16 Best DeFi Marketing Agencies to Promote Your Next Project

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Promoting decentralized finance to the public is the next big step to revolutionizing the way people bank and transact monetary payments. Arguably, DeFi software development is a whole different league compared to marketing DeFi. You may find yourself lost and confused about the best way to get people talking about your project. 

Not to worry, for we will introduce you to some of the industry’s best DeFi marketing agencies. Teams of marketing professionals knowledgeable in the expanding field of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance have the right tools and marketing strategies to reach your target market and get early investors anticipating your DeFi project launch.

Best DeFi Marketing Agencies to Promote Your Next Project:

What Is DeFi?

Decentralized finance, or DeFi in short, is an emerging financial system distributed across a network of computers. DeFi is envisioning a new method for people to bank and manage their finances without middlemen like banks and the government participating in transactions.

Decentralized finance serves as an avenue for participants to transact payments and manage savings through blockchain technology. Without banks, brokers, and especially the long lines down the bank, DeFi offers quick, accessible, and inexpensive ways for people to take care of their finances. 

Among the financial services decentralized finance offers is an inclusive and non-discriminatory community for people from all walks of life. Conventional centralized finance and banking reject clients who fail to meet the requirements. Some persist in opening a bank account, while others have lost hope. With DeFi, more people will be empowered to pursue financial investments.

How does DeFi work?

The selling point of decentralized finance is the absence of middlemen, also known as banks, brokers, and other government agencies. Rather, partaking in DeFi requires a smart contract between participants. Transactions are directly made between you and the other party. There is little to no downtime in processing transactions, and the receipt of this transaction will be added to the blockchain.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are central to operating decentralized finance. Firstly, you and the other party have to agree on the terms and conditions for the transaction. Then, a smart contract will be generated to safeguard said conditions and make sure both parties have done their due. Smart contracts trigger an automated set of actions to be executed until all prerequisite conditions are met. In decentralized finance, smart contracts are the automated intermediaries of peer-to-peer transactions.

Benefits of DeFi


With decentralized finance operating on a blockchain, everyone in the network can access and view all stored data. Parties engaging in a monetary transaction are assured that no charges are duly paid only for intermediaries to take from the clients. The added transparency offered by DeFi ensures that all information regarding the transaction is verified and permanently stored within the blockchain.


Decentralized finance essentially aims to democratize banking and finance methods. Intervention from banks, brokers, and government institutions is non-existent in DeFi. Rather, DeFi makes financial management more accessible for everyone, regardless of the documents and certifications you may lack in the first place.


Cryptography protects strings of information on a blockchain from any form of manipulation or forgery of details. In the case of monetary payments, neither party can tamper with the record of their transaction. DeFi trumps centralized finance in addressing concerns such as tampering and erasure of official records.   


Tokens are your tickets to declaring ownership for assets like resources such as oil, gold, and fiat money. You are free to do what you wish with tokens. You can store them in your wallet until their value increases, purchase other assets, or stake your share as an early investor in merging technology. 

Decentralized finance not only hastens monetary transactions but also raises opportunities for participants to earn their keep for remaining loyal and utilizing the functionality of DeFi.

Top DeFi Marketing Agencies



ICODA is an excellent marketing agency for cryptocurrency projects to reach their target audience or gain product visibility online. It utilizes a variety of marketing strategies, with influencer marketing as the highlight of the agency’s services. It also offers services such as crypto marketing, public relations, ad campaigns, and the like. 

ICODA expands your brand reach with the power of influencer marketing. Knowledgeable influencers market your product to established crypto communities such as those on YouTube and Twitter. These social media channels actively participate in discourse on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technologies. Who’s to say they wouldn’t be interested in hearing about your DeFi project?



CryptoPR boasts experience in promoting crypto projects and spreading the word about emerging DeFi initiatives. This marketing agency gets right down to business, discussing your goals and performance indicators for marketing your product and the services you wish to employ.

CryptoPR emphasizes raising authority within the competitive crypto market. Positioning your brand on major crypto news resources through promotional stories can garner you the most trust and attention from paying customers. The marketing firm also reaches out to investors on dedicated Telegram groups to establish your customer base.

3. AppDupe


AppDupe is a crypto marketing agency with a knowledgeable team of marketing professionals capable of supporting blockchain-based technology projects custom-fit for every client. AppDupe goes above and beyond marketing your project to the target audience. The team can extend help ranging from the conceptualization and development of your proposal to the official launching of your next DeFi project. 

AppDupe offers a range of marketing services such as Discord server marketing, whitepaper publication, and launchpads. With over 250 experts developing the best products for clients, AppDupe delivers some of the best marketing strategies to jumpstart your presence in the saturated crypto market.

4. X10


Establish your long-term goals for your DeFi project with X10 Agency. X10 is a marketing agency and project launchpad recognized by Forbes, DesignRush, and Hacker Noon for its unmatched delivery of marketing support and consultation to clients.

X10 Agency extends a full launch package, turning your ideas into a fully fleshed project. Push content out through the right channels, and grow a loyal community of paying customers and enthusiastic investors. Legal support is also available to ensure your project is not skimming past regulatory violations and the like. X10 Agency is capable of marketing projects in the Asian marketplace, reaching target audiences in China, Japan, and Korea.

5. NinjaPromo


NinjaPromo is a digital marketing agency with a global footprint. Their team of marketing experts offers various marketing services that cater to crypto industries among others. They’re experienced at creating and executing data-driven strategies that will help to get your project in front of the right market from the very first step. 

They offer a full range DeFi marketing services that include round-the-clock community management, exchange and investor relations, and influencer outreach to mention only a few. Whether you need help with initial market research, strategy development, implementation, or optimization, they can help you with all these steps. To help market your bold venture further, they also include extra services such as website development, video production, and paid media. 

ninja_promo (1)


NinjaPromo is a leading digital marketing agency dedicated to elevating your brand through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding and creative design.



United Kingdom

Best for:

Small Business, Midmarket and Enterprise

Minimum Campaign Size $50.000+
Google Ads
Unity Ads
YouTube Advertising
Social Media
Paid Social
Paid Media
Influencer Marketing
PR & Outreach
Video Production
Video Marketing
Community Management
Website Development
Mobile App Development
Web Design
Mobile App Design
Blockchain Development
Attention to details
Extensive expertise due to a powerful team of specialists
Evaluation of the market situation in order to offer the customer the best end-to-end marketing effectiveness
Minimum Campaign Size $50.000+
ninja_promo (1)


NinjaPromo is a leading digital marketing agency dedicated to elevating your brand through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding and creative design.

6. NeoReach


NeoReach is an influencer marketing agency with campaign offers and services especially catering to crypto and blockchain-based technology efforts. The novelty of blockchain and decentralized finance calls for expert assistance from developers and Web3 marketers, all of whom are in the diverse network of NeoReach. 

The influencer marketing agency equips your DeFi initiative with industry-proven strategies to appeal most to your target audience. NeoReach optimizes your brand to enjoy the most exposure among developers, investors, and even the casual audience.

NeoReach creates world-class original influencer campaigns for leading brands and Global Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2013 and managing over $250 million dollars in influencer spend to-date, thei...

7. PToken


PToken is a one-stop shop for all your blockchain and DeFi needs. On top of brand awareness and product visibility, PToken emphasizes fundraising opportunities to pitch your project to the right investors. 

PToken supports endeavors for emerging technologies, empowering clients like you to break through the market. Their marketing services include influencer marketing, social media marketing, and community management. These establish your digital footprint and credibility in running a large-scale project such as DeFi.

Most of all, PToken offers consultation that’s tailor-fit to meet your project’s needs and objectives. Upscale your marketing efforts with fundraising projects, and position your brand among key figures in the crypto community. Receive the latest updates on DeFi investments with PToken’s seed fundraising feature. 

Finally, there is nothing more that commands authority than whitepaper publication and case studies. Showcase your expertise with PToken’s content marketing efforts. Safeguard the privacy of your DeFi project and investors with in-house legal support.

8. Coinbound


Coinbound is another crypto marketing agency with support and development initiatives for Web3. DeFi projects reach their maximum potential with Coinbound’s extensive marketing efforts. Influencer marketing, Twitter management, and community growth are just some of the proven methods Coinbound can bring value to your brand.

Coinbound also walks you through the nitty-gritty of digital marketing for Web3 services. A collection of DeFi marketing and NFT marketing guides are made available to supplement your knowledge. Learn the best ways to encourage customers and investors to check out your project.

9. Crynet


The Crynet Media Agency is a rising name in digital marketing services and PR. Crynet offers a free media plan for clients to realize the most optimal way to meet their goals without straining their budget.

Recognized by GoodFirms as an excellent marketing agency for blockchain and decentralized applications, Crynet is worthy of managing your marketing strategy. Or let Crynet take the lead in optimizing your project right from the get-go. Get the latest updates on the best technical solutions from over 100 suppliers with Crynet.

10. Coinzilla


Drive traffic to your project and spur discourse with Coinzilla. Coinzilla is a marketing agency with a broad network of crypto initiatives and investors. Bringing your brand to the forefront with targeted advertising becomes second nature with Coinzilla.

Coinzilla boasts a successful run of more than 16,000 ad campaigns. Reach your target market, and surpass competitors with advertising and content marketing. Coinzilla lets you work with expert content marketers to publish your brand’s story, services, and press releases to relevant crypto resource sites.

11. Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR has been delivering digital marketing and tech services since 2010. The crypto marketing agency supports emerging technology initiatives in establishing a distinctive branding and strategic messaging. Impress potential leads with the help of Blockchain PR’s expertise in creative design. You can even employ an entire team responsible for the marketing and publicity of your DeFi project with Blockchain PR.

12. Flexe.io


Flexe.io is a PR and digital marketing agency geared toward cryptocurrency platforms and blockchain-based technologies. It features a range of services such as driving traffic with proper keywords, raising awareness through press releases, and adding your product to DeFi listings for increased exposure.

Flexe.io offers marketing strategies for almost every platform available on the Internet. All promotional content and material you need to market your brand are made available for you by Flexe.io. Additionally, Flexe.io takes on an international approach to marketing, strengthening promotions in Asia.

13. BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting has been operating as a crypto consultancy firm since 2017. With more than 4 million leads, BDC Consulting is a fantastic partner for crypto market research and targeted advertising. The firm offers a broad range of services such as business model consultation, whitepaper publication, community engagement, and influencer marketing.

BDC Consulting harnesses the capabilities of public relations within the crypto community to differentiate your brand from key competitors and garner attention from audiences all over the globe. The firm also offers a diverse network of investors with whom you can connect. BDC Consulting is the ideal launchpad for emerging decentralized finance projects to receive support from industry experts.

14. Single Grain

Single Grain

Single Grain is a crypto marketing agency empowering brands with successful lead conversions and a steady flow of informative content. Single Grain adapts conventional digital marketing techniques to propel cryptocurrency brands and blockchain technologies on top of search results. 

The more frequent your brand appears in search engines, the greater your edge is over competitors. Single Grain ensures this through proper crypto SEO. Social media and influencer marketing are also pivotal to raising demand for your project. 

Dedicated community channels encourage meaningful conversation about the future of emerging technologies and the expectations for your product. Single Grain takes care of nurturing loyalty across channels such as Discord and Telegram. 

Finally, Single Grain proposes PR strategies to amplify your authority within the marketplace. Press releases are symbolic of a brand’s expertise within the field, making them among the most significant content for crypto and blockchain platforms to publish alongside their services. Other services include email marketing, airdrop strategies, and bounty campaigns.

15. Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy deploys strategies tailored to fit every client’s goals, objectives, and budget. Specializing in crypto marketing, Lunar Strategy keeps you up-to-date with trending news and highlights revolving around cryptocurrency and blockchain-based technology. 

Lunar Strategy rolls out marketing strategies and campaigns for you to choose from and customize according to your needs and objectives. Paid advertising across social media platforms remains to be a favorite service offered by the agency. Influencer marketing allows you to demonstrate your project’s potential to a target audience through prolific personalities in crypto marketing. 

Engagement within the industry is also key to your brand’s success. Lunar Strategy offers optimized exchange listings to establish your presence among the decentralized finance platforms out in the market.

16. Omni Agency

Omni Agency

Omni Agency is a Toronto-based agency focused on promoting blockchain projects by building authentic communities. It offers a full suite of marketing services centered on blockchain and crypto, using a variety of tools to generate leads and foster communities.

The agency believes in the power of blockchain communities to fuel marketing in the industry. As such, their efforts focus on creating communities from the ground up, targeting users who actually engage and become active participants in the project. With a strategic mix of social media management, paid management, community nurturement, and shilling and community marketing, Omni’s services ensure their partners find its ideal position within the greater blockchain community.

Omni Agency

Omni Agency is the LEADING blockchain community marketing agency with more than 40 5/5 star clients to show for it. Simply put, they build blockchain communities from the ground up, driving community growth, community engagement, and converting commu...


1 - 10


Best for:

Small Business

Minimum Campaign Size $1.000+
Google Ads
Social Media Full-Suite Management
Social Ads Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Discord/TG Management
Influencer Marketing
Research & Branding
Community Building
Minimum Campaign Size $1.000+

Omni Agency

Omni Agency is the LEADING blockchain community marketing agency with more than 40 5/5 star clients to show for it. Simply put, they build blockchain communities from the ground up, driving community growth, community engagement, and converting commu...

Supercharge Brand Awareness with Your Ideal DeFi Marketing Agency

As novel as decentralized finance is, more marketing agencies are catching up with marketing plans and techniques relevant to Web3-based objectives. Our favorite DeFi marketing agencies mostly derive their marketing experience from cryptocurrency and blockchain clients. Integrating knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology is central to making the most out of a DeFi marketing strategy.

Consult with digital marketing experts to begin your DeFi proposal on the right track. Reach out to blockchain influencers to introduce your brand. Finally, stay up-to-date with the latest activity in the crypto and blockchain community.