Top 9 Logo Design Agencies for Dynamic Logos that Build Your Brand

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Logos are a ubiquitous part of our modern life. Anywhere you go, you’re bound to see several of them around you. But for businesses, logos are much more than display images. They serve as visual identification that conveys what the brand offers and what it stands for. They are fundamental elements of every business and play a key role in achieving business success.

As a business owner or marketer, it is crucial for you to know the importance of logos to fully understand why logo design is worth investing in. Here, we go through some of the ways through which logo design impacts businesses and where to find the best logo design agencies today.

Top 9 Logo Design Agencies for Dynamic Logos that Build Your Brand:

logo design agencies

1. Logo Design NYC

Logo Design NYC

Established in 2007 by husband-and-wife tandem Joe and Megan, Logo Design NYC first set out to be a creative digital agency that helps small businesses create memorable brands. It has since grown into a team of experts catering to businesses of all sizes across all industries worldwide. Its portfolio of services include logo design, website design, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Logo Design NYC lets clients decide how involved they would like to be in the creative process. For logo design, they can let the team create custom logos based on their ideas or business concept. They can also take a more active role and collaborate with graphic designers, digital illustrators, and brand identity specialists in creating a logo that truly reflects their brand identity and vision.

2. Crowdspring


Crowdspring takes crowd sourcing to another level by creating a platform where creatives, agencies, and businesses work together to create amazing designs for logos, websites, graphics, products, and many more. Over two hundred thousand designers and artists from different countries worldwide share their expertise to help entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations build their brand through great design.

Crowdspring has over thirty categories for design projects and several package options that meet various business needs and budgets. Dozens of creatives submit their designs and get feedback from clients. Clients choose their favorite design and have it revised, if necessary, to meet their needs. Once done, they receive the logo design in web/print-ready formats and get full IP rights for the logo. The IP protection gives them free reign on how and where they would like to use the logo.

3. Hansen Belyea

Hansen Belyea

A full-service marketing and branding agency, Hansen Belyea is able to align logo, branding, and design with marketing strategies and business goals. It understands the distinctiveness of every industry and can identify the pain points of businesses when it comes to logo and branding. It’s able to combine creativity and strategy to build transformative brands.

The branding services offered by Hansen Belyea include logo design, naming, typography, color palette, and graphic applications. Its team has worked with on branding and rebranding initiatives of companies of varied sizes from small startups to big corporations. Every brand building process begins with a discovery meeting, where the agency and the clients explore what makes each business unique and craft a design strategy that gets their message across.

4. Proof Branding

Proof Branding

Over the years, Proof has proven its expertise in crafting purposeful brands across the nation. Its successful creative partnerships with businesses and organizations has led to the development of some of the most memorable brands in the country.

Proof’s stellar crew of experts delivers unparalleled results that impact growth and communities. Its brand design services include logo and visual identity design, style guides, and web design. Its well-structured design and development process ensures that clients’ requirements are met or even surpassed. Capturing what makes a brand distinct, it’s able to design logos that align with the brand voice and reveal brand identity in memorable ways.

5. Deal Design

Deal Design

Aside from logo design, Deal Design also offers package design and manufacturing, catalog design, and website design.

Get the best deals with logo designs that propel your brand to success. Deal Design, a team of expert brand designers, delivers among the most stunning brand designs for businesses in the retail sector. For almost two decades now, the team has worked on thousands of designs for hundreds of brands in the country.

With creative brand strategists on board, Deal Design ensures exceptional logo designs that capture attention and convey the value proposition of every brand they work with. To meet client expectations and standards, it collaborates with client marketing, sales, design, and product teams. Doing so enables it to fully understand what the client goals are and how best to achieve them.

6. Logoworks


Logoworks is an online graphic design service that has been working with businesses of all sizes for over two decades now. It’s among the agencies with the fastest turnaround time and least costs for logo design and brand visuals.

One of the things that sets them apart from other logo design agencies is that every client gets a personal project manager who makes sure that clients are in the loop throughout the entire design process. Graphic designers do not use templates, so each logo is unique, with every element distinct and crafted from scratch. Aside from custom logo design, Logoworks also provides brand visuals for business cards, stationery, social media, and other materials for print and digital use.

7. Good Stuff Partners

Good Stuff Partners

For over a decade now, Good Stuff Partners has been serving organizations the good stuff brand visuals are made of. This purpose-driven branding and design agency works only with brands they genuinely believe in, majority of them dedicated to making the world a better place by standing up for people, animals, and the entire planet.

Good Stuff Partners designs logos for business enterprises, non-profit organizations, agencies, and other groups. Aside from logo design, it also helps create powerful brand identity, clear brand voice, rock-solid brand strategy, and authentic brand experiences. 

8. Marchio


Marchio is a small design team that helps brands leave a huge mark in their niche through logos and branding that connect and resonate with their audiences. It only works with a handful of clients at a time, making sure that each one gets the attention and focus they need to develop brand visuals that portray their identities.

For each project they undertake, Marchio assembles a small, focused team consisting of an account manager, a researcher, a designer, a strategist, and a writer. With each member of the team bringing a specialized skill set onto the table, the team is able to create designs that deliver value to clients.

9. Varga Girl Design

Varga Girl Design

Women-owned company, Varga Girl Design, is known for developing pretty powerful brands. It is a top-rated agency that is well-known for its innovative ideas and remarkable designs that create impact and kickstart growth.

For over two decades now, it has  been captivating audiences and establishing connections with brands through fresh and relevant logo and website designs. Its vast portfolio shows how it successfully conveys brand identity and vision through eye-catching logo designs that leave a pretty powerful impact on consumer minds.

How Logo Design Impacts Your Brand

75% of people are able to identify brands through their respective logos. Logos have more impact on brand recognition than brand color, visual style, unique voice, and other identifiers. Since consumers are more likely to patronize brands with logos they recognize, a memorable logo can help increase conversions and boost sales.

Aside from brand recognition, logos also help promote brand awareness, as people associate visual content with specific businesses or consumer needs. Placed strategically, it can attract attention and spur interest. It can also help consumers gain more knowledge about a brand, strengthen engagement, and build trust. When consumers perceive a brand logo as a positive representation of their own thoughts, needs, or ideas, they form a deeper connection with the brand and become loyal customers.

However, the impact of logos can also be negative. A misplaced graphic feature, a glaring color, a disturbing image, or any inappropriate and ill-designed elements within a logo can spark controversies and repulse potential consumers. And as the Gap rebranding fiasco showed us a decade ago, changes in a logo that consumers already have a deep connection with can lead to a backlash of negative consumer sentiments that inadvertently lead to slumps in sales.

Indeed, logos can impact your brand in more ways than one. To avoid outcomes detrimental to your brand, it is crucial to invest time, money, and effort in creating a well-designed logo that positively reflects what your brand stands for and how you want your consumers to perceive you.

    How to Choose a Logo Design Agency

    While we’ve already narrowed down your choices with the top ten agencies above, these are but a handful of the many logo design agencies out there. With the plethora of logo designers available, the challenge of finding the best one can be quite daunting. In choosing the right one for your business, consider the following factors.

    How to Choose a Logo Design Agency

    Experience and expertise

    The number of years an agency has been in business is not always an indication of expertise, but it can give you an idea on how well the agency has served its clients over the years. An agency with plenty of experience in your industry is also more likely to understand your market and what designs resonate with them.

    Diverse skillset

    To leverage the power of logos, you need more than just a team of designers. You also need strategists, marketers, researchers, and other creatives. A design agency with a team of diverse talents offers a more versatile skill set that is crucial to creating a well-designed logo.

    Creative process

    Every design agency has its own creative process, which can include consultations, strategy planning, mood boards development, and conceptualization. Before signing a contract, ask about their design approach and the process they follow.

    State-of-the-art tools

    Our digital world requires digital solutions. Whatever industry you are in, you’ll need logos and other brand visuals in digital formats for use in print, on websites, and in your social media accounts. So, choosing an agency that has the right technology and software is imperative.

    Cost-effective pricing

    While logo design is definitely worth investing on, you’d still want to get value for your money. Check reviews to know if an agency provides great value for the services they render. Some agencies charge by the hour, while others have flexible pricing plans that depend on the scope of the design project. Choose the one that fits your budget and your needs.

    Dynamic Logo Designs Impact Business Growth

    Your logo IS your brand. It will be the foremost identifier of your business and differentiate you from your competitors. With well-designed logos helping build trust and loyalty, consider it an investment that can reap returns beyond monetary value.

    To get the most impact from your logo, work with the pros. Finding the right logo design agency is a big step towards building your brand. Look for industry-recognized agencies that offer logo design and branding services. Choose one with a team of experts who can understand your vision and incorporate it into actual logo design. If you have the talent and are confident of your creative skills, you can also opt to design your logo. Use the latest tools and software to design dynamic ones you can use in your social media strategies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between logo design and branding?

    Logo and branding are often used interchangeably but they are quite distinct from each other. A logo is graphic element that serves as a visual representation of a brand, while branding encompasses all tangible and intangible representations. 

    What are the most important aspects for logo design?

    To propel a brand to success, a logo must be relevant, memorable, and timeless. It must be original and authentic-reflective of the image you want to project. It must simple yet eye-catching so your audience can easily remember and recognize it.

    How much does logo design cost?

    Online logo makers can generate logos and cost you only a few dollars. But if you want professionally designed ones, expect to shell out anywhere between $99 and $2,500. The actual logo design cost depends on the scope of the design, the number of people working on it, the number of revisions, and other factors.

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