Top 20 Branding Agencies Fast Growing Startups

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There’s a lot that goes into starting a new business, even more so when you want to eventually build a strong brand. From naming the business to creating a compelling brand identity–the process takes expertise. This is why branding agencies have become so popular over the past few years as companies and startup founders realize the importance of building a powerful brand for profitability and long-term relevance. 

When working with a branding agency, you’d want to work with one that specializes in crafting startup brands so you can trust them to address the unique needs of your business. To make that job easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the 20 best startup branding agencies you should consider working with.

Top 20 Startup Branding Agencies:

1. Ruckus


Ruckus is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive branding solutions from end to end. The agency works with established brands and startups alike and boasts a clientele made up of names like BMW, Crayola, NYC Ferry, and Tweezerman. Ruckus is the agency behind the branding success of startups like iTOUCH Wearables, AshChromics, Laura, and Verlas.

The agency takes a strategic approach to branding starting with your brand DNA and helping you with the details such as brand positioning, messaging, branding guidelines, and voice and tone. Ruckus also helps you translate your brand identity through visuals by creating your logo design, brand packaging, retail design, uniforms and apparel, and sales materials.

2. The Branx

The Branx

The Branx is a startup branding agency based in Spain and specializes in designing digital brands and websites. Their branding projects mostly revolve around tech and include names like ScreenLoop, Muylocal, Bikemap, TourRadar, and Besides these, the agency’s worked with a wide range of startups in verticals such as ecommerce, SaaS, consumer goods, retail, fintech, and lifestyle.

With a focus on delivering unique brand experiences, The Branx offers comprehensive branding services starting from naming the business and developing your brand strategy. They help you fine-tune your positioning and brand system, define your brand values, establish your visual and verbal identity, and design a memorable logo.

3. HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands

HypeLife Brands is a startup branding agency that helps to build disruptive and scalable B2C startups. They boast a diverse clientele made up of music companies, hair care products brands, insurance companies, and production companies. This includes names such as Adult Swim, Suretaste Foods, Avanti Workspace, Future Sound, GoodFetch, Lasio, and Epitaph.

Starting with brand development, HypeLife Brands takes a strategic approach to develop a clear strategy and vision for your brand. They then help you with naming your brand and/or product, developing a brand identity, fine-tuning your messaging, crafting a powerful tagline, and perfecting the look and feel of your brand.

4. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

Not the Marvel superhero but the branding superhero you need, Jessica Jones is an independent graphic designer who specializes in brand identity design. The designer works with established businesses and startups alike to create memorable brands and leave a lasting impression on consumers. Her brand identity portfolio consists of names such as Novel Coworking, Hungry Bark, Uncorked, Spotkey, Dupont Creative, and Assorted Marks.

Although Jessica Jones is a graphic designer, her brand identity package goes beyond visual design. She also helps you fine-tune your brand messaging and create brand guidelines so you can maintain branding consistency. The package includes logo design, graphic theme development, typography design, and color palette development.

5. Crafted


This New York-based branding agency aims to “make digital beautiful,” helping brands to develop experiences that look, feel, and function beautifully. Crafted works with startups and entrepreneurs alike in perfecting their brand voice and vision. They have worked with a diverse range of businesses and government organizations including One Paper Lane, Musicfolio, Office Hours, The Lost Sense, Solos, and even the City of New Rochelle.

Crafted helps you develop a brand strategy to serve as a foundation for all other aspects of your branding. The team then helps you find a brand voice that will resonate with your target audience. With a knack for creative design, the agency articulates your visual identity and develops your brand logo, custom iconography, and brand imagery. All of these details are then added to your brand guidelines, which will help you maintain branding consistency further down the line.

6. Condensed


Condensed considers itself a branding agency for “change-making” startups. Their tight-knit creative team helps startups with every aspect of their brand development. Condensed has worked with startups in a wide range of verticals such as consumer goods, skincare, fitness, and B2B technology.  Their clientele includes names such as Zenlist, Keepers, Butterbean Organics, Carebit, and The Good Face Project.

Starting with your brand strategy, Condensed gears you up for sustainable growth and takes a strategic approach to establish your startup brand. They help you establish a brand identity that’s strong, cohesive, and timeless so you can stand out from the crowd for years to come. The agency then translates your brand to your digital presence, packaging, and merch depending on your goals.

7. Branded


Branded is an agency that provides startups with assistance from start to finish. The agency specializes in digital development and branding with a focus on websites, mobile apps, dashboards, and marketplaces. They boast a diverse portfolio ranging from fitness apps, menu planners, ambulance finders, and job marketplaces.

The agency’s services aren’t just limited to branding and involve end-to-end assistance, starting with your business model. By helping you develop a strong business model, Branded ensures a better chance of success for your startup. The agency then helps you develop the specification for your product, create a brand book, design the wireframe, draw up the design, and finally develop the product.

8. La Visual

La Visual

La Visual is an LA-based brand experience agency that helps startups create strong brand identities and established organizations with rebranding strategies. The agency has worked with a diverse range of companies ranging from luxury card brands to poké franchises. Their branding projects include names such as Juma Fit, Obsidian, Proteus, Sweet Arleens, and Lemonshark Poké. 

The agency’s branding services are driven by strategy, starting with market research and analysis, brand strategy and naming, and brand immersion. La Visual helps you with developing a strong brand identity and design and designing your digital product. The agency also provides services for web and app development as well as marketing and communications services once your brand becomes more established.



KEXINO is a France-based marketing agency for startups and small and medium businesses. The agency’s worked on branding projects for a wide range of companies – from construction management startups to online retailers. Their clientele includes names such as Bambooloo, Ecosis, Kwan Factory, and London Graphic Systems.

The agency offers a full range of marketing services for startups, including branding. KEXINO doesn’t just stop at designing your logo, but they help you create a portfolio of brand assets (both visual and textual) that truly capture your brand’s essence.

10. WANT Branding

WANT Branding

WANT Branding is a top-rated branding agency that’s been around since 1999. The agency works with major global corporations and startups alike, boasting a clientele of brands such as Google, Sirius XM, Uber, Gillette, Apple, Disney, and Staples. 

The agency has expertise in the four main branding disciplines–brand strategy, brand research, brand naming, and brand identity. Through these areas of expertise, WANT Branding helps to evaluate your brand, fine-tune your positioning and messaging, develop brand architecture, and build your entire brand identity.

11. NameStormers


As the name suggests, NameStormers is an agency that specializes in names. The agency offers comprehensive naming services that are perfect for startups that want to start out strong with impactful brand, product, or service names. This is the agency behind names such as PowerShot for Canon, Angry Orchard for Boston Beer Company, and CarMax for Circuit City.

NameStormers’s naming service doesn’t just stop at coming up with a creative and fitting name. The agency also helps you test the name through a number of qualitative research methods and offers global linguistic screening if you ever want to reach an international audience. They even conduct preliminary screening for domain and trademark availability.

12. Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative

Murmur Creative is a branding, packaging, and web design agency that’s based in Portland, Oregon. The agency takes an approach that not only focuses on building beautiful brands but also on producing web experiences that are equally cutting edge and tailored to your brand. Murmur Creative works with a wide range of companies, boasting clients such as Pipcorn Snacks, Ultima Replenisher, Oji Kola, and Stackery.

The agency offers a host of branding solutions starting with brand strategy and naming. They also take care of the visual aspects of your brand including logo design, print design, packaging design, and photography.

13. 9thWonder


9thWonder is an independent marketing agency that offers brand marketing services across a wide variety of verticals–from tech to automotive to CPG. Their clientele includes names such as Jack in the Box, Amazon, Honda, Mattress Firm, and Budweiser Meats.

The agency provides brand strategy services that will give your startup the foundation it needs to succeed. 9thWonder can help you name your brand, define your brand purpose and values, develop your key messaging, and fine-tune your positioning.



This LA-based digital marketing and branding agency helps create brands with an edge. The agency works with both large, multinational clients and startups, boasting clients such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Bee Organics, and Hilton. 

TRIXMEDIA helps blossoming businesses build a solid brand foundation that will set them up for long-term success. In addition to helping you name your brand, the agency creates a branding package that truly conveys your brand’s value, messaging, and personality.

15. River + Wolf

River + Wolf

River + Wolf is a top-rated branding agency that’s worked with clients in a wide range of industries–from technology to consumer goods to healthcare and software. The agency collaborates with global giants like Burt’s Bees, Unilever, and Yum China and also partners with small and startup companies. 

The agency specializes in developing names for brands, products, and services. Their naming process starts with research, followed by definition and development. Shortlisted names are then screened until you narrow down the perfect name.

16. Igor Naming Agency

Igor Naming Agency

As the name suggests, Igor Naming Agency specializes in names and helps to create breakout brands. Founded in 2002, the agency has worked on brand naming projects in a range of verticals including software, healthcare, social media, AI, and hospitality. 

The agency’s behind the naming success of TruTV, Howl, Whoop, Fresco, and Joyride. Igor’s brand naming process starts with an outline that includes brand positioning, competitor analysis, name development, and trademark.

17. Zinzin


Zinzin is an agency that offers comprehensive naming services to create a brand that stands out. The agency boasts an expansive portfolio of reputable clients and is behind the startup naming success of companies like Clutch, Rubicon, Radius, and Bait & Tackle.

The agency’s naming process begins with a close-up look at the competitive namescape, which allows them to come up with unique and catchy names for products, services, and companies. Zinzin also helps with brand positioning, name evaluation, and trademark prescreening.

18. Humbleteam


Humbleteam is an agency that specializes in digital product design, with expertise spanning across multiple verticals. The agency has helped startups and enterprises in the fields of fintech, travel, automotive, and entertainment. Some of their top branding projects involve names such as Musi, Stilt, Realtify, Marcel, Halff, Aleno, and Safe Site.

The agency brings your vision to life by helping you with product design and strategy, which makes Humbleteam an excellent choice for startups that want to build a digital product. Humbleteam then creates a strong and memorable brand for you. Their digital branding services include brand strategy, brand design, and rebranding.


Humbleteam is a product design agency that helps startups and enterprises design and reinvent digital products. The agency’s clients have raised over $540M on the strength of products produced by the team.

Industry Focus

10 - 50

United States

Best for:

Small and Large Brands

Minimum Campaign Size: $20.000+
Industry Focus
UX/UI Design
User Acquisition
Minimum Campaign Size: $20.000+


Humbleteam is a product design agency that helps startups and enterprises design and reinvent digital products. The agency’s clients have raised over $540M on the strength of products produced by the team.

19. Traina Design

Traina Design

Traina Design is a brand-first creative agency that has worked with both heritage brands and innovative startups. The agency’s client lineup includes reputable names like Microsoft, Brooklyn Brewery, HP, and the University of San Diego.

Branding is at the core of Traina Design’s work, helping to develop brands that can’t be ignored. The agency can develop brand strategy and architecture and even craft a launch strategy for your startup. Their branding services include logo and identity, messaging and positioning, naming and taglines, and voice and tone.

20. Brolik


Brolik is a Philly-based digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services for major corporations and startups alike. This includes branding, web design, digital marketing, and video production. Some of their top branding clients include MLS Players Association, Ringstar, and Christina Seix Academy.

The agency helps you create a brand strategy that includes tangibles like mission, messaging, and values. They also assist you with naming, logo and identity design, brand imagery, and brand guidelines so you can set up your startup for success.

Find the Right Startup Branding Agency

When you’re launching a startup, the right branding strategy is crucial to ensure long-term success. Go through the 20 startup branding agencies provided above and find the right one to help you launch your brand.