Top 11 Etsy Analytics Tools to Boost Rankings and Revenue

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Beyond choosing the right product to sell on Etsy, success on this platform results from engaging effectively with your target audience and working with the right analytics tools that can help you optimize your store. Although Etsy offers visitor, order, earnings, and conversion rate data under the Shop Manager's Search Analytics and Shop Stats, third-party apps can provide insights to help you determine aspects of your business to re-strategize, from product listings to customer engagement and ad placements. 

Which one should you choose, though? To make things easier for you, we're sharing the 11 most widely used analytics platforms you can consider for boosting your sales. 

Top 11 Analytics Tools for Etsy Business Growth

Product analysis and market research provide the necessary data to tailor your offers to your target buyers' needs and preferences. Here are some platforms to help you achieve both tasks:

etsy analytics tools

1. Google Trends

Google Trends

Top features:

  • Category filter identifies current and seasonal trends in your niche or industry 
  • Time range filter can show the seasonality of your search term
  • Local keyword search by selecting your target location from the Country filter
  • Search intent discovery or how internet users search for a keyword (via web search, image search, news search, Google Shopping, and YouTube search)
  • Keyword search volume and competitor analysis (by comparing two or more keywords in the Explore tab’s search bar)

Google Trends helps you discover trending topics and your product or store-related term’s relevance. When you go to the Explore tab to search, you can filter by country, timeframe, category, and search context. If popularity for your term is low, expect product demand related to that term to turn out low as well.

Google Trends also displays an “Interest over time” graph that shows changes in a term’s search volume over your selected period. Picking a longer timeframe lets you see the months when interest for a search term rose and declined. 

Meanwhile, the “Related Topics” and “Related Queries” lists below the “Interest by sub-region” section show related search terms that are rising in popularity. 


  • Keyword trend research and comparison for consumer, brand, and competitor monitoring
  • Geographic targeting
  • Seasonal keyword trend analysis
  • Niche identification


  • Can’t be integrated with your Etsy shop
  • Only shows trends for searches on Google
  • No sentiment analysis
  • No sales or revenue reporting

2. Alura


Top features:

  • Keyword Finder with term ranking; also lists products and shops ranking for the keyword
  • Product Seeker based on category, price range, and sales value
  • Shop Analyzer with top products and sales distribution
  • Listing Helper uses product tag, title, photo, and description analysis
  • Chrome browser extension available 

Alura offers analytics tools encompassing the entire seller journey, from discovering consumer needs and popular keywords to use in your listing through the Keyword Finder. You can also find high-demand but low-competition products using Product Seeker, which shows you average selling prices and estimated revenues from these items.

When running your store, Listing Helper audits and optimizes listings to boost your ranking. Meanwhile, examine other Etsy shops in one’s niche for competitor analysis via the Shop Analyzer.


  • AI chatbot AVA for query management 
  • Built-in automated marketing tools such as Followup Reminder for getting product reviews, Email Sender for automating email campaigns, and Post Automator for social media promotions
  • Privacy Policy Generator creates statements in collaboration with a U.S. lawyer


  • Searches can only accommodate one term at a time 
  • No historical record of a keyword’s performance over time
  • No shopping cart integration

3. eRank


Top features:

  • Keyword suite shows search volume, clicks, and competition 
  • Auditing tools report your product’s categorization, image count, and compliance with Etsy and Google search guidelines
  • AI-operated Listing Helper in beta for titles, tags, and descriptions
  • Monitoring and comparison tools track your listing’s ranking on Etsy vis-a-vis your competitors

SEO is eRank’s specialization, helping you achieve this through trending ideas, keyword research, keyword ranking, competitor analysis, visibility score, listing optimization tips, and detailed shop analytics. Trend Buzz is a keyword finder that works beyond Etsy, searching popular terms in other marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and Pinterest Shopping. Meanwhile, eRank’s Competitor Sales and Top Sellers provide a “leaderboard” on your rivals’ performance, showing the daily orders of up to 50 Etsy shops and Etsy’s top 100 sellers, respectively.


  • Free version and affordable pricing for paid plans
  • Integration with your Google Analytics account is available
  • Inventory and delivery management


  • Only up to five terms are allowed by the Basic Plan in using eRank’s Monitor Tool (for checking your store’s appearance on Etsy’s first two search results pages) and Traffic Stats tool (for discovering keywords clients used to find your listing) 
  • Website design is quite text-heavy and outdated

4. EverBee


Top features:

  • Product analytics for high-demand and high-revenue product search 
  • Listing Rank Tracker for your store and your competitors
  • Chrome browser extension available

EverBee is primarily a product research platform that points you to the most in-demand items and estimates how much you can earn from selling these goods. Its keyword research metrics (search volume, score, and competition) help you understand a term’s popularity and how many listings are “competing” for or using this keyword. 

You can use the terms that Everbee displayed with high search volume but low competition to improve your listing’s ranking on Etsy. Meanwhile, Everbee’s Tag Analyzer, Product Analytics, and Shop Analyzer let you see how other Etsy stores’ listings appear (particularly what tags or keywords they carry) and operate (sales, conversion rate, and revenue). 


  • Customizable analytics
  • Records your listing’s historical performance for specific keywords using the Listing Rank Tracker
  • Trademark Monitor prevents trademarked word or phrase infringement


  • Paid plan required to view data on a shop’s age, average reviews, shop sales, and conversion rate 
  • Analytics for over 10,000 listings and Listing Rank Tracker are only available to Growth Plan subscribers

5. Putler 


Top features:

  • Multi-store reporting
  • Data cleanup, updating, and duplicate resolution
  • In-depth product and customer profiles, including RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) analysis
  • Customer and revenue forecasting 
  • AI-generated insights
  • Integrates with Google Analytics

Putler is an eCommerce tool that allows you to measure over 200 metrics on products, customers, sales, and more. You can get real-time insights on buyer status, what they buy, your top-selling products, average order value, locations where you get sales, and more. Sales trends reports are customizable by the day, week, and month.


  • Syncs with MailChimp, emails reports of your store’s weekly numbers
  • Connects with seven eCommerce shopping cart systems and six payment gateways
  • Subscription and refund management


  • Takes time to learn
  • Subscription goes higher as your client base (number of “data sources”) increases

6. Marmalead


Top features:

  • Detailed keyword search tools with predictive analytics
  • Foreseen product pricing (bargain, average, or premium) based on included keyword
  • Simple, letter-based grading system for “scoring” one’s listing 

Marmalead is another powerful brainstorming and listing optimization platform that uses machine learning to collect and analyze data. Its brainstorming features include Storm, Popular Searches, and Similar Searches, which generate trending keywords and their variations that you can save for future reference. 

Dive deep into a keyword’s historical (past 12 months) and predicted performance using the platform’s Long Tail, Real Search Volume (with a 30-day forecast), Seasonality (with a three-month forecast), Side-by-Side Comparison, and Real Engagement tools. The Seasonality tool has a sub-feature allowing you to view how many products (in percent) related to your search term are available with free shipping. Meanwhile, Marmalead’s Price Breakpoints feature gives a forecast of your listing’s sales value.

Finally, this platform can serve as your business coach when you use Shop Grades and Listing Grades, which score your listing. Criteria include your main and long-tail keywords and tags, as well as the number of searches and engagement your keyword or phrases received. Meanwhile, Marmalead’s Quick Tips feature offers SEO and sales tips based on your “grade.”


  • Color-coded graphs representing keyword popularity and competition
  • Beginner-friendly Listing Grade feature lists steps for optimization


  • Lacks analytics on other Etsy sellers, such as shop ranking

7. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai

Top features:

  • Comprehensive data about your search term (with long-tail keyword suggestions)
  • Customizable Competition Tracker
  • Chrome browser extension available

Sale Samurai is another business intelligence tool that helps you launch competitive products and retain your listing’s relevance on Etsy through its search and analytics features. Its Product Keyword Search tool displays data-rich results about the term you entered, showing its estimated monthly search and competition on Etsy and Google. You get the search term’s Etsy click-through rate (CTR), Etsy competition, and Google cost per click. The platform also generates “Keyword Suggestions,” including long-tail terms related to your seed keyword, and “Tags” used by other Etsy sellers.

Meanwhile, Sale Samurai’s Analytics tool audits your shop for SEO (including missing tags and images) while offering performance data on your competitors’ titles, tags, and keywords. Its Competition Tracker lets you select the sellers to track for their sales, active listings, number of likes, pricing (over time), and shipping data. You can also enter a product’s URL on the search bar and click the “Single Listing” tab to view the number of pieces still in stock, the monthly views it receives, and when it was last sold. 


  • Strong competitor analytics
  • Affordable monthly subscription rate
  • Calendar of official and unofficial holidays 


  • No predictive analytics
  • No integration with shopping cart systems

8. EtsyHunt


Top features

  • EtsyGPT Listing Optimizer for improved product descriptions and SEO
  • Etsy AI Photo Background Editor for more attractive images
  • Product Research Tool includes inactive Etsy items and related Amazon Handmade goods 
  • E-commerce Data API for tracking top-performing shops and products with sales data
  • Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions available

EtsyHunt is another online solution that can enhance your store through AI-run features such as Listing Optimizer and Photo Background Editor. These tools can further improve your listing’s visibility after using the platform’s keyword tool to discover the most searched-for terms on Etsy. 

Its keyword finder displays data on a product name’s number of views, favorites, competition, sales, and reviews, including its performance on Google. By clicking “Add to Tracking,” you can save keywords to monitor daily. Sales ranking, price distribution, shipping cost, and shipping time data are also available. Meanwhile, Shop Analyzer shows the number of items on sale, total items sold, and number of reviews received by each Etsy store.

EtsyHunt includes product search tools, including the Etsy Products Chart, which lists top-ranking items for the past seven or 30 days, and the Etsy Product Search, which contains customizable filters, such as category, price, sales, favorites, reviews, and release time (in the past 30, 180, or 360 days). The platform also performs searches for Amazon US Handmade Products and Etsy Inactive Products.


  • Data Tracking tab for monitoring products, shops, and keywords on one page
  • AI-powered Follow-up Reminder to quickly identify and reply to negative reviews and automate client messaging
  • Similar Tag Generator and Etsy Tag Extractor to keep you on par with competitors


  • Free plan has limited features
  • No integration with shopping cart systems

9. Roketfy


Top features:

  • Listing Checker and AI Writer for SEO-friendly product listing 
  • AI Reviews for sentiment analysis and quick response to customer issues
  • Tools identifying best competitor keywords and new keyword ideas 
  • Customizable product research feature with sales data

Roketfy prides itself as a “virtual listing assistant” through its discovery, optimization, and feedback insights features that use AI and machine learning. Its Listing Checker offers a smart scoring system, content analysis on wording and photos, and pricing suggestions. Roketfy’s AI Writer also supports over 25 languages, including Spanish and Chinese. 

The platform’s AI Reviews tool displays graphs showing the percentage of positive versus negative feedback. It generates insights on reviews based on pre-set categories (product, packaging, pricing, logistics, and returns) and the most frequently used words. Roketfy also helps you find the hottest Etsy goods per category through its Product Search feature, which includes data on pricing, daily and monthly sales achieved, and view volume.

Finally, Keyword Search and Competitor Analysis list the keywords used as titles or descriptions of top Etsy products. Results include estimated daily and weekly sales information. 


  • Fast listing creation through multilingual AI 
  • Detailed feedback tool enhances customer service 
  • User-friendly interface


  • Lacks feature for saving shop names to track regularly
  • No shopping cart system integration

10. Koalanda


Top features: 

  • Product Search tool shows 30-day sales history and seller tags used
  • Competitor Analysis feature covers one-year sales history and top products in the past month
  • Keyword and Keyword Trends tools to view search volume and compare popularity between two or more words
  • SEO tool for applying popular tags and identifying issues to tweak listings

Koalanda is another straightforward SEO solution with exhaustive details on products and shops. Results of product searches help you identify items relevant to your target market’s preferences and SEO tools. 

Using the words generated by the platform’s keyword tools will make your listing more findable on Etsy and beyond. Koalanda’s Competitor Analysis tool also ensures you won’t get left behind by other sellers in your niche, allowing you to save sellers to track and view their top goods and keywords.


  • “Top” listings—top shops, categories, products, and countries
  • Search Score gives the keyword’s overall status based on CTR, search volume, and engagement


  • Can connect with up to five Etsy shops only

11. Seller Way

Seller Way

Top features:

  • Listing and shop analysis 
  • Seller tracking and comparison 
  • Long-tail keyword generation using MagicTag 
  • Category finder 

Seller Way offers analytics for your listings’ content and statistics about your shop’s traffic and reach. Its “Keywords” and “KeyCompare” tools generate trending words to improve your SEO score. The Trends feature displays the top-selling products in your niche to help you reassess your merchandise’s relevance and appeal.

“Tracking Shops” and “Compare Shops” keep tabs on your competitors’ number of listings and products as well as daily and weekly sales. “Category Finder” also lets you view the categories other sellers are using to increase visitor numbers.


  • Progress Tool to gauge listing and shop’s performance over time
  • Design Ideas shows likes and views for product images; the “More Ideas” button displays related photos with high scores
  • Color chart to select hues to use on your listings 


  • Limited sales history for “Compare Shops” and “Tracking Shops”
  • Competitor analysis and “KeyCompare” only available in higher plans

Let Analytics Support Your Etsy Shop Goals

With Etsy receiving over 467 million visits in the past month, it's best to be aware of solutions that can help win more conversions for your store. Besides using analytics and other growth Etsy tools, be sure to uphold brand transparency and active human connections, as mentioned by Etsy in its 2022 Integrated Annual Report. The report also shares that the platform's marketplace added over 29 million new buyers in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms can help boost engagement with my Etsy shoppers?

Sked Social can auto-post messages and repurpose popular content through its auto-publishing feature. Outfy is another platform with auto-pilot features for posting your Etsy store-related social messages.

What email solutions are effective in keeping in touch with my Etsy client base? 

Marketsy, AWeber, and ConvertKit are popular tools sellers use for email marketing.

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