17 Best Shopify Themes for 2024 to Help You Sell More

Online shopping has found favor among both consumers and businesses. For consumers, it provides more options. They can shop when it’s convenient for them, instead of being restricted to the store’s trading hours. Plus, they can find products that might not be available at one of their local stores. For the business owner, having an e-commerce platform allows you to reach more customers. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has helped online businesses to grow even more. Fear of transmission could see e-commerce increase further in a post-pandemic world. Forecasted trends indicate that worldwide e-commerce sales growth will rise to 9.4% in 2024, before slightly decreasing to 8.6% in 2025.

If your business still solely relies on your brick-and-mortar store to sell its products, it’s high time to expand your reach and create an e-commerce website. Shopify has thousands of apps to upgrade your website and offers great flexibility. It’s trusted by big brands such as Penguin Books, Pepsi and Tesla Motors, yet it’s really simple to use and offers benefits to small businesses too.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Shopify themes for 2024. These themes will help you to create an attractive layout to increase your traffic and sales. 

Best Shopify Themes for 2024 to Help You Sell More:

1. Kalles

Kalles Shopify theme

Clean, versatile, and responsive, Kalles is one of the highest-rated Shopify themes of all time. It includes over 50 homepages. From these, you can select the most suitable layout for your industry and purpose. Kalles’ updated version optimizes speed for better performance. Furthermore, its free shipping notification bar creates a smooth and seamless shopping experience for customers.

2. Dawn

Dawn is designed for visual brand storytelling. Thanks to its media-forward pages, your product can now take center stage. Dawn’s advanced customization options also offer flexibility—creating custom pages, for example, can be as easy as dragging and dropping sections and blocks. Furthermore, this minimalist theme uses bold lines and simple fonts, directing your audience’s attention to the important details.

3. Gecko

If you want a fast and powerful theme, Gecko is great for any industry and retailer. Its modern minimalist design allows customers to browse products more efficiently. You can also swatch product attributes, choose a megamenu type, and create a lookbook collection. Feature-rich yet affordable, Gecko is one of the most versatile themes on the market today.

4. Minion

While mainly ideal for pet brands, Minion offers flexible features to fit other industries. Specifically, it is perfect for dropshippers and high-volume stores. It has a fast and mobile-friendly design, which you can configure even without coding. Minion is easy to set up. It also includes support for color swatches and three types of navigation to fit your brand.

5. District

District is perfect for brands that want to tell a visual story. This makes it the perfect theme for showing off your featured products and collections. This image-focused theme is also highly customizable and flexible—you can create custom layouts with drag-and-drop. District supports sticky headers, color swatches, and mega menu. It’s ideal for dropshippers and stores that process a large volume of orders. 

6. Responsive

Out of the Sandbox’s Responsive theme directs focus on your product using full-width imagery. This simple yet elegant theme offers highly customizable options for layout and typography. Moreover, its robust design looks good on any screen. This makes it a perfect match for stores that make use of long-form and editorial content, process large transactions, or do in-person selling.

7. Empire

For those searching to build their own Amazon-inspired empire, Empire is a great choice for selling bigger catalogues. It boasts an eye-catching, modern layout that’s perfect for stores selling furniture, electronics or even fashion. 

Some of its top features include: built-in social icons and drop-down menus. The predictive search that shows live search results and links to specific products and advanced product filtering take the user experience to the next level. The custom promotion tiles are great for featuring specific products or promoting specials, ultimately helping you to sell more. 

8. Split

If you’re split in two minds about which Shopify theme to get, Split is ideal for telling stories. It centers around visuals and lets you display high-resolution images of your products throughout your website. The unique vertical slideshow is also great for showcasing info, products or even blog posts. It offers two menu options (a horizontal menu or multi-level slide-out sidebar) and three styles to fit in with your brand’s unique design. 

9. Porto

Porto has been one of the most popular Shopify themes for years! Improvements are made to it continuously to ensure that its user experience remains excellent, making it a firm favorite for 2021 too. What makes it so great is that you can virtually create any type of website for a wide range of industries with this theme as it boasts numerous easy-to-modify layouts. 

10. Ella

If aesthetics is a high priority on your list, you’ll love this very intuitive theme. It offers countless color combos to ensure your layout will make your products even more attractive to your target audience. Not only is it one of the most attractive themes, it’s also very multifunctional. It offers multiple stylish templates which you can use to create various structures, making it a very good choice for any type of business. 

11. Fastor

Similarly to Ella, Fastor is another multifunctional Shopify theme. It boasts close to 100 pre-made demos and a wide range of functional features and extensions. It’s very customizable and, as the name suggests, you can set up your shop in no time at all (and if you do get stuck, there are many tutorials and videos available). 

12. Icon

If your business has a lot of visuals that it needs to emphasize, Icon will help you to leave your mark. You can use its slideshow feature to display multiple products. It’s also optimized for bigger images meaning that you’ll always be able to use high-resolution imagery. Customers can also view the details of a specific product in a pop-up without having to leave the current page. Users just respond so much better to visuals and when shopping online, they only have the image to rely on. So, using a theme like Icon that emphasizes the importance of product images can really help you to increase your sales. 

13. Kodo

For those who subscribe to less is more, Kodo offers minimalism without sacrificing functionality. Its clean and simplistic design is one of its most prominent elements. It doesn’t have too many colors making it one of the easiest themes to use if you need to create an e-commerce store for the first time. Some of its features include: an off-canvas shopping cart, newsletter pop-up, product zoom, and infinity scroll effect. You can also use it to set up an Instagram shop. All in all, it’s an easy-to-use theme for creating stylish designs. 

14. Flex

As the name suggests, this theme is all about flexibility and will offer you more control when it comes to designing your store. It’s highly customizable, empowering you to design virtually any kind of e-commerce store. It boasts 12 pre-made layouts, various product page layouts and infinite options for editing fonts and colors. Some of its other best features include: a variety of different header and footer styles, drop-down mega-menus, and add-to-cart animation. With Flex, it’s easy to flex your design muscles.    

15. Wokiee

Similarly to Flex, Wokiee is also really flexible and can virtually be used for any kind of online store. It boasts 70 attractive home page layouts and templates for inner pages that include product category pages and a very attractive shopping cart page. Some of its other key features include: several filters, an Instagram shop, and related products. All in all, it’s a great tool that empowers you to customize your navigation, images, products and site content.

16. Doni

If you want to set up an online fashion store, Doni’s minimalistic and modern design is a great choice. It offers powerful customizability and infinite color combos and Google fonts, and multiple column styles. Other fantastic features include: automatic price change, multi-currency, a back-to-top button, and customer reviews. 

17. Outstock

While Outstock isn’t aimed at a niche market making it fit for all kinds of brands, it does offer unique features that set it apart from other themes. One such feature is its Look Book feature. 

With this feature, you can demonstrate how your product can be used. This is great for boosting customer engagement which ultimately translates to more sales. 

It offers clean, minimalistic design to ensure aesthetically pleasing web design. Whether you’re new to Shopify or more versed with the platform already, it’s simple to use and feature-rich. 

One thing is for sure, with Outstock, your products will be flying off your virtual shelves. Your only worry will be ensuring that you don’t run out of stock. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best theme on Shopify?

The best Shopify themes for your eCommerce website are:

  • Dawn (Free)
  • Porto ($99)
  • Ella ($89)
  • Fastor ($56)
  • Gecko ($99)

Is it worth buying a Shopify theme?

A new Shopify theme can cost anywhere from $0 to a couple hundred dollars. Customizations can cost even more. You can pick a free theme if you’re starting out, but paying extra for a premium theme can be a great long-term investment.

Where do I get Shopify themes?

To get Shopify themes, visit the Shopify Theme Store to pick a free or paid theme. You can try the theme with your online store. You can do it by going to your Shopify admin page and click Online Store, then Themes.

How many free themes does Shopify have?

Shopify offers several free eCommerce templates of their own. You can find them on their theme site.

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