Top 38 Graphic Design Agencies to Check out in 2023

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Advertising disclosure:

Our partners compensate us. This may influence which products or services we review (also where and how those products appear on the site), this in no way affects our recommendations or the advice we offer. Our reviews are based on years of experience and countless hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services.

No matter what business or industry you’re in, graphic design is a skill that you’re going to need. While some businesses might be able to afford to hire an in-house graphic designer, what if you can’t? Or what if your graphic design needs are limited and it doesn’t make sense for you to bring on a full-time graphic designer? Fortunately, there are agencies that you can bring in to meet those graphic design needs without taking on the cost of another full-time employee. In this article, we’re going to share the top graphic design agencies we’ve found that are skilled and ready to take on your graphic design projects.

Top Graphic Design Agencies From Around the World:

As you can probably guess, graphic design is a highly competitive field and the best graphic design agencies really work hard to earn that designation. The 38 top graphic design agencies we’ve included on our list are agencies with impeccable portfolios filled with clients that range from global, multi-billion-dollar enterprises with unlimited budgets to small businesses who are looking for a trusted partner to help them meet their graphic design needs on a budget. The agencies on this list are bleeding edge in terms of graphic design trends, so whether you’re looking for edgy, minimalist, sophisticated, or traditional, you’ll find the best graphic design agency for you right here.

1. Clay


Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency from San Francisco. They create world-class digital products, web design, and branding across all platforms. They list many well-known leading companies as their clients, including Facebook, Google, Slack, Uber, Sony, Toyota, Samsung, and Coca-Cola. They offer a wide range of graphic design services, including web design and development, digital strategy, UX/UI design and research, mobile, web and app development, motion design, 2D/3D graphics, design systems, and brand identity. They create human-centered enterprise software that has the polished, snappy feel of the best consumer apps. Clay splits its capabilities into four main areas: strategy, design, development, and content. As a UX/UI and app development company, they build native mobile apps for iOS and Android, web applications, apps for wearables, and B2B/enterprise software.

Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco....

2. Neuron


Neuron is a UX/UI design agency that creates best-in-class digital experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s digital world. They serve San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. Notable customers include Ford Models, Paycom, Vivint Home Security, LinkedIn, Sony, Harvard University, and many more. They have expertise in user experience design, digital strategy, and front-end development and help forward-thinking technology companies create digital products and services that are intuitive, engaging, and measurable. In addition, they employ a human-centered design approach to empathize with your customers, identify their pain points, and create solutions that enhance their experience with your brand or product.

We help forward-thinking companies create digital products and services that are not only intuitive and engaging, but also deliver measurable results. Notable customers include: Ford Models, Paycom, V...

3. Sociallyin


Sociallyin is a Birmingham, UK-based social media advertising agency. Amongst the services they offer is social media content production. They create all their clients’ creative work in-house.  Their  team of creatives has mastered the art of ideation and has set an efficient pace for production. The agency believes it creates social media content that disrupts the normal feed and aligns with your goals. Their process ensures their team thoroughly understands your brand’s voice so they can properly communicate and produce content. Of course, being a social media agency, they then use the content they have created, looking at the numbers to get legitimate results, observing how they grew, and understanding how to improve future campaigns.

SociallyIn offers creative content tailored to each business, offering influencer marketing, social media solutions, social media advertising & more....

4. Clever Code Lab

Clever Code Lab

We all know Graphic Design to be that notoriously competitive area where it can be tough for agencies to stand out. This is where the Clever Code Lab — a creative agency based in Ukraine — takes the cake for transformative brands.

Got an imaginative concept that animation can bring to life? Their illustrators and motion designers whip up immersive characters, worlds, & narratives that move audiences and compelling brand stories that stick. Their expertise also extends to explainers that dumb down technicals to simple bits of visual illustration, thus removing barriers of complexity that are vital to increasing user adoption.

Since the past decade, Clever Code Lab, since its creation, has exercised design discretion for some of the most delightful brands, making bold design choices to convey brand messaging when required, and not shying away from unorthodox choices. Ultimately, their innovation shines through most of their projects.

Clever Code Lab offers artful illustrations, animations and videos, and all graphical elements to create brand identities and activate brand experiences.

5. Pentagram


Pentagram is an independently-owned design studio that offers just about any service you may need: graphics, brand identity, products, packaging, exhibitions, installations, websites, digital experiences, advertising, communications, sound, and motion. Pentagram has 24 partners that not only own the business but that are all practicing designers. These owners both create the work and act as primary contacts for each client, showing a personal commitment that has continued for five decades and counting.

6. Xhilarate


Xhilarate was founded in 2016 and offers services like web design, graphics, logos, print, and packaging with the aim of creating experiential brand experiences for their clients. As one of the top graphic design agencies, Xhilarate works to create human-centered experiences to help brands transform and grow. They’ve worked with both large and small organizations with varied budgets and timelines.

7. Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh is a partnership between world-famous graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. The agency is known for an edgy, unpredictable style. Their focus is on arts-based projects like exhibitions and murals and they have a love of using art and design to transform neglected buildings or areas of cities. While Sagmeister & Walsh might not be the right choice if you’re looking for a traditional agency, they’re still one of the top graphic design agencies around.

8. Captiva Marketing

Captiva Marketing

Captiva Marketing is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing, paid search, web design, social media, video production, and SEO. They look for clients who are passionate about their own products and services and look to build long-term partnerships with their clients. Captiva Marketing has a team of specialists, generalists, and managers with experience across a variety of industries.

9. Starfish


Starfish is an independent branding agency in New York City. Their services include all you need to build, deliver, and maintain your brand experience. Starfish offers everything from marketing consulting, advertising, and branding.

10. Cleveland Design

Cleveland Design

Cleveland Design is a full-service communications agency that offers brand alignment, interaction, and management solutions. They were founded in 1992 and cover a wide range of industries and clients of all sizes from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 enterprises.

11. Digital Silk

Digital Silk

Digital Silk focuses on creating superior digital experiences for its clients through cutting-edge brand strategies, websites, apps, and marketing campaigns for mid- to large-sized companies. Its staff consists of top industry experts who take a results-driven, proactive approach.

12. The Bureau of Small Projects

The Bureau of Small Projects

The Bureau of Small Projects is a marketing agency focused on branding, web development, and marketing. The Bureau of Small Projects is one of the top graphic design agencies for businesses of all sizes but started out working exclusively with big brands and Fortune 500 enterprises.

13. Landor


Landor has been around since 1941. It was founded by Walter Landor and is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in 26 cities around the world. Landor has expertise in brand architecture, brand strategy, customer journey mapping, customer segmentation, agile adaptation, and a whole lot more.

14. The Yard Creative

The Yard Creative

The Yard Creative is an award-winning design studio based in South London. Its core design services are interior design, graphic design, strategy, branding, and research. The Yard Creative operates with a small team full of passionate creatives that seek to build relationships with clients and partners.

15. Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is a decades-old brand consultancy and design studio with a reputation for eye-catching design choices. It offers a range of services from strategy to design to transformation. Since its inception in 1965, Wolff Olins has grown to a team of 150 designers, strategists, technologists, program managers, and educators.

16. 2Novas


2Novas is one of the best graphic design agencies for small to medium-size businesses, helping clients generate leads, get more repeat business, and build long-term relationships with customers. It’s a marketing agency that focuses primarily on video and digital advertising. It has a talented graphic design team to handle day-to-day graphic design needs like fliers, brochures, banners, Facebook post graphics, and more.

17. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard offers expertise in brand strategy, website design, digital marketing, website development, mobile app development, social media management, SEO, PPC management, and conversion rate optimization. In addition to brand storytelling, naming and taglines, and research and strategy, Lound Lizard offers graphic design services like logos and visual identity as well as collateral.

18. Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD)

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD)

Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) prides itself on designing immersive experiences for consumers. For more than 27 years, SLD has built a graphic design agency dedicated to “The Blink Factor,” creating at-purchase moments that connect with consumers “in the blink of an eye.”

19. DePersico Creative

DePersico Creative

DePersico Creative is a family-owned graphic design agency that specializes in Food and Beverage marketing. For three generations, DePersico has applied its understanding of strategic design to convey brand and product messages that inspire consumers to purchase.

20. BMG Media Co.

BMG Media Co.

BMG Media Co. started as one of the go-to graphic design agencies for local businesses’ needs. It offers graphic design solutions for more than 600 customers worldwide. BMG Media has more than 10 years of experience with expertise in graphic design, content management, and digital marketing. It works mostly with small and medium businesses and startups across industries like healthcare, medicine, real estate, and restaurants.

21. MetaDesign


MetaDesign is one of the leading graphic design agencies in the world. It is a creative brand consultancy that’s been solving brand and business challenges for its clients since 1979. MetaDesign offers services like brand creation, brand strategy, brand experience, and brand activation.

22. Huncwot


Huncwot is a creative agency found in 2007 and based in Warsaw, Poland. It has a small team of just nine employees specializing in interactive design and technology solutions including animation, branding, art direction, content, web development, and UI and UX design.

23. House Industries

House Industries

House Industries is a design studio that creates fonts, products, takes commissions, and enjoys collaborations. Its approach is based on traditional techniques like painting, drawing, and lettering that give its work warmth. House Industries is known for its retro-influenced designs and has worked with big names like The New Yorker, Cher, Jimmy Kimmel, and Uniqlo.

24. DELT


DELT is a full-service branding agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. It focuses on web design, marketing, and SEO, offering everything most companies need to build a brand and get ahead of the competition. DELT’s branding services range from logo and print designs to full-service brand strategy and development. DELT was founded in 2014.

25. The Chase

The Chase

The Chase has more than 30 years of industry experience and more than 350 national and international awards, making them one of the most decorated creative consultancies in the world, and has drawn attention for its innovative corporate branding and print design. The Chase offers a range of services like museum exhibits, calendar design, and sports stadium branding.

26. Metalab


Metalab is a design studio based in Victoria, British Columbia. For more than a decade, it’s helped businesses from startups to Fortune 50 companies like Google, Slack, Disney, Medium, and more. It’s also created online services like project management app Flow and invoicing app Ballpark.

27. Urban Insight

Urban Insight

Urban Insights was founded in 2000 and is based in Los Angeles. It’s a digital agency that has taken part in more than 500 successful product launches. Urban Insight plans, designs, and develops websites using popular software like Drupal and WordPress, and provides project leadership and world-class design using technical best practices. Urban Insights works with its clients collaboratively throughout each project, learning about each client, and implementing design technology solutions that meet the strategic objectives of those clients.

28. Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith Design is a London-based graphic design agency with more than 18 years of design experience. It has extensive expertise in graphic design services like print, packaging, identity design, book design, event design, and exhibition. Charlie Smith Design works collaboratively with its clients, listening carefully, and working closely with clients to create unique design solutions.

29. Happy Cog

Happy Cog

Happy Cog is a New York-based firm founded by Jeffrey Zeldman and has been designing digital experiences as long as the internet has existed. As a full-service digital agency, Happy Cog designs and builds websites, apps, and digital experiences for clients across industries. It offers services including strategy, experience and design, development, data, analytics, optimization, and marketing and promotion. Happy Cog is one of our top graphic design agencies because of its ability to help clients craft the right message and target the right audience, inspiring action.

30. VerdanaBold


VerdanaBold is a design and storytelling agency located in Chicago. It was founded in 2016 and has a small team of just four people. VerdanaBold works closely with its clients to create graphics, presentations, and infographics based on research, data, and messaging. VerdanaBold offers services including visual storytelling, information design, language and design systems, and templates and training.

31. Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett is a Chicago-based graphic design agency that was founded by Leo Burnett in 1935. The company now has 85 offices in more than 69 countries around the world, employing more than 9,000 people. Leo Burnett offers services including omnichannel advertising, data and analytics, design, digital and interactive, direct and CRM, eCommerce, experiential, multicultural, production, research, shopper marketing, strategic planning, and social.

32. Pearlfisher


Pearlfisher is an independent graphic design agency in London, New York, San Francisco, and Copenhagen with a focus on creating “simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future.” Pearlfisher has more than two decades of experience and includes staff with unique focuses:

  • Futurists inform and inspire thinking by looking at how the world is changing.
  • Strategists focus the agency’s creativity, defining how brands can connect with changing needs and desires.
  • Designers bring ideas to life through experiences.
  • Realisers advance solutions and develop design outcomes.

33. Frog Design

Frog Design

Frog Design is a global design agency that was founded in 1969 by Hartmut Esslinger. It has been working for the past 50 years to help organizations build bold brands. Frog Design offers several services including growth strategy, CX strategy and design, product design and delivery, organizational design, and venture design using a holistic approach that combines design, strategy, and engineering.

34. ArtVersion®


ArtVersion® was founded in 1999 and calls itself a creative agency. Headquartered in Chicago with locations in Portland and San Francisco, ArtVersion® has a team of 14 strategists, designers, and developers that provide web design, UI/UX design, graphic design, and branding. Through its experiential design process, ArtVersion® creates emotion and engagement between the brand and consumer using experiential web design, graphic design, and brand strategies.

There you have it, our picks for the top graphic design agencies in the industry right now. No matter what you’re looking for, these agencies have your graphic design needs covered and most can offer you a complete marketing experience to get great results. If you’re interested in building a cohesive, branded experience for your customers, the graphic design agencies on this list can make it happen.

35. DigitalDesign.NYC


DigitalDesign.NYC is a full-service design agency that’s based in Manhattan. They offer a wide range of design-related services and, in addition to graphic design, they can also help with web design and UI/UX design. While they were only founded in 2015, their founders have been creating digital products for more than a decade. And, during the 8+ years that they’ve been in business, they’ve already managed to become one of the most-reviewed and highly rated agencies on Clutch. Their team of seasoned graphic designers can help you to create various digital assets including letterheads, website and app graphics, presentation decks, and advertising ads. Alternatively, if you prefer to stick to hard-copy business cards for now, they can help with that too.

36. Mucho


Mucho is a design agency with offices in Barcelona, Melbourne, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. Founded in 2002, their goal is simple — to create design with meaning. According to their LinkedIn page, they strive to “go from insight to ideas to design that connects”. Their designs embrace intelligence, sensitivity, and precision. To do this, they take a collaborative approach and it’s important for them to involve their clients in the process. During the two decades that they’ve been in business, they’ve worked with some pretty mucho brands that include the likes of Art Gallery of NSW, Primavera Sound, and, one of the global brands that’s synonymous with good design — Apple.

37. Polar Creative

Polar Creative

Polar Creative is a small, award-winning graphic design and web design agency that was founded in 2013 and is based in Chelmsford and London. Their passion is to build brands that are unique and can stand the test of time. Before they start their design process, they first get to know your business, its values, and strategic plans. Understanding your wants and wishes are key to their approach. Whether you need help with a business logo or printed marketing material or a website, they combine their creative flair with professional performance to create memorable and unique designs. 

38. Dessein


Based in Perth, Australia, Dessein is a boutique design agency that was founded in the late 80s. Their designers come from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about designing solutions with a difference. Each designer brings their unique individual strengths to the team, but when it’s time to get down to designing all of them put their individual strengths together to ensure that their creations work across various platforms. Clients have described their work as clean, clear, contemporary, and colorful. While design for print, specifically packaging, is still their first love, they’ve expanded their list of design-related services to include web design and branding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the alternatives if you can’t afford a full-time graphic designer?

It does not matter which industry you are in, you will need graphic design at some stage. Though, if you cannot afford an in-house graphic designer or you only have limited graphic design needs and it does not make financial sense for you to employ a graphic designer on a full-time basis, you can always enlist the services of a graphic design agency instead. There are many top graphic design agencies available like Sagmeister & Walsh, The Yard Creative and The Bureau of Small Things.

Who are some of the top graphic design agencies in London?

You can, for example, check out Charlie Smith Design or Pearlfisher. Charlie Smith Design boasts more than 18 years of experience and offers a wide range of graphic design services that include book design, packaging and identity design. Pearlfisher is an independent graphic design agency with offices in London and boasts over 20 years of experience. Their team can help brands to connect with the changing desires and needs and bring their ideas to life through experiences.

Who are some of the best graphic design agencies in New York?

You can, for example, look at Starfish and Happy Cog. Starfish is an independent branding agency that can help you to build, deliver and maintain your brand experience. Their services include marketing, consulting, advertising and branding. Happy Cog is a full-service digital agency and offers services that include design, analytics, optimization, marketing and promotion.

Who are some of the top graphic design agencies for smaller businesses?

2Novas and BMG Media Co. are two of the top graphic design agencies that regularly work with smaller businesses. While 2Novas concentrates mainly on digital advertising and video, they boast a skilled graphic design team that can take care of daily graphic design needs like fliers, banners, Facebook post graphics and brochures. BMG Media Co. boasts more than 10 years of experience and works with different industries such as real estate, healthcare and restaurants. In addition to graphic design, they also offer content management.

Are there any good graphic design agencies in Chicago?

Chicago has a number of top graphic design agencies. You can, for example, check out ArtVersion®, VerdanaBold and Leo Burnett. In fact, Leo Burnett is one of the oldest and biggest graphic design agencies. The agency was founded in 1935 and currently boasts 85 offices in more than 69 countries. They offer many services that also include data and analytics, eCommerce and strategic planning. While VerdanaBold is a much smaller and younger agency, they are also rated as one of the top graphic design agencies.

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