Top 9 Biotechnology Marketing Agencies Making Waves Today

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Promoting and disseminating information regarding a specific industry, product, or service can be done through targeted, niche-specific content marketing. Unsurprisingly, there's been a huge spike in marketing agencies that focus on specific sectors like real estate, eCommerce, healthcare, professional services, and entertainment. The biotechnology industry is yet another one that requires the services of a niche marketing agency.

Biotechnology studies and applies biological systems and the components of living organisms for industrial purposes. The field has diversified to include various disciplines, including biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. To better human health and the environment, businesses in the biotech industry create new products using cellular and biomolecular processes. Each year, innovations and products in the areas of medicinal, agricultural, and industrial biotechnology emerge.

Biotech products and services have the ability to enhance people's lives, making it crucial to raise awareness about them on a global scale. This is where biotechnology marketing agencies come into play.

Top Biotechnology Marketing Agencies

It can be overwhelming for a biotech company to find the right biotech marketing agency in today's saturated industry. Your choice will ultimately be guided by the needs and constraints of your company. Here are the top nine biotech marketing agencies to consider:

biotechnology marketing agencies

1. The Digital Elevator

The Digital Elevator

The Digital Elevator (TDE) is a biotech marketing agency headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida. The agency offers an extensive selection of biotech marketing solutions that cater to the needs of emerging businesses. These services are designed to help such companies establish their brand, enhance their visibility, and achieve growth. The agency’s services are priced economically, enabling startups and small companies to focus on their scientific endeavors.

The Digital Elevator collaborates with new biotechnology companies, prioritizing building long-term relationships and creating lasting brand identities. It also caters to those that are in the R&D stage but are new to marketing. TDE likewise specializes in streamlining complex products and services to ensure that they are accessible to their intended audience. The agency prioritizes accessibility and engagement to guarantee that its clients’ messages are effectively conveyed.

Services: PR, SEO consulting, content marketing, paid media, social media, logo and branding, web design, graphic design

Case studies:

Notable clients: McKesson, Ironshore Pharmaceuticals, CR&T

2. BioStrata


BioStrata is an award-winning specialist marketing agency with headquarters in the UK and the US. BioStrata’s team is reputed to be proficient in the languages of life sciences and business. The agency’s comprehensive programs are designed to deliver results for life science companies by combining decades of marketing experience with PhD-level knowledge. Its proactive initiatives are designed to produce results and reduce stress.

BioStrata has collaborated with various biotech companies, both small and large, to help them improve their visibility, convey their narrative, acquire funding, and establish new partnerships. BioStrata’s team of experts develops an efficient communication strategy that can captivate its client’s target audience. They then leverage multiple strategies and channels to promote the story in the market.

Furthermore, BioStrata provides a selection of services to help businesses boost their profile among investors. This includes providing communication support for meetings such as those at JP Morgan, connecting clients with key business analysts at organizations like Biocentury, and securing media coverage across various life science and business media outlets.

Services: digital marketing, PR, content creation, science writing, creative design, brand awareness, lead generation, paid media and advertising, and more

Case studies:

Notable clients: Elevation Oncology, PsiOxus Therapeutics (Akamis Bio), TheraVectys

3. Elevated Internet Marketing

Elevated Internet Marketing

Elevated Internet Marketing is an agency based in California that specializes in providing digital marketing services to biotech companies to help them grow their businesses. The niche services offered by the agency include:

  • Medical Marketing: aims to help medical brands expand their market share and increase revenue by utilizing digital strategies.
  • Agricultural Marketing: specializes in providing customized digital marketing solutions for agricultural businesses.
  • Industrial Biotech Advertising: highlights the benefits of industrial biotech advertising for brands looking to capitalize on the industry’s growth.
  • Biotech Content Marketing: covers the use of biotech content marketing to increase brand awareness, educate customers about product value, and engage with the target audience.
  • Biotech PPC: focuses on utilizing advanced PPC campaigns to position brands and ensure that their products and services are easily discoverable by customers at the most opportune times.
  • Biotech SEO: aims to improve the visibility and relevance of a company’s website when potential B2B and D2C customers search for information and products related to their business.

Services: paid media, reputation management, email marketing, social media, SEO, CRO, website projects, design/UI/UX, analytics, development support

Case studies:

Notable clients: Biocom, Donjoy, Tandem Diabetes Care,

4. Samba Scientific

Samba Scientific

Samba Scientific is a comprehensive tactical marketing agency that caters to businesses in the diagnostic, genomic, and life science industries. The agency is known for delivering inbound marketing services that are effective, responsive, and focused on ROI for biotech and life science companies.

Samba Scientific has been recognized for its expertise in lead generation. A lot of businesses in the biotech and life sciences industries experience an issue where their product development moves faster than their business development. Samba Scientific offers full-service solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives. With years of experience in lead generation, the agency can assist clients in meeting their goals through proven best practices. With their input, the Samba team will create and implement campaigns that aim to increase awareness and generate marketing-qualified leads. The team presents a range of high-quality services, including audience profiling, value propositions, execution strategy, tracking, and reporting.

Samba Scientific also provides tactical support. With a team of professionals with diverse skill sets, including marketers, scientists, web developers, and creatives, Samba can create, strategize, develop, deploy, write, draw, or animate anything necessary to help clients achieve their campaign goals.

Services: HubSpot onboarding, lead generation, inbound marketing, content and collateral, video, strategy, webinars, website design

Case studies:

Notable clients: Fabric Genomics, DxTerity, HTG Molecular

5. Metric Marketing

Metric Marketing

Founded in 2014, Metric Marketing is a boutique agency catering to a select group of clients. The agency is known for its exceptional work in SEO, graphic design, content creation, web development, and ad buying. Metric Marketing specializes in life science marketing. It focuses on creating a strong digital presence to maximize a brand’s impact. The agency brings out the value of targeting the appropriate audience online to ensure that their client’s product gains visibility.

Metric Marketing’s primary services revolve around biotech SEO and biotech content creation. Its team of SEO specialists can assist biotech companies in developing tailored, keyword-focused content, expanding their backlinks, offering technical SEO support, and compiling topics that highlight their proficiency in their specific biotech sector. The agency’s roster of content creators assists in drawing in the target audience, utilizing video content for product demonstrations, establishing authority by building a comprehensive About Us page and developing engaging white papers and webinars to disseminate research findings to the audience.

Services: strategy development, web development, SEO, paid search campaigns, social media marketing, HubSpot, content marketing, graphic design, digital marketing analytics

Case studies:

Notable clients: Akadeum Life Sciences, City Labs

6. Supreme


Supreme is a digital marketing agency that focuses on delivering services to life science businesses. The PhD-level academic marketing staff delivers unparalleled value in revenue-driving organic traffic, qualified leads, and eCommerce revenue. Supreme offers:

  • Pharma marketing
  • Medical device marketing
  • Healthcare marketing
  • Drug discovery marketing
  • Diagnostics marketing
  • Biotech marketing

Supreme offers services and technical expertise to help biotech businesses promote their technology, launch new therapies, elevate their brand, and grow their customer base. The agency’s top-notch marketers transform a client’s website into a top-performing sales and marketing tool. They also help their clients achieve their goals by using a combination of organic and paid traffic, optimizing their websites for conversions, implementing engaging web design, and executing effective content marketing strategies.

Services: digital strategy discovery, web development, digital marketing, web design, and UX

Case studies:

Notable clients: DWK Life Sciences, Artel, BlueBee

7. ClarityQuest


ClarityQuest is a marketing agency that specializes in helping healthcare technology, biotechnology, and life sciences businesses grow using bold and innovative strategies. ClarityQuest, with offices in Michigan and Connecticut, offers solutions to its clients to boost ROI, improve brand recognition, acquire leads, and complete goal execution. The agency is proficient in biotech marketing and can help ensure that its clients’ marketing programs are just as advanced as their latest therapy or lab software solution. ClarityQuest effectively targets biotech buyers throughout the entire product development process, from pre-clinical discovery to manufacturing, ensuring a seamless transition from laboratory to market.

ClarityQuest delivers biotech marketing services catering to biopharma vendors, laboratory systems, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The agency has successfully assisted biopharma vendors in breaking down marketing barriers within the industry. The marketing team employs A/B testing and the design of experiments to identify the most efficient campaigns and channels.

ClarityQuest collaborates with both North American and international organizations to improve their clients’ brand visibility and pipeline. Its marketing experts likewise help in sales enablement and top-of-funnel marketing.

Services: planning and strategy, branding, digital marketing, lead generation, and nurturing

Case studies:

Notable clients: Astarte Biologics, ICQ Consultants, Be The Match BioTherapies

8. Orientation Marketing

Orientation Marketing

Orientation Marketing is a global marketing agency with headquarters in the UK, Canada, and Finland. The agency assists in identifying marketing opportunities to enhance its clients’ visibility, boost engagement, and generate more leads. The agency offers full assistance in strategy, planning, and execution to maximize the value of its clients’ marketing budgets through innovative marketing campaigns.

Orientation marketing focuses on helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies enhance their visibility within their respective markets. It accomplishes this via targeted media strategies and accessing the most effective publications and positions available. Its experts are renowned for their ability to utilize an effective inbound approach. Their expertise lies in converting website visitors into leads and, ultimately, into customers. In addition, the agency collaborates with skilled content creators to assist pharmaceutical companies in separating themselves from competitors through a variety of scientific and technical content marketing approaches.

Services: media planning, media buying, strategy, PPC, content, creative, event support, web design and build, inbound marketing, CRM, lead generation

Case studies:

Notable clients: Catalent, SGD Pharma, Roquette

9. Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing

Altitude Marketing is an integrated, full-service marketing firm based in Pennsylvania. The agency prioritizes strategy, data, and business goals to achieve outstanding results. The agency specializes in B2B life sciences marketing services that target clinical trials, biotech, biopharma, and healthcare technology industries. Its clientele comprises various entities, such as commercial review boards, contract research organizations, hardware and software providers, consultants, and others. Altitude Marketing’s operation is geared toward businesses involved in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, such as drug development, pre-clinical testing, clinical research, quality, manufacturing, approval, and authentication.

The agency’s team of marketers helps clients identify their competitive landscape and target audience. In addition, Altitude Marketing aids in facilitating acquisitions by major companies such as GE Healthcare Life Sciences and LexisNexis.

Services: marketing strategy, branding, web development, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, SEO, content marketing, PR

Case studies:

Notable clients: Firma Clinical Research, Cognivia

Final Thoughts

Biotech businesses are reputed for developing significant products that have a positive impact on human health and the planet. Marketing these products can prove to be an uphill battle without the right mix of strategies. One effective strategy is to work with a biotech marketing agency with the right kind of expertise and services, established connections with trade publications, and a cohesive team with a holistic approach. The list provided above can serve as a helpful starting point if you're looking for a reputable and credible biotech marketing agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a biotechnology content marketing agency?

A biotech content marketing agency is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating campaigns and providing services to market biotech or life sciences products or services.

What are the top biotech marketing agencies?

The top biotechnology marketing agencies are:

  • The Digital Elevator
  • BioStrata
  • Elevated Internet Marketing
  • Samba Scientific
  • Metric Marketing
  • Supreme
  • ClarityQuest
  • Orientation Marketing
  • Altitude Marketing

What are the services that biotech marketing agencies provide?

In general, biotech marketing agencies provide all types of digital marketing solutions like content creation, SEO, lead generation, web design and development, PPC, and social media marketing services.

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