Direct Message (DM)

We all know them, love them, and have used them at least once: Direct Messages. 

A direct message, or commonly known as a DM, is a private mode of communication social media users use. When you send a DM, you and the recipient are the only ones who can see the message. 

Many social media networks have their own DM capabilities. The most popular social networks that have these are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But restrictions are implemented with each network. 

For example: 

  • You can’t send a DM to a business page on Facebook until you’ve liked the page itself. 
  • Users can send DMs to up upt 15 people on Instagram. 
  • Twitter allows for DMs to up to 50 people and requires a “follow.”

Why businesses should invest in DMs

DMs have many fantastic benefits for businesses and brands itching to grow. They are intimate, private, conversational, and personalized directly to whoever the recipient is. They are also a powerful, enticing way to build customer relationships.  

What can businesses do to use DM to their advantage? 

Companies use direct messaging for the following benefits:

  • Instantly network with potential partner brands, brand ambassadors, and influencers
  • Send custom messages to certain prospects to improve your brand reputation and build meaningful relationships. By directly communicating with your customers, you are giving them the opportunity to see what your brand is all about. When you’re warm, welcoming, and friendly, that will entice customers to buy from you. 
  • When a customer sends a DM, they expect a quick response. This is one of the easiest ways to monitor your brand online. The worst thing you can do is never reply to them at all. An easy way to fix this and invest in a better customer experience is to set up chatbots to automatically answer any questions your customers may have. This direct form of communication will also help you to cultivate and nurture long lasting relationships between you and the people keeping you in business. 

Best practices every business needs to know about DMs

More and more customers are utilizing the power and convenience of social media DMs. They want the opportunity to speak directly to their favorite brands, whether that may be to share their love and admiration or to complain about the quality of the product/service they ordered. 

DMs are commonly thought to be spammy and not worth anybody’s time. While the misuse of DMs is far from uncommon, there are easy ways to use DMs in a welcoming, non-intrusive way. DMs are opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers and expand your present and standing. 

Here are the best practices every businesses needs to know about DMs: 

  • Avoid sending promotional messages. People in general are particular about who messages them. They want to know what is in it for them. When you immediately send promotions via direct messaging, that doesn’t play well with users. Never “spam” users like this. 
  • Respond quickly. The purpose of DM is to be a private, direct line to a business. It is all about real-time communication. Your customers will expect quick responses, even if they’re automatically generated.
  • Make conversations personal. Use the customer’s name when responding back.  Give a personal touch. This will show customers that you genuinely care about what they have to say.