13 Black Twitch Streamers You Should be Following Right Now

Gaming is an amazing way to build communities, which is why Twitch is important for both viewers and Twitch streamers alike. It has done a phenomenal job of creating a space for gamers the world over to pursue their passions and turn them into realities. But often, we only ever hear of the large names in gaming (think Ninja, Shroud, Summit1g, Rubius, and TimTheTatman). 

While these top-tier gamers have accomplished impressive feats, there are gamers who fall into a smaller, but growing circle. In this blog post, we’re sharing 13 black Twitch streamers to watch. We’ve created a list of gamers from various parts of the world. They also represent a cross-section of Twitch’s gamer landscape. We’ve included small, medium and large channels, and share a little about what each streamer is all about. If you’re looking for new streamers to follow for entertaining and thought-provoking gaming streams, you’ll enjoy this list. 

13 Black Twitch Streamers to Follow:

1. DennyVonDoom

DennyVonDoom - Twitch

Source: twitch.tv

Denny Underwood is the community manager for The Cookout! The Cookout is a community of gamers, streamers, and creatives, created to offer a safe place for people of colour. DennyVonDoom is based out of Chicago and mainly enjoys fighting games but does dabble in other genres including adventure and mystery. 

His favourite titles include Dark Souls and Bloodborne. His channel is also pro conversation, an aspect Underwood feels is critical for creating an inclusive community. While his channel is only 6.1k followers strong, DennyVonDoom makes our list as a voice worth paying attention to and streamer worth watching. 

2. Cypheroftyr

cypheroftyr - Twitch

Cypheroftyr, also known as Tanya DePass, is another Chicagoan. As a lover of all things gaming, DePass spends her time streaming a variety of titles. You can catch her playing anything from Animal Crossings to Destiny 2 and Tabletop. Cypheroftyr is also the founder and director of a non-profit called I Need Diverse Games. The organisation was founded to discuss, analyze and critique identity and culture in video games through a multi-faceted lens rooted in intersectionality. Cypheroftyr has 21k followers and caters to a more mature audience. 

3. BlackGirlGamers

BlackGirlGamers - Twitch

Source: twitch.tv

While not an individual, BlackGirlGamers makes our list as one of the most prominent channels representing black female gamers. It was founded to create a safe online platform for the visibility of black women in gaming, and as a catalyst for driving diversity and inclusion. Beyond the group’s online presence, BlackGirlGamers also strengthens their community through real-life events. The channel’s approach to streaming includes sessions held by official team members according to a schedule published on the channel’s about page. 

4. SpawnOnMe!

Source: twitch.tv

Spawn On Me has dubbed itself “the internet’s definitive video game podcast featuring and spotlighting gamers of colour”. Host Kahlief Adams runs the channel and show, and he covers gaming news, previews and reviews. Spawn On Me’s unique appeal is its depth of content. Adams does more than just review games, he also examines how they affect the world. If you’re looking for humour, a dash of insight, and access to the interesting gamers and influencers in the gaming world, tune into this channel.

5. AlexisAyeee

Source: twitch.tv

AlexisAyeee is one of the younger streamers to make our list of black Twitch streamers to watch. She’s 23 years old and her channel offers gaming and variety content. She’s a first-person shooter gamer and streams include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Song of Horror, and Resident Evil 4, among other titles. Her channel has just over 11.3k followers.  

6. TheBlackHokage

Source: twitch.tv

The Black Hokage began his online content creation career in 2007. Back then, he made voiceovers for old cartoons and posted them to YouTube. Today, he’s amassed a large following on Twitch. Over 168.8k people tune in to watch him stream. 

His channel is a mix of gaming and variety content. He’s also received sponsorship from a handful for brands, including Quip, Mint Mobile, BloodyGaming and EchoGear. The Black Hokage also hosts a podcast called Hokage Thots where he explores gaming and general topics.

7. BlackOni


Source: twitch.tv

BlackOni or Will Wiggins has loved gaming from a young age. For him, it all began with a Sega Genesis console and Sonic 2. Much of BlackOni’s focus is on action RPGs. Among his favourites, BlackOni enjoys streaming Metal Gear Solid, Onimusha, Devil May Cry, and Mass Effect. He’s fascinated by black and Japanese culture and sees gaming as an art of expression and exploration. 

His channel is dedicated to sharing what he’s learned about games and gaming with his viewers. BlackOni also enjoys having thought-provoking conversations about games, gaming, and art. His channel has over 15.5k followers.

8. PikaChulita


Source: twitch.tv

PikaChulita’s foray into gaming began in 2017. While she officially joined Twitch in 2014, it took three years for her to start streaming consistently and focus on building her audience. She’s a fan of platformers, non-military first-person shooters, action-adventure, horror and simulation games. PikaChulita uses her channel as a voice for charity and to highlight diversity and inclusion. She also provides variety content as an affiliate and aims to create a safe space for streamers to enjoy themselves. 

In January 2020, she was featured on a Now This insert about women Twitch streamers and what her experience has been over the last decade. The mini-documentary explores how female gamers have been able to grow in popularity, despite some of the lesser desired negative elements that come with being online. PikaChulita’s channel has 15.5k followers and is a member of the BlackGirlGamers Twitch team. 

9. DeejayKnight


Source: twitch.tv

Deejay Knight is a US Air Force Veteran of the Security Forces. He’s passionate about space and sci-fi genres. You’ll often catch him streaming Minecraft: Dungeons, Star Citizen, and Magic: The Gathering. In addition to his love for Sci-Fi, DeejayKnight uses his channel to broadcast about the sci-fi genre. 

He also has a lively channel and has put a lot of effort into building his audience. In fact, his dedication led him to pursue one thousand consecutive days of streaming, something few are able to achieve. DeejayKnight is also a Gunnar ambassador and his channel has over 89.7k followers.

10. DataDave

DataDave - Twitch

Source: twitch.tv

DataDave has over 62.5k followers on Twitch. He’s a fan of Pokemon, Final Fantasy XIV and popular gaming titles like Resident Evil. He’s also a confessed anime fan and music head. DataDave is a consistent streamer and has an entertaining and interactive channel. He streams daily from 7 pm to 12 am EST. His love for gaming led to him being a TwitchCon ambassador in 2018. 

He’s also an avid supporter of Extralife4Kids, the organisation dedicated to uniting thousands of gamers from around the globe to host and raise funds through gaming marathons in support of children hospitals. By day, DataDave is a college professor and also dabbles as a voiceover artist. 

11. Samora

Samora - Twitch

Source: twitch.tv

Samora is aDutch variety streamer. She has over 35.2k viewers from around the world. She’s a consistent streamer and is on Twitch five days a week. Her favourite gaming titles include Minecraft, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and Final Fantasy. 

Samora’s channel is dedicated to what she likes to call positive vibes. She makes it a point to create an inviting atmosphere and makes time to engage with her audience through many just-chatting sessions. 

12. iamBrandon


Source: twitch.tv

iamBrandon joined Twitch in 2015 and rose to partner status in 2016. He has over 41.7k followers on Twitch. While a fan of horror games, Brandon also streams other genres. You can catch him playing anything from Fatal Frame II to Animal Crossing, Beyond Blue, and South Park Fractured but Whole.

He’s famous for his inviting and positive nature and runs a highly interactive community. He’s lively commentary makes for an entertaining stream. iamBrandon also the influencer relations manager for Reverb Games, blogger and the founder of the Chicago Twitch Support Network. 

13. itsMAKAYYY


Source: twitch.tv

itsMAKAYYY is a hairstylist and avid gamer. She streams Overwatch, State of Decay, Apex Legends and The Jackbox Party Pack. She joined Twitch in 2017 and has over 6.9k followers. She uses her channel to discuss games, the importance of physical exercise, and her passion for hair. She’s also known for running charity streaming game nights. itsMAKAYYY makes it a point to engage with her audience and can often be found hosting just-chatting sessions weekly.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our list of black Twitch streamers to watch. We’ve shown a cross-section of streamers with larger channels, along with those who are up-and-coming and committed to building strong and impactful brands and communities around gaming. Be sure to tune into their stream to get a feel for each streamer’s channel. You’re bound to find a whole lot of laughs, great conversation topics and enjoy their gaming exploits.

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