13 Best Marketing Campaigns on Facebook

When you’re marketing on a platform like Facebook, where there’s an abundance of competition, you need something outstanding and impactful. You need campaigns that leave a lasting impact on your target audience and get them to take action. This is easier said than done when every other marketer and advertiser has access to the same set of marketing tools and advertising solutions.

So we’ve put together some of the best marketing campaigns on Facebook to inspire your efforts. Whether you take a leaf out of their marketing playbook or get inspired to come up with something even better, let’s take a look at these 13 best Facebook marketing campaigns.

13 Best Marketing Campaigns on Facebook:

1. Charity Water: #AgreetoAgree Campaign

Charitable organizations often come up with some of the best marketing campaigns that tug at your heartstrings and get you to take action. In the case of Charity Water, their #AgreetoAgree campaign started out as a fun way to get their community engaged. In the weeks leading up to World Water Day, the organization started an #AgreetoAgree campaign asking questions to settle the score with some of the most common debates.

One of their videos featured real people choosing the correct pronunciation of GIF, whether pineapple belongs on pizza, or whether toilet paper should roll over or under. The Charity Water team posted the video to Facebook and asked their community to cast their votes.

The team continued to share several posts asking similar questions such as whether Ross cheated on Rachel or whether listening to an audiobook counts as reading. One of their posts featured a graphic illustrating these common debates with arrows taking them to the next question. 

Regardless of their answer journey, everyone ended up on a photo of someone scooping dirty water from a tub into a bottle. The photo included a question asking, “Is this what drinking water should look like?” And the answer options were either “Nope” or “Absolutely not.”

The post included a caption saying that although we might not agree on everything, we can #AgreetoAgree that everyone deserves access to clean water. It then encouraged people to make donations to fund clean water projects, explaining that it only takes about $3 a month to give one person clean water every year. 

This campaign is compelling because it initially engaged the community with fun questions related to common and harmless debates. Once people started paying attention, it appealed to their sensibilities by presenting access to clean water as a non-debatable topic.

2. World Balance: Christmas Ad Campaign

For the 2023 holiday season, World Balance, a Philippines-based retailer wanted to drive in-store visits and sales. So they ran a series of video ads on Facebook that were designed to generate leads. These ads promised big savings with a voucher that people could claim by clicking on the ad.

Once someone clicked on the ad, they were instantly taken to a Messenger window where they needed to provide their contact details to claim a unique voucher code. This code could then be used at any of the brand’s retail stores across Manila. 

The campaign targeted a broad audience of people aged 20+ and living in the Manila metro area. In the case of individuals who didn’t claim their voucher within 15 days, the customer service team followed up via Messenger, reminding them to use the voucher at a nearby World Balance store.

By effectively distributing in-store vouchers, the brand was able to boost sales and see a 3.4x return on ad spend. Moreover, they saw a 4.4% voucher redemption rate.

3. Food 4 Less: Influencer Marketing Campaign

When Food 4 Less wanted to raise brand awareness in the summer of 2023, they leveraged influencer marketing to promote the huge selection of affordable grilling ingredients available at their stores. They worked with mom influencers like Aly Gandarilla who runs the Aly & Co. blog to help promote the selection of grilling ingredients available at their stores.

The influencer created detailed blog posts highlighting some delectable outdoor grilling recipes and positioned Food 4 Less as the ideal place to find all the ingredients for those recipes. She then shared several photos of those recipes on Facebook, where she maintains a strong presence. In these posts, she tagged the Food 4 Less Facebook account and mentioned how her audience could shop all the ingredients she used at their stores.

Another influencer created a Facebook Reel to take her followers on a shopping journey at Foodsco, another Food 4 Less store. The Reel showed her shopping at the store and picking up the summer grilling ingredients and then preparing tacos using those ingredients.

By having influencers create a range of unique dishes, Food 4 Less was able to effectively showcase the abundance of options at their stores. This type of influencer content helped to provide an endless amount of cooking inspiration while encouraging the audience to start their summer grilling. 

4. Dick’s Sporting Goods: 2018 Olympics Campaign

As one of the nation’s largest sporting goods retailers, Dick’s Sporting Goods wanted to go big with their 2018 Winter Olympics campaign. They wanted to be in the spotlight as opposed to just being present and accounted for. 

The retailer launched a new program called “The Contenders,” which would create an opportunity for U.S. competitors at the Olympics to work at their stores and earn money while they were training and competing. So they teamed up with Sociallyin, a social media marketing agency, to get the news out and turn their social media channels into a big megaphone.

At the time of the campaign, Facebook was starting to allow brands to create Facebook Groups to nurture their communities. This became a powerful tool for the sporting goods retailer to engage their community and focus the attention on The Contenders. They engaged the group through highlight videos, game screenshots, and thought-provoking debates related to the games.

The Sociallyin team also used Facebook Frame Studio to create a set of premade profile filters that Facebook users could use to show their support for team U.S.A. Each of these filters also prominently featured Dick’s Sporting Goods as a retail sponsor, helping them become a leading topic of conversation.

By creating opportunities for the audience to really participate, the campaign was able to drive tons of engagement from people who wanted to show their support for the U.S. team. Along with several other campaigns across Instagram and Twitter (now X), the campaign was able to generate more than 8,000 comments in a week. In addition, the campaign content collectively generated 247k views.

5. American Standard: #MyAmericanStandardJourney Campaign

American Standard is a legacy brand that leads the industry in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The #MyAmericanStandardJourney campaign was launched with a main focus on bathroom renovations. They wanted the campaign to highlight the difference that their well-crafted fixtures, tubs, and shower installations can make.

So they worked with The Shelf, an influencer marketing agency, to recruit influencers who would take their audience on a bathroom renovation journey. The campaign involved a mix of lifestyle, home décor, and mom influencers with the type of disposable income to align with the brand’s product. All these influencers also shared one thing in common – they were all in need of a new shower or tub.

These influencers shared a series of before-and-after photos to showcase the difference that the brand’s product could make. The campaign involved both blogs and social media channels, with a big focus on Facebook and Instagram. Tamara Groethe of Vintage White Farmhouse shared the following Facebook post asking her followers to swipe left to see the before picture of her renovated bathroom. She even asked her followers to participate in the transformation by asking whether to add a curtain or not.

These influencers took their followers on a three-party journey – from the research phase and the decision-making process to the final reveal. The campaign collectively achieved more than 5.3 million reach across channels along with 157k total engagements.


6. Camden Town Brewery: Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

Camden Town Brewery was already running successful ad campaigns across Meta platforms. These ads were mainly Advantage+ catalog ads intended to showcase the brewery’s range of beers. They decided to further optimize their approach by testing Advantage+ Shopping campaigns to see whether one unified ad campaign might perform better than their usual approach.

With Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, the brewery was able to leverage machine learning and AI to automate and streamline the campaign creation process. This meant that they didn’t need to manually set up several ad campaigns across various placements. Instead, they set up one Advantage+ shopping campaign, which allowed them to test up to 150 different ad combinations and automatically optimize for the best-performing ads.

Testing different approaches and experimenting with AI-led advertising solutions enabled Camden Town Brewery to significantly boost their results. Not only did they see a reduction in cost, but they also achieved a higher return with the help of Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. 

Between August and October 2023, the brewery saw a 2.2x higher return on ad spend with Advantage+ Shopping campaigns compared to the usual approach. Their cost per incremental life was also 2x lower compared to the usual approach.

7. Famous Footwear: Pandemic Shopping Campaign

As public schools were starting to open part-time toward the end of the pandemic, Famous Footwear wanted to encourage customers to come back to the stores for their back-to-school shopping. This was a particularly timely campaign, targeting shoppers at a time when they would normally shop for Fall and Winter shoes. However, it was also very tricky since people were still largely avoiding public places. 

So they worked with various mom influencers and teachers with a solid social presence to showcase that in-store shopping was safe. These influencers helped to share an authentic message while helping to highlight new brands and styles that their audience would be interested in.

They created Facebook posts and other social media content showing them safely shopping in Famous Footwear stores across the nation. The campaign achieved a collective reach of over 2 million across various channels. It also drove more than 730k engagements at an engagement rate of 2.77%.


The campaign was a huge success because it tapped into people’s needs in the moment while addressing their main concerns. It was relevant to the times, especially with relatable influencers delivering an authentic message that resonated with the audience. 

8. LEGO: Who’s Coming to Your Party?

As part of a campaign to promote their latest collection of Inside Out 2 characters, LEGO shared a Facebook post asking people “Who’s coming to your party?” The post featured all the new Inside Out 2 emotions as LEGOs and asked people to pick one emotion from each row to make up their dinner party guest list.

The post received significant engagement with some people sharing self-deprecating jokes while others shared their logical reasoning behind their selections. This was a straightforward and low-effort campaign that still managed to drive tons of engagement. So it’s an excellent example of something you can put together in just a few hours when you don’t have time to plan an elaborate campaign.


9. Chipotle: What’s your order?

On the topic of low-effort Facebook marketing campaigns, Chipotle’s post asking people about their order is another example. The post was simple – a text overlay asking “What’s your order?” against a red background. There were no fancy images or graphics, but it received thousands of comments from the food chain’s biggest fans.

Comments poured in from people sharing their favorite Chipotle orders. This not only helped the brand to drive Facebook engagements, but it also created an opportunity to understand their audience better. A closer look into these comments would help them gauge their customers’ food preferences, which could provide insights for various marketing campaigns and even product development. 


10. Xbox: Eclipse Campaign

The next campaign on the list may not be as low-effort as the previous ones but it’s definitely creative. For the 2023 Eclipse, Xbox decided to join the conversation with a Facebook post featuring a GIF of the Xbox controller with a moon covering the glowing Xbox logo.

It included a simple caption saying, “This one you can look at directly.” This creative campaign was timely, allowing the brand to participate in a trending conversation so they didn’t fall behind with every other brand posting about it. Needless to say, the post received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments with 700+ shares.


11. Statista: Unlock your potential

As a leading portal for data collection and visualization, Statista needed to target a B2B audience and encourage them to use the platform. They used Facebook to deliver impactful video ads encouraging the audience to empower their business using data. The ad included a caption explaining how the platform has more than 1 million statistics available to B2B users.

What stands out in particular about this ad is the call to action encouraging the target audience to unlock their potential. This gives the promise that Statista can help businesses to achieve their true potential using their solutions.


12. Marvel Unlimited: 97 cents for your first month

When Marvel wanted to promote their online comics service, Marvel Unlimited, they leveraged Facebook ads to target comic-book lovers. The ad featured an eye-catching image of the X-Men comic book characters with a text overlay offering the subscription at “97 cents for your first month.”

In line with the ad creative, the caption enticed the audience with the offer to read hundreds of X-Men comics for one price. It reiterated the attractive offer of 97 cents for the first month.

The call-to-action also mentioned the enticing offer explaining that it’s only available for a limited time. This adds a sense of urgency to the offer, encouraging the audience to sign up so they can grab the offer before it’s too late.

13. Salesforce: Corporate Sween partnership

While B2B companies may fall under the stereotype of being boring and lacking creativity, that’s not the case with today’s B2B brands. In fact, companies like Salesforce know how to make the most of today’s social media trends to stay on top of their marketing game and engage their audience with interesting and creative content.

For instance, they shared the following TikTok-type POV video, casually explaining what the platform is capable of. The video featured comedian Corporate Sween, the self-proclaimed CEO or Corporate America, explaining various scenarios and uses of the Salesforce platform such as accessing case summaries so customer support knows what the issue is.

The video used subtle humor and a light-hearted tone to better connect with the audience while getting the message across in a way that everyone can understand. It also included captions and text overlays similar to viral TikTok videos and Reels. Featuring a famous and relatable face while following a popular content format allowed Salesforce to keep up with the times and drive engagement. 


Create Winning Marketing Campaigns on Facebook

The above marketing campaigns on Facebook will give you an idea of what works and what other brands are doing. This could help inspire your next campaign, allowing you to generate better results through impactful messaging that resonates with the Facebook audience. 

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