18 Top Kid Influencers Making a Name for Themselves

Not all kids are just wasting their time on social media. Many are creating engaging content and using different platforms to express themselves. From unboxing videos to family vlogs, the following 18 kid influencers have built large followings. Not only are they keeping audiences around the world entertained, but in many instances, their talents and voices have also bridged the gap between generations and helped to create real change.  

18 Top Kid Influencers Making a Name for Themselves:

1. Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero)


Niana is a 17-year-old dance and content creator. The Filipino social media personality boasts 14.6 million followers on Instagram, 15.4 followers on YouTube, and 41.5 million followers on TikTok. 

Together with her brother, Ranz Kyle, she won the Kids Choice Entertainment Champion award in 2019 for their work on YouTube. In 2020, her videos also landed her a CICP Spotlight Award in the TikTok Superstar category. In addition to dance videos, she’s also known for prank videos and a-day-in-the-life vlogs.

2. Everleigh Rose Soutas (@everleighrose)


Everleigh is a young fashionista who hails from Orange County, California. She was barely walking, when she started training in dance and 18 months later, she already started competing in dance. 

Her mother, a fashion designer, runs her Instagram account that boasts 5 million followers. She also has her own YouTube Channel where she likes to share a lot of toy videos.

In fact, social media stardom runs in the family. Her younger cousins, Oakley Fisher and Taytum Fisher, are also kid influencers. Plus, her bestie, Ava Foley, is a child actress and influencer too.

3. Elle Lively McBroom (@elle)


As the daughter of a professional basketball player and fitness model, it comes as no surprise that Elle would also take a liking to the limelight. Together, the family also has their own YouTube channel, The ACE Family, with nearly 18.4 million subscribers. From challenges to pranks to family vlogs, their videos regularly get millions of views. 

Though, Elle, doesn’t just ride on the success of her family’s channel. Her own Instagram account that’s run by her mom has more than 4.1 million followers. 

4. Fateh Halilintar (@fatehhalilintar)


Hailing from Indonesia, Fateh is a creator, actor, influencer, and social media star. On Instagram, the 17-year-old has over 5.4 million followers, while his YouTube channel has almost 6.4 million subscribers. In 2021, he’s also set to make his first movie appearance in Ashiap Man, an action-comedy that’s currently in post production. 

Just like a couple of the other kid influencers on our list, Fateh follows in the footsteps of his siblings. His older brother, Atta Hallilintar, is one of the top YouTube influencers who have successfully built their own personal empires.  

5. Taytum and Oakley Fisher (@taytumandoakley)


Taytum and Oakley Fisher are the 7-year-old twins of the celebrity couple, Kyler Fisher and Madison Bontempo. As both parents work in the entertainment industry, using social media to document important milestones is nothing new to them. So, it makes sense that within days of their twins’ birth, they made sure to create the twins’ own account. 

At the time of writing this article, the twins have 3.1 million followers on Instagram. They’ve also already made their on-screen debut when they starred in the popular TV series Pretty Little Liars. 

Their Instagram success has also paved the way for their younger sibling, Halston Blake Fisher. In fact, before Halston was born, her Instagram account already had more than 62,000 followers. Fast-forward two years later and little sis is giving the twins a go with just over 600,000 Instagram followers. 

6. Thalia Putri Onsu (@thaliaputrionsu)


Thalia is a child singer and the daughter of the Indonesian celebrity couple, Sarwendah Tan and Ruben Onsu. In addition to singing, she’s also an aspiring actress and model having appeared in a couple of TV shows and advertisements. On Instagram, she has 3.8M followers, while the family also has their own YouTube channel, The Onsu Family, with close to 9.16 million subscribers. 

7. Mila and Emma Stauffer (@kcstauffer)


Mila and Emma are the stars behind the Stauffer family’s Instagram account. It all started when big sis, Kaitlin, captured Mila on camera. The video went viral and today their Instagram account has 3.1 million followers. 

On YouTube, the twins also have their own channel, Mila & Emma, with close to 282,000 subscribers. Their videos include challenges, music, and games that the whole family can enjoy together.   

8. Ava and Alexis McClure


The McClure twins are identical twin sisters who were born in New Jersey in the United States. In 2016, their first video, Twins Realize They Look the Same, put them on the map. The video went viral and, at the time of writing this article, it has received more than 8.7 million views. Their online fame was quickly recognized and a year later they were named by Forbes as two of the top kid influencers. 

Unlike many of the other kid influencers whose appearances are mostly limited to YouTube videos, these twinfluencers have also appeared on Good Morning America and NBC’s California Live show. They also have their own clothing line and have modeled for brands like Hurley, Nike, and Levi Strauss. 

More recently, they’ve partnered with Harper Collins Children’s Books to release their first book, “The McClure Twins: Make It Fashion”. The picture book was released in June 2021 and tells the story of identical twins who learn to embrace differences. 

9. EthanGamer (@ethangamer)

Ethan is mostly known for his YouTube channel where he engages with his subscribers and shares tips for games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. The 17-year-old first joined the platform in 2013 and, at the time of writing this article, has 3.2 million subscribers and more than 3.3 billion YouTube views. 

He also sells his own merch and developed his own mobile game, Ethan Gamer Land, that’s available for iOS and Android. For him, it’s all about having fun. It’s this philosophy that has helped him to become one of the top kid influencers in gaming and a popular social media star. 

10. Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg)


While many kid influencers manage to rise to fame by just having fun, Greta took a different approach. She’s a climate activist who’s known around the world for her global protests aimed at getting governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

In 2018, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24), she presented a speech that went viral. The then 15-year-old accused leaders of being immature and helped to motivate almost 200 nations to agree to a set of rules on climate change. 

When she’s not taking on world leaders at conferences (or Donald Trump on Twitter), she’s organizing school climate strikes. It’s this guts and determination that have landed her Time’s Person of the Year award in 2019.

While she might not care about being popular (something she openly acknowledged), she sure is on social media. On Twitter, she has 5.6 million followers, while her Instagram following is more than double that.

 11. Ava Marie Foley (@avafoley)


Together with her best friend and fellow kid influencer, Everleigh Soutas, Ava loves to share videos about fashion, dancing, and pure girl fun. Their joint Instagram account, foreverandforava, has more than 712K followers, while her own channel is just shy of the million-follower milestone. The duo also has a YouTube channel with over 46.5K subscribers where they post toddlerography videos and bestie shenanigans. 

Ava has also made a few TV appearances. In 2016, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

12. Ava and Leah Clements (@clementstwins)


The Clement twins have been named the most beautiful twins in the world and the duo has been featured in the likes of Vanity Fair Italia and Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. The American fashion models have also worked with brands like Skechers, Hurley, Nike, Disney, and Old Navy. 

Since their career launched at the young age of 7, Ava and Leah haven’t shown any sign of slowing down. They’re also currently working on collabs with Levi’s and Converse that are set to be launched later in 2021.  

13. Lorenzo Greer (@tekkerzkid)

With more than a 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, Lorenzo Greer (aka Tekkerz Kid) is a soon-to-be soccer sensation. In fact, the 14-year-old football fanatic has been referred to as the future Neymar. He plays for Birmingham City FC’s youth team, but it’s actually off the pitch where he currently shines more. 

On his YouTube channel, Tekkerz kid, he shares all types of videos. From shooting tutorials to unboxing videos, his video content is getting millions of views and several of his videos are even sponsored by big brands like Cartoon Network and Nike.

14. Ryan Kaji (@ryansworld)


With millions of YouTube subscribers, Ryan Kaji is one of the highest-paid YouTube kid influencers. It all started in 2015 when his parents started sharing videos of him unboxing toys. 

Fast-forward 6 years later and they’ve created one of the most recognizable brands - Ryan’s World. He, for example, also started his own branded line of toys, Ryan’s World Toys which can be found at Walmart. His success also prompted the family to start their own production company, Sunlight Entertainment, to streamline his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World, and seven other channels. 

Not only has he received billions of YouTube views, but also a number of nominations and awards. In 2019, he set the Guinness World Record for the most-watched YouTube channel for a “post-post-millennial”. 

15. Mari Copeny (@littlemissflint)


Mari Copeny is a philanthropist, activist, and BGC Ambassador. The 16-year-old influencer is also following in the footsteps of the likes of Greta Thunberg by helping communities across the US deal with toxic water. 

It all started when she wrote a letter to former president Barack Obama about the water crisis in her hometown, Flint, Michigan. This letter led to Obama actually visiting the city himself and approving $100 million dollars in relief for the city. 

In addition to the water crisis, she’s also used her voice to fight against environmental racism, social injustice, and bullying. For her vocal opposition, she’s been featured in the likes of Teen Vogue, VICE, NBC News, and The Washington Post. She might be young, but she for sure has big dreams. In 2044, she also plans on running for president.

16. Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo)


Hailing from the Philippines, Scarlet Snow boasts 5.1 million followers on Instagram. She is the 8-year-old daughter of celebrity doctors, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. Scarlet was, in fact, conceived by means of IVF when her biological mother was already in her late 50s. On Instagram, she mostly shares content about her family adventures. 

17. Hayley Noelle LeBlanc (@hayley.leblanc)


Boasting nearly 4.1 million followers on Instagram, Hayley is mostly known for playing the lead role in the Brat TV series, Chicken Girls. The 15-year-old American actress also starred in two other shows, Hotel du Loone and Mani, and the popular vlogging channel on YouTube, Bratayley. 

18. Claire Ryann Crosby (@clairecrosby)


Claire is a 11-year-old singer and actress who hails from California. Her fame started at the mere age of 3 when a video in which she performed a song from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid went viral. 

In 2017, she made her debut TV appearance when she performed on Little Big Shots, an American variety TV series co-created and produced by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey. A year later, she also made her first movie appearance in The Little Mermaid. You might also recognize her angelic voice from the films Spies in Disguise and Anastasia: Once Upon a Time. 

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