity industry, Mobile World Conference (MWC) is a great place to network with influencers in the tech and mobile industry. 

Keynote speakers for 2022’s line-up include:

  • Cher Wang, co-founder and chairperson of HTC Corporation
  • Caroline Casey, founder and creator of The Valuable 500
  • Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone Group

Highlights of 2021’s event have included:

  • A discussion about what the new consumer looks like
  • A virtual interview with Elon Musk
  • A discussion about AI for telecoms
  • A look at the benefits of 5G in manufacturing

Tastemaker Conference 2022

March 3 – March 4, 2022

Revel Motor Row, Chicago

The Tastemaker Conference offers more than 30 classes, workshops, panels, and keynotes that concentrate on topics like SEO and tech, revenue and business growth, and content creation. It’s anticipated that over 400 food bloggers, influencers, and brands will attend, making it an amazing opportunity to network with not only other food influencers, but also brands that are looking to collaborate with content creators. 

Speakers for 2022’s event include:

  • Aleka Shunk, creator of the Cooking With Keywords course dedicated to food blogging
  • Jenny Melrose, author of Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience
  • Shishir Malani, Web Ecosystem Consultant at Google
  • Arsen Rabinovich, founder of TopHatRank
  • Laurie Buckle, founder of CookIt Media

Youth Marketing Strategy New York

March 22, 2022

Brooklyn Expo Center, New York

Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) is America’s biggest youth marketing festival. It focuses specifically on how brands can reach Gen Zers better. Boasting more than 80 speakers from leading as well as emerging brands, 2022’s event promises to be even more diverse and exciting than the previous five YMS festivals. If you’re wondering about what 2022 has in store regarding lifestyle, tech, and content, this event will ensure that you’ll understand the latest trends so that you can speak to Generation Z in an authentic brand voice. 

Other questions that you’ll learn the answers to include:

  • What are the entertainment trends among Gen Z for 2022 and beyond?
  • How can you prepare your brand for Gen Alpha?
  • What are the lifestyle, digital, and tech trends that play a role in the lives of consumers in their late teens/early 20s?

Speakers for 2022’s line-up include:

  • Ken Gibbs Jr. of Spotify
  • Megan Toth of NBC Universal
  • Quentin Moreau-Defarges of Gameloft
  • Dave Dickman of Tagger Media

Tickets start at $350. 

Podcast Movement Evolutions

March 23 – March 26, 2022

JW Marriott, Los Angeles

While the featured speakers of the event haven’t been announced yet, it promises to be an exciting event. For a glimpse into last year’s highlights, you can check out a short video clip on its landing page. 

Basically, Podcast Movement Evolutions is three single-track events that all take place at the same time. There will be combined keynote talks, parties, and networking events. Each track has been curated in such a manner to offer attendees balanced discussions that tackle every aspect of podcasting. 

The first track is aimed at the creator – those who are brand new to podcasting or looking to monetize a podcast that they’re currently running as a hobby. The second track is aimed at experienced and/or full-time podcasters. The last track is aimed at podcast or radio industry professionals and audio ad buyers and sellers. Almost 2,000 podcasters and industry professionals are expected to join 2022’s event. 

Exclusive VXB+ Deep Dive: Diversity & Inclusivity - Focusing on Gender and Identity

March 31, 2022


If you prefer webinars over events, be sure to mark this date on your calendar. This webinar will look at Voxburner’s Diversity and Inclusivity: Focusing on Gender and Identity report. 

A panel of young people will share their thoughts on which brands are truly diverse among other things. It’s a great learning opportunity if you want to find out how you can ensure diversity and inclusivity in your branding and campaigns, particularly with regards to gender and identity. 

AdWorld Conference

May 2 – May 3, 2022

Microsoft describes the AdWorld Conference as the “event for visionary advertising ideas”. Over the course of two days, AdWorld will stream more than 10 digital advertising tracks that include speeches, live Q&A sessions, and panels. Described on their website as the networking event of the year, this two-day online all-in-one advertising event will help you to connect with some of the leading marketers and brands.

Past speakers have included the likes of Neil Patel (co-founder of Crazy Egg), Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK), Oli Gardner (founder of Unbounce), and Loren Baker (founder of Search Engine Journal). And, the line-up that’s been shared for 2022 so far won’t disappoint either.  

Speakers for 2022’s event include:

  • Arianna Huffington, Founder of The Huffington Post
  • Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot
  • Brandon Smithwrick, Senior Content Strategist at Squarespace
  • Tatiana Holifield, Head of Brand Social at Disney Streaming

While no information about 2022’s tracks is available yet, past tracks included:

  • Content marketing
  • The future of advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Ad creatives and design
  • Media buying
  • Conversion optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • Email marketing

What’s more, as it’s an IAB-approved event, it will count towards IAB Certified Professional’s Continuing Education credits. 

Youth Marketing Strategy London

May 4 – May 5, 2022

The Old Truman Brewery, London

If you’re searching for ways to improve your marketing strategy aimed at Gen Z specifically, this is a great event to attend. Organized by Voxburner, Youth Marketing Strategy (YMS) promises to offer the latest insights and networking opportunities. While the focus of the event might be the youth, the event is not new and 2022 will mark its 10th year. 

The two-day event will start with in-person events, keynotes, panels, exhibition halls, live performances, and networking. Attendees can also look forward to more than 150 speakers and Q&A sessions with top brands and advertisers like LADBible, Burger King, and Contiki Travel. In addition to influencer marketing, topics that will be explored in detail include digital innovation, higher education marketing, Chinese marketing, and future unicorns. 

Previous attendees have included:

  • Apple
  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Pizza Hut
  • Playstation
  • Redbull

Tickets start at £420.

Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo

May 23 – 25, 2022

The Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo is aimed at CMOs and marketing execs. During 2021’s event, content about customer experience and brand strategies were shared. Attendees had access to more than 100 sessions of the latest research that were specifically created to help leaders in marketing meet the needs of the future and they were given the chance to improve their thinking as strategic leaders and gain insight into how they could optimize their marketing spend to maximize their performance. 

While details about the program for 2022 haven’t been shared yet, here are some of the key topics that were discussed at 2021’s event to give you a better idea of what you can expect:

  • Powering transformation with insight, data, and analytics
  • Delivering on the promise of customer experience
  • Adopting a multichannel strategy to evolving expectations
  • Realizing the value of your tech ecosystem

Podcast Movement

August 23 – August 26, 2022

Sheraton Downtown, Dallas

Podcast Movement will return for its eighth year in August to Dallas. Over the years, it has brought together thousands of podcasters and industry experts helping them to grow professionally and better the wider podcast community. 

The four-day event will offer more than 150 educational sessions and workshops. Attendees can also look forward to networking events, parties, and the largest expo and trade show the industry has to offer. 

Indie Pod Con 8

September 8 – September 10, 2022


Indie Pod Con is aimed at indie podcasters who want to grow their audience. It originally started as a community on Facebook that was founded by Super Joe Pardo, a business coach based in New Jersey. Fast-forward seven years and it has grown into an active community of podcasters. From technology to technique, you’ll learn tips to help secure your position in a niche. 

TBEX North America

October 14 – October 16, 2022


TBEX is the biggest conference and networking event aimed at travel brands, DMOs, travel influencers and bloggers, online travel journalists, and content creators. It’s a place where some of the most creative minds in the travel industry come together to learn and network. Each year, conferences are also held in Asia Pacific and Europe with each conference attracting about 800 delegates from across the globe. 

Previous participating sponsors have included:

  • BBC
  • Travel Channel
  • Food Travel Network
  • The Huffington Post
  • National Geographic Travel
  • The New York Times
  • The Social Media Monthly
  • Ogilvy Public Relations

Speakers for 2022’s line-up include:

  • Rob Taylor, founder and editor of 2 Travel Dads (the original LGBT family travel blog)
  • Leslie Walker, co-founder of Tourism WorX
  • Nubia Ny Younge, creator and co-host of Chronicles Abroad
  • Jen Ruiz, author of The Affordable Flight Guide
  • Jada Durden, social media influencer, blogger, and freelance writer

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