Patreon Statistics – Revenue, Users and More [2021]

Patreon is a membership platform that helps creators to get paid. In short, creators perform an artistic service or share some type of product. In return, their fans and supporters (aka patrons) use Patreon to support them by means of payments. This way, it is easier for the creators to continue creating content as they can focus more time on creating content instead of looking for funding. 

There are a number of business models that content creators can use on this crowdfunding/membership platform. These include: community, educational, gated content, fan relationship, and pay-what-you-can donations.   

Needless to say, when the pandemic hit in 2020, increasingly more creators turned to the platform. With more time stuck indoors and large events being cancelled across the globe, it presented an avenue that creatives could use to express themselves and potentially earn something on the side. 

So, what does the picture look like a year later? Here are some Patreon creator statistics and facts about its revenue and users. 

Patreon Statistics – Revenue, Users and More [2021]:

1. Over 30,000 creators signed up in the first weeks of the pandemic

According to a blog post, COVID-19 and the Creative Economy: Takeaways from Patreon’s Data Science team, that was shared on Patreon’s website, over 30,000 creators launched on Patreon in the first three weeks of March 2020. During this time, it was the fastest rate at which creators launched on the platform in the history of the company. What’s more, compared to the previous month (February 2020), the average new patron growth across the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Australia was up by more than 36%.


2. Patreon generated $100M annualized revenue by January 2021

By January 2021 Patreon was genrating $100M in annualized revenue. In April 2021 Patreon raised $155M in Series F funding led by Tiger Global Management, tripling its valuation to $4 billion. By January 2021

3. Patreon has raised a total funding amount of $413.3 million

According to Crunchbase, Patreon has managed to raise $413.3 million in funding over 8 rounds. Their most recent lead investors include Tiger Global Management, Lone Pine Capital and Woodline Partners that participated in a Series F round in April 2021 that amounted to $155 million raised. 

4. The app was downloaded close to 470,000 times in June2021

According to mobile app metrics by Apptopia, the Patreon app had 469,572 monthly downloads in the last 30 days. This works out to a month-over-month increase of 6.75%.

The company also introduced a new feature, Patreon Lens, in 2017. Patreon Lens makes it easier for Patreon creators to share photos and videos with their patrons and is available in the latest version of the Patreon app which is available on Android and iOS.

5. Patreon is ranked in the top 500 among websites globally

According to web traffic by SEMrush, Patreon was ranked 475 among websites globally at the end of April2021. This figure was based on its 96,885,426 monthly web visitors, which was an increase of 0.43% in monthly visits.  

6. It is listed at #48 on CNBC’s 2021 List of Disruptor Companies

The CNBC Disruptor 50 list highlights private companies with business models and growth rates that align with the rapid pace of technological change. Patreon’s efforts for helping the creative class get paid has landed them in the 48th position. Other apps and businesses that have been included are Clubhouse, Stripe, and Udacity, a website where lifelong learners can come to learn skills.

7. Creators have earned $2 billion collectively 

By the end of September 2020, according to a blog post shared by Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon, over 200,000 creators have collectively earned $2 billion to date. This revenue was generated directly via their fans. While it took six years for creators to earn their first $1 billion collectively, it took just over a year to earn their second billion dollars. 


8. Individual pledges amount to about $10 million on average per month in the past year

According to statistics by Graphtreon, between May 2020 and May 2021, the individual pledges per month were about $10 million per month. In April 2021, it was the highest with $11,055,110, while May 2021, was just slightly lower at $11,012,763.

9. Monthly payouts have increased by more than 68% over the last year

In February, 2021, creators on the platform earned close to $22 million in total. This was an increase of 68.42% over the last year, with the estimated monthly creator earnings adding up to only $12.9 million in February, 2020. 

According to Graphtreon, the estimated monthly payouts continued to increase steadily. In May, 2021, it managed to break through the $23 million mark, adding up to an estimated monthly payout of $23,071,928.  

10. The top Patreon creator is True Crime Obsessed

With 46,162 patrons, True Crime Obsessed is currently the top creator, according to data compiled by Graphtreon. The creators of podcasts of the non-garbage type first launched in January 2018 and have been running for 1,245 days in total. They offer four subscription tiers, with the lowest plan starting at $5 per month.  

11. The longest running Patreon creator is Pomplamoose

Launched in May 2013, the members of Pomplamoose have been creating weekly music for 2,975 days running. It is actually the musical project of Jack Conte, the CEO and co-founder of Patreon. Together with his wife, Nataly Dawn, and a group of talented musicians, they regularly share mash-ups of popular songs. Their monthly income is estimated at $16,794 per month.

While impressive, they are only in third place when measuring earnings of music creators on the platform. According to data compiled by Graphtreon, I Fight Dragons is currently the “top-earning” music creator with an estimated earnings of $42,861 per album adventure. An album adventure is funds that they have specifically raised for a new album, and not necessarily per month. So, it’s more like comparing apples to oranges. 

The “second highest earning music creator” is Home Free, with estimated earnings of $31,416 per video. Once again, it’s not really a fair comparison.  

12. Chapo Trap House is one of the top-earning creators

With 37,278 patrons, Chapo Trap House is one of the top-earning patrons on Patreon, according to data compiled by Graphtreon. It is estimated that their earnings amount to $165,484 per month. 

The American political podcast is hosted by Will Menaker, Matt Christman, and Felix Biederman. Launched in May 2016, they have been running for close to 2,000 days.  

13. Shirtaloon’s estimated earnings are more than $25,000 per month

Shirtaloon, a creator of web novels, earns about $25,600 per month via the platform, according to Graphtreon. Launched in 2019, the author has 3,500 patrons, earning him the #9 spot per patron count in the writing creators category. 

14. DankPods is the video creator with the most patrons

DankPods (aka Wade Nixon) is one of the top Patreon creators, with just over 26,000 patrons. Who would have thought that videos of portable music players, headphones and tech junk would be one of the most popular genres? In fact, the Australian YouTuber is one of the thousands of people who joined the platform in March 2020, amid the pandemic. 

15. Feminist activists are opting for Patreon

At the end of May, 2021, the platform shared a post on their blog that Patreon is becoming a popular channel for feminist activists. This comes after several activists who are critical of Facebook’s moderation policy have turned to Patreon instead. Compared to Instagram, they feel that Patreon is less restrictive and creates a safer environment where they can express themselves. 

Elvire Duvelle-Charles, one of the creators of the documentary series Clit Revolution, explains, “[Patreon is] a place where you feel at home, away from violence and judgment.” Leane, the creator of the podcast Mercreantes, adds that it is a “smaller, but more tightly knit community.”

16. Patreon is valued at $4 billion

After its Series F funding round in April 2021, Patreon’s valuation increased to $4 billion, which is triple that of its previous valuation. According to Forbes, many contribute some of this new valuation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

17. Patreon has acquired three organizations

According to Crunchbase, Patreon has acquired three organizations. Their first acquisition was of Subbable, a video subscription service, in March 2015. Three years later, they acquired Kit, a community of creators sharing products. Their most recent acquisition was in 2018 when they acquired Memberful, a professional membership software used by web creators.  

18. The average estimated annual salary for Patreon employees is $144,380

According to Comparably, the average estimated annual salary for Patreon employees is $144,380. This works out to about $69 per hour. The highest paid job is that of a Senior Developer, while the lowest paid employees are CS reps. What might come as a surprise is that the marketing department’s salaries add up to more than that of the engineering department. 

Though, amid the pandemic, just like many other companies, Patreon had to let go of some of its employees. According to TechCrunch, they had to lay off 13% of their workforce. 

19. Its annual revenue for 2020 was estimated at $80 million

In 2019, it was estimated that the platform generated $50 million in annual revenue, according to TechCrunch. Backlinko anticipates that the platform would have registered $80 million in annual revenue in 2020.

20. Search Interest in Patreon has declined in the past year

According to Google Trends, interest in Patreon has slightly declined in the past year. At the end of June, 2020, the search term “Patreon” had a value of 90, while this value dropped to 67 at the end of June, 2021. Though, when compared to its popularity over the past five years, its interest is still showing to be higher compared to 2019 and the previous years. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there many professional creators?

According to SignalFire, approximately only 2 million of the 50 million creators view themselves as professional creators and are in the position to state that being a creator is their full-time job. This means that the vast majority still regard themselves as merely amateurs. Though, it is expected that this number will change with the number of creators increasing rapidly at the moment. 

How can you work out how much money you can potentially make on Patreon?

To estimate how much money you can make via Patreon, you can check out Influencer Marketing Hub’s Patreon Money Calculator. This simple tool will calculate your estimated earnings potential by taking into account your number of followers, engagement rate, and average value per patron. All you have to do is type in these numbers and the calculator will work out your total monthly earning potential in seconds.

What factors can impact your earning potential on Patreon? 

There are a few factors that will play a role in how much money you can earn via Patreon. These include your marketing strategy, niche, and understanding of your target audience. Successful creators understand their target audience and know what will interest them. They also manage to create a Patreon page that highlights their areas and tells a story. 

Does Patreon take a cut of your earnings?

Patreon has structured fees for creators earning money on Patreon. As a creator, Patreon creators can charge per month or per creation. The platform fee (or the percentage of the earnings that Patreon takes) varies from 5% to 12% depending on the plan you have selected. There is also an additional payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for donations over $3 and 5% + $0.10 for donations of $3 or less.

Are there any integrations and apps for creators on Patreon?

There are several apps and integrations which can help creators on Patreon to earn money. These include Vimeo, Crowdcast, Sellfy, Community, Streamlabs, Goodbits, and Discourse. With the help of these tools, users can expand the functionality of their Patreon page to offer more value to their patrons and scale their business.  

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