18 of the Leading Email Automation Tools for 2024

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Writing and sending emails can be a slow process, particularly if you regularly email a sizable number of current and potential clients. And you can't just send mass business emails in the same way as you do personal emails. ISPs would rapidly look upon your emails as spam. Instead, you need to use specialist email companies to enable bulk emailing.

However, you will notice that much of the work required to create and send emails is extremely repetitive. You effectively do the same thing over and over again. Luckily many of the same companies who offer email services to you also have email automation tools. Indeed, in some cases, they have automation tools that cover all of your outbound marketing, covering multiple channels alongside email.

You can often configure your email marketing system to automatically send a sequence of messages to subscribers in response to a specific action they take. For example, you might send a series of emails over a month to your new customers, teaching them the best ways to use the product they have just bought.

The following products include some email automation elements, although they target different types and sizes of companies.

Email Automation Tools for 2024:

email automation tools

1. Campaigner


Campaigner’s Email Automation Tool allows you to enhance and optimize marketing workflows by integrating both SMS and email channels, ensuring your messages will reach and resonate with the intended audience. The tool’s robust workflow design allows for the seamless integration of SMS into traditional email campaigns, an approach that’s engineered to elevate conversion rates.

The customizable automation rules and interaction-based triggers mean that every message is timely and relevant, optimizing the chances of engagement and conversion. Notably, with 98% read rates and 90% of SMS being read within 3 minutes, Campaigner capitalizes on the immediacy and directness of SMS marketing, ensuring that campaigns attain a level of visibility and engagement that’s unparalleled. It also offers personalized customer journeys. It ensures you will get a flexible and adaptive communication strategy and can switch between SMS and email based on past interactions and preferences.

Additionally, the tool’s text-to-subscribe feature simplifies the process of growing and managing the audience, guaranteeing that you can easily expand the reach while maintaining compliance with opt-in requirements. Beyond marketing, Campaigner proves its versatility by offering SMS for a range of practical applications, including shipping and delivery notifications, password resets, and appointment reminders. This multi-functionality underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive, 1:1 customer experience that extends beyond promotions and marketing.

4.5 out of 5 stars
Campaigner helps you drive sales and revenue using advanced marketing automation, intuitive reporting, and powerful personalization through email and SMS. It even offers a version for eCommerce firms that features Shopify and Magento integration.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Ease of Use
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Dynamic Content
Landing Pages
Email Templates
Automation Workflows
Conversion Tracking
Drag & Drop Builder
Reusable Content Blocks
Advanced Segmentation
Reputation Defender
Content Blocks
Conditional Content
Preference Management
Price starting at:$59
Pros and Cons
Lengthy free review period
Intuitive interface and user-friendly
Wide range of features
No forever-free plan for small users
Accessing the free trial isn't always as simple as you'd expect
Template navigation can be challenging
Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), although also viable for larger companies
4.5 out of 5 stars
Campaigner helps you drive sales and revenue using advanced marketing automation, intuitive reporting, and powerful personalization through email and SMS. It even offers a version for eCommerce firms that features Shopify and Magento integration.



SMTP.com’s Email Automation Tool stands as a beacon of reliability and efficiency in the realm of email marketing. With its focus on transactional emails, SMTP.com ensures your critical communications, such as purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, and order status updates, are delivered swiftly and securely. This tool is particularly adept at handling high-volume email campaigns, making it an ideal choice for businesses that prioritize robustness and scalability.

At the heart of SMTP.com’s prowess is its powerful Email Relay API, which offers a seamless integration experience, even for those with minimal technical expertise. The API’s flexibility ensures that your transactional emails are not just sent but are also tailored to meet the unique demands of your business.

Furthermore, SMTP.com enhances your email deliverability with features like Reputation Defender, an innovative service that proactively protects your email sender’s reputation. This tool is not just about sending emails; it’s about ensuring they land in the right inbox, thereby improving your overall campaign effectiveness.

4.5 out of 5 stars
SMTP.com claims ISPs believe them to be one of the internet's most reliable and trusted senders. They maintain an impeccable reputation among mailbox providers by proactively vetting out spam and maintaining high delivery rates. Their highly responsive infrastructure ensures virtually no latency and over 99% system uptime.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Ease of Use
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
List Management
Reputation Defender
Transactional emails
Managed email delivery
SMTP for developers
API Integrations
Activity Tracking
Email Management
Reporting & Analytics
Price starting at:$25
Pros and Cons
Ensures your emails aren't mixed up with spam
Easy to set up
Helpful customer service
No free (or very cheap) plan for those with modest needs
Reporting not as in-depth as some competitors
Email-only – no recognition of SMS
Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), although also viable for larger companies
4.5 out of 5 stars
SMTP.com claims ISPs believe them to be one of the internet's most reliable and trusted senders. They maintain an impeccable reputation among mailbox providers by proactively vetting out spam and maintaining high delivery rates. Their highly responsive infrastructure ensures virtually no latency and over 99% system uptime.

3. Customer.io


With Customer.io, you can send targeted emails, push notifications, and SMS to lower churn, create stronger relationships, and drive subscriptions. It contains everything you need to automate messages at scale.

Customer.io’s RESTful API allows you to create, update, and delete people and send events from your application. You can also upload user data as a CSV or manually add new people through the UI to start sending even faster.

Choose from drag-and-drop, HTML, or Rich Text editors. Pick from starter templates or import your own, and then craft your message. Merge customer profile data and event data into your message right in the editor.

Sync your Customer.io segments to your ad networks. Rather than manually uploading CSVs to Google and Facebook, you can create one segment in Customer.io that will send the same audience to any ad network with just one click.

4. Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a best-in-class B2B marketing automation solution. It offers campaign design, advanced lead scoring, real-time firmographic data, and integrated sales tools. Email marketing is just one part of Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation. 

Unite behavioral and firmographic data from multiple sources to build, filter, and segment audiences so you can precisely target individuals with rich customer profiles based on specific attributes, interests, and geography. Connect with the right person based on who they are and what they’re doing. Filter Eloqua contacts based on profile, account and activity data, and use CRM and other system data to update lists dynamically.

5. iContact


Building an email with iContact takes minutes. There’s no HTML know-how required, and the Drag and Drop Editor makes things a cinch. Automated email campaigns can deploy once a subscriber interacts with a landing page, makes a purchase, clicks a link, or meets any specific criteria that you determine.

iContact is free to set up and plays nicely with hundreds of systems. You can easily A/B test. A/B testing helps ensure you’re sending the right content each time. Efficiently conduct tests with a small percentage of your subscribers to determine which content will resonate best with your audience. Quickly test email subject lines, incentives, layouts, or color schemes.

With Smart Sending, iContact determines the best time to send automated messages based on subscriber engagement.

6. BuzzBuilder Pro

BuzzBuilder Pro

BuzzBuilder Pro offers a complete outbound lead generation system. It is an easy way to generate quality leads and referrals, with no cold calling and no advertising.

Use personalized cold email campaigns and timely follow-up to reach crazy-busy executives and increase leads 3X. Use Predictive Lead Scoring to focus on who’s really interested. ​Intelligent automation will manage each step of your campaigns, eliminate data entry, and save you 5+ hours per week.

BuzzBuilder combines powerful automation tools with a dedicated sales support team. They search for companies, prospects, and referral partners that you should target and then track down their work email address, phone number, and more. Then, BuzzBuilder sets up automated yet highly personalized, cold email campaigns to connect you with these prospects. BuzzBuilder even alerts you the moment someone important visits your website and shows interest. 

7. Drip


Drip helps you build personalized customer experiences, drive more revenue, and take your marketing strategy to the next level. Their mission is to help brands grow by giving everyone the same powerful automation tools as the big guys. 

Drip includes multichannel automation backed by powerful segmentation so you can reach all people across a variety of platforms. Segment to your heart’s desire; graduate from generic list building to dynamic behavior and engagement-based segmentation.

8. Convertkit


ConvertKit helps you find your audience, turn them into real fans, and earn a living as a creator. 

As a creator, you’re full of exciting ideas. You can test those ideas on your audience by creating sign up forms or landing pages in just minutes. Write great-looking emails full of valuable content that help you build trust and show your expertise. Once you know your audience and their needs, send relevant emails about your products and services to the right people at the right time.

4.5 out of 5 stars
Convertkit helps online creators manage their email marketing with simple, straightforward marketing tools to help turn readers into subscribers. Use their visual automation builder and customizable forms to build targeted, well-timed content optimized to grow your business.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Ease of Use
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Analytics/ROI Tracking
Customizable CTAs
Drip Campaigns
Dynamic Content
Landing Pages/Web Forms
CAN SPAM Compliance
List Management
Marketing Automation
Event Triggered Actions
AB Testing
Price starting at:$9
Pros and Cons
Comprehensive forms with advanced features
Flexible list management with tags
Paid newsletter feature
Email editor has limited design options with no preview
Only three customizable, simple templates
Basic analytics
Best for: Creators
4.5 out of 5 stars
Convertkit helps online creators manage their email marketing with simple, straightforward marketing tools to help turn readers into subscribers. Use their visual automation builder and customizable forms to build targeted, well-timed content optimized to grow your business.

9. Mailjet


Mailjet provides one platform to create, edit, and send your emails as a team. Marketers and developers can work together in real-time. Invite your team members and give them specific roles and permissions to control what they can access and manage on your account. Create as many sub-accounts as needed to fit your company’s structure and separate transactional emails from marketing campaigns.

Browse Mailjet’s email template gallery and use Passport, their intuitive drag-and-drop email builder, to design emails that display perfectly in all of your recipients’ inboxes and devices. Work together in real-time on your email design.

Use subscription forms to build your audience and grow your contacts lists. Collect any type of data about your customers and create targeted segments to send relevant emails customized to their individual identity, interests, and behaviors. Personalize email templates to show your customers just how special they are. Onboard new recipients, engage at critical moments, reward actions, and reactivate inactive users in just a few clicks, using their predefined automated scenarios.

10. Max Classic

Max Classic

Max Classic is the premier product of Keap. It is their longest-running and most powerful product, offering an all-in-one solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation, fully customizable campaigns, and powerful app integration. 

Capture leads automatically through built-in landing pages, convert more visitors to leads, and automatically add new leads to your contacts with advanced segmentation. Deliver the right message to the right person. It features bulletproof automation to make sure leads don’t fall through the cracks. Campaign Builder automatically tags new leads, assigns tasks, and sends emails based on client actions.

11. AWeber


AWeber has a mission to deliver powerfully simple email marketing for small businesses that does 90% of the work for you. Their AI-powered design assistant automatically builds amazing-looking branded email templates in seconds. Create custom emails and landing pages without ever writing a line of code. Get started even faster with a vast library of pre-built email templates. Automate email sending and personalization with built-in campaigns.

12. Intercom


Intercom describes itself as a business messenger. It does live chat, bots, apps, product tours, email, and messages – virtually every way to build relationships with your customers.

Onboard and activate new customers while re-engaging current ones with targeted messages, product tours, and email campaigns. Grow revenue with targeted outbound messages to increase adoption, onboard customers, and drive action. Engage customers throughout their journey with tours and messages on your website and in your product. Segment customers and trigger outbound email, push, website, or in-product content based on what they’re doing and where. Share product updates or promotions by email, and drive customers to your website or product to take action.

13. E-goi


E-goi features marketing automation for everyone. Capture, automate, communicate, analyze, and generate more sales.

It features easy and powerful email marketing. Create and send newsletters to promote your business. Emails that always reach their destination. Capture, automate, send, analyze, and impact your sales. 

E-goi includes a range of professionally designed newsletter models that are ready to use and customizable with a super simple editor. They are compatible with all email readers, as well as smartphone and tablet-friendly. It features an autoresponder and marketing automation. 

14. LeadSquared


LeadSquared offers higher efficiency out of your call center, feet-on-street, digital sales, and merchant operations for high sales volume B2C businesses. It includes marketing automation to push your leads faster down the sales funnel and build meaningful prospect relationships. Use it to communicate effectively with your prospects and customers on the channels of their choice – text, WhatsApp, email, call, self-serve portals, social, and more. 

Track every action your prospects take and every conversation they have with your team – the webpages they view, the campaigns they interact with (email, text, social, or PPC), the phone conversations they have with your teams, and everything else in-between. You can see this entire journey in a clean, timestamped view. Segregate your leads based on their demographic profiles, activities, interests, products interested in, or any other variables important to you—trigger highly-relevant and personalized offers and communication campaigns.

Personalize every aspect of your email campaigns to get higher opens, clicks, and responses. Deliver them at the time of your choosing.

15. Marketo


With Marketo, you can identify, engage, and accelerate the customer experience. Engage the right customers through behavior tracking. Quickly build and scale automated marketing campaigns. 

Break through the clutter and engage your customers with email campaigns as unique as their online behaviors wherever they are — automatically and at scale. Marketo’s visual editor and fully responsive templates make creating emails that look great on any device simple. Tap into your customers’ behavior to dynamically send the right message at the right time. Use A/B testing, and predictive content, and triggered emails to improve results. Guarantee your customer segments are always accurate with real-time updates based on individual customer behaviors and changes in their demographic profile. Get your email marketing performance metrics when you need them. And review and reschedule your email campaigns directly from your mobile device with the Marketo Moments app.

16. Get Notify

Get Notify

Get Notify notifies you when the recipient reads the emails you send. Get Notify sends you an email read notification as soon as your sent email recipient opens and reads your email.

With GetNotify.com, tracking email is free. Their Email Tracking technique is invisible to the recipient; your email recipient will never be prompted to send you a Return Receipt. You use your existing email address and existing email client program/web-based email service provider to send Tracked Emails. They then send a certified mail and tell you the exact date and the time your recipient opened your sent email. They also tell you about the recipient’s IP address, geographical location, operating system, web browser’s name, etc.

17. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers straightforward email marketing and automation tools. Customize any template or design to showcase your brand using the powerful drag-and-drop email builder—no coding required. Display your brand at its best with precise adjustments to every aspect of your campaign in the email builder. Every template is responsive to mobile devices, so you can send knowing your campaigns look great everywhere. Allow your email designer to lock sections of the template so that your team only updates what you want them to — ensuring your brand style and business-critical information all stay intact.

Campaign Monitor includes everything you need to become an email automation pro.

18. Cakemail


Cakemail is a reseller-friendly and developer-friendly multilingual email marketing app and API. It makes it easy to manage contacts and relationships, deliver highly personalized email communications, track activities, and generate meaningful analytics. 

Create beautiful emails, regardless of which device your readers use. Cakemail features dynamic content and personalization. 

Adding your contacts is fast and easy. You can add contacts to your list one at a time, import a whole list with (or without) corresponding data, or partially import a list to include the data and columns you want. You can create segments based on any information your subscribers have shared or any action – whether they clicked on something (or not). You can send tailored messages to those with specific criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best email automation platform?

These are the 6 best email marketing software for 2024:

  1. Customer.io
  2. Oracle Eloqua
  3. iContact
  4. BuzzBuilder Pro
  5. Drip
  6. Convertkit

How do I create an automated email system?

To set up an automated email system, follow these steps:

  • Install an email marketing tool
  • Build your email list, then segment it
  • Set up your automation trigger
  • Create personalized email campaigns

Is Mailchimp an automation tool?

Mailchimp has marketing automation tools which allows you to personalize customer journeys as well as trigger-based emails and more. You can send automated messages to customers that will be tailored to certain interactions.

Can you automate emails in Gmail?

You can schedule emails in Gmail to send at a later time. Scheduled emails can be sent a few minutes after your scheduled time slot. Your emails will be sent based on the timezone where you scheduled them in.

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