Top 20 TikTok Crypto Influencers to Follow

With one billion monthly active users, TikTok remains one of the most popular social media platforms today. While it began as a venue for sharing content mainly for entertainment purposes, TikTok is fast becoming a go-to platform for educational content. We now see more and more videos on DIYs, handy tips for almost everything, academic tutorials, and clever advice.

If you’re into cryptocurrencies or are interested in learning more about it, TikTok is a veritable trove of content on every topic related to crypto. While there are already several crypto influencers in other social media platforms, there are also many on TikTok who are worth following.

Here are the top 20 TikTok crypto influencers to follow this year if you want to get valuable insights on the latest crypto trends and learn the lay of the land of the crypto space.

Top 20 TikTok Crypto Influencers to Follow:

Top 20 TikTok Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2022

1. @cryptoprojects

@cryptoprojects TikTok Crypto Influencer


If you’re holding high stakes in crypto, you’d want to know everything that’s happening in the industry—and you’d want to get your information from a real pro. Crypto Projects is backed by an experienced trader and investor who can provide in-depth coverage and deep insights in existing and new crypto projects.

On TikTok, Crypto Projects talks about tokens and coins such as Grimace Coin, Talent Coin, PeaSwap, and Litedex. He also gives updates on the Leviathan Protocol and Y-5Finance. If you’re interested in earning while playing, check out his vid on Idle Cyber. Learn how to support crypto projects through Avoteo and other crypto news by following him on TikTok.

2. @cryptomasun

@cryptomasun TikTok Crypto Influencer


Don’t miss a thing in the crypto world by following Mason Versulis on TikTok. More popularly known as CryptoMasun, he is one of the most reliable sources of information when it comes to cryptocurrencies. He already has quite a following on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and many other social media platforms. On TikTok, he continues to share world trends, the latest in technology, movements in the cryptocurrency market, and just about everything that goes on in the space. He offers a delightful mix of serious information, helpful insights, nifty investment advice, and witty humor in his TikTok videos.

3. @nft.degen

@nft.degen TikTok Crypto Influencer


You can make money in the crypto space and NFT Degen shows you how. If you’re a crypto enthusiast interested to know more about the NFT space, this account is worth a follow. 

NFT Degen is a well-known crypto influencer on Discord and TikTok. You won’t see him much on other social media platforms so join his over one million followers on TikTok. His videos feature a lot of new crypto and NFT projects from those that are about to be launched to those that have achieved massive success.

4. TikTok Crypto Influencer


Short, quick, and to the point. Crypto Review gives you a peak at the latest crypto and NFT projects through no-frills TikTok videos. His most recent videos feature the Baby Luna Project, Topioca Town NFT, the RAND Network, and Shib SpaceX INU. His channel is based on promotions though, so take any recommendations with a grain of salt.

5. @cryptocita

@cryptocita TikTok Crypto Influencer


Cryptocita, or Alina Pak beyond the crypto world, is winning her audience through humorous yet insightful commentaries on what’s happening in the crypto space. Her content focuses mainly on cryptomining and cryptocurrency trading, but she also offers educational content on the basics of crypto. If you’re new to crypto, you’ll find her videos engaging and easy to understand. If you’re a crypto enthusiast or seasoned investor, you’ll also find lots of clever advice on crypto investing and the latest trends in the industry.

6. @cryptokang.reborn

@cryptokang.reborn TikTok Crypto Influencer


Cryptokang has taken his remarkable presence on Instagram to TikTok. He’s fast-gaining new followers on the platform, making his videos one of the most-liked content on cryptocurrencies.

If you plan on diversifying your crypto portfolio, check out his videos on the latest tokens and protocols in the cryptocurrency market. He also produces a lot of content about tokens that are not that popular. Going through his current video list is like opening a surprise egg—there’s often an interesting tidbit of information you’ve probably never heard before.

Another thing that makes Cryptokang worth the follow is the great deal of humor you’re bound to enjoy. Whether he’s talking about serious crypto investments or an inane topic totally unrelated to crypto, he’ll have you rolling in laughter with his wit.

7. @nftwhalemedia

@nftwhalemedia TikTok Crypto Influencer


Cryptos and NFTs are like peas in a pod. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you’d also want to know about the latest in the NFT niche. Get the latest news everyday by following NFT Whale Media on TikTok. This media promotions company makes awesome content about NFT projects around the world.

8. @virtualbacon

@virtualbacon TikTok Crypto Influencer


New to crypto? Learn the basics and understand the complexities of the industry through Dennis Liu on Virtual Bacon. Virtual Bacon has a lot of educational content geared towards the uninitiated, but it also provides deep insights on crypto analytics.

Liu is a seasoned investor and a financial analyst so he knows what he’s talking about. What makes his videos great for beginners is that he’s able to use simple language to make complex concepts easier to understand by common folks. After watching and learning from his videos, you’ll not only know the basics on crypto but will also be able to better analyze crypto trends.

9. @thewolfofbitcoins

@thewolfofbitcoins TikTok Crypto Influencer


The Wolf of Bitcoins is known as the first TikTok crypto influencer to have created a viral post on the platform. One of his videos gained 160K likes and thousands of comments within a few hours of posting. He continues to publish entertaining yet informative content on the platform.

He offers his audience information and advice on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies in the market. He also shares a peek on what is actually going on in the crypto world. Want to know what’s inside a Bitcoin miner or how to use an instacoin ATM? Check out his TikTok profile.

10. @cryptowendyo

@cryptowendyo TikTok Crypto Influencer


Cryptocurrency isn’t as complex as it sounds. This is essentially what Cryptowendyo wants her audience to know. As a digital marketing strategist, she definitely knows how to get her message across to reach the crypto crowd.

Cryptowendyo has a lot of content on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She also shares insights on trading and analyses on technical crypto matters. She provides the latest crypto and NFT news everyday so you won’t miss out on what’s happening in the crypto space.

11. @cryptoweatherman

@cryptoweatherman TikTok Crypto Influencer


Need some insights to help you decide whether to buy or sell? Want to know what you’ll be up against if you venture into the path towards the crypto world? Get your forecasts from the CryptoWeatherMan. 

He’s not claiming to be the AccuWeather of the crypto world but he’s got a lot of solid commentaries on what’s happening in the industry. You’ll find his videos to be a delightful mix of humor and useful advice.

12. @rw_crypto

@rw_crypto TikTok Crypto Influencer


RW Crypto may seem just like a regular crypto enthusiast who just wants to share his passion for cryptocurrencies but he offers his audience much more than that. This crypto influencer helps other people dive deeper into the crypto world and be more actively involved in forging its future. 

His content features the latest crypto news, insights on new crypto projects, and NFT updates. He also shares hilarious memes on current issues.

13. @layahheilpern

@layahheilpern TikTok Crypto Influencer


Get news hot off the press with almost instant updates on Layah Heilpern. This crypto influencer has gained a large following not only on TikTok but also on Twitter and YouTube.

On TikTok, she shares a lot of content on what makes cryptocurrency great. An author of a book on Bitcoin, she also talks a lot about developments and trends related to the BTC. She delves into controversial issues and invites guests to share their perspective on what’s happening in the industry.

14. @performante

@performante TikTok Crypto Influencer


Gain more knowledge in cryptocurrency and related industries by following Performante on TikTok. This account has a vast library of videos that discuss cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, NFTs, DeFi, and other relevant topics.

Their engaging content provides different perspectives on current issues that beset the crypto world. While it focuses mainly on the crypto lifestyle, it also has tons of videos on news unrelated to the space. It also posts funny memes for laughs once in a while.

15. @girlgone_crypto

@girlgone_crypto TikTok Crypto Influencer


Lea Thompson, the girl gone crypto, will have you going crazy over everything crypto. She has a unique ability to make a serious topic entertaining and easy to understand. By breaking down big and complex ideas into small digestible thoughts, she is able to help more people understand what cryptocurrency is really about.

Her engaging videos will have you binge watching all weekend. Once you follow her, you’ll look forward to her latest posts on what’s new in the crypto space. Hopefully, you’ll learn a lot from her entertaining crypto advice.

16. @cryptoentrepreneur

@cryptoentrepreneur TikTok Crypto Influencer


DeFi Dom, the founder of FRAT, is spreading his reach into the TikTok platform. Known for his entertaining and educational crypto videos on YouTube, he’s now sharing his content to reach the millennials, GenZs, and Alphas on TikTok.

If you’re looking for the latest news and insights on blockchain, fintech, altcoins, DeFi, Binance, and whatever else related to cryptocurrencies, make sure to click on that red follow tab.

17. @theclevermillionaire

@theclevermillionaire TikTok Crypto Influencer


Following The Clever Millionaire won’t instantly turn you into a millionaire, but you can gain knowledge that might help you rake in profits on your cryptocurrency investments. This TikTok crypto influencer is not a financial advisor nor does he have access to trade secrets, so don’t expect a free ticket to success and wealth. 

What you get from his videos are actionable insights that you can use to craft your own investment strategy. He gives you a unique perspective on the crypto market so you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your crypto holdings.

18. @cryptochuck

@cryptochuck TikTok Crypto Influencer


Cryptochuck aims to both educate and entertain their viewers. With hundreds of videos already published on TikTok, they offer plenty of content to those who are new to cryptocurrencies. 

They keep their audience engaged with catchy visual effects and interesting topics. While most of the videos are about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they also talk about non-crypto-related topics such as movies and current events.

Crypto Calendar

19. @cryptojebb

@cryptojebb TikTok Crypto Influencer


If you want to know everything there is to know about Bitcoin, follow Crypto Jebb. This TikTok crypto influencer has lots of tips on what’s going on in the Bitcoin space. Get the latest updates, gain different perspectives on recent news, and understand the technical stuff.

CryptoJebb can help you understand the current bear market in the crypto world. Seasoned crypto traders can also gain insights on how the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are performing and what to expect in the short and long term. If you’re looking into crypto trading, best to add CryptoJebb to your follow list. 

20. @ivanontech

@ivanontech TikTok Crypto Influencer


Why be satisfied with just owning cryptocurrencies when you can make one yourself? If you’re one of the daring few interested in minting your own coin, watch IvanOnTech’s tutorials on TikTok and YouTube to learn how to create your own form of cryptocurrency.

On his TikTok, he talks mostly about cryptocurrencies and what’s happening in the market today. He also shares his analysis on the impact of global events on the crypto world and how crypto enthusiasts can adapt to changing times. He shares fresh insights on crypto news in a casual manner that engages the younger crowd.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The cryptocurrency market is undoubtedly volatile. The best way to stay ahead of the curve and keep your portfolio afloat is to keep up to date with the latest in the industry. One of the easiest ways to do this is by following the top TikTok crypto influencers today. However, keep in mind that influencers aren’t always experts—so exercise due diligence before making decisions that can impact your finances.

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