11 Leading Twitch Influencer Marketing Agencies You Should Get To Know

If the target market for your product includes gamers, then Twitch is an obvious place for you to undertake your influencer marketing. We recently looked at how you can use Twitch to improve your bottom line. In many ways, the easiest way to connect with a Twitch influencer is to work through a Twitch influencer marketing agency.

In reality, Twitch is still too niche to have any specialist influencer marketing agencies. But there are a few influencer marketing agencies which extend their services to include Twitch. Similarly, there are a few expert electronic gaming agencies that offer access to Twitch influencers.

Top 11 Twitch Influencer Marketing Agencies:

1. Ader Influencer Network and Agency

Ader Influencer Network and Agency

Ader describes itself as a global digital media marketplace that connects brands and publishers across eSports, gaming, and mobile.

It can help a brand craft a campaign and work with influencers on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and of course Twitch.

Ader tries to pair brands trying to reach a mass gaming audience with high-profile streamers, teams, and pro gamers.

They work with more than 2,000 gaming influencers across their networks, who stream games live before 500 million unique viewers each month.

2. Becore

Becore influencer marketing agency

Becore is somewhat apart from most of the agencies profiled here. Their primary focus is on experiential marketing, some of which involves partnering with influencers. They promise “brand experiences that resonate with audiences and reverberate across media channels.”

They find that influencer marketing can be particularly helpful for marketing events. Brands can collaborate with influencers both before and after an event, adding elements of social proof.

Becore recognizes the potential for experiential marketing tied to eSports events. 71% of the eSports industry valuation ($500 million) is connected to advertising and sponsorship. They can see how eSports can provide access to young digitally-oriented gamers. Twitch is the primary way that the followers of eSports can look at their heroes in action.

Becore matches brands with suitable Twitch livestream gamers. While they would typically only use Twitch as part of an experiential campaign, they recognize that Twitch can help a brand connect with thousands of interested gamers.

3. Cloutboost

Cloutboost twitch influencer marketing agency

Cloutboost recognizes that Twitch and YouTube sponsorships are now an integral part of any significant video-gaming marketing campaign. While YouTube is their primary focus, Cloutboost also leverages the power of Twitch streamers to promote brands to their fans.

Cloutboost provides an additional income source for favorite Twitch streamers, where they can partner with top gaming brands (and other companies who have gamers as their target market).

Cloutboost provides game developers access to Twitch livestreamers at various stages of a games’ life, from its initial launch onwards. They find that advertisers are moving away from interruption advertising to interactive marketing. They believe Twitch livestreamers can help spread the message about a game, without looking like formal ads.

4. Flood Interactive

Flood Interactive esports twitch influencer marketing agency

Flood Interactive is an influencer marketing and talent management agency. They focus on eSports and livestreaming, particularly on Twitch.

Flood provides sponsorship opportunities, relationship management and personal branding support for gaming influencers. They provide talent acquisition and management program support for brands, along with program design, execution, and analytics.

They work with a variety of influencer on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter. Some of the influencers on their books enjoy more than a million Twitch followers.

Flood recognizes that Twitch influencers can help promote more than just games. They work with companies who sell products that typical gamers would like. Their clients include Anheuser-Busch (beer), Mophie (wireless mobile phone chargers), Soylent (soy products), and Band (online forums and groups).

5. Foreseen

Foreseen esports agency

Spanish-based Foreseen is a specialist eSports marketing agency. They carry out a range of agency duties, such as:

  • graphic & web design
  • sponsorship management
  • marketing strategy
  • audiovisual production
  • legal assessment
  • eSports consultancy
  • specialized communication, and
  • talent and influencer marketing

Foreseen has funded eSports clubs and they include former professional gamers in their team.

Foreseen helps brands connect with eSports players and their followers. Working with gamers on their Twitch livestreams is a significant part of their strategies. The obvious advantage of Twitch livestreaming is that the viewers consume content in real time. Foreseen believes this provides immense possibilities for brands.

They recognize that the critical audience is millennials – men and women from 14 to 35. In Spain alone, eGamers generate a total audience of 7.2 million, and it is not entirely male-dominated. 35% of their audience is young women.

Foreseen offers the following services to influencers:

  • assistance with creativity and media
  • acquisition of sponsorships
  • help to strengthen their visibility
  • assistance with content production
  • marketing action
  • access to editing software
  • a management application
  • a chance to make synergies

6. Gameset

Gameset is a dedicated gaming marketing agency

Gameset is a dedicated gaming marketing agency based in Poland. They offer a range of services from strategy to creativity to delivery of video games and eSport.

Influencer marketing is one of the services they provide, and Twitch livestreaming is one of the channels they cater for.

Gameset makes a point of choosing, recruiting and maintaining the cooperation of the most appropriate influencers for a brand. They try to match influencers who have followers that match a brand’s target market.

They restrict their social media efforts to the channels where they believe gamers spend most of their time - Facebook, YouTube, and of course, Twitch.

7. Heaven Media

Heaven Media esports gaming agency

Heaven Media describes themselves as being “one of the world’s fastest growing media agencies in the Enthusiast Gaming industry.”

They perform the full range of marketing activities but focus exclusively on gaming and eSports. This includes organizing both online and offline tournaments, running events for more than 160,000 people and delivering events in eight European countries. They believe they are experts in marketing to online gamers. Their mission is to help brands to curate their message to the right people in the right way and know what to measure to ensure they get the best ROI.

They list their main services as:

  • Creating and distributing targeted advertisements
  • Copywriting for the difficult-to-reach gaming demographic
  • Providing agency experience – for instance, they know where each gaming influencer is actively followed geographically and can advise who are the best influencers to meet a particular brand’s needs
  • ·Social media – both company sites and influencers over a range of networks, including Twitch
  • Creating eye-catching content, including 2D and 3D, rendered videos
  • Researching influencers – they work with over 100 YouTube and Twitch influencers of many different types (ranging from 40 million to 250,000 followers)
  • Organizing electronic events and tournaments

8. Rodgers Townsend

Rodgers Townsend twitch influencer marketing agency

Saint Louis, Missouri-based Rodgers Townsend is a general marketing agency which includes influencer marketing with Twitch amongst the services it offers clients. They provide the full service from advertising and brand activation to mobile app design and social media strategy.

As they observe in one of their blog posts, “63% of all US households include at least one frequent gamer – and 41% of all gamers are women… And Twitch covers all of those bases, with personalities and programming that appear to a much broader audience than most would suspect”.

They also observe that “Twitch claims to reach “half of millennial males in America.””

9. Socially Powerful Media

Socially Powerful Media influencer marketing agency

Socially Powerful describes itself as a global influencer marketing agency. It prides itself on covering all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Musical.ly, YouTube, and Twitch.

It works with influencers and brands in the niches of sports, lifestyle, gaming, fashion, beauty, food, entertainment, technology, and more.

They work with gaming influencers with a combined reach of 150 million fans. They say that their “gaming influencers range from eSport stars to Twitch heroes.” Of course, the two often overlap, with many of Twitch’s superstars having already made their name in eSports.

Socially Powerful makes a point of matching a brand with the best influencers to meet the specific goals of a campaign. They promise to identify new influencers when necessary for a brand or campaign.

10. Spartan Elite Advertising

Spartan Elite Advertising social media marketing agency

Chicago-based Spartan Elite Advertising focuses on influencer marketing for YouTube and Social Media. The main social networks they work with are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube.

The company was set up by a YouTuber, who clearly sees the advantages of working with influencers on a video platform. Adding Twitch to the mix was a natural addition. They claim to manage some of the top gaming influencers exclusively.

They make a point of ensuring that the agency is represented at events, such as TwitchCon.

11. T.I.P. Effect

T.I.P. Effect influencer marketing agency

T.I.P. Effect is an influencer marketing company based in Istanbul, Turkey. The T.I.P. in their name is an acronym for Talent. Idea. Production. They claim to be the largest influencer marketing agency for all companies in Turkey.

They produce native advertising content and brand-integrated video content for clients across a range of social media platforms, with Twitch being one of the more prominently-mentioned networks.

Gaming is the first niche they list on their website, and they highlight quite a few of their past Twitch campaigns. It is notable that they have even worked with non-gaming customers, such as Nescafe on Twitch campaigns – even gamers have to take a quick coffee break in the middle of their killing missions!

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