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As the digital landscape shifts and evolves, marketers are tasked with steering their brand’s reputation and engagement in the right direction. From the myriad of tasks they’re responsible for, obtaining accurate, timely, and actionable insights is paramount. This is where Market Research Platforms come into play.

Today's consumers are armed with a plethora of digital platforms to voice their opinions, preferences, and grievances regarding products, services, and brands. Considering that a single tweet, blog post, or review has the potential to sway public opinion, every review, positive or negative, holds a ton of weight.

This ever-present digital chatter can seem daunting to navigate. However, with the right MRP, brands can stay attuned to this dialogue and harness its power to craft strategies that resonate with their target audience.

The implications of these insights stretch beyond just marketing. They influence product development, customer service strategies, pricing decisions, and more. In an era where customer-centricity is the gold standard, understanding one's audience is no longer a luxury—it's a business necessity.

That’s why we’re here to give you our expertly crafted list of the Top 10 Market Research Platforms.

Top Market Research Platforms

market research platforms

1. Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Best For: accessing the largest pool of online consumer discussions and deriving insights using AI-powered analytics.

Key Feature: real-time insights and historical trend analysis going back to 2010.

Brandwatch revolutionizes the market research landscape, bridging the gap between traditional methods and the exigencies of a rapidly changing digital landscape. With Brandwatch, weeks-long data collection and analysis cycles are condensed into moments, ensuring your brand remains agile and responsive in a volatile market.

Offering insights grounded in the world’s most extensive archive of consumer opinions, Brandwatch not only helps businesses understand current consumer inclinations but also situates these preferences in a rich historical context. This robust archive aids in understanding evolving trends, be it in Asia, Europe, or America.

Moreover, Brandwatch’s next-gen market research tools harness the potential of vast social panels to unearth deep qualitative insights, helping businesses discern and act upon patterns that might otherwise remain hidden. The platform’s reporting capabilities enhance collaboration, weaving the voice of the customer into every sector of your organization through intuitive data storytelling.

Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence
4.8 out of 5 stars
Since its launch in 2007, Brandwatch has provided effective ways for brands to monitor the online conversations about them. After its 2021 acquisition by Cision, it still does—and does it better than most.
Features & Pricing
Pros and Cons
Ease of Use
Overall Score
Features & Pricing
Sentiment Analysis
Trend Tracking
Influencer Identification
Report Customizability
Social Analytics
Social Measurement
Brand Monitoring
Keyword Tracking
Trend Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Social Reporting
Price on request
Pros and Cons
Goes beyond mere social listening and monitors dozens of sources
An astounding amount of data (12+ years worth) yields powerful insights
Data visualization is impressive in its ability to sum up the numbers at a glance
Advanced boolean queries must be typed from scratch
Overwhelming amount of data and filtering options require more than tech savvy to use the software
Best for: Small, Medium, and Large businesses
Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence
4.8 out of 5 stars
Since its launch in 2007, Brandwatch has provided effective ways for brands to monitor the online conversations about them. After its 2021 acquisition by Cision, it still does—and does it better than most.

2. Sogolytics


Best For: intuitive market research surveys and advanced analytics that offer a deep dive into customer preferences and behavior.

Key Feature: comprehensive analytics tools that combine intuitive visuals, Natural Language Processing, and direct SPSS exports.

Sogolytics empowers businesses with market research tools designed to offer clear and actionable insights into their target audience. Its platform boasts an ensemble of tools that enable brands to intuit customer preferences and act decisively on those insights.

With Sogolytics, companies can craft engaging surveys that go beyond surface-level data, uncovering underlying consumer motivations and desires. These surveys are bolstered by a rich analytics suite, allowing businesses to spot emerging market trends, track patterns, and minimize risks associated with new product launches.

The platform’s dashboard amalgamates diverse data streams into a cohesive interface, streamlining the research process and ensuring critical insights are never more than a few clicks away. Beyond its robust suite of tools, Sogolytics is supported by a comprehensive support framework, ensuring businesses have the guidance they need to navigate the complexities of modern market research.

3. Quantilope


Best For: gaining real-time, high-quality insights through advanced research methods.

Key Feature: a comprehensive suite of 12 automated research methodologies and the inColor qualitative video research solution.

Stepping into the future of market research, Quantilope offers an advanced, fully automated online survey platform that revolutionizes how businesses gain insights. Born from the expertise of classically trained researchers who experienced the frustrations of conventional methods, this platform delivers results in a fraction of the time.

The 12 automated research methodologies Quantilope utilizes are nothing short of brilliant. Whether you’re diving deep into product preferences, attribute importance, or willingness to pay using Conjoint Analysis or aiming to understand the most vital factors in customer choices with MaxDiff, Quantilope has a solution tailored for you.

The innovative inColor feature adds a qualitative layer by collecting video responses, enhancing authenticity, and allowing for emotion and sentiment analysis. Combine this with real-time data, and you’re equipped to make data-driven decisions in days, not weeks.

4. Suzy


Best For: combining AI-driven quantitative and qualitative research with a massive proprietary audience.

Key Feature: integrated research cloud connecting AI-powered quant, qual, and over 1 million diverse consumers.

Suzy redefines consumer insights with its all-encompassing research cloud. Tapping into the power of AI, Suzy offers both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, efficiently scaling to fit the needs of modern businesses. Its proprietary audience network, boasting over a million diverse and engaged consumers, ensures you’re always connecting with the right individuals.

Whether you’re delving into demographics with Suzy Insights, innovating products with Suzy Innovation, or launching brand awareness campaigns with Suzy Creative, this platform provides the tools for success. Simplified pricing and radical agility make the research process smoother, while the assurance of enterprise quality and security standards ensures that your data is both accurate and safe.



Best For: obtaining insights on the dynamic market landscape and understanding consumer adaptation.

Key Feature: deep market landscape analysis and macro trend research.

AYTM goes beyond just telling you what’s happening in the market – it gives a deep insight into how consumers adapt to constantly changing landscapes. This understanding can help businesses stay ahead of competitors by leveraging advanced insights technology.

With AYTM, you have a solution at your fingertips that illuminates the market, helps in understanding global trends, explores unmet needs, and identifies core segments within your market. Their suite of tools, including Macro Trend Research, Gap Analysis, and Market Sizing, ensures you have the necessary resources to conduct in-depth market research.

Paired with their expert support team, businesses can drive precision in product iterations, harness consumer empathy, and instill confidence in their strategies.

6. 1Q


Best For: real-time candid consumer feedback and insights with a unique pay-per-response model.

KEy Feature: real-time responses coupled with high-quality data.

1Q offers a revolutionary approach to market research with its mobile platform, enabling brands to receive candid consumer feedback in real-time and on the go. What sets 1Q apart is its pay-per-response model, ensuring targeted individuals provide swift and accurate answers.

The platform is designed to be truly DIY and user-friendly, allowing immediate content delivery without waiting for review processes. Its patented geofencing capabilities offer precise geo-targeting based on the respondent’s current or past locations, thus enhancing the granularity of the insights gathered.

What’s more, 1Q ensures the authenticity of data by constructing panels of verified individuals, making it a certified Bot-Free platform. With a straightforward pricing system of $1 per response, businesses can scale projects based on their budget, ensuring transparency and quality in the insights they gather.

7. Voxco


Best For: comprehensive omnichannel data collection and market insights.

Key Feature: integrated telephony with Voxco CATI mode for efficient phone surveying.

Voxco stands out as an all-inclusive market research platform tailored to cater to diverse data collection needs. With its trusted reputation among top market research firms globally since 1976, its robust offerings ensure businesses can connect with their audience anytime, anywhere, and through any mode – be it phone, web, or face-to-face.

One of Voxco’s distinguishing features is its Integrated Telephony system. The Voxco CATI mode seamlessly blends with Voxco Dialer and Voxco IVR, creating an efficient phone survey system that enhances response rates and data accuracy. This efficiency is showcased in the case study where Siena College successfully conducted 3 million phone calls and 96 polls for the US Mid-Term elections using Voxco.

Beyond telephony, Voxco offers matchless flexibility, allowing businesses to host their data in the cloud or on-premise. Another area where Voxco shines is its advanced analysis tools. The platform is not just about data collection; it’s about turning that data into actionable insights.

With dynamic dashboards and analytics, businesses can visualize real-time data with a single click. It also provides an array of additional tools, such as the Panel Manager and in-depth analytics, to ensure you comprehensively understand your market.

8. Discuss.io


Best For: engaging deeply with customer experiences in real-time.

Key Feature: Live customer feedback mechanism and the ability to effortlessly turn video insights into actionable themes.

Discuss.io’s People Experience Platform takes market research to another dimension by transcending data points and delivering in-depth, real-time insights. One of its standout features is the live customer feedback system, which allows for direct communication and aids in storing crucial moments from conversations, making highlight reels, and so forth.

This platform offers an unmoderated research avenue that lets businesses understand and engage with their target audiences based on their actual real-world or digital experiences. Furthermore, Discuss.io steps up the game by providing collections where one can centralize all video content, even those from other platforms like Zoom or MS Teams, and automatically derive clips, sentiment analysis, and more.

This is complemented by AI-driven tools that unearth pivotal themes, sentiment from dialogues, and ensure these insights reach the right stakeholders efficiently. Not to forget, the emphasis Discuss.io places on data security, with their ISO27001 certification and GDPR compliance, solidifies their commitment to safeguarding user information.

9. Kantar Marketplace

Kantar Marketplace

Best For: accelerating consumer understanding with cutting-edge technology and expert-backed insights.

Key Feature: Fast delivery of decision-quality insights and the Meaningfully Different Framework that predicts marketing impacts.

Kantar Marketplace stands out with its blend of technological prowess and human expertise, ensuring businesses gain crucial market intelligence insights quickly. Their platform is centered around the “Meaningfully Different Framework,” which not only assists in gathering insights but also predicts how your marketing endeavors will influence sales and brand value.

Kantar also allows businesses to tailor their research approach; whether it’s an early-stage idea feedback or a comprehensive campaign analysis, they offer both self-serve and expert-backed studies. Their flexible plans, devoid of subscription fees but packed with premium features, are a testament to their customer-first approach.

Another commendable aspect of Kantar is its data visualization capabilities. They present intuitive visual analytics dashboards that simplify data interpretation and allow for efficient cross-project insights synthesis. Global outreach is another of Kantar’s strengths; with presence and solutions in over 70 countries and an extensive consumer base of 150 million, they ensure that insights are both diverse and globally relevant. With local 24/7 support, Kantar guarantees you’re never alone in your research journey.

10. Qualtrics Market Research Software

Qualtrics Market Research Software

Best For: Comprehensive insights across diverse business areas.

Key Feature: Automated AI-driven tools for dissecting vast datasets and analyzing textual feedback.

Qualtrics is a game-changer in market research, equipped with a powerful platform that caters to nearly every research need of an organization. Its capabilities extend beyond data collection, enabling businesses to track consumer behavior across unique segments, assess competitive positioning, and even facilitate academic research.

Its product development and pricing tools make it particularly compelling, allowing for real-time customer feedback throughout the product lifecycle. But at Qualtrics’ core, its range of automated AI tools, such as Text iQ, uses natural language processing to categorize open text comments by sentiment and topic instantly.

Driver iQ identifies the key drivers affecting purchase intent or customer satisfaction metrics. Stats iQ, on the other hand, is always working in the background, drawing connections and uncovering patterns across extensive datasets. Furthermore, with ExpertReview, you can sidestep common research pitfalls as it spots and rectifies errors, ensuring the highest quality of insights.

What is the role of a market research platform?

Market Research Platforms are sophisticated software solutions designed to aggregate, analyze, and present data related to a brand's market presence. They glean information from many sources– direct customer feedback, social media chatter, online reviews, or competitive benchmarking.

The data-driven insights these platforms offer can be instrumental in decoding customer satisfaction levels, understanding brand perception, identifying potential pain points, and recognizing growth opportunities.

Such platforms differ from generic analytics tools in their depth and specificity. While general tools might provide a broad view of website visits or social media engagements, MRPs dive deep into the sentiments, preferences, and attitudes driving those numbers.

Selecting the Right Market Research Platform

With the importance of market research firmly cemented, the subsequent hurdle is pinpointing the software solution that aligns with your organization's distinct requisites.

Therefore, one must first question whether the platform provides an exhaustive gamut of data sources or if it predominantly focuses on niches, such as social media or online reviews. Furthermore, assessing the depth of the platform's analysis methodologies and processes is essential.

Beyond just analyzing raw data, it's crucial for the platform to delve into qualitative analysis, sentiment mapping, and future trend predictions. Equally vital is the platform's user interface and experience; a platform filled with features loses its intuitiveness and user-friendliness.

Another significant factor is the software's capability to integrate effortlessly with other vital tools in the marketing tech ecosystem, ensuring a comprehensive perspective. Finally, the right Market Research Platform must scale along with your business.


The digital realm has ushered in an era where the customer's voice is louder and more influential than ever. For Marketing Executives, staying ahead of the curve necessitates a deep understanding of their audience's pulse, achieved through the analytical prowess of Market Research Platforms.

As brands traverse the intricate digital terrain, these platforms serve as invaluable compasses, guiding strategies with data-driven insights and ensuring that customer satisfaction and brand perception remain at the forefront of every decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can these platforms help in understanding brand perception?

These tools often have sentiment analysis, survey capabilities, and trend tracking. Analyzing customer feedback and online mentions provides insights into how customers perceive your brand compared to competitors.

Is prior research experience required to use these platforms?

While having research experience can be beneficial, many platforms are designed with user-friendly interfaces and offer guided solutions, making them accessible even for beginners.

Can I customize surveys or research methodologies on these platforms?

Yes, most market research platforms allow for high customization, ensuring businesses can tailor surveys or studies to their specific needs and target demographics.

Can I track competitors using market research platforms?

Certainly. Competitive benchmarking is a common feature in many platforms, allowing businesses to understand their position relative to competitors.

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