23 Trending Products to Sell in 2023 [A Buyer’s Guide for eCommerce Brands]

While you should not build your entire product range around trending products, it can work in your favor if you add a couple of products that are currently in demand to your product range. This way, you will still have other items to fall back on once the craze is over or the market becomes too saturated. There are many lists of trending products to sell in 2023. We have gone through many of these lists and summarized some of the top trending products that are relatively easy to add to any niche. 

Buyer’s Guide for eCommerce Brands: 23 Trending Products to Sell in 2023

1. Teeth whitening

From charcoal powder (yes, you read correctly) to whitening strips, you would be surprised to learn how many teeth whitening products there are on the market. The demand for these types of products is even more surprising. To advertise teeth whitening products, it's a good idea to work with an influencer. As consumers might be sceptical about the effectiveness of such a relatively novel product, an influencer can provide social proof for reassurance.

2. Anti-snoring products

According to the Merck Manual, more or less 40% of women and 57% of men snore. Considering how big the market is, there is no need to sleep on whether or not you should explore these types of products. From mouth guards to anti-snoring nose clips, there is also a decent selection of products that you can add. While it might be a trending product in 2023, snoring will remain a sensitive and stressful situation for almost half of all consumers. 

To market anti-snoring products, you can follow a similar approach that you would use for teeth whitening products. Be sure to include lots of social proof, like testimonials and product reviews, in your social media posts and on your product pages to normalize the use of anti-snoring products. 

3. Nail extensions

nails trends

Source: freepik.com

Nail extensions (also known as fake nails or acrylic nails) is a huge market segment that has grown more popular over the years. If you are already selling beauty products, your range will be incomplete without including nail extensions. While you are at it, you can also include accessories for creating nail art. As nail art is so visual, there are many easy ways to market these products. In addition to posting photos of beautiful nail creations, you can, for example, also create how-to videos to help your target audience nail it.

4. Fake lashes

According to Statista, it is anticipated that the fake lashes market in the United States will have a value of about $250 by 2022. Not only does the growth look promising, but fake lashes also offer many upselling opportunities as you can add the accessories needed to apply it and other beauty accessories like curlers, glue, and tweezers. To market fake lashes, you can implement a similar video marketing strategy that you would use for nail extension products and create a few tutorials and how-to videos.

5. Hair clips

A blast from the past that is trending again in 2023 is the modest hair clip. As they come in different colors and styles, you can attract the attention of young and old. Neon barrettes, in particular, are quite popular as well as those with inscriptions. Similar to fabric face masks, female consumers are using this seemingly simple product to make personal statements. One of the perks of adding these to your collection is that they are inexpensive and lightweight which help keep shipping costs low. 

6. Hair extensions and wigs

Like snoring, hair is also a sensitive issue. For many women, almost every day is a bad hair day. So, if you choose to start selling hair wigs and extensions in 2023, you will always have an audience with a growing issue. Just double-check the Ts and Cs of your eCommerce platform as some prohibit the sale of human hair. In this case, you can always sell hair wigs made from artificial hair. 

You can also bundle it with hair clips or scrunchies. Last year, Pinterest identified hair scrunchies as one of the big trends. You can either buy them in bulk or make them yourself without having to spend a fortune. Plus, they are also lightweight which makes shipping easier. Forget the limited styles that rocked the 90s – in 2022, the modest scrunchie is made from high-quality, luxurious material like silk or leather. 

7. Yoga mats

Yoga mats fitness trend

Source: freepik.com

With lockdown regulations and stay-at-home orders restricting the movement of people all across the globe, exercising at home is on the increase. Unlike the name suggests, yoga mats are actually quite versatile and activities like aerobics and pilates also generally use a yoga mat as part of their routine. If you sell other fitness products, you can also bundle certain items together like a yoga mat and a resistance band or perhaps a yoga mat and a water bottle. 

8. Shapewear

Shapewear are garments worn by women underneath their clothing to help shape their body.  Though, some women have even started wearing it as regular clothing. If you want to include shapewear in your product range, be sure to include a wide selection that includes tank tops, shorts and bodysuits so that it is easier for your target audience to find the item that will match their specific needs and shape. From shapewear with built-in bras to high-waist tummy tuck items, there are many kinds of shapewear that you can market to women who have recently given birth. Just be sure to market it wisely so that you don’t cause any offence. 

9. Activewear

Seeing that activewear, also called athleisure, is so comfortable, it makes sense why it is so popular (and, it is no longer just yoga pants). From shorts to sports bras, nowadays consumers do not mind being dressed in activewear from top to toe. Also, as there is no shortage of fitness influencers, it should be relatively easy to market these clothing items to your target audience. 

10. Swimsuits

According to Morgane Le Caer, a fashion insights reporter at Lyst.com, sporty one-piece swimsuits are currently in demand. Other styles that are also popular include high-waisted bikini bottoms, tie-dye, crochet bikini tops and animal prints. So, if your store sells women’s fashion, it could be easy to add these trending styles and see if they make a splash.

11. Reusable bags

Reusable bags top trend

Source: freepik.com

Increasingly more consumers and brands are cleaning up their act and turning to reusable products, such as reusable bags. As a matter of fact, countless stores across the globe are actually no longer offering plastic bags to their customers at all. Instead, customers either have to take along their own reusable bags or purchase one from the retailer. All in all, it is a great product to add to your product range, even more so if your target audience is eco-conscious.  

12. Water bottles

Sticking to our sustainability theme, water bottles are also in strong demand as people are searching for more easy ways to reduce plastic consumption. What makes water bottles such a lucrative item to add is that they can serve various purposes. Some people need a water bottle for going to the gym, while others are instead searching for an everyday bottle that they can refill throughout the day. While not everyone has mastered the self-discipline to drink eight glasses of water every day, everyone drinks water on a daily basis (at least, that’s what we hope). So, there is a huge target audience to whom you can market this familiar product. 

13. Doormats

When selling doormats, you can focus on businesses that need it for commercial purposes as well as consumers who need it for household use. If you opt for the latter group, aesthetics will trump durability and function. From rubber to coir, there are various types of doormats that you can stock. 

14. LED strip lights

Within The Flow has identified LED strip lights as their winning product of the year. To those who are in the dark about what it is, LED strip lights are a strip that has various LEDs in a flexible circuit board. While it is more decorative than functional, it creates a surprising amount of light and can be positioned anywhere to add color and light to a room (or even a tent to add the ultimate glamping experience). 

15. Bookends

Bookends trend

Source: freepik.com

From metal letters to mythical creatures carved out of stone, bookends are available in different shapes, materials and sizes. According to Shopify, the word “bookends” boasts 135,000 searches per month. 

16. Sofa beds

While the sofa bed is not new, they are currently trending. If you are keen on adding a bigger, bulkier product to your range, there is a good selection of different types of sofa beds that you can sell. You can, for example, market these to vacation rental owners who want to maximize space. You can also upsell it with couch covers (another trending product in 2023). 

17. Air fryers

If you are targeting health-conscious consumers specifically, air fryers can be a nice addition to your product range. If you are one of the few who have not received an air fryer this past Christmas, it is a kitchen appliance that can cook different dishes by using heated air. The end result is crispy food that was cooked with minimum oil. As it is a popular gift, it can be a good product to add towards the end of the year. 

18. Wireless earbuds

AirPods is currently all the rage. However, as these are quite expensive, many consumers are searching for alternatives. Also, as increasingly more people are working from home, wireless earbuds are no longer just a nice-to-have gadget, but actually a necessity to keep the peace at home in the literal and figurative sense of the word. 

19. Phone tripods

Phone tripods popular trend

Source: freepik.com

With remote working increasing across the globe, more people are purchasing gadgets that will make it easier for them to work from home or while they are on the go. Phone tripods in particular is a popular gadget among content creators who live stream regularly. To help market phone tripods, you can create a series of how-to videos that show its different uses and benefits.

20. Wearable devices

If you are comfortable with selling more expensive items, you can include wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches in your store. Don’t be fooled – they might be compact, but can perform a wide range of functions. With a smartwatch you can monitor your sleep, measure your pulse rate, play music and much more. Thanks to this versatility, many consumers are deciding that it is high time to upgrade their old analog watch to a smart(er) one instead. You can, for example, use a site like Alibaba to find more affordable wearable devices to sell.

21. Phone cases

As new styles of phone cases get launched continuously, you will be able to add new phone cases to your online store regularly. Silicone matte phone cases, in particular, are currently very popular. You can even consider using a print-on-demand service to customize your phone cases and sell unique designs. On the whole, phone cases are typically easy to make and inexpensive, which make them a less risky trending product to try.

22. Car phone holders

A car phone holder lets you mount your cell phone to the dashboard of your motor vehicle. This way, you can easily and safely look at the screen of your phone while you are driving. It is especially useful when you need to use a map on your phone replacing the need for a stand-alone GPS system. 

23. Pet food

According to Statista, about 67% of American households owned at least one pet in 2019 and  $93.9 billion were spent that year just on pet food. While there are various types of pet food, dry dog food sells the best according to the Pet Food Industry. One of the advantages of selling pet food is that the majority of pet owners need to buy food on a regular basis. So, you can easily set up scheduled deliveries. This approach can be a win-win. Pet owners will have one less thing to worry about, while your store will have a steady stream of sales.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best products to sell in 2022?

In 2022, some of the best products to sell include face masks and face shields as the pandemic persists. Face masks are some of the most in-demand products during the COVID-19 pandemic; they can be cheap to make and you can sell them for more than $5 each. In addition, try selling teeth whitening equipment, anti-snoring products, nail extensions, fake lashes, hair clips, hair extensions and wigs, yoga mats, shapewear, and activewear.

What products can you make the most profit selling?

Some of the low cost products with higher profit margins include jewelry for both genders, beauty products and skincare products, children’s toys, video games, women’s boutique apparel, designer clothing, and phone cases. With many products, you can make a 20% or 30% profit. In addition, face masks, one of the most popular items in 2022, can have a higher profit margin.

Will dropshipping still make a profit in 2022?

Dropshipping is still profitable in 2022, and it can be a great way to make money and earn a profit on products. With dropshipping, you don’t touch the product once ordered through your online store. Instead, the product comes directly from your supplier. In 2022 and 2023, many people will continue to open up dropshipping stores and earn a profit.

In 2022, what is the most popular item to sell?

Some of the most popular items to sell online in 2022 include teeth whitening equipment, face masks, face shields, anti-snoring products, nail extensions, fake lashes, hair clips, hair extensions and wigs, yoga mats, shapewear, and activewear. You can also earn a large profit selling health care, skin care products, DIY-made products, pet products, and jewelry.

If you open a dropshipping business, do you pay taxes?

When you run your own dropshipping business, you normally do not need to pay sales tax on any orders from your suppliers. For dropshipping businesses, there is a sales tax exemption. However, you will need an official exemption certificate called a resale certificate.

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