Top 10 Gaming Marketing Agencies for Data-Driven Marketeers

People have been playing video games since the 1970s. However, things have moved on a long way since Nolan Bushnell invented Pong, becoming the father of video-gaming. Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, forecast to reach $230 billion by 2022. If you don’t market your games well it is easy for them to disappear and get lost in the crowd. For this reason, gaming market agencies can perform an invaluable service.

Some of the agencies here specialize in video-gaming (the names tend to give them away – what else would GameInfluencer or Game Marketing Genie do?) In other cases, we look at more general-purpose agencies, that include gaming clients amongst their roster.

Top 10 Gaming Marketing Agencies:

  1. Kairos Esports

Kairos Esports is a full-service gaming and esports agency, backed by 10+ years of experience. Both Kairos Media and Kairos Esports sit under the Kairos Group - a global network of disruptive agencies that are pioneering how communities engage with brands.

Kairos Esports has both esports team owners and professional players as part of their team. They have worked on projects from non-endemic brand integration into the gaming scheme to full-scale Esports tournament launches with global brands. They are unrivaled in terms of experience, understanding of the industry, and relationships with professional players in the scene.

Recently Kairos Esports was tasked to create awareness for the ‘Mobile Masters' event in Las Vegas as well as promoting Wargaming's Esports tournament using an influencer marketing strategy.  They identified gaming influencers to attend the event and create dedicated content around the ‘Mobile Masters' competition. The content reached a sizeable audience resulting in further downloads of the game while strengthened the brand. The campaign resulted in 361,000 YouTube Views, 158,330 Twitter Impressions, and 682,359 Instagram Story Views, all from 18 pieces of content.

  1. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is an award-winning full-service agency that pioneered influencer marketing programs and strategies. The company specializes in influencer marketing campaign execution and strategy, content creation, performance marketing, paid social, and integrated brand strategy. It also boasts one of the world's largest and most impactful influencer networks, representing gamers, athletes, social celebrities, and influential content creators across dozens of industries both exclusively and non-exclusively.

They also include an influencer talent agency, representing some of the world’s top talent from all verticals, including gaming. 

They have developed and managed countless effective campaigns in every corner of the world, for both SMB’s and enterprises, for B2C & B2B. 

Viral Nation can even claim Angry Birds as one of its clients. Viral Nation was given a mission objective of raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and driving installs for Angry Birds 2. The agency's influencers moved Angry Birds 2 up the App Store charts in every category. They shot far beyond the target, acquiring high-quality users from all around the world for the Angry Birds 2 mobile app. 

  1. Upfluence

Upfluence includes a specialist Esports and gaming marketing agency, which can reach millions through Esports and gaming partnerships. Their Esports division offers fully-managed Esports & Gaming marketing campaigns. Their team helps brands define the right strategy, find the right Esports influencers, and delivers campaigns from start to finish.

They offer:

  • Esports Presentation & Introduction
  • Influencer Outreach & Management
  • Team Partnerships
  • Tournament Sponsorships

Upfluence can use their large database of influencers with advanced search criteria to find the right Esports influencers for your brand.

They accompany teams and organizers of Esports competitions, brands, and broadcasters in setting up relevant marketing and media partnerships. They have more than 850 performed campaigns in the gaming sector to date.

  1. PocketWhale


PocketWhale is a video game marketing agency, covering mobile, PC, and console gaming. With offices in USA, Germany, France, and Japan, they help you plan and execute your marketing campaigns globally.

Their team designs tailor-made creative assets, including video advertisements and TV commercials. They have a holistic approach to media and operate their marketing campaigns online and offline through PR, influencer marketing, TV advertising, digital advertising, and event.

They work directly with top gaming influencers on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to create exciting and targeted content to capture both new and old audiences.

In terms of events, from designing, creating, and operating a booth during a trade show to managing online and offline Esports tournaments, PocketWhale’s event team has a vast scope of work.

One of their tasks involved game developer, PONOS, who was looking to acquire new male users from 15-25 in North America and Europe for their game, The Battle Cats. Knowing that males 15-25yo predominately use Snapchat and YouTube as social media, to reach them, PocketWhale ran Snapchat App Install campaigns and partnered with famous YouTube gaming influencers. The campaign resulted in 150,000 installs overall with CPIs below $1 in North America and down to $0.50 in Europe.

  1. Knowscope

Knowscope connects influencers with gaming brands. They combine their experience in online marketing, content creation, and client management with their passion and love for gaming. 

They build a community of gamers and content creators with a vast audience and align them with brands that are seeking promotion in the gaming space. They then find the best way to promote the brand on the gaming influencer's channels to reach the customers the brand is trying to attain. 

They offer end-to-end project management, handling everything from finding the right content creator for a project, all the way to facilitating payments. They research a client's brand and its audience extensively to find the best match between the project and the content creators, then work with the content creators to best represent the products.

  1. Kool Things

Kool Things offers gaming and technologies professionals full-service marketing. They are a unique PR, marketing, and consulting agency specializing in promoting games and related technologies. They state that their purpose is to help game developers and publishers, hardware suppliers, media outlets, and others operating in this market in every way they can.

They began operation in Central Europe and the CIS region to become a company delivering complex services worldwide. 

They split their services into the following categories:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing and Assets Production
  • Consulting and Business Development
  • Indie Games Support

Kool Things considers themselves to be “geeks and gamers," who are also PR and marketing professionals with over 15 years of experience in the games industry. 

  1. Game Marketing Genie

Game Marketing Genie describes itself as the complete business growth, marketing, and creative production house dedicated to the gaming market. They see the essential steps of their process as being:

  • Data and analysis
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Creative production house – where they turn strategy into high-quality marketing collateral
  • Performance marketing
  • Data-driven tech distribution, using their own in-house omnichannel advertising platform and proprietary algorithms
  • Optimization
  • Scale

They see four stages of marketing for a game, and offer solutions for all of them:

  • User acquisition 
  • Increasing in-app purchases
  • The perfect launch
  • Organic growth

  1. Ader

Ader is a full-service Esports marketing agency that connects brands and publishers with the global gaming community through high-impact campaigns, experiences, team sponsorships, and influencer activations.

They claim to have been the first marketplace to connect brands with Esports influencers on Twitch. They have a deep understanding of how brands can authentically engage with gamers across Esports, mobile, gaming, and social media platforms.

They offer a full range of Esports and gaming marketing agency services. These include:

  • Live streaming – playthroughs, in-stream media, product integrations, and social amplification
  • YouTube – stream highlights, dedicated videos, integrated videos, and custom content
  • StreamSpread – including real-time statistics, 300+ websites, audience targeting, live streaming amplification, and high impact ad units
  • Esports Event Production – stage design/builds and management, projection mapping & LED walls, video & livestream production, motion graphics, custom lighting systems, and technical direction
  • Team sponsorships – merchandise branding, custom team content, commercials, product testing & streaming placements, brand ambassadors
  • Stream Hatchet – channel analysis, Esports team analytics, audience analytics, sponsorship reporting, and chat message analytics
  • Original Content – Boomslang Media, Streamer Showdown, docu-series, episodic, and game shows
  • Production – Digital & Branded Content – live-action, editorial, VFX, motion graphics, animation, VR
  • Consulting – content creation, media planning, launch strategy, developer keynotes, community growth
  • Press & PR – message development, media relations, press release writing, interview prep

  1. GameInfluencer

GameInfluencer helps publishers and developers engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers. Not just gaming creators but vloggers, streamers and social media influencers of all fields.

They work with leading international developers, publishers, and influencers. They develop and execute tailored influencer marketing strategies based on a game’s unique DNA and goals. Over the years they’ve worked with thousands of quality influencers.

Gameinfluencer’s direct relationships with content creators, including gaming creators, and influencers specializing in the fields of fashion & beauty, tech, fitness, lifestyle, and more allows their clients to amplify their games and products to a global and highly engaged audience.

GameInfluencer is a full-service influencer marketing agency with a deep focus on the gaming industry. Their in-house team of specialists includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, developers, digital marketing analysts, and social media experts to support the influencer marketing efforts of video game developers and publishers.

They currently have more than 31 million influencers in their database. These people have generated more than 500 views across all campaigns. The campaigns have resulted in more than 7.5 million installs.

  1. NewGen Agency

NewGen Agency is a full-service Esports and digital gaming agency. They create products, services, and communications to grow their clients' businesses in the new ‘Game Age.'

They split their services into:

  • Campaign development
  • Content development
  • Product & service development
  • Competitive analysis and trend reports
  • Sponsorship
  • Esports team establishment
  • Tournament organization
  • Event design & management
  • Social media management
  • YouTube and Twitch channel management
  • Live broadcast

They create campaigns from the ground up to grow their clients’ business and reach their marketing goals in an Esports and gaming way.

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