Top 15 Clubhouse Clubs and Rooms for All Things Marketing

According to AppAnnie, Clubhouse was downloaded almost 5 million times in the first two weeks in February 2021. Clearly, it’s not a failed social experiment (at least not yet). But where does everyone hang out? If you’ve been lucky enough to have received an invite to join the app, here are 15 of the top people, clubs, and rooms to follow for marketing-related discussions.  

Top 15 Clubhouse Clubs and Rooms for All Things Marketing:

How Does Clubhouse Work?

At the time of writing this article, Clubhouse is currently still invite-only. So, if you would like to join, you need a personal invitation from an existing Clubhouse member. 

After you’ve joined Clubhouse, the platform’s algorithm will connect you to other users in your contact list and recommend people who you might like to follow based on your preferences, topics, and people you’re following. Alternatively, you can also search for people using the search bar. All the profiles on Clubhouse are currently public. So, you can find anyone by either looking up his/her name or username. 

On Clubhouse, there are also clubs. These are interest-based groups that eligible users can create. To join these clubs, you often first have to follow the founder. 

Top Members, Clubs and Rooms on Clubhouse for Learning About Marketing

1. Mike Prasad (@mikeprasad)

Mike Prasad is the founder of Tinysponsor, the biggest creator-first marketplace for influencer and content sponsorships in the world. On Clubhouse, he has grown his Marketing Club community to more than 250,000 followers. In fact, in May 2021, Marketing Club was ranked the Top 7 club on Clubhouse. 

Every Monday at 12 p.m. PT, there’s a round-table discussion about the latest trends in the industry. Whether you’re a marketer or a content creator, when you participate in a room, you‘re bound to gain valuable insights. 

2. Sally Sparks-Cousins (@sallysparkle)

Sally Sparks-Cousins helps course creators, online coaches, and consultants to gain more quality clients with the help of automation. She is a Kajabi and Keap specialist and will help you to get the right tech for your business. 

Hailing from Australia, she views herself as a lifelong entrepreneur. From a young age, she was fascinated by business. On Clubhouse, she helps her followers to work more efficiently by automating marketing and sales. Not only is she active on Clubhouse, but she also has her own podcast, Straight Talk with Sally, which you can listen to on Apple Podcasts for more tips on lead magnets and other hot marketing-related topics. 

3. Katie Patterson (@salessisters)

Katie Patterson is the co-founder of the Women Entrepreneurs: Success Through Community club and co-owner of Sales Sisters. She’s no stranger to building a following having grown her Facebook group to more than 40,000 Facebook group members in a single year without paid ads. As a business coach, social media strategist, and Facebook group growth expert, her goal is to help fellow female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by means of social media.

On Clubhouse, her Women Entrepreneurs: Success Through Community Club focuses on how to grow your business and influence. While this club was launched only three months ago, it already has a following of close to 7,000 and is growing steadily. 

4. Michael Sanchez (@marketing)

If you specifically want to learn more about TikTok marketing, Michael Sanchez is your man. He is the founder of TikTok Marketing Secrets, the biggest group dedicated to TikTok marketing and branding across the globe. As a growth hacker, he has helped individuals and brands to gain more followers, increase their revenue, and boost brand awareness. 

On top of having the biggest TikTok club on Clubhouse, he also has 6 other clubs that focus on the other main social media channels, influencer marketing, and growth hacking. Whether you’re a business, an entrepreneur, or an influencer, you definitely want to follow him.  

5. Shaa Wasmund MBE (@shaa)

Shaa was voted by the Sunday Times as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the UK. From humble beginnings, she managed to create multiple seven-figure businesses. Her goal is to teach business owners to do the same – make money online. 

Her club on Clubhouse, EMPOWERED, covers topics relating to online courses, launches, paid memberships, and audience building. In addition to Clubhouse, you can also tune into her podcast, Building a Bigger Table, on Apple Podcasts.  

6. Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvaynerchuk)

While his professional profile bio on Clubhouse is only a few sentences, Gary needs no introduction. If you know something about digital marketing, you would’ve heard his name. 

If not, here’s a brief intro. Gary is the CEO of VaynerMedia, a best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur to mention only a few of his titles. In the late 90s, he adapted his dad’s local liquor store into one of the first wine eCommerce platforms. 

On Clubhouse, he boasts more than 1 million followers. So, for insider tips on how to build businesses and brands, be sure to follow Gary Vee. 

7. Breezy Beaumont (@breezybeaumont)

Breezy Beaumont is the woman behind the Revenue Marketing Club that’s aimed at marketers working with B2B and B2C businesses. As an award-winning B2B innovator and the Head of Growth and Marketing at Correlated Labs, she likes to share new ideas for data-driven growth. Her expertise lies in helping sales teams to hit expansion quotas using insights from their product data. Some of her other areas of expertise include demand generation, analytics, and social and content strategies. 

8. Breakfast with Champions – Millionaire Breakfast Club

The members of Breakfast with Champions get together every day to motivate, educate, and inspire each other. As there are more than 74,000 members, it’s a great place to network. Here, members share their insights and strategies regarding various topics, including business advice and social media. 

9. B2B Demand Gen

The B2B Demand Gen club on Clubhouse hosts a weekly event, “Campaigns & Cocktails”. The ladies behind this weekly special boast three decades of experience among them and have worked mainly with B2B tech agencies. So, if you ‘re specifically searching for B2B marketing advice, be sure to add Wednesdays at 4 p.m. PST to your calendar. 

10. Small Business Network

The Small Business Network is a community where entrepreneurs can get more clients, grow their authority, and boost their impact. The members love to cover topics and the latest best practices that relate to digital marketing. From marketing agency owners to online course creators, it’s a digital space where a host of startups get together to share tips regarding topics like SEO, web design, and podcasting. 

To become one of the 3,000 members and get access to member-only events, you first need to follow the creator of the club, Liam Austin (@virtualevent). Liam is a virtual events strategist who hosts Clubhouse rooms about email list growth and authority building. 

11. Samantha Brown (@samanthabrown)

On Instagram, Samantha describes herself as a “Clubhouse Queen”. She managed to get 45,000 followers in fewer than 6 weeks and is fast approaching the 70,000 milestone. She mainly offers LIVE audience growth accelerator training.

For access to the best rooms on Clubhouse each day, you can follow her on Instagram where she shares the daily schedule. Here, she also shares her secrets for being a master Clubhouse moderator. 

12. Marvin Reid (@sales_marketing)

Marvin Reid has more than 20 years of experience behind his name. As an associate director of a design agency, he has helped blue-chip companies with their branding. Some of the clients that he worked with include Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, and Warner Bros Music. Currently, he is the managing director of Volume 2, a full-service agency that he founded. 

Once a week on a Friday at 1:15 p.m. GMT, you can listen to him share sales, marketing, and branding tips to help boost your business. For access to all of his rooms and updates about the rooms in which he speaks, be sure to follow him on Clubhouse. You can also listen to him on Spotify where he hosts The Collab Perspective podcast with Nicole Bilham of Wild Bird Marketing.

13. Ed Nusbaum (@ed)

Ed Nusbaum has founded four of the 21 biggest clubs on Clubhouse and boasts more than 1 million combined members/followers. He has also started and scaled a number of startups, while also helping others to grow their own.  

For marketing-related tips, you can check out the following of his clubs: Startup Club, OG Club, Talk Club, and Community Club. In fact, according to the description of his Startup Club, it’s the largest club on Clubhouse with over 600,000 followers. As the name suggests, the topics mostly focus on matters relating to startups.

14. All Things Sales & Conversion Funnels

Twice a week, every Monday and Friday, at 9 a.m. ET, real customer journey problems are discussed from a wide range of industries that include eCommerce, fitness, subscriptions, and real estate. The topics include virtually anything related to conversion funnels such as automation, funnel mapping, traffic sources, and conversions.  

The club was created by Arvin Poole (@opensesame), a technologist and digital marketer. He also founded Open Sesame Inc. that helps hundreds of brands across the globe with custom digital marketing solutions. 

15. Entrepreneurs, Start & Scale Up Business

Source: Entrepreneurs, Start & Scale Up Business

Entrepreneurs, Start & Scale Up Business is the Clubhouse group started by Rob Moore (@robmoore) for disruptive entrepreneurs and change-makers. Rob is a podcaster, investor, and best-selling business author and has excelled in all three these areas. In his podcast, The Disruptive Entrepreneur, he has showcased 15 billionaires as well as celebrity guests, while he, himself, was featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and The Guardian among others. 

Entrepreneurs, Start & Scale Up Business is currently one of the largest groups on the platform boasting more than 100,000 followers. The room’s subjects include business, entrepreneurship, podcasting, and mindset. You can also follow Rob for more info about new rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-based social app that was created in April 2020. It is currently an exclusive invite-only app. Initially, it was available only on iOS, but it is now also available on Android. Users have described it as a mixture of networking opportunities, live podcasts, and panel discussions. You use it to listen to and participate in conversations about a wide range of topics.

How can you join Clubhouse?

At this moment, Clubhouse is still invite-only. If you have a friend who is already on Clubhouse, you can ask him/her to send you an invitation. Alternatively, if you do not have a personal invite from a current user, you can still reserve your Clubhouse username and add yourself to their waiting list. Once you have been accepted to Clubhouse, you will also be able to invite others.

Why is Clubhouse so popular?

The virtual conversations on Clubhouse are very similar to an event that connects people by audio from across the globe. The wide range of conversations attract people from various industries, interests, and backgrounds. The talks are live and usually are not recorded. This creates a sense of FOMO, because if you are not there you will miss out on what people say. So, some people spend a lot of time on the app listening to conversations.

What are some of the disadvantages of using Clubhouse?

One disadvantage some Clubhouse users have discovered is that because of the app's user experience people can say things with no accountability. Usually, there is no record kept of inappropriate statements that people make, and some of the rooms contain inappropriate conversations. While the company has trust and safety procedures in place to investigate and address any violation of these rules, which may include suspension or removal from the app,  some have complained that it is still not enough.

Is Clubhouse only for celebrities?

No, while Clubhouse is popular among celebrities and social elites, nowadays, the app has started to become popular among influencers. Clubhouse influencers tend to have magnetic personalities and can attract listeners because they come across as interesting. They don't necessarily need to have gained fame on other social platforms first.

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