Top 13 Packaging Design Agencies to Enhance Your Market Presence

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The captivating allure of a product often lies within its packaging. More than mere containers, packaging plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions and driving purchasing decisions. In a market flooded with choices, a well-designed package can be the deciding factor that sets a product apart, turning casual browsers into committed buyers. This is where packaging design agencies, with their fusion of creativity, technical prowess, and market acumen, can significantly enhance a brand's market presence.

These agencies are masters of the unspoken dialogue between your product and its potential buyers. They weave together the threads of your brand's narrative, its values, and the specifics of your product, crafting packaging that not only safeguards your product but also amplifies its appeal.

Top Packaging Design Agencies

A smart and thoughtful selection of a packaging design agency is not just an operational decision; it is a strategic move that could significantly impact your brand's bottom line. This listicle will help navigate this important choice by providing an overview of the best packaging design agencies that promise to deliver not just a package, but a tangible extension of your brand's identity and values.

packaging design agencies

1. SmartSites


Based in Paramus, New Jersey, SmartSites is a distinguished and award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in packaging design. Their versatile and creative team is dedicated to enhancing your brand image, utilizing their design expertise to give a significant boost to your product’s branding. SmartSites is renowned for their partnerships with several notable firms such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and HubSpot, testifying to their industry-wide credibility.

Their innovative approach to packaging design is engineered to dress up your products in the spotlight, differentiating your business from your competitors. SmartSites ensures custom product packaging design tailored to your business’s unique needs. Their ‘Packaging Design that Woos Your Customer’ focuses on smart packaging design that effectively appeals to your customers. Their print and branding services ensure a seamless transition from digital concepts to tangible products. All in all, SmartSites promises to convert lookers into customers through their stellar packaging services.


  • Custom Product Packaging Design
  • Branding Print Label Packaging Design
  • Slim Packaging Design
  • Convert Lookers into Customers by Packaging Service
  • Print & Branding Design
  • Graphics & Digital Design
Smartsites logo


Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services. With over 1,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews online, SmartSites is America's #1 rated digital marketing agency. Get more traffic. Acquire more customers. Sell more stuff. SmartSites w...

team size



New Jersey

Best for:

Small and Medium Size Businesses

Minimum Campaign Size: $1.000+
Google Ads
Twitter (X)
YouTube Advertising
Website Design & Development
PPC Management
Paid Search (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads)
Paid Social (FB/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.)
Organic SEO
Email Marketing
Social Media Management
Minimum Campaign Size: $1.000+
Smartsites logo


Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services. With over 1,000 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews online, SmartSites is America's #1 rated digital marketing agency. Get more traffic. Acquire more customers. Sell more stuff. SmartSites w...

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2. SmashBrand


Situated in Boise, Idaho, SmashBrand is a packaging design agency that intertwines consumer insights with beautiful branding, grounded in data. By striking a balance between creative risks and consumer preferences, they provide packaging designs that resonate with the target audience. Their methodology is rooted in exploring a variety of creative packaging concepts, followed by testing the designs with real consumers, thereby making informed decisions based on empirical data.

SmashBrand’s range of services is extensive. Their identity systems help envision the future of your brand with a disruptive market identity. Their structural design aims to solve problems, validate concepts with consumers, and create a memorable user experience. Additionally, their powerful packaging creates iconic designs in competitive categories that drive sales. SmashBrand also offers services in consumer insights, visual language, brand narrative, and production-ready design solutions. Their unique approach towards packaging design has been applauded by their clients, among them G Fuel’s CEO, Cliff Morgan.


  • Identity Systems
  • Packaging Design
  • Package Structure
  • Brand Platform
  • Concept Development
  • Product Innovation
  • Visual Language
  • In-Store Marketing
  • Prototyping
  • Retail Experiences
  • Club Store Design
  • Amazon Compliance

3. PKG Brand Design

PKG Brand Design

PKG Brand Design operates on the understanding that packaging tells a story, and stories sell products. Utilizing its Consumer First® approach, PKG collaborates with consumers to design and test packaging before going to market, thus ensuring a design that drives sales. PKG has crafted packaging for impressive brands such as American Girl, Black & Decker, Godiva Chocolatier, and Wrigley.

PKG emphasizes its holistic approach to packaging design, informed by consumer insights. In terms of core services, PKG offers Brand Strategy, which involves digging into the interests, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers to position your brand for success. They provide Brand Identity services, focusing on memorable logo design and brand naming. Their Packaging Design service aims to create a balance between visual and structural packaging designs to attract shoppers and establish a competitive advantage. Through storytelling, PKG’s packaging design creates a strong emotional connection with potential consumers, differentiating your brand from competitors.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Consumer Insights

4. Stranger & Stranger

Stranger & Stranger

Known for its striking designs, Stranger & Stranger has been creating packaging for premium drinks brands for over 25 years. Operating out of London, New York, and San Francisco, the agency has a broad international outlook, and a portfolio that spans Beefeater Gin, Isle of Harris Gin, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky, and many more. Their mantra is “DON’T FIT IN. STAND OUT.™”, which is reflected in their unique, award-winning designs.

Stranger & Stranger offers a comprehensive range of services, all aimed at creating a successful, standout brand. Their capabilities include Packaging, involving label design, structural design, closure design, shippers, and secondary boxes, all carefully crafted to provide your products with a unique and captivating look. They also provide Naming and Brand Strategy services, developing compelling brand stories. Activation Collateral, Merchandise, and Stationery are also within their purview, ensuring a consistent brand image across all elements. Their experienced team provides smarts that come only from experience, allowing clients to leverage their insights and connections in the beverage industry.


  • Packaging (Label, Structural, Closure Design, Shippers, Secondary Boxes)
  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Story Development
  • Activation Collateral
  • Merchandise
  • Stationery

5. Imagemme


Imagemme is a creative agency specializing in brand strategy, branding, packaging, product design, and digital design. They work with brands of all sizes to help them connect emotionally with their consumers. Their strategic process begins with defining a brand’s purpose and values, setting the tone of voice and messaging, and finally, creating a visual language from which they build the brand identity.

They provide a range of design services across different touchpoints including packaging, product design, web design, and event design. Their services extend to guiding companies throughout the implementation process, ensuring that the final products live up to the brand’s expectations. They are a small team with more than 12 years of experience in brand and packaging design, and they seek to partner with companies who are interested in creating meaningful brands and are ready to take risks.


  • Sustainable Packaging Design
  • Market-specific Packaging Design
  • Prototype and Mock-up Creation
  • Packaging Design for Product Line Extensions

6. Elephant Design

Elephant Design

Elephant Design is a packaging design agency that sees packaging as the first interface between the consumer and the product, and hence one of the most essential activities during product launches. They focus on creating packaging that is consumer-friendly, and that effectively conveys the brand’s promise and benefits. Their services are sought out by businesses of all sizes looking for ways to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive landscape. They offer a comprehensive suite of packaging design services, ranging from designing visual packaging systems from scratch to revamping existing packaging to align with evolving contexts.

Elephant Design strives to tell the brand’s story through the packaging medium, and they work to ensure the brand’s intent and vision are well translated onto the surface of the packaging structure. They conduct business intent workshops, analyze consumer sentiment, and provide advice on aligning brands with consumer demands such as material sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

As a forward-looking agency, they also focus on leveraging new design trends and creating packaging that provides a holistic experience for the customer. They have a diverse range of services, from product strategy development and positioning to artwork development and pre-press troubleshooting.


  • Brand Packaging Design
  • Packaging Strategy Development
  • Label Design
  • Structural Packaging Design
  • Packaging Illustrations
  • Prototype and Mock-up Creation
  • Print Management and Quality Control

7. DigitalDesign.NYC


Headquartered in New York City, DD.NYC® is a premier and innovative packaging design agency with a track record of invigorating product offerings. Their seasoned team is committed to transforming your product’s packaging into an irresistible visual treat, leveraging their design prowess to make your product a consumer favorite. DD.NYC®’s collaborations with a myriad of printing production shops and their extensive experience in the industry underscore their unmatched expertise.

Their unique approach to packaging design aims to make your product stand out, setting your brand apart from the rest. DD.NYC® provides bespoke packaging design solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Their ‘Packaging Design that Captivates’ ethos focuses on creating packaging designs that not only catch the eye but also resonate with the consumer. Their expertise in working with printing production shops ensures a smooth transition from conceptual designs to physical products. In essence, DD.NYC® guarantees to turn casual observers into loyal customers through their exceptional packaging design services.


  • Custom Merchandise Packaging Design
  • Beverage Packaging Design
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Packaging Design
  • Industrial Design for Packaging
  • Print Production Collaboration
  • Innovative & Long-lasting Packaging Solutions


DD.NYC® is an award-winning NYC digital design agency for branding, web design, UI/UX & packaging design!

team size

10 - 50


New York, NY

Best for:

Midmarket, Enterprise, Small Business

Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+
Full Stack
CMS Integrations
Web Design and Development
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+


DD.NYC® is an award-winning NYC digital design agency for branding, web design, UI/UX & packaging design!

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8. Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative

Based in Portland, Oregon, Murmur Creative is a dynamic packaging design agency renowned for its innovative, growth-oriented packaging designs. This agency is guided by the principles of brand immersion and competitor research, which enable them to identify unique opportunities in the marketplace for their clients. With a robust approach to design, they work towards offering a range of concepts that push creative boundaries, ensuring every design solution is not only stylish but also distinct.

Murmur Creative’s core packaging services extend to multiple formats, including bottles, boxes, bags, and beyond. They take pride in developing distinctive, proprietary packaging solutions that address complex problems in novel ways. Their proficiency in packaging design has been acknowledged by brands across diverse sectors including food and beverages, spirits, consumer goods, and cannabis, among others.

A standout offering from Murmur Creative is their specialized service for disruptive brands introducing novel products into the marketplace. Their expertise in consumer education and copywriting, in combination with their design skills, ensures their clients’ products make a significant impact in the market. They are also recognized for their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices as a certified B-Corp, incorporating sustainable materials and practices in their design process.


  • Brand strategy
  • Format design
  • Prototyping
  • In-store marketing

9. Jenn David Design

Jenn David Design

Jenn David Design is a prestigious food branding and packaging design agency that partners with specialty food brands to create powerful, distinct, and strategic designs. With their designs, they command attention and achieve tangible results, revolutionizing brands and elevating them to new heights.

Jenn David Design specializes in strategic packaging design, with a focus on making the product sell itself on the shelf. They offer services ranging from brand design and development, marketing materials creation, to website design, catering to both startups and large corporations alike. Their broad spectrum of branding and packaging designs covers a vast array of food categories, including beverages, frozen & refrigerated foods, baking & bakery goods, health food, and much more.

Their custom food packaging design is a standout service. The process commences with a deep dive into the brand and the product’s unique selling points, leading to the development of a design that aligns with both the brand’s essence and the industry’s best practices. They guide their clients through each step, from the initial concept to the final completion of the packaging design, ensuring that the design aligns with FDA food labeling guidelines.

Another unique aspect of Jenn David Design is their data-informed approach. They stay updated on consumer preferences, emerging trends, and best practices, ensuring that their designs stay relevant and appealing to the target audience. This agency truly offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at making the brand fresh and amazing.


  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Branding and Identity
  • Label Design
  • Structural Design
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  • Market Research

10. Hughes BrandMix

Hughes BrandMix

Boasting years of industry experience, Hughes BrandMix is a renowned strategic branding and package design agency. They have carved a niche for themselves by building industry-leading brands, exemplified by their work with the likes of Lundberg Family Farms and Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks. Hughes BrandMix excels at identifying a brand’s unique essence and then making it shine at the shelf.

Their approach is deeply collaborative, characterized by a strategic blend of creative and practical techniques. They have mastered the art of creating impactful visual brand stories that resonate with consumers and deliver profitable results. Whether by shaping visual elements to unify brand perception or optimizing packaging for seasonal opportunities or global market expansion, Hughes BrandMix strategically designs with the brand and its consumers in mind. They have a track record of measurable results, driven by business impact rather than just accolades.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Structural Design
  • Global Package Solutions
  • Photography & Illustrations
  • Seasonal & Limited Time Offerings

11. Deuce Studio

Deuce Studio

Located in London, Deuce Studio is a branding and packaging design agency renowned for creating meaningful brands that are simple at their core but flexible in their approach. They take pride in their ability to offer a personalized, one-on-one service to clients, enabling a pure collaboration between clients and designers without intermediaries.

Since their inception in 2016, Deuce Studio has worked with a variety of clients ranging from established brands to start-up challengers. They leverage their broad experience across various sectors, including food and beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, culture and the arts, to solve unique brand challenges. Deuce Studio is renowned for building brands with purpose and personality, developing experiences that deeply resonate with consumers.

Deuce Studio delivers across multiple touchpoints, including creating packaging designs that stand out on supermarket shelves to crafting websites that convert consumers into customers. They offer a full-service approach, handling everything from brand strategy to brand implementation and rollout, while also collaborating with trusted partners for recipe development, photography, and print production.


  • Brand Strategy and Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Implementation and Rollout
  • Recipe Development
  • Photography and Print Production

12. Litmus


Renowned for its pioneering approach to packaging design, Litmus understands that a product’s packaging talks to customers much before any words do. Based on this philosophy, Litmus tailors the ‘clothes’ of products to be their first, last, and most impactful selling point.

Litmus acknowledges that effective packaging design isn’t solely about moving products off shelves; it has the power to achieve much more. Whether a brand is looking for a market-informed makeover, needs to introduce a new product category, or is facing the challenge of selling unbranded products, Litmus steps in with creative solutions. They consider crucial factors such as product features, market understanding, and future adaptability to inform the packaging style and its final appearance.

Litmus prides itself on creating packaging designs that not only align with the product’s market and pricing bracket but are also easily adaptable for future modifications, ensuring the product remains appealing no matter what changes come its way.


  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Market-informed Branding
  • Product Adaptability Solutions

13. CMA Design

CMA Design

Operating from Houston, Texas, CMA Design is the largest branding and packaging agency in the Southwest. As experts in the field for over 30 years, they specialize in designing and managing packaging for large lines of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands.

CMA Design has honed its skills to cater to diverse branding needs – building brands from scratch, revamping established brands, introducing flanker brands and new flavors, or tweaking designs for seasonal specials. They hold a track record of creating consumer-desired structural designs, like the simple yet impactful package structure they designed for NatureSweet that elevated the brand’s prominence nationally in the produce segment.

Located in a purposefully modified 17,000 square foot design studio near downtown, CMA Design creates strategically driven packaging and creative branding for some of America’s most iconic brands.

Services provided by CMA Design include:

  • Package and Label Design
  • Package Structure Design
  • Brand Building and Revamping
  • Seasonal Design Modification


In a world where consumer choice is abundant, the success of a product often hinges on its packaging. It's not just a physical container but a silent salesperson, a visual storyteller, and a tangible embodiment of your brand. A professionally designed package has the power to differentiate your product in the crowded marketplace, influencing buyer's decisions and enhancing brand recognition.

In fact, 72% of American consumers admit that packaging design directly influences their purchasing decisions, underlining the monumental role of packaging in market performance and product perception. Therefore, the expertise of a professional packaging design agency becomes an invaluable asset to any business.

Choosing an agency that can translate your brand's essence into physical, market-ready packaging can be a challenging task in a field teeming with talent. The key lies in understanding your brand, your audience, and the message you want your packaging to convey. Remember, your choice of agency is not merely an operational decision; it's a strategic move that could significantly impact your brand's bottom line.

With this in mind, choosing a professional packaging design agency is a smart investment, one that can catapult your product from being just another item on the shelf to a prominent position in the consumer's shopping cart. So choose wisely, because a well-designed package could mean the difference between a product that blends into the background and one that stands out and commands attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a packaging design agency?

The cost varies widely depending on the agency's reputation, the scope of your project, and the complexity of your packaging design needs. It's best to reach out to the agencies you're interested in for a quote.

How long does the packaging design process usually take?

The timeline can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project, but generally, a packaging design project can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. This includes time for initial concepts, revisions, and finalizing the design.

Can a packaging design agency help with sustainable packaging options?

Yes, many packaging design agencies now offer services related to sustainable packaging. They can help you design packaging that is eco-friendly, recyclable, or biodegradable, in response to growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Is it necessary to refresh or redesign my product's packaging?

Over time, trends change, and your packaging may start to look dated. A redesign can help keep your product relevant and appealing to consumers. Regular refreshes can also help highlight new features or improvements to your product.

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