What are the Different Types of Digital Marketing Packages?

As experienced as you are in managing your business, you may struggle to execute digital marketing strategies effectively. This isn’t surprising considering how digital marketing can be a complex landscape to navigate, especially if you’re new to it. So you may be shopping around for digital marketing agencies that can help you strategize and pull off exceptional campaigns that deliver impressive ROI.

This, in itself, can be a challenge since there are so many great options out there. You may be using a number of factors to compare the top digital marketing agencies in the U.S.A (or wherever you’re located). Among these factors, their digital marketing packages will likely play a key role in your decision. You’d want to find a package that can cover all your digital marketing needs and help you achieve your goals.

In this post, we take a closer look at the different types of digital marketing packages and how you can use them in your selection process. Let’s get started.

Types of Digital Marketing Packages:

    Key Components of Digital Marketing Packages

    Not all digital marketing packages are built the same, but they essentially serve the same purpose – to deliver complementary services through a single service offering. For example, a social media marketing package may consist of a social media audit along with social media optimization, content creation, and community management. 

    Most digital marketing agencies will offer packages that cover the main digital marketing disciplines – SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing. Some agencies may also offer full-service packages that include comprehensive solutions for all these areas of digital marketing. Depending on the agency, you might be able to add customizations to these existing packages or even create fully customized solutions for your unique needs. Let’s explore the different types of digital marketing packages that you can find.

    digital marketing solutions

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

    As the name suggests, SEO packages are focused on search engine optimization. They include a number of complementary solutions with the ultimate goal of improving search engine visibility and website traffic. The specifics may vary depending on the agency and the unique needs of the website. However, it typically starts with an SEO audit, followed by keyword research and making necessary improvements to website content, technical SEO, internal linking strategies, external backlink profiles, and so on. 

    For example, you can see Moburst outlining the process of their SEO package. It includes research, followed by on-page and off-page optimizations, and then tracking to measure progress and identify the need for further optimization.

    Moburst Digital Marketing Solutions

    Source: moburst.com

    In most cases, SEO packages may be offered to complement additional packages such as content and PPC for a more holistic impact. Digital marketing agencies typically conduct keyword research to craft SEO-led content strategies and target highly relevant search terms for PPC campaigns.

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Packages

    PPC advertising packages focus on creating paid advertising campaigns to attract targeted traffic to a brand’s website or landing page. As is with all the other packages, the specifics will vary depending on the agency. But most of these packages may consist of a combination of services including PPC audits, bid management, ad creative development, landing page optimization, ROI tracking, and more. 

    With WebFX, you can even enjoy services such as first-party data activation. This helps you deliver highly targeted PPC ads that generate clicks and conversions. Sometimes, PPC advertising packages may go hand in hand with other digital marketing services such as SEO and social media marketing.

    WebFx Pcc Solutions

    Source: webfx.com

    Social Media Marketing Packages

    With social media marketing packages, brands can build their social media presence using various strategies such as social posting, paid ads, and community management. Many agencies that offer social media marketing as a package will help you with the following:

    • Running a social media audit
    • Running a competitive analysis
    • Crafting a strategy
    • Setting up/optimizing social media profiles
    • Developing social media content
    • Distributing content strategically across various platforms
    • Managing a brand’s social media community
    • Brand monitoring and crisis management

    However, you can also find dedicated social media marketing agencies that offer the above services as standalone solutions instead of packaging them together. For instance, Sociallyin offers social media strategy, social media management, and social content production as separate services. With these types of agencies, you can typically build custom packages that include the specific services you need.

    Influencer Marketing Packages

    The rise of influencer marketing has led to many digital marketing agencies pivoting to include it as a part of their offering. While there are dedicated agencies just for influencer marketing, you can also find agencies that offer influencer marketing packages on top of other digital marketing packages.

    Most influencer marketing packages will include services for influencer identification, strategy development, influencer management, negotiation and contracting, and reporting and analytics. Some agencies such as NeoReach can even help with paid media amplification and experiential activations to boost your influencer marketing results. 

    NeoReach Influencer Marketing Solutions

    Source: neoreach.com

    Additional Components of Digital Marketing Packages

    As mentioned, an array of services fall under the digital marketing umbrella. Here are some additional components that are typically included to create a package.

    Blogging and Content Marketing

    Compelling content is irreplaceable. Beyond boosting brand awareness, well-executed content can elevate your brand to a thought leadership position.

    Just like in any relationship, trust must be established first before growth can occur. This principle holds true in business, too. Once your target audience recognizes you as a subject matter expert, conversions will naturally improve, positively impacting your sales.

    In the realm of content marketing, strategies extend beyond blogging to include:

    • Videos
    • Social media posts
    • Landing pages
    • Email newsletters
    • Webinars

    Depending on the structure of the package, the agency can assist you with:

    • Crafting a content strategy
    • Planning content distribution
    • Developing a content calendar
    • Content creation

    If content creation is part of the package, the quantity is typically limited. For instance, a basic plan might include up to four blog posts per month.

    Website Editing and Content Management

    A business website demands ongoing attention. To maximize the effects of your SEO efforts, regular updates are essential. Maintenance tasks such as cloud backups, performance monitoring, and security measures also play a crucial role.

    The same level of commitment is required for content. You must, for example, determine the keywords to target each month—a recurring task.

    Email Marketing

    While email marketing often receives less than 10% of the marketing budget, its ROI potential rivals that of PPC. Like content marketing, it contributes to building brand awareness and enhancing conversion rates.

    Common email marketing services included in digital marketing packages are:

    • Email templates
    • Setting up an email sequence
    • List management
    • Segmentation
    • Analytics and reporting

    Marketing Automation

    Strategic use of technology significantly influences marketing success. While a solid strategic plan is essential, implementing it requires external tools and a dedicated marketing team.

    From email campaigns to social media marketing, marketing automation tools provide multifaceted assistance. Digital marketing agencies frequently aid businesses in setting up marketing automation. Popular tools may include:

    • Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)
    • Omnisend
    • Klaviyo

    Mobile Marketing

    Engaging potential customers through mobile devices is a powerful strategy. In-app advertising, text messages, or a branded app can effectively convey your offerings.

    However, mobile marketing encompasses more than these direct approaches. Optimization of other channels, such as a business website, landing page, or email campaign, for mobile users is equally crucial.

    Web Analytics

    Digital marketing teams typically include analytics specific to the services in the package. For instance, if SEO is part of the package, comprehensive analytics will be shared.

    Including analytics is paramount. It allows you to measure online user activity, enhancing your understanding of their preferences and habits. Clients usually have access to a marketing dashboard for tracking these analytics.

    Custom vs. Pre-Packaged Services

    While some agencies may offer the above services as part of a pre-packaged offering, others may also create custom packages that specifically address the unique needs of your business. Let’s compare the two options to better understand which one you should go for.

    Pre-Packed Services


    • Ideal if you only need help in a few specific areas. For example, an SEO and content marketing package may be suitable if you only need to ramp up your efforts in these areas.
    • Can be a cost-effective option 


      • Tends to be inflexible 
      • May fail to address specific concerns
      • Not ideal when you need a wide variety of digital marketing solutions

      Custom Packages 


      • Can be tailored specifically to address your unique business needs
      • Perfect for covering a wide variety of digital marketing solutions


      • Costs can build up

      Aside from the risk of costs adding up, custom packages tend to be a much better option since they enable you to address specific business needs. They provide you with a no-frills solution, which means you don’t pay for any services you don’t need. Moreover, they can be highly effective for achieving your goals since the services are customized according to your unique concerns. 

      Besides, the cost-related factor doesn’t turn into a major problem when you’re paying for what you want and need, which will subsequently add to your ROI. Many digital marketing agencies will even tailor their packages according to your budget, which is an even better option than paying for a pre-packaged plan with fixed pricing. That way, your entire digital marketing budget goes exactly where you want it to go.

      Agencies like NinjaPromo are known for creating tailored strategies according to their client’s needs and budgets. For example, Mokka Coffee needed the agency’s help in various aspects. They wanted to increase brand awareness and attract new clients, and they also needed help creating social media content. So instead of just selling them a pre-packaged solution for content marketing, the agency worked with them to build a customized plan addressing these specific needs.

      NinjaPromo designed more than 20 target audience portraits for the business and identified four of the most profitable target audiences after running a series of tests. The agency ran 50+ advertising campaigns and created 300+ images, photos, videos, and GIFs. In addition, they helped to produce 20+ articles related to the business.

      With this tailored solution, the agency helped Mokka Coffee garner 120k impressions per month with a 230% increase in brand awareness. Not only did the business gain 400+ new customers, but they also saw a 110% increase in average check value.

      Pricing Models and Transparency

      The pricing models of digital marketing agencies typically vary depending on the level of help you need. Most of them offer customized packages, so they don’t publicly advertise their rates. That said, you should still be able to get a custom quote before you start working with them, which should be able to guide your decision-making. 

      Agencies like Cleverly, which offer pre-packaged plans tend to be more transparent with their pricing. For most of their service packages, they offer up to three pricing plans that varying according to the extent of help they provide. 

      For instance, they offer three plans for managed LinkedIn ads, where the Starter plan costs $999 per month and supports up to $3,000 monthly ad spend. Businesses that will spend up to $7,500 per month in ads can upgrade to the Scale plan for $1,499 per month. This will also give them access to CRM integrations and new ad images created every month. 

      Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan costs $2,499 per month and is ideal for businesses with a monthly ad spend of up to $115,000. This plan comes with support for ad scheduling and audience tuning as well as unlimited image revisions. Some of their other service packages, however, come with a single plan such as the Influencer LinkedIn Content and Posting package, which is available for $997 a month.

      Cleverly digital marketing services

      Source: cleverly.com

      The good thing about this type of pricing transparency is that you know exactly what you’re signing up for and how much you’ll end up spending. This enables you to shop around different options and choose an agency whose pricing aligns with your budget. Moreover, agencies that are transparent about their pricing are less likely to hit you with hidden or unexpected costs that could add up and result in overspending.

      Even for agencies that offer custom packages or variable pricing, it’s still possible to maintain some level of pricing transparency. For example, WebFX customizes their service packages for each client. However, they include a starting price so prospective clients can get some idea of how much they can expect to spend at the minimum. 

      Their Lite plan costs $600 per month and is suitable for businesses with a monthly ad spend between $100 and $5,000. They also have a Pro plan costing $975 per month of 15% of ad spend, whichever is higher. Their Enterprise plan costs 12% of ad spend along with $250 per month in platform fees.

      WebFx Ppc Management solutions

      Source: webfx.com

      Meanwhile, LYFE Marketing includes information about the typical cost for each type of digital marketing service. Their prospective clients need to request a quote based on a customized proposal, but being able to get a price range helps them understand how much they might need to spend for each package. On top of this, the agency publicizes their pricing for some of their digital marketing packages.


      Selecting the Right Digital Marketing Package

      With so many great options in digital marketing packages, it may be confusing to narrow down the best package for you. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the right digital marketing package.

      Business Goals and Needs

      First, think about your business goals and unique needs to understand how the package can address them. This is one of the most crucial steps as you’ll need to find a package that specifically covers all the services you need to achieve your goal.

      Pricing and Budget

      Next, you’ll need to look at your budget and compare it against the package pricing. Remember that you’ll have additional costs to incur such as ad costs and influencer payments on top of the package costs. This is where an agency’s transparent pricing can come in handy as you’ll be able to effectively consider the pricing before narrowing down your options. 

      Agency Reputation

      Is the agency offering the package credible? Do they have a strong reputation for delivering effective digital marketing campaigns in your industry? This is an important factor to consider so you can make sure that you’re working with an agency that’s capable of delivering the kind of results you need. You could look at client case studies and testimonials to have a better idea of the agency’s capabilities.

      Three Common Challenges in Digital Marketing

      Building a strong online presence is a gradual process that requires both time and expertise. Facing common challenges in digital marketing, such as:

      Digital Marketing Challenges

      Measuring ROI and Success

      It’s important to make sure that the package that you bought has a positive impact on your brand performance. You should closely monitor relevant performance metrics to measure the ROI of the package. This will help you assess whether the investment is paying off and whether you’ll need to pivot for more impressive results. 

      Most digital marketing packages will automatically include analytics and reporting to help you assess the success of your campaign. Here, the agency will deliver routine updates on campaign performance with weekly or monthly reports outlining key metrics and improvements. Some agencies will even provide access to analytics and reporting dashboards where you can monitor your campaign ROI in real-time. 

      For example, WebFX’s SEO packages include ongoing reporting for keyword ranking, monthly traffic, goal and CPL, competitor conquests, and user experience. The agency also helps you with setups for Google Analytics and Google Data Studio reporting dashboards. Moreover, they give you access to ContentAnalyticsFX and other proprietary tools to measure the impact of their digital marketing solutions.

      WebFx Seo Solutions

      Source: webfx.com

      Incorporating Personalization

      Whether in an email campaign or on your website, effective personalization goes beyond merely adding a subscriber's name to a subject line. It demands a profound understanding of your potential customers, their motivations, and the ability to create high-quality, relevant content.

      Staying up to speed with algorithms

      Remaining current with algorithms, particularly in SEO and social media marketing, poses a notable challenge. However, this challenge can be transformed into an opportunity by keeping your marketing strategies regularly updated. Adapting to algorithmic changes ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

      While this may seem daunting, these changes often prioritize user experience. Embracing them means aligning your strategies with what benefits your target audience. Considering that your digital marketing plan encompasses various services like email and mobile marketing, it's crucial to seamlessly adapt to new changes without disrupting ongoing activities.

      Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Packages

      With a greater focus on addressing unique business needs, most digital marketing packages now aim to deliver custom-tailored solutions. That being said, many agencies are also trying to maintain transparency by publicizing starting rates and price ranges for their packages. 

      For instance, LYFE Marketing advertises the different pricing plans for their content marketing services. Although some of their packages require custom proposals, the agency still provides prospective clients with a price range to help them understand how much they can expect to spend.

      Another major trend in the digital marketing space is packages that focus on blockchain and crypto. With the popularity of crypto, many agencies such as Ninja Promo are offering dedicated digital marketing packages that focus on this industry. The agency offers blockchain development services helping clients in developing NFTs, cryptocurrency wallets, play-to-earn games, crypto exchanges, and more.

      This alone provides a testament to the capability of digital marketing agencies to pivot and address new needs and challenges that affect the landscape. As such, we can expect to see new trends in digital marketing packages as new trends take over the industry.

      Key Takeaways

      Digital marketing offers a diverse range of techniques for businesses to pursue their marketing objectives, whether aiming to enhance organic traffic or foster customer loyalty. While certain strategies may yield better ROI, a holistic approach is vital for an effective digital marketing plan.

      Investing solely in SEO without complementing it with content marketing services is impractical. Likewise, expecting social media success without generating original content for various platforms is unrealistic. Even if your content is original, its quality relies on the expertise of experienced content writers and graphic designers. The concept is clear – a comprehensive digital marketing package is an appealing solution, ensuring coverage across all essential facets of your strategy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What do digital marketing packages include?

      Most digital marketing packages include services for the key digital marketing disciplines including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing. However, each package may also vary depending on the agency and the business needs.

      What is a basic digital marketing package?

      A basic digital marketing package broadly covers top-of-the-funnel marketing solutions aimed at helping small businesses to drive new traffic and raise brand awareness.

      How do you create a digital marketing package?

      You can create a digital marketing package by combining several complementary services into one package that addresses key client concerns.

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