The Best Insurance Marketing Agencies and Why You Should Work With One

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An insurance agency's primary driving factors are sales and marketing, and neither can operate without the other. Your sales power your insurance agency ahead, and if you're not selling policies, your firm has no income, clients, or growth. Marketing, on the other hand, helps you raise awareness of your brand and get leads that turn into customers. So, if your sales team is the engine that drives the success of your agency, then marketing is undoubtedly its fuel.

Each year, insurance marketing firms engage with a huge number of insurance providers, but this does not mean that all providers use the same marketing approach. A reputable marketing agency will create a customized strategy for each client. These plans need a thorough examination of the insurance company's current state and structure, as well as the client's existing marketing strategy, company goals, targeted demographic, products, and competitors.

Customized marketing strategies are created to promote specific areas based on the needs of each client. For instance, you won't waste money on Facebook ads when your ideal customers are more likely to be on Instagram. Insurance marketing firms use customized marketing strategies to find the best solutions for each client, which gives them a better chance of being successful.

The Best Insurance Marketing Agencies for 2024 and Why You Should Work With One:

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1. Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital

Specialty: SEO

Award-winning Go Fish Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven marketing tactics. It is a full-service agency that aids businesses and brands worldwide in increasing their online presence, generating more leads, and converting more customers.

Go Fish has been in business since 2005 and has amassed extensive knowledge in analyzing and streamlining the entire customer journey. The team can turn your business’s website into a conversion machine by using technical SEO, on-page SEO, virtual PR lead generation, design and development, and conversion rate optimization.

Go Fish approaches SEO for insurance, legal, and financial organizations differently. The team uses technical SEO and creative content to rank your insurance agency at the top. The staff thoroughly examines your website. The agency will also do a competitive study to identify gaps, opportunities, and challenges to your company’s visibility. After the audit, it will make major technical changes and improvements in your website.

The creative content created by the agency will be used to gain new attention, backlinks, and visibility for your brand and online reputation. These tactics show Google that your insurance agency is reputable and distinct, elevating its organic search ranking.

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina; Arlington, Virginia (US)

Services: SEO, digital PR, content marketing, online reputation management, web design and development, paid marketing advertising, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, social media management, branding and design, email marketing

Business Model Focus: B2B, B2C, enterprise, franchise, small business, mid-market

Industry Expertise: eCommerce, banking/finance, consumer goods, data security, education, biotechnology, engineering, information technology, manufacturing, outpatient treatment, and personal services

Recent Awards: 4X Agency of the Year Awardee; Best Search Agency of the Year (Interactive Marketing Awards); Best Use of Content Marketing (US Search Awards); America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies (Inc. 5000); Best Use of Search (Drum Search Awards)

Notable Clients: GEICO, Marriott, The New York Times, Airbnb, Adobe

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital, an award-winning agency, runs strategic influencer campaigns from identification through content creation to relationship management.


1 - 10

Raleigh, Washington DC

Best for:

Enterprises and Large brands

Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+
Influencer Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Digital Marketing
Minimum Campaign Size: $5.000+

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital, an award-winning agency, runs strategic influencer campaigns from identification through content creation to relationship management.

Are you an Influencer looking for an agency? Discover your options with influencer talent agencies.

2. 321 Web Marketing

321 Web Marketing

Specialty: Data-driven targeting, innovative marketing automation systems

As a data-driven SEO agency, 321 Web Marketing believes that keeping track of data can greatly improve advertising efforts. Each month, the agency analyzes data and trends to further adapt its clients’ marketing initiatives. The agency provides in-depth information about their programs while constantly improving their methods and approaches. 321 Web Marketing views itself as an outsourced marketing team that works in tandem with your in-house operations to maximize success.

Since its debut in 2013, 321 Web Marketing has worked to challenge the status quo of the digital marketing industry. Focusing on data analytics, the agency excels in the tech aspects of digital marketing. 321 Web Marketing’s responsive website design, content generation, email marketing automation, and social media marketing help insurance agencies beat the competition.

Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia (US)

Services: national SEO, local SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, WordPress hosting, advanced WordPress

Business Model Focus: B2C, B2B

Industry Expertise: business services, finance, construction, healthcare, insurance, law firm, dispensaries, and human resources

Recent Awards: Best of Virginia Winner (UpCity); Local Excellence Winner (Arlington)

Notable Clients: Paw Pals, JMG Insurance Agency, Business Benefits Group, FVCbank, Northern Virginia CPA Firm

3. Seapoint Digital

Seapoint Digital

Specialty: Inbound marketing

Seapoint Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency with immense knowledge of inbound marketing and digital solutions. It is a one-stop shop for all digital marketing, from concept to execution. The award-winning agency is one of the best ones if you need an inbound marketing partner. The agency’s objective is to foster development for mid- to enterprise-level businesses in a variety of industries. The firm’s aim is to find the most suitable solution for each client’s needs. As a small agency with a dedicated staff of professionals, it can provide cost-effective solutions while maintaining exceptional communication.

Seapoint Digital’s insurance digital marketing helps firms find prospects. The agency can tailor campaigns for insurance agencies and independent agents. Seapoint Digital’s years-long insurance marketing expertise and advertising solutions yield exceptional results.

Headquarters: Kittery, Maine (US)

Services: HubSpot, paid Ads, SEO, web design

Business Model Focus: B2C, B2B

Industry Expertise: insurance, financial institutions, eCommerce, real estate

Recent Awards: PIMA Best of Insights Award Recipient

Notable Clients: TMA Insurance Trust, Berkshire Bank Fairfield, Med Lab Supply, The Royal Store, Craft Realty, Synergy Power

4. Digital Authority Partners

Digital Authority Partners

Specialty: SEO, PPC, and website development

Data-driven and innovative, Digital Authority Partners provides companies with content marketing strategies that get results. Companies in the medical, legal, and insurance sectors are just some of those the agency has helped get off the ground, expand their reach, and become more profitable via data-driven marketing. The experienced marketing team at DAP has a successful track record. This is due to the team’s innovative marketing techniques that have been used to improve organic search engine rankings, increase paid advertising leads, and propel future-focused content initiatives.

In terms of insurance agencies, DAP creates services and solutions for established and independent insurance providers across disciplines to improve client growth and retention. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to improve an existing product, the agency will come up with a digital solution that fits your business goals and helps you reach them.

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois (US)

Services: SEO, PPC management, digital marketing, digital strategy, fractional CMO, analytics

Business Model Focus: B2B, B2C, enterprise, mid-market, small business

Industry Expertise: healthcare, fintech and financial services, eCommerce, professional services, education, legal marketing, government, manufacturing

Recent Awards: Best Digital Marketing Agencies Award (Design Dribble); Outstanding Achievement in Web Development (WebAwards); Best Technology Workplace Diversity Award (Timmy); America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies (Inc. 500); Top B2B Companies Illinois (Clutch)

Notable Clients: Omron, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Azura, Fresenius Medical Care, athenahealth, Geode Health, GILEAD

5. Yoghurt Digital

Yoghurt Digital

Specialty: Paid media, SEO, CRO

Yoghurt Digital is an Australian and UK-based digital marketing agency that specializes in conversion optimization (CRO), user research and user experience design (UX), SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. The team is composed of data gurus, number crunchers, and digital strategists dedicated to improving client performance. Yoghurt was founded on the premise that being “good enough” wasn’t good enough. The company believes there is always a better way, and it is working diligently towards it.

As a data-driven marketing agency, its insurance marketing techniques are founded on facts rather than sentiments or traditional approaches. Using data, the agency looks at your customers and target groups to come up with a solution that combines actionable insights with technical know-how.

Headquarter: Manchester, UK and Sydney, NSW

Services: conversion rate optimization, UX research, A/B testing, web design and development, Google Analytics audit, eCommerce audit, PPC and biddable media, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, Google Ads, technical SEO, content strategy and production, link building, website migration

Business Model Focus: B2B, B2C, enterprise, franchise, mid-market, startups, small business, nonprofits

Industry Expertise: eCommerce, education, beauty, fashion, finance, non-for-profit

Recent Awards: Global Agency Awards 2022 Finalist

Notable Clients: Converse, Forever New, ANZ, Havaianas, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Dulux, Wine Australia, Autosports Group

6. Flying V Group

Flying V Group

Specialty: SEO and website design

The Flying V Group is a global agency of seasoned marketers. The firm has built a network of remote and worldwide specialists to provide the best performing marketing team at the most competitive rates. The marketers work around the clock, 24/7/365, so their clients can access them anytime of the day.

Flying V Group has over 350 clients and is trusted by small to medium-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. The primary goal of the revenue-focused agency is to have a digital presence that drives business growth through online channels. Its approach to digital marketing is founded on an awareness of how people process data and determine whether to interact. This insight is then converted into an actionable strategy for your brand.

Flying V Group provides private and commercial insurance experts and businesses with digital advertising and marketing strategies. The agency employs specialists in generating new business and increasing visibility for your insurance firm. In the past, the team has collaborated with insurance brokers, suppliers, and full insurance agent teams. With that vast knowledge, they’ll be able to create fresh and distinctive approaches via web design, SEO strategy, content creation, PPC, and social media.

Headquarters: Irvine, California (US)

Services: website design, SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, graphic design, video marketing, blog writing

Business Model Focus: B2B, B2C, enterprise, SMBs

Industry Expertise: accounting, finance, healthcare and medical, lawyer and attorney, real estate, insurance, environmental and energy

Recent Awards: National Excellence US Winner; Top Service Provider Wimgo; Top Digital Marketing Agencies (Clutch); Top Rated Amazon SEO Agency (SEOblog); Best SEO Agencies in Irvine (Expertise)

Notable Clients: RISE Fertility, Vasco Assets, Universal Waste Systems, Lyft, Capital Drip, Pacific Solstice

7. Ocreative


Specialty: Digital marketing

Ocreative is a full-service marketing agency that works with clients on a local, national, and global scale. The company’s mission is to partner with industry visionaries, particularly those from nonprofits, business-to-business manufacturing, insurance, and professional services. Its vast knowledge and experience encompass both print and digital media. The team provides marketing and brand strategies, design, and digital knowledge to clients to meet their ambitious goals for entrepreneurial success and leave a lasting impression on their industry.

Ocreative delivers service, quality, and performance to insurance providers. Those three aspects represent the highest level of customer care, award-winning quality, and performance that surpasses client expectations. Insurance providers will have access to some of the most engaging and knowledgeable professionals available—those that motivate, educate, and deliver solutions.

Every step of the way, the team works with you to devise the most efficient marketing strategy for your insurance company. The agency takes a radical approach to both digital and traditional marketing, combining the best of tried-and-true methods with new ideas to come up with the best plan to make your business stronger and more successful.

Headquarters: Hartland, Wisconsin

Services: marketing, design, web, branding, social media, photography, and video

Business Model Focus: B2B, B2C, enterprise, SMBs

Industry Expertise: business services, insurance

Recent Awards: Best Advertising Agencies in Milwaukee (Expertise); Top Ad Agency UpCity Marketplace; Local Excellence Milwaukee Winner

Notable Clients: Funeral Service Foundation, Oconomowoc Area Foundation, American Academy of Pediatrics

8. Cyrusson


Specialty: SEO, digital ads, social media content

Cyrusson is a boutique marketing firm that serves clients across the United States. Working with Cyrusson means collaborating with a full marketing team. The team will help boost your visibility online by bringing its experience in increasing digital performances and a propensity for everything—content, marketing, SEO, and more—to the table.

Cyrusson delivers customer-focused, comprehensive, and impactful insurance marketing strategies. The agency offers a specific department for insurance companies that can help with anything from digital ads and listings to SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and web design. A cohesive, omni-channel marketing approach that covers all communications and message networks at scale is at the heart of these services.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California (US)

Services: full-service SEO, website design, digital advertising, SEO on demand, DPR and marketing strategy, social media marketing, reputation management, blog content marketing

Business Model Focus: B2B, mid-size, small business

Industry Expertise: business services, insurance, law practice, real estate

Recent Awards: Top Rated SEO Agency California (SEOblog); Best Legal Marketing Companies in San Francisco (Expertise)

Notable Clients: Farmers Insurance, Alex Maltez Real Estate Group, Alex Mishchuk License, Satellite Travel

The following are some of the most reputable insurance marketing agencies that may help your brand network, get access to resources, and reach your target audience.

Benefits of an Insurance Marketing Agency

Effective marketing is essential to the success of your insurance company. Launching or expanding your outreach may seem daunting, either due to a lack of resources or marketing expertise. A great, reputable insurance marketing agency can alleviate your stress while also boosting your reputation and visibility. Working with an insurance marketing agency can help your business:

Insurance Marketing Agency Benefits

1. Build your reputation.

Marketing isn't just insurance anymore. It's also about building and strengthening your reputation. For instance, if you sponsor a high school sports team now, those kids will soon buy cars, rent houses, and need other insurance products as adults. Marketing now will help people trust your insurance firm tomorrow.

2. Provide a stronger online presence.

Although it is critical for your business to have a social media presence, doing so is easier said than done. People want frequent involvement, and there are various channels to keep up with. Marketing companies can help you advance not just your social media accounts, but also your website, which must be kept up to date and accessible to all potential customers.

3. Enhance client outreach.

Marketing agencies may help you acquire and retain consumers in addition to the client base you'll acquire via enhanced branding and a stronger online presence. You can go back to doing business as usual while experts look at your company's data to find new ways to raise your profile in the insurance world.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is about much more than just achieving a quick return on investment. It's an investment in your agency's future since it helps you establish your online reputation—working with a reputable insurance marketing agency that can handle everything for you, from creating marketable content to spreading it and making your company more visible online.

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