15 YouTube Marketing Courses You Need to Check Out

Did you know that YouTuber Whinderssonnunes earns approximately $1.9 million a year? That’s a whole lot of dough. When a content creator heavily invests in themselves, the rewards greatly pay off in the end. You can get that, too. 

Whether you’re a YouTube content creation pro or just dipping your toes in, there is always something new and exciting to learn to grow and manage your YouTube channel. There are many YouTube courses, videos, and other resources for content creators to improve their channels, attract more views, and get more subscribers. Here are 15 of them we recommend. Let’s get started. 

15 YouTube Marketing Courses You Need to Check Out:

1. YouTube Influencer 101 Crash Course—Jumpcut

Jumpcut is an academy founded by Jesse and Kong, two YouTube content creators who have been outstanding on the platform by perfecting and dishing out viral content. The crash course is only one of the numerous courses offered by Jump Cut. While the initial course is free, the other courses require payment. 

Amongst other YouTube courses for creators, this particular course consists of four emails with each linking to a video where Jesse, the supervisor, walks you through four different ideologies of making compelling and original content.  With this course, you can expand your reach and grow your views.

This is a course worth trying. Nevertheless, note that after signing up, the video linked to the emails has an expiration date, which will make it unavailable eventually. This course is for serious minded folks to prevent procrastination. You can get the course here.

2. YouTube Creator Academy

As soon as you are done setting up your YouTube channel, the next step is to expand your knowledge of the platform. The YouTube management themselves generously offers an academy to provide YouTubers, just like you, to create content creation.

Ranging from content creation to making brand deals, the YouTube Creator Academy provides you with valuable resources to improve your content creation skills – all for free!

Nonetheless, before you choose to pay for any online course or in-person course, ensure to review the content of the program to get yourself to the next level. However, several YouTube courses for creators hosted on the YouTube platform are from well-known content creators – that’s a little reassuring. Here’s the course.

3. Setting up a Professional YouTube Channel—Amy Landino

Amy Landino is a known author, keynote speaker, and YouTuber. She’s also a professional vlogger and an expert in video branding. With her course, you will get a step-by-step guide for building your YouTube channel that is in line with the channel creation best practices. It helps you familiarize yourself with all that YouTube has to offer.

However, to access this video course, you will have to subscribe to her email newsletter or prefer to get the guide without future emails; you have the option to send an email to [email protected]

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4. Introduction to Digital Photography—Alison

With videography, the rules and principles of good photography are made very simple. Knowing how a camera functions, framing a shot, and what each feature on the camera is meant for will increase your confidence in your video-making journey.

This is another fantastic course on our list of YouTube courses for creators. It features technical elements, 13 modules, teaching history, and file formats for photography. When you start following the modules, there is an assessment to test all you have learned in the course.

5. Before Your Shoot—YouTube Creator Academy

For a successful YouTube video, the essential components are an excellent idea, top-notch equipment, and perfect execution. You need a lot of preparation and work to achieve these three components. At times, you might just find yourself not knowing what to do next, or how to execute that perfect idea. So, where do you turn to? 

This course teaches you how to better your video shooting. The tutorial is the first section of a three-section video production lesson that YouTube offers. The class consists of three units: Developing Your Ideas, Choosing Your Equipment, and Getting Ready for Your Shoot. 

Before Your Shoot will teach you the essentials for creating compelling content, whether to develop your channel or as a YouTube newbie.  

6. During Your Shoot—YouTube Creator Academy

After learning all you need to know before your shoot, the next step is to know what to do during your shooting. However, you need an excellent camera, lighting, and framing. Being successful in YouTube content creation requires original content coupled with a pretty face. Yeah, that’s right, a pretty face is helpful. Nonetheless, you need to have excellent skills in video shooting.

Fortunately, YouTube provides a section of its platform to aspiring video content creators. The During Your Shoot course offers a free one-hour YouTube tutorial where you'll be taught how to use lighting effectively, frame your shots, and make a professional sound recording. Also, if you don't have any background in videography, among other YouTube courses for creators, this particular course is perfect for you.

7. Social Marketing Training—Hootsuite

This is a free social media course provided by Hootsuite, where you can learn the benefits of getting your content across numerous social media platforms and increasing your brand's reach. All that is required of you is to sign up for free to access all the materials – isn't that just perfect?

As long as you are into creating videos for a YouTube channel, you will eventually learn that the most effective way to increase your reach is through social media. Nonetheless, content creation on YouTube is not the same as on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels. Fully understanding the traditional content of each platform, the nature and trend of the audience, and how to schedule and optimize the content on different media will not only help you get more views but also build a stable fan base. You can get the complete course here.

8. SEO Essentials—Moz

When you start your YouTube channel, one of the best ways to make your videos get more views is by utilizing a search engine tool. This SEO course consists of instructional videos that help you understand all the basics of how Google and other search engines decide whether to display your content as number one in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or bury it below.

Understanding how SEO works will give an edge and put you way ahead of your competitors. Several successful YouTube content creators are notorious for picking their message from random ideas and developing it into viral content. However, they all do have a fundamental understanding of one thing in particular – SEO. You can get the course here.   

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9. YouTube SEO: How to Rank #1 on YouTub—Udemy

So you’ve been looking for a course on how to get views? It’s quite simple. The answer is to increase your ranking in the search results by aiming for the number one spot with SEO content. There are two vital things to keep in mind: subscribers and those who search for your content. The question now is, "how exactly do searchers and subscribers find your content?" Well, that's a mystery we are all still looking to solve.

This course from Udemy is a very resourceful tool among the numerous YouTube courses for creators. With this online course, you will be taught a step-by-step strategy to rank your content on the first page of YouTube search results. The strategy consists of building enticing thumbnails that will get prospective viewers' attention and mastering how to use target keywords. If you are looking to refine your video production skills and improve your marketing side, you should try this course.         

10. The Secret Power of Brands—FutureLearn

Whatever niche you’ve chosen and comfortable with, you must flourish in it to get your channel ranked high. That's why you must consider your content and brand personality. The Secret Power of Brands is a free course offered by FutureLearn, highlighting some vital aspects of branding and providing you with an extensive understanding of the YouTube channel branding process. You'll also learn how excellent branding can make all the needed difference.

This free course also comes with 8-weeks of open access, consisting of articles, videos, and peer reviews. 

11. Email List Building—Leadpages      

As soon as your audience begins to grow, and you start earning more credibility across your niche, ways to monetize your content becomes the next big step. And one such way is through email marketing. You can finally create an effective email marketing plan and collect loyal customers through list-nurturing techniques. 

You’ll need the help of the Leadpages course for a landing page builder, plus the resources and strategy to build your email marketing subscriber list. What makes this course even better? Leaderpages provides this course in both audio and video format, combined with 12 downloadable, accessible PDFs. 

12. Build a Fan Base on YouTube—Creativelive

If you are already good with video planning and editing, it is time to make your content earn more views and grow your fan base. One of the keys to getting more and constant engagements on your channel is the ability to cut across more people both on and off YouTube, and that’s one of the components of this course. 

Your fan base must focus on people drawn toward the type of content your channel offer. You don’t want to be into the one-time thing. You'll be able to keep almost all your viewers and earn more when you can deliver quality content continuously. 

The Build a fan base is one of the most sought after YouTube courses for creators. The instructor, Sunny Lenarduzzi, will show you how to pick the best topics with search terms and keywords in mind. Also, she will teach you several methods to promote your channel and videos. If you are looking to go viral, here is a course for you! 

13. Vlog Like a Boss—Creativelive

Several kinds of YouTube videos include video game streams, political, social, short films and documentaries, environmental commentary, music videos, and vlogs. However, as we know them, vlogs are one of the most proven methods to have worked for major YouTube influencers. They are reasonably easy to create, edit, plus viewers love to engage with vlogs.

In this online course, the supervisor, Amy Schmittauer, will show you everything you ought to know about vlogs. You’ll be taught how to connect and relate with your viewers, attract traffic, edit, develop personable content, and build a fan base using vlogs. It's also vital that you recall that vloggers are one of the best earners on YouTube, so to be in this league, you shouldn’t second-guess taking this course. 

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14. Build a Business on YouTube—YouTube Creator Academy

Yeah, that’s right. Ads aren’t the only way to earn money on YouTube. It's not even the best way! YouTube now offers innovative tools like channel memberships and Super Chat. They also provide YouTubers with a merch shelf integration with Teespring to help diversify monetization options. 

After going through several other YouTube courses for creators, you’ll find out that this free online course is one of the best to learn how to monetize by connecting with viewers, channel memberships, crowdfunding, and selling merchandise from your YouTube channel. To get the best from this course, it is essential that you already have a YouTube channel, or else your efforts might be a waste.

15.  Get Discovered—YouTube Creator Academy

Getting a “loyal” audience is a vital aspect of becoming a YouTube influencer. The reason for this is apparent. However, the way to find a large, semi-permanent audience is a little more elusive. With the Get Discovered course, you’ll be taught how to enhance your YouTube channel’s discovery potential using metadata, captions, collaborations, and promotions.

You’ll also learn about thumbnails and titles, search and discovery, descriptions, and several other methods to entice and engage a broad audience. This course is especially helpful for YouTubers with unique niche ideas and excellent video-making skills, yet with minimal or no marketing skills.  

In Conclusion

With the courses we've enlisted in this article, you can finally improve your YouTube channel and become a famous influencer and a go-to resource. Nonetheless, there are several other YouTube courses for creators, but with the list you have above, you're good to go!

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