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On average, NFT sales amount to between $10 to $20 million per week. So even if the majority of NFTs sell for under $200, the NFT market still offers vast potential for lucrative growth. Creators can take advantage of continued growth in the industry by minting their own NFT collections and listing them on different marketplaces.

If you already know how to make your own NFTs, you can start building your collections and offering them for sale. But if you want faster growth and increased visibility in marketplaces, you need to churn thousands of unique NFTs to give users more variety. While the process of making one NFT is pretty straightforward, creating thousands of distinct ones can be tedious and time-consuming. This is where an NFT collection generator comes in handy. 

Create More Using an NFT Collection Generator

An NFT Collection Generator is a tool for creating NFT art collections within just a few minutes. Powered by AI-based software, an NFT collection generator can produce thousands of unique NFT art from a set of individual traits.

To empower more creators like you, we designed an NFT generator tool that enables you to create collections even without coding or programming knowledge. Our NFT collection generator is packed with powerful features that help you turn your ideas into saleable NFTs. Its graphic interface is easy to navigate with drag-and-drop menus for creating layers, importing assets, generating collections, and deploying NFTs.

How to Use the NFT Collection Generator

  • Create an account

To access all the tools in the NFT collection generator, you must create an account on the platform. Once your account is activated, you can start using pre-set NFT templates and images from the assets library.

  • Import files

While our platform contains a plethora of assets that creators can use for their NFT art, you can also import your own NFT artwork, art elements, and other digital files. Prepare your layers and image files for export by using artboards. Use artboards to set the right dimensions and sort them into distinct files. Create all the generation pathways. Then upload all images into our platform.

  • Customize NFTs

Customize your NFTs by bundling elements together and setting tags to create different pathways. Configure the rarity of each layer by designating the specific number of times it can be applied. Click preview to see the different types of characters possible with the settings you applied. Make the necessary changes, then start generating your collection.

  • Generate Collection

Once you are satisfied with the NFT designs, you can start your NFT collection generation. Name your collection, provide a description, and set the number of NFTs you want to produce in your collection. Click Generate Collection, and the platform automatically creates it within a few minutes. You can check the progress on the download page. All NFTs are uploaded to the server once they are ready to be deployed.

  • Mint NFTs

To mint your NFTs, you must first connect your wallet to your account. This will allow you to publish your NFT collection in NFT marketplaces. Browse your account for the collection you want to deploy. Click on the collection, click mint, and choose a network. Our platform automatically sets collection metadata, but you can customize it if you prefer.

Features to Look for When Choosing an NFT Generator

Ease of Use

Look for an NFT generator that requires no coding. Those with graphic interfaces and drag-and-drop tools are among the easiest to use. 

Multiple Formats

Check if the tool supports major image formats such as GIF, JPEG, or PNG. The more formats it supports, the more flexibility you have in exporting and publishing your NFTs.


Make sure the platform you use offers scalability as your brand grows. It should be able to handle your collection, whether it is a small set of 10 or a massive bundle of 10,000 NFTs.

Support for Multiple Blockchains

Have an easier time listing your NFT collections in multiple NFT marketplaces by making sure that the generator tool you use supports different blockchains. It should also include a smart contract generator that can define rules for major blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana.

Customer Support 

While most platforms today have knowledge bases available for users, having 24/7 customer support still helps ensure that you get immediate help when you encounter problems in generating your NFT collection.  

Start Creating Your Path to Success

Having a background in graphics design and software development gives you an edge in creating NFTs. But even without this specialized knowledge, you can still create your own NFTs with low-code/no-code platforms and apps. The only limit to creation is the one you set for yourself. With limitless imagination and creativity, the possibilities for NFT creators are endless. Start carving your niche in the digital world by downloading the NFT Collection Generator tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone make NFT Art?

Anyone who has access to the internet can make NFT art with the help of digital tools, platforms, and generators. They can get inspiration from the best-selling NFT-makers, then hone their skills through practice until they find their own style. 

How to sell an NFT collection?

You can launch your collections on our own website or upload them on existing NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, SolSea, and Solanart. You’ll need to create an account in each marketplace and link a wallet to publish NFT listings. Promote your collections to start earning money.  

How to promote an NFT collection?

Leverage your social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Discord. Announce the launch of your NFT collection and create hype with giveaways, contests, and other promotional activities. You can also use project shills, do airdrop posts, and mint event ads.

How much does it cost to make an NFT art?

Creating NFT art can cost as little as a few centavos to as much as one thousand dollars. The actual cost depends on the platform, the blockchain, and the marketplace used for creation and selling. If you want to test the waters before diving deeply, look for free NFT generators and marketplaces. Your options would be limited, but you get a feel of how the industry works without investing heavily.