Top 10 eCommerce Web Development Companies To Grow Your Sales

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eCommerce has experienced a surge in growth over the past several years. In fact, online sales accounted for nearly 19% of global retail sales in 2021. The eCommerce trend is only expected to increase—by 2026, it is projected that 24% or almost a fourth of all retail sales will come from eCommerce. 

Asia leads the rest of the world in terms of contributing to the global online retail market, with a projected $2 trillion in total retail eCommerce revenue by the end of 2022. The number is approximately twice the $1.1 trillion generated by the American region. Worldwide, online retail revenue reached $5.2 trillion and is expected to grow by 56% over the next few years.

Top 10 eCommerce Web Development Companies:

The Role of Mobile Devices in eCommerce

Perhaps a considerable factor in the rise of eCommerce is the growth of mobile commerce, also called “m-commerce.” M-commerce refers to the use of mobile devices to conduct transactions involving money. It is quite distinct from eCommerce in that m-commerce includes mobile banking, money transfers, and mobile marketing, while eCommerce mainly refers to the purchase of physical goods via any type of electronic device. 

Mobile devices play a big role in the global retail eCommerce industry. Within the global retail eCommerce market, mobile spending is expected to reach an impressive $728 billion in three years. 

The opportunities for eCommerce are truly tremendous. But to take full advantage of these opportunities, merchants need the proper tools to attract online shoppers. eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and Magento make opening an online store easier, but it is by no means the end goal. With millions of shops accessible to a consumer, it is imperative that you as a merchant stand out from among your competitors.

The Best eCommerce Web Development Companies for 2023

One of the important strategies to increase your sales is to develop an eCommerce website that can attract customers and generate conversions. Of course, websites for eCommerce are different from other types of websites. The objective of an eCommerce website is to convert leads into sales, so it would require distinct designs and formats.

Hiring an eCommerce web development company will give your online business an advantage when it comes to building a website. Check out our list of the top 10 eCommerce web development companies in 2023 that can help increase your sales and make you stand out in the huge world of online retail.

1. Clay


San Francisco-based Clay is a design and branding agency that specializes in UX/UI. Because they focus on user experience, their websites are thoughtfully created with their client’s customers in mind. As a UX/UI-focused agency, Clay puts the end users front and center to make sure that their experience with your online business is positive.

Whether it’s to drive sales or get people to register for a newsletter, Clay develops websites that are easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Their main goal is to create digital products for their clients that can drive conversions and increase customer engagement. 

The company integrates UX and brand storytelling in their web development process. The end result are responsive websites that showcase the brand’s identity effectively, giving the user an easy experience, whether they access it on a desktop or a mobile device.

Clay is a UI/UX design and branding agency in San Francisco....

2. Absolute Web

Absolute Web

Absolute Web is one of the more established web development companies around, having started in 1999, “just a few short years after the internet took off.” Since then, the company has made a name for itself in web services, particularly in eCommerce development and management.

They create eCommerce solutions in various platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. If you’re looking for something more customized, they also develop custom websites and other web applications to give your online store exactly what it needs. 

As a full-service agency, they also offer digital marketing services like branding, along with content production. With 23 years of experience under their belt, numerous awards, and hundreds of happy clients, Absolute Web delivers on their promise to “make it happen.”

3. Brainvire


Another web development company for eCommerce with over 20 years of experience, Brainvire is a big multinational corporation with presence in North America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. Their strong presence in Asia brings you a step closer to the largest eCommerce market today.

With a talent pool of more than 1,500 professionals, Brainvire’s expertise in web development services is coupled with a fresh perspective from their young employees. 

The company offers website development services for eCommerce to generate sales and increase ROI. They provide digital products and eCommerce web applications for Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. As a global company itself, Brainvire considers all aspects of a multi-store eCommerce platform, integrating the different needs and features of each market. 

4. Magneto


Magneto IT Solutions is just what their name is: a company that provides tailor-made IT solutions for your business needs. From software development to mobile app development, Magneto can help your business make its mark online. Their eCommerce website development service ensures that you have a custom website designed to suit your needs perfectly and make you stand out.

They can work in a number of different eCommerce frameworks, including Magento, Shopify, and Shopware, among others. In building eCommerce solutions for their clients, the company includes ERP, CRM, analytics, data security, and inventory management. 

Some of the industries they have worked with include home and furniture, bridal and fashion, grocery, jewelry, and even automotive and floristry.

5. IT-Geeks


IT-Geeks is one of the industry’s leading and highly rated Shopify agencies. Because they’ve been specializing in Shopify, they have mastered the platform and all its features and services. IT-Geeks can help you set up a new Shopify website, redesign an existing Shopify store, or migrate an existing store to the Shopify platform. Their services also include troubleshooting and maintenance.

If you’re looking to improve your Shopify website or make the switch to Shopify for your eCommerce needs, then IT-Geeks may be the web development company for you.

6. Dynamic Dreamz

Dynamic Dreamz

Handling 2,500 projects (and counting) with 200 daily cups of chai, India-based company Dynamic Dreamz has been working and building their portfolio with clients from around the world for 18 years.

Their services include WordPress web development, Shopify and Shopify Plus development, Magento development, PHP development, BigCommerce development, and UX/UI design. So whether you need a redesign to make your website more user-friendly, or increase your sales with a Shopify website expansion, Dynamic Dreamz can work with you to grow your business.



MOBIKASA is no stranger to eCommerce solutions. A top-rated web development company, MOBIKASA offers custom website services for eCommerce along with the usual Magento, Shopify, and WordPress platforms. They can also work with BigCommerce and Salesforce.

The company prides itself on its vast expertise on different technologies and platforms, allowing them to provide web development services for almost all kinds of websites. They keep constant communication with their clients to figure out their specific needs and come up with digital solutions to keep everyone happy.

In designing and developing eCommerce websites, MOBIKASA focuses on customer retention, without which an online store is expected to perform poorly. Providing their clients with a unique and sophisticated eCommerce web design that delivers results is MOBIKASA’s goal.

8. Moburst


Moburst aims to help their clients scale and become leaders in their fields through effective mobile marketing. Moburst is a full-service marketing agency that can do everything you need from marketing strategy to product and development, including website development for eCommerce.

They believe that a website is an extension of a business. That’s why it’s incredibly important to make an immediate impact on customers. Moburst’s strategy is to build websites with a “wow” factor, effectively pulling in customers and creating long-lasting relationships with them. A Moburst website is not done upon launching, though. With continuous maintenance and improvements, the company aims to keep up with your targets, market trends, and changes in eCommerce platforms. 

Moburst can develop a custom eCommerce website from scratch in WordPress or an eCommerce platform or improve your existing website with their expertise. 

Harness the power of influencers to achieve your growth goals with Moburst, a leading global performance influencer marketing agency that helps brands over-achieve their goals and become category lead...

9. Northern Commerce

Northern Commerce

Northern Commerce implements a three-pronged approach to their solutions: engagement, experience, and commerce. With engagement, they aim to capture the client’s target market through creative digital marketing. Then they provide the customers with an enhanced experience to build loyalty. Finally, they help the client drive sales by enabling frictionless eCommerce experiences plus post-purchase interactions. They work with Shopify, Magento, and a host of other technology partners that enables them to implement their approach efficiently. 

Northern Commerce uses each approach as a complement to the rest of their strategy. What’s also great about them is that they provide services beyond the eCommerce platform. They consider the purchase point all the way to delivery. They’re not just an eCommerce development company, they are also a full-service commerce company that takes an omnichannel approach, so your business can grow further.

10. Bird Marketing

Bird Marketing

British company Bird Marketing aims to deliver outstanding service by prioritizing their clients’ ROI. Headquartered in Essex, UK, they also have offices in London, New York, and Dubai. A key component of their own brand identity is their ethos, which they strive to live and work by as a company. When you hire Bird Marketing, you can be sure that they will focus on your ROI, provide you with the same high-quality service as their other clients, be as efficient as possible, and be eco-friendly. With 100% green servers, paperless offices, and a carefully thought-out list of suppliers and processes, Bird Marketing takes that extra step to minimize their carbon footprint.

Their eCommerce web development services include building websites that are mobile-ready and SEO-ready, to keep up with the current trends. Pre-made plug-ins and customizable designs allow for faster set-up and fewer expenses while fulfilling your needs as an eCommerce client. High-end hosting gives fast page speeds to retain customers—plus, it’s 100% carbon neutral. Finally, they offer ongoing support to ensure that your site is well maintained.

                      How to Choose an eCommerce Web Development Company

                      Not all eCommerce web development companies offer the same type of service at the same level. Similarly, not all eCommerce businesses need the same features and technologies. With many great companies out there that can build a decent website, how can you choose which is the best for your business?

                      eCommerce Web Development Company

                      Previous Work or Portfolio

                      Many companies proudly display their past and current work in their websites, showcasing their skills. You can get a feel for the type of websites they design if it suits your needs and the aesthetic you are aiming for. Navigate the actual websites that they’ve built instead of just heading over to their homepage for a quick look.

                      You can also contact them directly to ask if they can provide you with a list of their projects that you can check out. 

                      Front-end vs. Back-end Development

                      Website development has two parts: the front end, which consists of the things that the user sees on the website, like layout, graphics, colors, etc. The back end is the server side, where the technical magic happens. It allows a website to function properly.

                      It takes different skills to develop the front-end and back-end side of a website. Many companies will have a stronger competence in one than the other, so make sure you choose one that has the right skillset that you need for your website.

                      Knowledge of Good UX/UI

                      There’s a reason why UX/UI is almost always displayed prominently on a company’s website development services page. User experience is incredibly important in an eCommerce website. You want to attract customers and make them browse through your website until they check out and pay. If your website’s UX/UI is lousy, you will just have a bunch of abandoned carts and no sales.

                      A good web development company knows that online shoppers will want to navigate a website easily to search for desired items, an uncluttered design that allows them to see relevant details about the product easily (like size, color, or dimensions), and check out easily.

                      Easy Checkout Process

                      You don’t want to make your customer go through a bunch of stuff before spending their money on your products. Ideally, the customer simply breezes through the checkout process, giving them a good experience with your online store. If you make your customers fill out their personal information each and every time they buy something, they might just give up and leave the website. A guest checkout makes the process faster, and for your regular customers who’ve already given their information, you can ask the web developers for a one-step checkout feature. Integrating third-party payment methods is also an option for a quicker checkout process.

                      Online Security

                      Because online stores frequently deal with credit cards and online payment modes, as well as customers’ private personal information, good online security is a must for eCommerce. This includes passwords, HTTPS authentication, SSL, and TLS.


                      As we’ve seen, mobile devices play a big role in eCommerce. Your website should not only be easy to navigate on desktop computers but on mobile devices as well. Web development companies that are worth their salt are aware of this and can build responsive websites well.

                      SEO Readiness

                      SEO is a necessary part of eCommerce. Rank higher in search engines, and you’ll get more potential customers and subsequently, more sales. Good website developers know just how to build websites that can rank at the top, whether it’s through fast page speeds, specific keywords in the site’s copy or security and accessibility.

                      Above all, your needs as an eCommerce business comes first. Know what you need and what your goals are, and it would be easier to find an eCommerce web development company that can offer you the right solutions. 

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      What are the best ecommerce web design services company?

                      The best eCommerce website design services companies include:

                      • Ruckus Marketing
                      • Big Drop Inc
                      • Legnd
                      • SPINX Digital

                      What does an ecommerce web developer do?

                      eCommerce website developers are responsible for creating websites that help sales for online businesses. People who works as eCommerce website developers must have extensive knowledge of website development.

                      Which technology is best for ecommerce website development?

                      WordPress provides an easy-to-scale and flexible framework to build extensible solutions. WordPress is one of the top technologies for creating eCommerce websites.

                      What is the most popular e commerce company?

                      The most popular eCommerce companies include:

                      • Amazon
                      • Alibaba Group Holding Limited
                      • Rakuten
                      • Walmart
                      • MercadoLibre
                      • The Home Depot Inc
                      • Ebay
                      • Prosus