Top 7 Twitch Talent Management Agencies for Brand Growth

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While streamers make it seem like what they’re doing is child’s play, it’s actually not. Tons of effort, time, and consideration goes into each live stream. More than just playing a game and recording a gaming session, there are many behind-the-scenes tasks that Twitch talents have to do, such as marketing, operations, and partnerships.

Many popular and professional streamers are backed by a team who can help them grow their online presence and brand. This includes talent agencies or managers, who can help creators find more opportunities to monetize their brand and find partnerships. For brands, Twitch talent management agencies can help them spot marketing opportunities and find the best Twitch influencers they can work with, who align with their brand, values, and vision. 

If you’re thinking of expanding your reach and growing your brand, whether you’re a business or a creator, we’re sharing a list of the leading Twitch talent management agencies you can work with.

Top Twitch Talent Management Agencies for Brand Growth:

Twitch for Brands and Creators

Twitch is an immensely popular video game streaming platform that has amassed over 15 million daily active users. Given its expansive, segmented user base, it provides a wealth of marketing opportunities for brands and creators to tap into the platform’s diverse audience base. 

The platform plays a major role in advancing the creator economy, enabling fans to support their favorite creators, thereby allowing them to continue doing what they love and do best. And it’s not just gamers who can benefit from this model. 

Joing to Twitch community


Twitch is a diverse avenue where creators in various niches can create live content for anything, from podcasts to documenting their creative processes. At its core, Twitch drives and thrives on authenticity, giving brands, creators, and their respective audiences access to something authentic and engaging. For example, Twitch can be used to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a streamer on Twitch or what goes into an artist’s creative process.

Furthermore, the platform allows streamers and their audience to interact with each other, such as creators asking for feedback or viewers asking their favorite streamer questions, adding another layer of engagement to what would otherwise be an ordinary live stream.

Why Work with Talent Management Agencies for Twitch?

The live streaming market is estimated to become a $4.26 billion-dollar industry by 2028. This significant growth is attributed to the rising popularity of eSports and video games. Other factors contributing to the market’s massive growth include the steady rise of mobile internet usage and the increasing demand for live content. 

The pandemic also played a role in the soaring popularity of live-streamed content, with Twitch retaining its number one spot as the most popular platform for live streaming games in the West. The streaming platform continues to present ample opportunities for brands to tap into its ever-growing audience, which is predicted to gain 600 million more fans by 2025.

As a result, more endemic and non-endemic brands are showing interest in tapping into this valuable resource via gaming influencers and content creators. Gaming content creators are becoming more recognized for their influence, enabling their channels to grow and expand their reach. 

Live streaming on Twitch can be very lucrative for some creators. However, with the growth of their channel, individual creators will need help in managing their increasing popularity while identifying new opportunities for growth. 

This is where Twitch talent management agencies can help you out. Prior to collaborating with consumer brands, you need to establish your branding. Your agent or manager can help you craft your own personal brand, if you haven’t yet established one, and then guide you through the process of finding and working with relevant companies that align with your branding, audience, and values. 

Aside from brokering partnerships, these agencies make sure that you’re seen by the brands you’re interested in working with. Furthermore, once you strike a deal with a company, your talent management agency can help you negotiate your contract, so you can get the best outcomes. With the help of an agency, you can focus more on creating high-quality content that lets you continue to deliver value to your viewers while allowing you to monetize your channel or stream.

For brands, working with a Twitch talent management agency can help you create marketing campaigns that engage and resonate with your target audience. Additionally, they can assess your business’s needs, allowing you to determine the best possible marketing options as well as find influencers you can work with who are the right fit for your brand. 

Best Twitch Talent Management Agencies

Twitch talent management agencies bridge the gap between brands or creators and their audience. From finding the top Twitch influencers your brand can work with to managing your partnerships, these agencies can help you build your brand, manage your success, and identify new opportunities.

twitch talent management agencies

1. Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is a marketing agency that offers a wide range of bespoke influencer marketing services. It focuses on helping clients create engaging and ROI-focused influencer marketing campaigns that are primed for a global audience. Its body of work includes clients like Huawei and The Body Shop, as well as creating online campaigns for games like PUBG and Last Empire War Z.

What sets the agency apart from others is its novel approach to influencer marketing, which focuses on activating platform and channel-agnostic influencer marketing campaigns. This approach lets Socially Powerful work on campaigns on a wider variety of social media channels, including VK, LinkedIn, Weibo, WeChat, Snapchat, and, of course, Twitch.

With Socially Powerful, brands can collaborate with a diverse pool of influencers, including A-list celebrities and micro-influencers for their Twitch campaigns. Furthermore, Socially Powerful is a Twitch agency partner, which gives it full access to Twitch’s ad platform. The agency also offers branded content production tailored for Twitch and your audience. Other Twitch-dedicated services include Community Amplification and Community Management and Growth.

2. Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency

Founded in 1975, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has since grown to become a premier entertainment and sports agency that works across various industries, such as digital media, marketing, and television. CAA is home to agents such as Peter Letz who has worked with gaming content creators and influencers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Some of his clients include DrDisRespect (prior to his ban, he had 4 million followers) and NickEh30 (4 million+ followers). Aside from working with talents, CAA also works with brands for consulting, brand management, partnership sales, and more, as well as with enterprises.

3. Night Media

Night Media

Night Media is a talent management company that works with some of the internet’s most popular creators in the vlogging and gaming niches like MrBeast, Matt Stonie, MrBallen, Aphmau, Safiya Nygaard, and MrWhoseTheBoss, with each commanding millions of followers on YouTube. 

The company has expanded its services to include Twitch and currently manages Karl Jacobs (3 million+ followers) and Neekolul (400,000+ followers). Aside from managing live streaming talent, Night Media also helps its clients build brand partnerships and has enabled them to connect with global enterprises like Nestle and EA.

4. Fenix Down

Fenix Down

Fenix Down combines years of experience with transparency to help creators and brands build productive partnerships. Founder and CEO Janessa Christine is a streamer and on-cam gaming host herself. With Fenix Down, she works toward connecting the gaming industry and content creation and addressing the gap between them. 

The company’s goal is to support content creators and give them the opportunities they need to advance their careers. Some of its clients have worked with major tech brands like Intel and NVIDIA. The talent management company currently has 26 content creators in its lineup, including GassyMexican (700,000+ followers), LacedUpLauren (375,000 followers), KingGothalion (950,000+ followers), and Minion777 (340,000+ followers). 

5. Loaded


Loaded describes itself as a “no BS, fast-moving gaming management and advisory firm” that focuses on working with creators within the video game industry. Some of its clients have built partnerships with notable global brands like Adidas, Samsung, Netflix, and Honda. 

The firm offers three main services: Talent Management, Brand Strategy and Sales.

The services under Talent Management are designed to help its clients focus on creating content. These include brand development, campaign management, sponsorships and endorsements, and content development and monetization. 

Loaded works with brands to find the gamers they want to work with. The services under Brand Strategy include data analysis, performance tracking, content development, and program partnerships.

Its Sales services focus on helping brands build influencer partnerships and creators monetize their influence through sponsorships, appearances, and more.

Some of the firm’s clients include top Twitch streamers like Shroud (10.2 million followers), DrLupo (4.6 million followers), and iiTzTimmy (2.3 million followers), as well as emerging Twitch talents. 

6. GameInfluencer


Based in Munich, Germany, GameInfluencer is a Twitch influencer marketing agency backed by a team that’s passionate about games and connecting game publishers and brands with world-class gaming talent. It has worked with top companies like Facebook, Sega, Tencent, and NVIDIA. 

The GameInfluencer team has an extensive collective experience in fields like game publishing, marketing, and promotion and offers customized services for each of its clients. The company prides itself on being data-driven while remaining creative at the same time. 

With its proprietary comprehensive database of more than 3 million influencers, partners can find and start working with influencers that align with their brand, based on categories such as the influencer’s channel size, audience demographics, and campaign performance. 

Its talent portfolio includes popular YouTube and Instagram personalities, as well as emerging Twitch Streamers, such as JoJonaz (126,000 followers) and EricVanWilderman (65,000+ followers). 



With online campaigns that generate up to 4x more engagement, NOVO knows its way around new media and advertising platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. What makes NOVO stand out from the competition is it recognizes how these new media platforms give rise to new cultures that come with new challenges. 

NOVO’s founders, Matt Zagursky and Devin Nash, are influencers themselves and have worked on multiple platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. Given their collective experience, they both started to notice the same issues that continue to plague brands and creators. 

The agency aims to address the following recurring problems that companies and creators are facing:

  • Brands and agencies working with influencers who aren’t the right fit for their campaigns or influencers who don’t receive customized direction;
  • Exorbitant fees and costs from working with middlemen, which leads to unoptimized use of budget;
  • Brands and influencers not getting the results they’re after because their campaigns weren’t customized according to their needs.

With NOVO, Zagursky and Nash are offering crucial but often overlooked components of partnerships, which are careful consideration of the influencer (whether they’re the right fit for the brand), authenticity in influencer marketing campaigns on channels like Twitch, and campaign optimization. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Twitch popular?

Twitch is an online platform that’s dedicated to live online streaming, particularly for eSports and games. One of the factors contributing to its popularity is its being interactive, enabling users to not only watch live gaming streams but also to learn more about games and become a part of an online community. Furthermore, Twitch appeals to a wide array of audiences, as it features different creators under a variety of categories.

How can I grow my brand using Twitch?

Twitch provides brands and influencers with an avenue where they can talk about all things gaming and connect on a deeper level with their audience. With Twitch, you can do regular streams to interact with and engage your viewers, build a network with other Twitch streamers, and build your brand identity.

What are the top Twitch talent management agencies I can work with?

We’ve looked at seven of the leading Twitch talent management agencies that can help you grow your brand:

  1. Socially Powerful
  2. Creative Artists Agency
  3. Night Media
  4. Fenix Dow
  5. Loaded
  6. GameInfluencer
  7. NOVO

Who are some of the most popular Twitch streamers?

These are some of the most popular Twitch streamers, according to their channels’ number of followers:

  • Ninja – 18 million+ followers
  • Auronplay – 13 million+ followers
  • Rubius – 12 million+ followers
  • Ibai and Tfue – 11 million+ followers each
  • xQc and Shroud – 10 million+ followers each

How many people use Twitch? 

In 2021, over 15 million people used Twitch for the first time. That same year, it had an average of 31 million average daily visitors, logging a total of 1.3 trillion minutes watched. 

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