15 Twitch Influencer Marketing Platforms to Help Find the Right Twitch Streamers

Twitch is the largest live-streaming video platform. And it’s not just for gaming. Twitch creators represent several niches and while gaming is by far the most common use of Twitch, there are creators who share live streams for hair and beauty, fashion, travel, knitting, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking for a Twitch streamer to represent your brand on the platform, check out the Twitch influencer marketing platforms we share here. You’re sure to find the right Twitch influencer for your shout outs, giveaways, and unboxings.

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15 Twitch Influencer Marketing Platforms to Help Find the Right Twitch Streamers:

You can’t have effective Twitch influencer marketing without the right Twitch influencer. That means finding an influencer whose audience overlaps nicely with the target audience for your products and services. You’ll also want to make sure that your brand personality matches with the influencer you’re considering. If you’re marketing a pacifist game like Journey, Firewatch, or Night in the Woods, you’re going to miss the mark if you choose a Twitch streamer who only plays first-person shooters.

Finding the right Twitch influencer for your brand can be complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Twitch influencer marketing platforms you can use to help you find the right Twitch streamers for your brand.

1. Grin

Grin is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. It helps you build a network of brand ambassadors to help you meet your financial and brand goals. Grin provides several ways to identify the right influencers to promote your brand and build and nurture those relationships. You can track your influencer marketing KPIs and create custom reports as well as locate, track, and repurpose the content your influencers are sharing.

Here are just a few of the features Grin offers:

  • Relationship management to make it easier to nurture influencer relationships
  • Discovery and recruitment of the best influencers for your brand
  • Track KPIs, create custom reports, and demonstrate ROI with reporting and analytics
  • Content management tools to help you track and repurpose your influencer content
  • Product seeding
  • Payment management


Request a demo for pricing.

2. Upfluence

With Upfluence, you get access to more than 4 million influencer profiles from all social media platforms. That can get overwhelming fast, so Upfluence offers up ways to filter results using more than 20 search criteria so you can find just the right influencer. Upfluence makes it easy to find the most effective influencers by analyzing engagement rates, posting consistent, audience size, and more.

What we really love about this Twitch influencer marketing platform, though, is that Upfluence lets you find influencers organically, from your own customer base and audience. You can collect data from visitors as they browse your site, shop, and checkout. Then, use that data to invite those users to join your affiliate marketing efforts.

Here are some of the Upfluence features we’re excited about:

  • Add a social media field to your Shopify checkout process
  • Analyze the followers of your brand’s social media
  • Collect useful information from customers, contacts, followers, and visitors
  • Identify organic influencers
  • Generate and manage coupons to reward social data capture
  • Track affiliate sales and campaign performance
  • Monitor hashtags and mentions through the Upfluence social listening tool


Upfluence is a SaaS platform sold on a subscription basis. It offers five price points, each with a monthly fee and billed annually.

  • Startup: 1 User account, 500 influencers emailed, 1 social listening stream, Basic Training, and Support
  • Small Business: 1 account, 750 influencers emailed, 3 social listening streams, Influencer Demographic Data
  • Professional: 2 accounts, 2k influencers emailed, 10 social listening streams, Influencer and Audience Demographic Data, API & Exports
  • Enterprise: 5 accounts, 5k influencers emailed, 25 social listening streams, Influencer and Audience Demographic Data, API & Exports, Publisher Platform

3. AspireIQ

AspireIQ makes it easy to create and manage your influencer program, no matter how large or complex it is. You can create tons of content and repurpose your content across multiple channels for maximum engagement. AspireIQ will let you find your most engaged customers and followers so you can nurture those relationships and turn customers and followers into brand ambassadors.

Here are some of the AspireIQ features you’ll get access to:

  • Database of 6+ million content creators
  • Legal contract help with HelloSign integration
  • Automated campaign analytics
  • Unlimited influencer relationships
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • Custom community management frameworks (Elevate)
  • Smart ranking of valuable relationships (Elevate)
  • Streamlined processes and reporting (Together)
  • Social media management, paid ad support, and more (Together)


AspireIQ offers three plans (Create, Elevate, and Together) with customized pricing and a yearly commitment.

4. CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is a great Twitch influencer marketing platform to power your advanced influencer marketing needs. The Creator Intelligence Cloud can power large and small influencer marketing campaigns and helps brands with intelligent creator discovery, streamlining end-to-end workflows, and driving meaningful measurement. CreatorIQ offers seamless onboarding and a fully integrated global payment system.

CreatorIQ offers:

  • Seamless onboarding to build a better private creator network
  • Fully integrated global payments to streamline accounting
  • Unified organic and paid media performance to improve ROI
  • Shared environments to collaborate across organizations
  • More than 1 billion social accounts in real-time
  • Powered by Google AI
  • Fraud analysis
  • Talent one-sheets and custom data fields


CreatorIQ doesn’t have public pricing. It’s probably not going to be the best option for small businesses; the smallest clients on their published list are bringing in around $100 million annually.

5. Hashtag Paid

Hashtag Paid is more than just a fun name. You can launch your Twitch marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. And, its Handraise™ feature is really cool, using your brief to match you with creators that are best for your campaign. All of your “handraised” creators are then pre-qualified before you ever see them. This means you get to choose from creators who are going to help you reach your target market. Plus, creators pitch their own campaign concepts for your review.

Hashtag Paid features include:

  • Centralized communications so you can stay in touch with every creator on your campaign
  • Automated reminders so you know when your content is ready for approval and when it will go live
  • A Success Manager offering support every step of the way
  • Review and approve everything before it goes live
  • Share feedback directly with creators on a preview of each post
  • Buy paid social through creator handles
  • Build ad-sets with your best performing creators and content, then send it right to your Facebook Ad Manager
  • Creator whitelisting to attribute influencer marketing spend to the bottom of your funnel
  • High-level overview of your campaign and key metrics you moved
  • Repurpose your favorite content across social, your website, OOH, or anywhere you want


Hashtag Paid has three plans. The Essential plan is $269/month (billed annually), the Grow plan is $539/month (billed annually), and the Enterprise plan requires custom pricing.

6. Brand24

Brand24 gives you access to brand mentions across social media, news, blogs, podcasts, videos, forums, reviews, and more so you can protect your online reputation. This makes it easier to follow up on comments from your brand ambassadors or respond to unhappy customers before it’s too late. Through this type of social listening, you’ll gain a better understanding of who is talking about your brand and what they’re saying so you can get insights into your customers. Brand24 also includes an influence score so you can identify your Twitch influencers and make data-driven decisions about who you need to be working with.

Brand24 features include:

  • Automated sentiment analysis so you can segment positive, negative, and neutral mentions
  • Instant alerts for negative mentions
  • Access and engage online mentions to grow customer satisfaction
  • Track engagement, including Likes, Shares & Comments
  • Daily/weekly reports that can be exported through PDF & Excel reports
  • Track KPIs including reach and engagement
  • Track hashtags and find influencers


Brand24 offers three plans with a 14-day free trial. The Plus plan is $49/month, the Premium plan is $99/month, and the Max plan is $199/month.

7. Influence.co

Influence.co is a platform for the influencer marketing community to share and engage while building lasting relationships. It doesn’t scrape social networks to piece together profiles, instead opting to give influencers the tools they need to build their professional presence on the platform. Influence.co has more than 100,000 influencer profiles. These influencers are active on the site and on the lookout for great brands to partner with. Influence.co strives to be one of the best Twitch influencer marketing platforms and make it easy for brands and influencers to find one another. The influencer profiles on the platform are built by the influencers themselves. You can search by audience, category, posting rates, engagement rates, brands they’ve worked with in the past, and a lot more.

Influence.co features include:

  • Robust search feature so you can find the right Twitch influencers for your brand
  • Access all social media platforms for an influencer right from their profile so you can get information about their audience, engagement rates, follower growth, and previous collaborations
  • Build your influencer community and CRM right from your Influence.co business page
  • Simplify your campaign workflow by keeping messages, influencer details, and progress all in one place
  • Reporting tools to help you find, track, and calculate your results


Influence.co offers two business plans. Business Basics is free. If you want a more comprehensive option, you’ll want to go with the Pro plan. Pricing isn’t public and requires that you contact Influence.co for rates.

8. Gameinfluencer

Gameinfluencer might seem like one of the most niche of the Twitch influencer marketing platforms on our list but in addition to gaming creators, they offer vloggers, streamers, and social media influencers from all industries. Gameinfluencer is a full-service influencer marketing agency that focuses on the gaming industry while still making an impact in other areas like fashion, beauty, fitness, tech, lifestyle, and more. They have an in-house team of specialists working to pair the right influencers with the right brands, including strategists, producers, designers, developers, influencer project managers, digital marketing analytics, and social media experts. Gameinfluencer develops and manages influencer marketing campaigns from strategy to execution and can help brands execute their influencer marketing strategies on a global scale.

Gameinfluencer has many great features including:

  • 31+ million influencers
  • Choose from micro Twitch influencers or macro Twitch influencers
  • Twitch influencers in multiple languages
  • Full-service from creative concept to campaign realization to measuring and reporting results


Pricing for Gameinfluencer is customized and requires a quote.

9. Wehype

Wehype is one of the leading Twitch influencer marketing platforms and reaches 2+ billion gamers around the world. Using smart technology, in-house experts, and big data, Wehype can manage all aspects of your influencer marketing campaigns. It’s a full-service campaign management system with the world’s largest roster of gaming creators. The Wehype campaign team supports you by sending out personalized invitations, briefing and supporting influencers, and more.

Wehype includes these features:

  • World’s largest database of gaming influencers
  • Influencer dashboard to show your campaign progress
  • Automated and manual content monitoring and approval
  • Creative support and direction
  • Global payment operations
  • Data insights and analysis


Wehype pricing isn’t public. To learn more you’ll need to set up a meeting.

10. Julius

Julius lets you search for influencer profiles across Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter so you can find the right influencers for your brand. It offers several tools that help you streamline your influencer marketing campaign management. You can search influencer posts by hashtags or keywords and target your brand’s audience by demographics, interests, locations, and more. Julius also offers a social media listening tool so you can understand your influencer relationships. With Julius, you also get access to campaign performance metrics.

Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy with Julius:

  • Find out how competitors use influencers so you can discover what works for your industry
  • Custom research and managed services
  • Find the influencers you need across a wide range of verticals
  • Share data and insights with clients using white-label options


A demo is required for pricing.

11. Dovetale

With Dovetale, you can build a database of influencers, track statuses, check your ROI, and stay on top of shipping links, coupon codes, tracking links, and more. You can also build custom reports and measure results from multiple platforms. Dovetale offers customizable workflows for all different types of business, from eCommerce to agencies to brands.

Here are some of the Dovetale features we love:

  • Manage your influencer marketing campaigns from a single platform
  • Automate tasks with smart, connected databases
  • Find the right influencers for your brand using Dovetale’s search
  • Measure, analyze, and automate reporting


Dovetale offers a 14-day free trial. The Starter plan is $99/month, the Pro plan is $499/month, and the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote.

12. HYPR

HYPR is a high-powered influencer cloud you can use to automate your influencer marketing campaigns. It’s not an opt-in network and instead uses an algorithm to find the best influencer options for your brand. You can then connect directly with influencers, cutting out commissions and fees. You can manage multiple campaigns, making it easy to optimize your costs and focus on the influencers with measurable reach.

HYPR offers several features including:

  • 30,000+ topic categories and a robust influencer database
  • Influencer evaluation tools including an audience overlap tool and audience health score
  • Powered by Salesforce
  • Campaign workflow progress board
  • Live demographic engagement data


HYPR offers a free trial and pricing is available after a demo.

13. SocialBook

SocialBook is an influencer marketing platform created by a team of influencers, engineers, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and big data experts. You start with influencer research. SocialBook lets you search for influencers by name, your competitors, or using a combination of filters. Once you have your list of influencers, you can review influencer profile reports to find the right influencers for your Twitch influencer marketing campaigns. After that, it’s time to reach out to your chosen influencers and bring them onboard. SocialBook lets you communicate with influencers and maintain information right on the platform.

Here are some other great SocialBook features:

  • Performance prediction to get estimates on your campaign cost, potential results, and more
  • SocialBook tracking pixel to track website promotion
  • Choose the KPIs you want to see: impressions, views, likes, comments, clicks, signups, downloads, sales, LTV, and more
  • View reports of daily clicks, downloads, sales, and more


SocialBook offers four plans (prices are shown for annual billing):

  • Silver: $171/month
  • Platinum: $428/month
  • Diamond: $856/month
  • Enterprise: contact for a quote

14. Traackr

Traackr makes it easy to create data-driven influencer marketing campaigns for Twitch. You’ll get insights on more than 6 million profiles including their audience demographics, fraud detection, brand affinity, and historical performance. With Traackr, you can search influencer bios, captions, and content on 13 social media platforms to discover influencers in 49 countries and 26 languages.

Traackr features include:

  • Search by influencer content, attributes, and audience criteria
  • Evaluate influencers based on performance, audience, quality, and value alignment
  • Workflow tools to manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish
  • Manage influencer relationships in a centralized database


Traackr pricing isn’t public, so you’ll need to sign up for a demo.

15. Klear

Klear can match brands with relevant influencers for their audience, regardless of the social media platform being used. You can use Klear to find influencers that fit your target audience and brand values or search by topic, location, and more. There’s also not a limit on the size of influencer you can connect with. Klear provides advanced search filters so brands can find niche and micro-influencers that make sense for them.

Klear’s features include:

  • FakeSpot technology to detect fake followers or engagements
  • Klear Influencer Score helps you identify creators with the highest level of influence
  • Advanced audience demographics

Wrapping Up

With the Twitch influencer marketing platforms on this list, you’ll have an easy time finding the right Twitch streamers for your brand. Learn more about Twitch with our Twitch guide!