8 Hottest Instagram Reels Trends for Brands to Try

The popularity of Instagram Reels has grown exponentially. Due to their audio-visual nature, Reels tend to garner even more views and engagements than regular posts. It also helps that Instagram is pushing the feature to get more users to view them and create their own Reels. When used right, Instagram Reels could be your ticket to growth on the platform.

One of the best ways to leverage Instagram Reels is by following trends. Every once in a while, users on the platform come up with a trend that involves creating a Reel using a specific sound and copying other users. These trends then become viral on the platform as more and more users participate and bring visibility to it. As such, you can significantly boost your chances of attracting viewers by participating in one of these Instagram Reels trends.

In this post, we highlight some of the best and latest Instagram Reels trends that you can try. We also help you with tips on how to find trending Reels on Instagram and how to create your own Reel based on these trends. Let’s dive in.

8 Hottest Instagram Reels Trends for Brands to Try:

Top Instagram Reels Trends

Trends come and go, so it’s important to try them out while they’re hot. That said, some Instagram Reels trends remain popular for a while, so you might be able to leverage them months after they first come out. Here’s a mix of some of the hottest trends right now and the trends that have been around for a while.

1. Here’s your Reel trend

This became a popular trend among users who’ve run out of ideas but still want to take advantage of Reels because Instagram is promoting the feature. It originated from Instagram user @mahdiwoodard who recorded a simple audio that has since been used in 151k Reels.

The best part about this trend is you could use this audio over practically anything such as a photo of your product or a behind-the-scenes look at how you’re packaging your products. The lack of them gives you more creative freedom. Here’s an example from ZERO& where they use the audio over a video of them making one of their drinks.


2. I made this!

The “I made this!” sound originated from Instagram user @roxyrosecreations who wanted to showcase one of the fantasy accessories that she made. The audio quickly became popular among small business owners who wanted to show their pride in something they made. However, the popularity of this trend isn’t just limited to small business owners–even artists and celebrities such as Taylor Swift have used the audio in their content.



This is the perfect Instagram Reels trend to try for brands and businesses. It’s particularly ideal if you make your own products. You could use this sound over a video of a finished product to show how proud you are of it.


3. It’s corn!

This trend took the social media world by storm. The audio originated from a Recess Therapy interview with a boy named Tariq who enthusiastically expressed his love for corn. It was then turned into a catchy song by The Gregory Brothers, which became the internet’s theme song for a while.

On Instagram, people continue to create Reels using the song to express their enthusiasm or love for something such as their pets or their work. As of today, 24.7k Reels have been created using the audio.

You could follow this trend by adding the sound over a video of you making your products or packing orders to help showcase your enthusiasm. This is what Rosebud’s Tees did, using the audio over a video of them preparing 1000 crop top tees for shipping.


4. What I ordered vs. what I got

This trend has been used by people to share hilarious memes and stories of how they received products that were very different from what they ordered. It’s caught on, with 39.6k posts created using the #whatiorderedvswhatigot hashtag.

While the trend has originally been used in a comedic context, you can take advantage of it to build trust in your brand. You can use it to showcase products that look great both online and in real life. This may involve sharing photos and videos of your customers wearing or using your products. 

In addition to creating Reels yourself, you could even rope in influencers to share their experience ordering from your brand. Asos regularly participates in this trend, sharing Reels of influencers sharing what they ordered from the website vs. how it looks on them.


5. Se Acabo

Originating from the song of the same name by The Beatnuts feat. Method Man, this trend features a group of people wearing sunglasses and doing a head slide along with a hand gesture when the beat drops. The trend has taken over Instagram, with a whopping 1.4 million Reels created using the catchy song.

However, the trend has also evolved since, with many of the videos featuring a mix of photos displayed in tune with the beat. Some Reels also involve doing a product demo highlighting specific features of the product. Similarly, you could use the audio to showcase the different varieties of products you offer or highlight cool product features in your Reel.


6. The Apple Pay trend

This trend features the familiar “ding” of Apple Pay played repeatedly. Originally created by user @patriizzle to show how much she spends every week; the trend has caught on tremendously with 489k Reels created in total. It’s also evolved as a way for businesses to show the different varieties of products they sell or the different steps involved in getting the desired outcome. 

Similarly, you could use this audio over a mix of photos that show the different products you have available. To stick to a theme, you could showcase the different colors available in a particular product or the different products available in a particular color. Or you could show some products that are ideal for a specific occasion. 


7. The “calculating” trend

This trend originated from user @__jasminenguyen who shared a hilarious Reel of her quickly texting people back before posting on her Stories with an audio overlay of a frantically working calculator. The trend has been recreated in 43k Reels with users making minor tweaks and turning it into a trend where you pretend to calculate something based on a relatable scenario.

Brands can jump in on the trend to share a scenario that their audience will find relatable and funny. Many professionals on the platform have used this trend to showcase common client pain points and skillfully promote their services. For example, the following realtor used this trend to create an informative piece to help educate homebuyers about rising interest rates. 


8. Can we skip to the good part?

Based on the song “The Good Part” by AJR, this trend involves a buildup to a big reveal as soon as the beat drops. The song has been used in 2.7 million Reels, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the trend. It’s very popular among travel influencers who build up to a big reveal by first showing their tough travel journey. 

There are plenty of opportunities to use this trend. For starters, you could use it to share a before and after difference. You could also show a behind-the-scenes look to reveal your finished product. The opportunities are virtually endless if you know how to use it right.


5 Ways to Find Trending Reels on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, trends come and go. The same holds true for Instagram Reels trends as well. So even if the above trends are currently popular right now, it’s important to constantly stay updated on the latest trends to hit the platform. Here are a few ways you can discover trending Reels on Instagram so you can be an early participant.

Through the Explore page

The Instagram Explore page is the place to go if you want to discover trending content that’s relevant to you. In fact, the Explore page is where 50% of users discover new content. Similarly, it’s the perfect place to go if you want to find Reels that are currently gaining popularity. 

While Instagram will personalize this page according to your interests and activity, it also looks at popularity signals to determine which content to show you. That means you’re very likely to see Reels that are gaining traction in your niche.

Using the Reels tab

The Reels tab is another place you can look to find Reels that are popular on the platform. Instagram automatically shows you videos that other users are viewing and engaging with. This is a great way to gauge which trends might dominate soon so you can plan your content accordingly.

From your competitors

What Reels are your competitors creating? This is another excellent way to find out what Reels trends you should look out for. The best part is that you can see what worked for them, which can inform your own decisions to create Reels following a current trend.

Through the Creators page

The Creators page on Instagram is where the platform shares the best advice and ideas for creators. As such, it’s the best place to discover content ideas and helpful tips that you can use to improve your own content strategy.

Additionally, the page constantly updates followers with the latest Reels trends every week. This should be able to give you some inspiration for what to look out for and what Reels to create next.


Using social listening tools

Social media listening tools help you monitor keywords and hashtags across leading social networks. As a result, they can help you discover new trends that are popular across those networks and within specific industries. Similarly, you can also use them to discover what hashtags are popularly used and then identify whether those hashtags are associated with a Reels trend.

How to Create Trending Reels on Instagram

All ready to start jumping in on the latest Reels trend? Here are a few options to create trending Reels on Instagram.

Using a template to create trending Reels

The Reel template feature makes it super easy to follow a Reels trend (provided the trend comes with a template). Instagram lets you duplicate a template from an existing Reel so you can create your own. 

These templates come with a predetermined number of clips arranged at a specific pace to match the audio. That way, you can simply add your own clips without having to adjust the pace and duration from scratch. 

To create a trending Reel using a template, tap on the “Use Template” button right above the username. Then add your video clips or photos in the space provided and in the order that you like. It’s as simple as that.

Using audio to create trending Reels

Most Reels trends come with an associated sound. So if you’re going to create a Reel using a trending sound, there are two ways you can do this. 

First, tap on the audio link from the bottom of a Reel to get to the main audio page. From here, you can either tap on the “Use audio” button to start creating immediately. Or select “Save audio” and save it for later use.

Instagram: sound for Reels

Instagram: sound for Reels

Get Ready to Grow with Trending Reels

Trending Reels are a great way to grow visibility of your brand. They also provide excellent ideas to inspire your content strategy. Make the most of the tips and ideas we’ve shared above to start leveraging trending Reels for your Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Reels are trending on Instagram?

Some of the top trending Reels on Instagram include “here’s your Reel”, “It’s corn,” and “I made this!”

How do you find trending Reels on Instagram?

You can find trending Reels on Instagram through the Reels tab and the Explore page.

How do you make a Reel go viral?

You can make a Reel go viral by using popular hashtags and sounds and trying out the latest trends.

Which songs are trending on Instagram Reels in 2022?

“Se acabo,” “Slipping through my fingers,” “The winner takes it all,” and “The good part” are some of the trending songs on Instagram Reels in 2022.

How do you know if a Reel is trending?

You can know if a Reel is trending by tapping on the sound or the hashtag to see how many Reels have been created.

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